Skyrim: Extreme Archery

Music: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Sons of Skyrim 'Epic Metal' Remix by:

Steam Group for joining me in some way: (you can also see my current modlist there)

Bow´s : Nordic Bow (Dragonborn),
Dwarven black bow of fate (also Dragonborn),
Daedric Bow

My Mod list from this video (06.01.2014)

Steam Workshop Mods :

Enhanced Blood Textures 3.5d
Vibrant Auroras
Better Dynamic Snow
Better Embers
Wet and Cold
Vurt Flora Overhaul (Redux)
Lush Grass
More Grass
Chewiemuse´s Dense Grass
Real Rain Extendet
Distant Detail
Enhanced Distand Terrain
Shooting Stars
Matso Immersive Sun
RBE´s Enhanced 1st Person Camera Bob - Standart
Shadow Striping Fix (Indoor/Outdoor)
Splash of Rain
Realistic Water Two
Real Glaciers
Footprints [Multilingual] / Cледы на снегу [RUS]
Sounds of Skyrim - Wilds
Sounds of Skyrim - Civilization
Sounds of Skyrim - The Dungeons
Towns and Villages Enhanced: Witherun
Towns and Villages Enhanced: Whiterun Exterior
Towns and Villages Enhanced: Solitude
Towns and Villages Enhanced: Falkreath
Villes améliorées: Les quais de Solitude |FR|

Ama - Argonian Mercanary Armor - With Armored Tail
Spellsword Follower - Stormtail
Bandolier - Bags and Pouches
Mjoll facelift
Nightingale Crossbow
Isilmeriel's LOTR Weapons
MinimalHUD Light
Flyable Dragon Races: REVAMPED
Botom of the Well
No Auto-Aim
Double Torch Radius
Sit Anywhere
Followers can Relax
Beginner´s Shack
Killable Children

non Steam Mods:

Vibrant ENB Final 20570 Final (Shaders + Qualitiy default)
SweetFX (Custom settings)
Argonian Sneak Tail Twist Fix
RQ - Thickskinned Argonians
Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE)

Skyrim.ini Chances:

I increased the maximum arrow render distance to make far shots possible:

and i dissabled the ingame build in "pre-aim" to get a unadulterated arrow balistic.

Game + DLC´s:

Skyrim (standart on latest patch)
Skyrim Hearthfire
Skyrim - Dawnguard
Skyrim HD Texture Pack
  • NXStation Games

    You must be the one who shot the arrow to the knee

  • OxalFire

    I bet you cant make a 20 km shot over two regionsFwullie: Hold my beer

  • Syed

    1:53 Random arrow hits you, blame it on the guy in front of you.

  • Fwullie

    3 Mio views, imagine the possible advertising money. owo

  • Asdrubal Albiñana Moreno

    Dovahkiin, faster than the speed of an arrow.

  • Kiyoshix

    I used to be good in archery like this, but than I woke up.

  • MotherFaper

    0:31 BLYAT' SUKA?)

  • Patrik Rónás

    Still one of the best games ever.

  • Guitarfollower22

    3:34 You sniped that guy so hard he teleported into Oblivion

  • MigeMaur

    1:51 - Best moment in YouTube history!

  • Mr. W

    This isn't Skyrim, this is Deutschrim.

  • VU IBG

    Meanwhile there's a hawk flying around my last save game with at least twenty arrows needling it... What mod lets this guy shoot without glitches?

  • Eric Bay-Andersen

    Have you split a butterfly with your bow and arrow?

  • Domingo Rodriguez

    Dude this video reminds me how much fun playing as an archer in Skyrim was

  • YourLordLanceDuckPatterson

    Khajiit has wares, If you have coin...

  • Silly Ivan

    I vote you re-release this video to have the bandits on the bridge let out Wilhelm Screams when they drop

  • Dethilion

    Alter, der Fast-travel shot war ja mal absolut Badass ! Holy shit .... ich snipe auch gerne mit dem Bogen aber das ist einfach nur Next level !

  • Kefe Bolokefe

    The hell you got killable children mod for

  • Roger Sings

    I used to be good in archery like this, but then I took an arrow to the knee.

  • Russianbear

    you should have used the green arrow modYes, I used the google translate.

  • ΞIL

    fus ro dah > ryu ga waka teki wo kurau

  • Personalejcr

    I liked the part where he headshoted the guy

  • BloxyTuxedo

    Damn, I can't even hit a dragon right in front of me.

  • DaNko

    Залайкате, пускай иностранцы думают что здесь написано что то годное 😂

  • Joseph johnson

    See how far you can shoot a bird from

  • Her_ Gose

    My Skyrim is in German to I don't understand German but I played the crap of this game.. And I'm on console so I can't change the language.. I bought the game in Germany

  • Mike Jizzwalker

    Tell me your secret or else! (Intimidate)

  • Martin Štraub

    Whattt??? That not normal

  • Andrey Klyuchnikov

    Нихуя себе, ты че соколиный глаз

  • Stephen K

    I feel like most of us resort to bow sniping in Skyrim. Everything else felt underpowered campared to sneak+archery.

  • Secuta

    Well, if the arrorws wouldnt disappear in my game at a specific range, i would be a good archer too.. :l

  • Fedot Danetot

    помимо лука нужны ещё рулетка, уровень и секундомер

  • Master Of Masters

    Dude this video is gana make me go get this game BTW watching in 2017

  • Elst Pizarro

    How did you make so precision bow aim? What mod did you use? 'Cus with the lowest sensitivity and some special aim-fixing mods, I couldn't get the same result, the bow sight was still going insane and had very big sensitivity.

  • Chilly Willy

    How can I get at the place of 1:16?

  • Arronax

    Dtill dont 1hit all. What a shame. I killed a butterfly on this range xD

  • Multi Vitamin

    he is secretly using v.a.t.s. mod

  • Vipa Noire

    Argonians for the win...!! \m/

  • Lucky S

    Characters don't even load in for me that far away on ps4. Lol

  • Connor Kitchen

    And we wonder why the Germans are so advanced

  • Güntuğ akgün

    Once in a time.They tell about stories about an archer who can shoot anybody from everywhere

  • Matt Lacdao

    I'd be scared if I was playing against you hahahahaha

  • J.A H

    son trucos yo también lo tengo.. por alguna razón la flecha por mucho que tierra al aire siempre le va a dar al enemigo... esto es fake

  • Haidar Alaydrus

    Its crazy dude!!!I like that😀😀😀

  • Samet ORUÇ

    Legolas! What do your elf eyes see?

  • Matias Martin

    what i need to dl to have that graphics

  • Bocks Kampf

    Vegeta? What does the scooter say about his bow shooting skill?!

  • A Lonely Rider

    Legolas, Hawkeye, Green Arrow, Katniss Everdeen, and Robin Hood will bend their knees in front of you :')

  • Zino Seven

    What is the name of game

  • O. M.

    My best was...err...killing an eagle with the bow

  • Richard Cranstone

    This is so cool! I’m working on my skills ! And I’m loving the special addition

  • eyesahootin bob

    What's the armour he's using

  • Venompool

    What is name of this mod please ? :o

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