Skyrim: Top 5 Hilarious Plot Holes that Make Absolutely No Sense in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

Skyrim is a game with a vast array of stories to tell and The Elder Scrolls 5 has proven to be a rich addition to the already enormous amount of lore within in The Elder Scrolls universe. However, with so many plotlines and interweaving narratives, it would seem Bethesda’s writers made a handful mistakes and occasionally wrote conflicting tales and created some awkward paradoxes. So today we’ll be taking a look at my top five hilarious plot holes in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.
  • El Sopa Cartoons

    Thank you for installing my Inn Signs mod!Is Special Edition in the video? it looks amazing

  • ChickenPepParm

    About St. Jiub, he killed all the cliffracers on Vvardenfell, not in all morrowind. Vvardenfell is just thje large island in the center of morrowind, but not the mainland

  • Cin

    Mikael: Oh there once was was a hero name-THE SECURITY IN WHITERUN IS TERRIBLE SHAMEFUL WHAT IT IS

  • Acuras47

    But Astrid actually DOES try to get you killed, further into the quests...

  • Pokerface

    Simple explanation for the last one:Looters venture into the tombs.Draugr kill them.Draugr find Septims and fresh fruit on their corpses.Draugr put them in barrels and chests.

  • Mr Noncredible

    "Do they get a refund?" XDHi welcome to Dark Brotherhood customer service, how can I help you?Yeah, I hired ya'll to merc the dude from Helgen...and I couldn't help but notice that now he works for you guys now..Oh, well do you have your recipt?Umm..yeah hang on..Hands reciptHere you are.Alright and would you like to donate to shadowscales camp charity? thanks....Ugh, have a good day...prick..

  • Ashley Mustang18

    My question is how Astrid can kidnap you if your a vampire sleeping in Volkihar castle 🤔

  • DragomanPl

    Cliff racers go extinctOblivion crisis happensCliff racers are backAnswer seems obvious

  • Starsegen

    I think the Septims in the Nord Ruins could be from Adventures killed in there and the Draugr just clean the place up from time to time and store the stuff they had.

  • Ichigo90

    As a very wise Daedra once said:“It makes perfect sense! If you don’t think about it, that is.”

  • Liz G

    The mage in prison thing is easy. -Nords don't hold much relevance to magic or magic-users. So they don't really perceive them as a threat. Hence the lack of security in prisons.

  • Globgogabgalab

    You don't realise what you've gotten yourself into'll be doing this series for years

  • Ballin Balgruuf

    I remember there being lore that rorikstead was founded again and again throughout history by people who coincidentally share the same name, Rorik. I forgot where I read it.

  • Jesse Hamilton

    What about during A Night To Remember when Ysolda scolds you for missing your wedding, even if she's literally your WIFE

  • sbusiso Manqele

    dragons flying speaking words of destruction is finecandles lit : impossible

  • GrntSmf

    St. Jiub eradicated the Cliff racers from Vvardenfell, not Morrowind. Vvardenfell is the island, Morrowind is the province.

  • // Deadset

    Fun fact, Jiub was soul trapped right before you get to kvatch in oblivion. He was there when it was attacked.

  • El Kudos

    "When I was a boy, that place always used to give me nightmares. Draugr creeping down the mountain to climb through my window at night... And generally being not as nice as they usually are when they come to trade for fruits and wax..."

  • High Overlord Snarffie Beagle

    I miss the way the NPCs would speak to each other back in Oblivion. The most cheesy lines ever wrote. I loved it.

  • Not a Dog

    Juib killed all of the cliff racers on Vvardenfel, but over time more cliff racers moved there from the mainland. Both Mjoll and Juibb were telling the truth.

  • 8-bit bulldog

    I've had moments of assassins attacking me...after joining the dark brotherhood...with a letter signed by Astrid...

  • Chris Howell

    Question: Why does a particular thing happen in Skyrim?Awnser: Because Skyrim

  • Nathan

    I'd assume Jiub just missed a few, wouldn't be difficult.

  • Jack Mcwhackass

    The Fruit stays fresh because a handful of draugr know frost magic

  • Anthony Foxxx

    Last Time i was this early ysgramor sailed to skyrim...

  • S. O'S

    Zenithar probably converts currency, because he is the aedra of commerce and wealth. Thats probably how the septims are there.

  • Echo

    Magic isn't really common in Skyrim after what happened in winterhold.

  • Georgia Richardson

    Fairy certain there is a whole Daerdic cult thing in Rorikstead that you can investigate. I can't remember precisely but every few centuries it just pops up. And has amazing crop growth speed due to the Daedric pact.

  • miguel ruiz

    The septims are not really septims they're just gold coins and people just take the coins because they're gold

  • Simon Achberger


  • EvenstarGW

    "Actually, Lucien did not try to recruit me. Not at first. He tried to kill me. My father wanted me dead, and he hired the Dark Brotherhood to do it. I escaped from Lucien, and paid my father back for his treachery. Lucien came to me again that night with an offer I just couldn't refuse." - Telaendril

  • Islarf

    You didn't say that Skyrim was a big game. You think it's big enough to be worth buying again? Jokes. I already bought it 10 times

  • MinishMoosen

    I might be wrong, but I think the NPCs in Oblivion also refer to "Saint" Juib.

