10 Things You Should NEVER Do To Your Nintendo Switch

Things to avoid doing if you care about your Nintendo Switch!

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There’s so much to love about the Nintendo Switch and, while it offers so many different ways to play, there are some things you should avoid doing to the console.

This is TheGamer’s list of 10 Things You Should NEVER Do To Your Nintendo Switch

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Nintendo is known as the most innovative gaming company in the world for a reason. They’re always pushing the boundaries and expanding on the idea of what gaming really is. Enter the Nintendo Switch. This hybrid console has been around for over a year and has already left its mark on the gaming world. You could play it traditionally on your TV screen or in handheld mode on the go. The library started off small, but has quickly grown into an incredible one.

Since the Nintendo Switch is very new compared to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, people are still learning about what they can and can’t do with the console. It turns out that there’s quite a few things people think are fine to do to the Switch, but actually aren’t. Watch to see what you should never do to your Nintendo Switch!


Script by: Justin Pietrodarchi

Voice Over by: Grant Kellett

Edited by: Kyle West

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  • TheGamer

    Anything else that you REALLY SHOULDN'T DO to your Nintendo Switch? Most creative answer wins! :D

  • Paddy

    I'm 99% Sure This Is A Guy From Nintendo Just Reading The Manual

  • MrLeRien

    "Don't use digital games, it will take up storage on your switch"Man this is so mindblowing.

  • CorBY

    I lit my Switch on fire,Course that wasn’t in this video, so it’s fine

  • Vampyres graveyard

    Never give your Nintendo switch to a bandicoot because it will crash.

  • Eric Leyda

    #1 Don't drop it.#2 Don't drop it.#3 Don't drop it.#4 Don't drop it.#5 Don't drop it.#6 Don't drop it.#7 Don't drop it.#8 Don't drop it.#9 Don't drop it.#10 Don't drop it.

  • Splat!


  • Mach-77

    "while all HDMI cables are the same…" you already lost it

  • Awreckshun

    Definitely don't EVER microwave your Nintendo Switch for fast charging... It does charge the console quickly but comes out slightly melty

  • Moox

    NEVER EAT A NINTENDO SWITCHTrust me I know from the hard way

  • Some Cringey Kid

    The Gamer: why would you only want one region for your eshop?Also The Gamer: dOnT gO diGiTaL

  • SebTH1

    2:29the skin problem was fixed, D-Brands has figured it out

  • ★ SuperStarGio!

    “Your user name will appear in online games.”Bruh

  • sad donut

    TheGamer: Don't download digital gamesNintendo e shop: Am I a joke to you?

  • Peachie Leafy

    Me *Switch hits pillow*......This Channel MAN DOWN MANNN DOWNNN!!

  • sample textJPG

    "Dont buy digital games" next tip "buy a SD card for digital games" what

  • Drew Asaro

    "The Switch will get damaged if carried in a lose bag"? Dude, Someone dropped the console from a 1,000 foot altitude onto solid asphalt, and it was intact! (Though one of the joycons was a goner) I'm not worried about carrying it in a bag.

  • Bella Zuppa

    Remember People...Don't look at your switch, or else it'll get angry at you and it'll jump out of your window and haunt your dreams forever!( This is a joke )

  • Vishav Ghai

    what if my switch came with a digital version of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe?Will my switch commit uninstall life?!

  • Minecraft bettur

    The moment when your watching this without even having the Nintendo switch

  • Anony Mous

    Am I the only person who doesn't have trouble with the JoyCon wristraps?

  • Moo0505

    Him: “digital games take up way too much storage”Me: looks at my ginormous collection of games and my only 4 cartridges...

  • mario kart

    "Don't use a skin because it could scratch the paint underneath. UNDERNEATH!Ok, but why would you take it off?

  • MuMMi VFX

    Nobody: TheGamer: 10 Things You Should NEVER Do To Your Nintendo SwitchNobody:TheGamer: #10 Play it.

