7 Ludicrous Cameos That Must be Immediately Declared Non-Canon

Often games indulge in weird cameos, with a character, person or item dropping in from somewhere else entirely. Here are the cameos that are far too mind blowing -- crossing a line and totally messing with our canon. I mean seriously... what?!


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  • Outside Xtra

    These freaky cameos are canon-breakingly bizarre! Go on Yoda, get your green behind back to Star Wars, before you invalidate any more Wiki articles. Enjoy!

  • Eddie Smock

    PS Access and OXtra finally did it. Amazing.

  • Geoff Rose

    "She is used to holding court. *chorus of boos*" Screw you guys, that was hilarious.

  • spoons

    genuinely thought this was a video on all the games ludacris has been in

  • Thicc Giratina

    A camel chocobo?A combination of one of my favorite animals and one of the cutest video game animals?!?!All is forgiven

  • Dane Rindshoj

    Conspiracy theory, Chell fights Glados (Portal), world ends in nuclear fire (Fallout), world recovers and radiation creates “magic” (Elder Scrolls), space core returns from orbit. Boom.

  • Kharn The Betrayer

    Assassain's Creed is kind of free to put whatever Cameo's in they want. Since the story of the game is that you're interacting with memories via the animus. So maybe some cheeky technician added some stuff to it for funsies.

  • Barry Bend

    What no boba Fett in Tony Hawk.

  • Supreme Buffalo

    WHAT THE FUUUUUUUI played so much Dead Space, and so much Skate 3.but that crossover Isaac character cheat was completely new to me. I WISH I'd known about this back in the day, the only game my roommate would ever play with me was Skate 3, meanwhile I played Dead Space when he wasn't around. If I could've surprised him with this weird crossover and just been all like "yea m8, it's a character from one of the game I play" I would've been so pleased, haha.

  • DulcetCherry

    I love kingdom hearts but let’s admit it, it’s a final fantasy and disney crossover event spanning over 10 games which is ridiculous yet amazingly done. I love beating up my favourite disney villains with a massive key.

  • Ultimate Bowser

    Should've had Rob say:"Hello! You've caught me on the wrong YouTube channel!"

  • Caitlin RC

    What about Doom Guy's appearance in all the Legend Of Zelda games?

  • Daniel Curl

    I'm still p sure Yoda is Kermit's MORE fun cousin lol.

  • Mr. Peerrot

    Interesting how they mention a Halo cameo, then have Ellen wearing a Rooster Teeth shirt; a company which was founded on Halo....

  • Blindasazubat

    Ellen made an Avril Lavigne reference. 10/10 lve it!

  • Evilgood1

    Ezio, Spawn, and Heihachi traveled through time. Yoda showed us that a long time ago was specifically 400 years.

  • Sir Roderick Quincy von thunderbottom, the Magnificent high king of Australia

    "Isaac has a pretty stressful life, constantly nearly dying at the claws of horrible monsters"are we talking about necromorphs or EA here? I can't really tell.....

  • Colton Bachinski

    The commentor edition needs to include the Kratos boss fight in Shovel Knight PS4

  • Golden Glee

    Outside: says there will be sections of the video dedicated to Portal 2 and Mario OdysseyMe: Oh cool!video endsMe: But...where was Odyssey...a-and portal?...

  • Lisa Lucas

    What about Predator in Ghost Recon: Wildlands?

  • YumiLavitt

    To be fair. We all knew that Star Wars took place "a long time ago" so...

  • melodysymphonystar

    Omigosh Rob ^^ Glad to see you guys working together ! (even if it's just for a cameo... )Simple solution for Ellen... Climb on Luke's shoulders! (wait, you may get altitude sickness... not that good of an idea, then, eh?)

  • Nappamon

    Is that... a chocobo in an assassin's creed game?Watches the first 3 minutesWHY?

  • Nathan Williamson

    Mentioning basketball, what about "Mario Hoops 3-on-3". Where Final Fantasy characters such as Moogle, White Mage, and Cactuar were featured as playable characters. ;D

  • R0FLC4T5

    Forget Jane vs Ellen.Id rather couch co-op with both :^)Andy can make up the party.

  • Nate A Tavares

    I was just thinking "I'd love to see a crossover event with PSA and OX..."

  • Blue Coyote

    I can hear Rob now. Hello, you've caught me doing a ludicrous cameo on Outside Xtra.

  • Death by Konami

    Or how Geralt left his job as monster slayer to hunt down a cursed sword in Soul Caliber VI

  • studmuffin

    good video, but where's monster hunter in metal gear solid's peace walker?