  • e g

    I'm just glad that "murdered to death" is back in full swing.

  • Tactics Tim

    Why didnt the eagles just carry the dragonborn to sovngarde?

  • LuckyChimera

    You know if you listen to some of the gossip around the imperial city some of the citizens will actually mention Jiub. I think they even call him Saint Jiub too although I could be wrong on that.

  • Big Dan

    Well wouldn’t the drauger run out of candles

  • Leo Velli

    Imagining those spooky Draugr doing mundane tasks like sweeping and tidying up is hilarious

  • ash vin

    Sooooo the mudcrabs I trapped more than 200 times is on the soul cairn???

  • Morec0

    The candles are lit because:While you're exploring, the draugr are training.While you're questing, the draugr are training.While you're crafting, the draugr are training.

  • ge ne

    What's the visual mod on your characters i.e. Mjoll being so vibrant? I likeyy

  • Minecrafter 3929

    That contract thing with a random DB assassin happened to me after I was completely done with all DB quests and Cicero as a follower

  • _/MMalvauXx \_

    The septums in dungeons are from bandits who didnt survive and are all over because look at bleak falls Barrow bandits were there. Also what if there were some hidden cliffracers so they could reproduce.

  • Gip Gap

    Oh God, why am I watching this....Edit: I was expecting some experience ruining plothole in the main story but this is better

  • Tibit

    Despite the noble effort of Saint Jiub, one day a great black cliffracer appeared from nowhere and ressurected the winged beasts. Now only a true hero of cliffracer blood can bring an end to the cliffracer menace.

  • Geoffrey Boyle

    Seriously man what mod are you using for the textures?? Like mjoll looks so cool but so different! What are they?

  • Ghastly_Grinner

    "Skyrim is an RPG " LOL good one 😂🤣

  • Cin

    Candles fresh fruit and septims makes sense draugr they put those septims and things as offering to their priests and dragon lords

  • hells toxic evil

    The first one. I was a MEMBER OF THE DARK BROTHER HOOD and I had an brotherhood assassin :(

  • Bert Jongerden

    The draugrs light the candles, fudgemuppet has a video on this

  • Emanuel B.

    Astrid didnt forget that contract, she wanted to kill the player eventually, remember the treason against us in our most critical mission?

  • Kenshi's Sento Blade

    Love the new editing style! Love the channel very much too.

  • NovaIZSmol

    Bandits, adventures etc could of left food or dropped coin in the dungeons. So that's probably how they got there

  • Acerthorn

    That first one isn't really a plothole. This wouldn't be the first time someone was targeted for assassination by the Dark Brotherhood only to be accepted into their ranks. In Oblivion, Telaendril is one such character. Lucien Lachance when to kill her as part of a contract, but she fought him off, and then joined the Dark Brotherhood herself. Once she joined, the assassination was called off.So there is certainly some precedent for this.

  • ECHO Menace

    Maybe one of the black hand members put the hit out becayse they forsaw what youd become once part of the dark brotherhood

  • Xx Duckie

    White run guard:Let me guess someone stole your sweet roll.Me:Well yes,but actually no

  • AlbertonBeastmaster

    I lost it at the mental image of Draugrs dusting!

  • Arctic Dino

    Juib didn't kill all the cliffracers in Morrowind, just on one island

  • Voice Of Reason

    why do you pronounce eh after many words like skyrimeh

  • frontsilver 60

    Many when dragur kill an intruder they store all their belongings.

  • Eric Fouch

    Would you want to have that conversation with the target that killed possibly multiple assassins? Would you want to bring that up?

  • Almighty Gekido

    I think the Septims can be answered because of the bandits,travelers, researchers and adventurers that may never make it out of the ruins

  • Travis Lee

    Juib was soul trapped during the attack on Kvatch in Elder Scolls 4.

  • Sean Greer

    Remember, Astrid sets you up. It is an elaborate scheme to fulfill an anonymous contract.

  • Maiq The Liar VII

    Jiub only killed every cliff racer in vardenfell. And that was the case when oblivion was written. In oblivion the count of Cheydinhal was planning to throw Saint Jiub a parade for Saint Jiub day. Which of course never arrives

  • Solus Schrade

    Oblivion answers the first one. one of the members was targeted but survived the first attempt and after killing her father who took out the contract was offered a position with the organization. It doesn't cover the whole plot hole but it shows that the Dovakiin was not the first time this happened.

  • FullCaber

    i swear this is like a fake voice u make to sound muscular but i could be wrong :,D good video anyway

  • Allan Read

    that coin you show says gold not septim so your point is flawed gold has always been around in some way

  • Rylan Cox

    Did anyone else get PTSD flashbacks when Nate mentioned cliff racers?

  • Iron Tarkus

    For a game riddled with plot holes, you picked the most easily explainable ones.

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