  • Adrian Marquez28

    Using boring usernames breaks you’re switch.World’s Borring naming person: confused screaming

  • kev360xD

    TheGamer: "10 things you should NEVER do to your Nintendo Switch"Everyone: does it anywayTheGamer: Am I a joke to you?

  • Grahamxx Davis

    Oh my gosh...pressing the A button explodes my switch🙀🙀🙀

  • James Freeman

    Mine is like a huge brief case [official] case and I like it.

  • trash

    Remember, having a username can break your switch

  • PainLP

    Instructions unclear. Destroyed my friends switch.

  • XBlaze time

    never try to use the switch as toilet paper

  • Nekosan

    "Don't just put your switch in a bag"But a case is still a bag

  • Joshua Roberts

    These are things you should never ever do he says. “Get digital games” I don’t think that works.

  • dragonkid12347

    Just as a disclaimer skin's are fine now dbrand solved the problem and used the right adhesive that won't damage the product so if you want to use skins do research and pick the correct manufacturer that uses the correct adhesives

  • Chief117UNSC

    "Never hold it in your hands" then how the hell am I supposed to use it? I mean honestly the only good points you do have I think are pretty wide spread knowledge now

  • Bacon Brother

    Gamer: This online will make everything betterMe: *chocked on water* THATS HILARIOUS *sees he’s not joking* oh wait he was actually not kiding

  • Evan Equilibrium

    "never buy a physical game" what is this the 50s? just buy a goddamn SD card, this video was so stupid i wish i could block the entire ch and never see it again.

  • Xanderz 101

    Do NOT hold your Nintendo Switch or else it might get damaged!NOW THATS A LOT A DAMAGE

  • Lunassuper YT

    4:52 What about games like Brawlhalla, which are only available for download (and not physical) on the Nintendo Switch?

  • Jamie Causer

    Haha this guy reminds me of the dude from south park..."Your going to have a bad time!"

  • Pika Char gaming


  • Armathynx

    Nice to know that everything here that I was told NOT to do, WULFF DEN literally recommends to do.I am very conflicted.

  • Sparklescissor 2

    TheGamer: DONT GET DIGITAL GAMESMe: Buys overwatch for switch and more stuff like Yoshi’s crafted world because I can’t carry games everywhere

  • OYT999 Roblox

    One time I wasn’t using joycon straps and I threw my joycon across the room.But I swear. If my joycons start rubbing off, I will go coco craziness

  • TwoRoyBoys

    I'm gonna say it: I've been actually using a third-party dock for more than a year now. (Insignia Best Buy Dock)

  • amoral combat

    "Don't buy online games" there's no way you could possibly expand the storage of your system...Don't buy this specific micro sd card

  • Spirited Spy

    I only have one Nintendo switch account, is my switch going to catch on fire?

  • Devils Hour

    3:13 never hold it in your hands. good advice

  • Solo Songs

    4:32Got it don’t play 1-2 Switch easy enough

  • Mikecapone Gaming

    3:04 so I can use my switch with my hands or at the airport

  • logicalfundy

    Interesting watching this in 2019. Some of this information is outdated by now, here are my thoughts:0) Great that you mentioned Crafty Hackers, why not put a link in the description?1) Still good advice. Should be mentioned that the important part is a 56K ohm resistor that higher quality cables have that the cheap ones might skip. Also Anker has released portable chargers that are licensed by Nintendo, might be worth checking out.2) Today we have many alternatives that allow you to fit the electronics from the official dock into them; they should be safe to use assuming you don't damage anything when making the modification. I'm also going to take the controversial stance that there are some third party docks that are safe to use; just make sure the manufacturer is aware of the incident with Nyco docks and has thoroughly tested their dock.3) Meh, this seems to be here to pad the list to 10 items.4) Outdated information - current skins don't harm your Switch, just make sure you're not purchasing skins that were made before the problem was discovered.5) Basically good advice for any portable electronics.6) Since the service has now launched, I guess this is outdated advice?7) Standard advice. I guess it's good. Personally I'm careful, but with younger kids definitely have them use the straps. Most of the time I'm using the grip, though - not a big fan of motion controls.8) This becomes confusing advice once you read their next point. Although to be fair keep in mind physical games have advantages like no worries about them becoming unavailable if Nintendo decides to close the eShop in a few years, as well as being able to sell and trade them.9) And ok this completely renders their reasoning in the previous point rather questionable. If you can buy a micro SD card, why be so harsh on downloading digital games? But the advice they give in this point is still valid: The officially licensed micro SD cards are rebranded SanDisk cards. Nobody has found any differences or advantages to using the licensed cards. Also larger cards are going down in price, so look for 200 GB or larger cards instead. Theoretically the Switch caps out at 2 TB (approximately 2000 GB), so you can currently go as large as you want.10) Ugh, I still wish Nintendo would fix this. Almost a year later and this hasn't changed.