  • Gathorall

    You know, that's somewhat important spoiler for FF XV, forgot something?

  • Ethan Worner


  • Mr. Mister

    Wait, Rob is cannon in the Oxboxverse?

  • Mickey Vansant

    i know i'm super late but what about marcus and dom from gears being in lost planet 2? along with albert wesker and frank west

  • Mike Cabral

    How about that time a bunch of njpw wrestlers show up In yakuza......... Nobody else...... just me ok.

  • oStrider

    What about Spawn going into the Soul Calibur Universe and using Hellfire, chains, and Guns on his opponents? No mention of that?

  • Dara Ross

    I LOVE SPACE CORE ❤️Hey. Don’t mess with him. He went all the way to space, into a different dimension, and still didn’t break on contact... I think he has reason for being a bit crazy...


    The Skyrim Portal crossover can be explained in one word. Sheogorath.

  • Kelly Deas-Metz

    Want a cameo that can't be canon? How about 6?In halo 3 on Crows Nest you can get the following red vs blue cameos, arguing about a password.Easy/normal: Tucker and donut Hard: Simmons and GrifLegendary: Church and Caboose

  • dtwilight73

    Nothing about Big Boss fighting Rathalos?Ok.

  • Irsyadi Aryadiva

    What about Noctis in Tekken 7?

  • Munda

    What? Where's Burt Reynolds as the mayor of Steelport in Saints Row 3?

  • Rubyfir3

    "Assassin's Kweh-d" I see you haven't lost your touch there. XD

  • Papa Beej

    What about Shrek in that one Tony Hawk game?

  • Joshua Pureco

    Theres a reason why b4 the movie starts it says "a long time ago..."

  • Verv No

    People like grapes but dogs hate grapes. I love seeing that Achievement Hunter shirt 😂

  • Vaas Montenegro

    You guys've caught Rob taking care of his majestic beard.

  • Jeff Extreme

    When you have absolutely no idea who that is appearing in AC Origins, it's even stranger. I was so confused.

  • Tauriboss

    Wow what a great yoda impression :O

  • ori bargil

    yay it's rob! does it mean we will get an xbox friday feature? lol

  • Deus ex vesania

    So... A Chocobo and a Camel went at it?A Chocomel? Camobo?And why does the english language have only one word for two different animals, the one-humped and the two-humped camel, but over 600 meanings for 'run'?So many questions...

  • Bailey Alexis Snow

    Andy has a beard...Rob has a beard...I've never seen them both in the same room together...OH MY GOD

  • Len Tillman

    I genuinely need this cover of s8er boi now. Please it's important!!

  • Tokio Miller

    I loved Rob's cameo! I'm subscribed to PlayStation Access as well.

  • Bradley Kiesler

    I know this is a old video but I had to say that they do let apes into racing series Jeremy Clarkson is in racing series

  • TheD00kOfEarl27 27

    TMNT in injustice 2. I... WHAT?!?!?!

  • Alex Colombo

    In Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood you can unlock Metal Gear's character Raiden's outfit for Ezio to use. Though I'm not quite sure if it counts as a Canon-Breaking Cameo, because... Animus.

  • Herowebcomics

    Omg!Whe you first said that Rob was in here, I said "Really?"But then I saw him! 0.0

  • Nerdy Pear

    Ardyn in Assassin's Creed is still the one that made me laugh the most. 😁

  • wolfclaw719

    By completing the VR training missions in AC brotherhood you could become Raiden from Metal Gear Solid 4

  • Ass Hat

    Star wars is a long time ago in a galaxy far far awayTotally cpuld be 16th century

  • Tobi Yaubka

    Noctis from final fantasy 15 in Tekken and other things in final fantasy 15 u need to look at

  • Rick Cruz

    love the vid! btw final fantasy 15 did a crossover with assassins creed as well! A WHOLE festival! and the characters break the 4th wall!

  • Eskew Roberts

    NBA street 2 is the greatest basketball game of all time

  • Brick Fucking Master

    Nice to see that you guys are friends with the PlayStation access crew, and not supporting the stupid Xbox vs ps war.

  • Friday Pie

    I think , those things started with Drizzt from Baldur's gate

  • Stephen Pritchett

    Adding the space core also adds Wheatley floating through your skills screen.

  • LeviathanRX

    Why is Akuma from Street Fighter in Tekken? They even segwayed him into the story of T7...also Gon

  • MegaTomPlays

    Rob!! Best crossover yet 😂🤣

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