  • Nix Alerta

    Do not damage your Switch because it will cause damage.

  • Nathan Stringer-Stephen

    11: drop a plug on it!!😂😂😂😂

  • Cubed

    Thanks for a ton of confusion.I now know that HANDHELDS (Has HAND in the name) should not be HELD.by. *HANDS*.

  • Malve

    The original dock damaged my screen more than this video damaged my brain cells

  • oof oof


  • Jordan - 4554

    100% of switch damage is caused byDamage.

  • Gojin Yamada

    Half of this is made up I'm laughing so hard 😂😂😂😂

  • SPAntiHero98

    TheGamer: Digital games take up too much storage.Me: Not if I use my two 400gb Micro SD cards.

  • PokéFan17000

    2:01 If Scatterbug makes it to Pokémon Sword and Shield, this is exactly how I will shiny hunt for every Vivillon form out there.

  • Joanne Pocahontas

    This Should Be Retitled "Things You Should Never Do To Your Nintendo Switch/Switch Lite".

  • HPR Stillwagon

    Just saying I’ve dropped mine like 7 times and it has NO signs of damage (well other then the joy cons but those are replaceable)

  • Ginette Sosa

    I'll never damage my Nintendo Switch.

  • Ninja Chicken

    1-dropping it2-throwing it3-having it slip out of your hand4-hit it with a baseball bat5-spill water on it6-drop it in water7-put it in front of a moving car8-stepping on it9-bend it10-use a blowtorch on it

  • LOLMan707

    Wow, thanks! Thanks for literally annihilating my brain cells!You son of a bi-

  • Elena Serrano

    I used a usb cable that was 2 dollars and my nintendo switch is 2 years old and working just fineEdit: do not hold your switch xD! It was made for that! My switch also fell from my staircase! Just broke one joycon but i bought a new one

  • All Sorts Gamer

    I literally bring my switch in this (likely) shoe box wrapped in a shirt

  • I'mafatman Fat man

    Dbrand skins work now without damaging the consoles paint

  • SatinFoil plays

    OH COME ON i can hold my nintendo switch while playing it

  • Kayden Yerington

    This channel be clickbaiting so I'mma make this comment1) Don't use cheap USB-C cablesThey not joking. It can damage your console on the inside2) Don't use third-party docksThey not joking. Same as the cheap USB cables3) Don't have only one Nintendo AccountWtf sure this is a cool thing to do but they don't need to put it in a list of "Things you should never, ever, ever do to your Nintendo Switch" lol4) Don't use skinsThey not joking. They can ruin the exterior of the console since it is mostly plastic5) Don't carry it without a caseYou should probably have a case just in case (no pun intended) but again it isn't something you should never ever ever do6) Never use boring usernamesTHE PEOPLE WHO RUN THIS CHANNEL ARE ACTUALLY STUPID7) NEVER-- oops I forgot I have caps on Ahem Never use Joy-Cons without strapsYou're lucky I'm still watching this it's getting on my nerves8) Never buy digital gamesYkw the peeps at this channel can go ahead and delete this video. "TheGamer" pfft9) Never buy an official MicroSDXC cardsigh10) Never use Switch game chatYou know what? You're RIGHT. This totally definitely belongs in the list of things to NEVER EVER DO TO YOUR SWITCH YOU IDIOTSsubscribe. to me

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