Skyrim: Top 5 Hilarious Plot Holes that Make Absolutely No Sense in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

Skyrim is a game with a vast array of stories to tell and The Elder Scrolls 5 has proven to be a rich addition to the already enormous amount of lore within in The Elder Scrolls universe. However, with so many plotlines and interweaving narratives, it would seem Bethesda’s writers made a handful mistakes and occasionally wrote conflicting tales and created some awkward paradoxes. So today we’ll be taking a look at my top five hilarious plot holes in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.
  • El Sopa Cartoons

    Thank you for installing my Inn Signs mod!Is Special Edition in the video? it looks amazing

  • ChickenPepParm

    About St. Jiub, he killed all the cliffracers on Vvardenfell, not in all morrowind. Vvardenfell is just thje large island in the center of morrowind, but not the mainland

  • Ichigo90

    As a very wise Daedra once said:“It makes perfect sense! If you don’t think about it, that is.”

  • Pokerface

    Simple explanation for the last one:Looters venture into the tombs.Draugr kill them.Draugr find Septims and fresh fruit on their corpses.Draugr put them in barrels and chests.

  • Ballin Balgruuf

    I remember there being lore that rorikstead was founded again and again throughout history by people who coincidentally share the same name, Rorik. I forgot where I read it.

  • Acuras47

    But Astrid actually DOES try to get you killed, further into the quests...

  • Ashley Mustang18

    My question is how Astrid can kidnap you if your a vampire sleeping in Volkihar castle 🤔

  • RustyRayne

    Me: visits the Soul Carin.Whiterun Guard that I soul trapped: Wait I know you.Me: ...

  • Leo Velli

    Imagining those spooky Draugr doing mundane tasks like sweeping and tidying up is hilarious

  • GrntSmf

    St. Jiub eradicated the Cliff racers from Vvardenfell, not Morrowind. Vvardenfell is the island, Morrowind is the province.

  • 8-bit bulldog

    I've had moments of assassins attacking me...after joining the dark brotherhood...with a letter signed by Astrid...

  • Cin

    Mikael: Oh there once was was a hero name-THE SECURITY IN WHITERUN IS TERRIBLE SHAMEFUL WHAT IT IS

  • EvenstarGW

    "Actually, Lucien did not try to recruit me. Not at first. He tried to kill me. My father wanted me dead, and he hired the Dark Brotherhood to do it. I escaped from Lucien, and paid my father back for his treachery. Lucien came to me again that night with an offer I just couldn't refuse." - Telaendril

  • // Deadset

    Fun fact, Jiub was soul trapped right before you get to kvatch in oblivion. He was there when it was attacked.

  • Jack Mcwhackass

    The Fruit stays fresh because a handful of draugr know frost magic

  • Globgogabgalab

    You don't realise what you've gotten yourself into'll be doing this series for years

  • Soup

    In Rorikstead the houses are full of soul gems and books on Daedra worship and you can hear villagers discuss not wanting their "secret" to get out.What Rorik says about the age of the town isn't a plot hole, it's a lie.

  • Spencer Hepp

    Rorikstead isn't a plot hole. It's a damned conspiracy.

  • Nathan

    I'd assume Jiub just missed a few, wouldn't be difficult.

  • Georgia

    Fairy certain there is a whole Daerdic cult thing in Rorikstead that you can investigate. I can't remember precisely but every few centuries it just pops up. And has amazing crop growth speed due to the Daedric pact.

  • Anthony Foxxx

    Last Time i was this early ysgramor sailed to skyrim...

  • Echo

    Magic isn't really common in Skyrim after what happened in winterhold.

  • miguel ruiz

    The septims are not really septims they're just gold coins and people just take the coins because they're gold

  • LuckyChimera

    You know if you listen to some of the gossip around the imperial city some of the citizens will actually mention Jiub. I think they even call him Saint Jiub too although I could be wrong on that.

  • Wilson Carmine

    For the last one. People in Skyrim are known to bring offerings to the tombs of their Ancestors. So it is likely that the Draugur take these supplies at night and store them away.But this problem has alwsys existed. The Alyeid and Dwemer ruins fell silent long before the 3rd Era also.

  • Mr Noncredible

    "Do they get a refund?" XDHi welcome to Dark Brotherhood customer service, how can I help you?Yeah, I hired ya'll to merc the dude from Helgen...and I couldn't help but notice that now he works for you guys now..Oh, well do you have your recipt?Umm..yeah hang on..Hands reciptHere you are.Alright and would you like to donate to shadowscales camp charity? thanks....Ugh, have a good day...prick..

  • dodgeworld l

    The Draugr are making counterfeit money. That's my only guess.

  • unyeckenerd

    Dragonborn: Yeah, so Astrid why did you try to kill me?Astrid: Well, you see, Nazee-Dragonborn: NAZEEM!? THAT SLY SOCIOPATHIC PIECE OF S-

  • zwartdude

    how does the ogma Infinium get locked in a dwemer box? if it wad seen in Oblivion?

  • Kristers Feldmanis

    I mean the Cliff Racer situation can be explained with bird migration or something. Maybe some came back.

  • Strawberry Strallod

    Well to be fair, Astrid wasn't a traditionalist to start off with

  • Jipps

    The Dark Brothethood plothole is easily explainedGrelod The Kind placed an order on you but when you killed her the contract became obsolete.

  • ryqabvn

    Dragonborn: Did you know the Alik’r are looking for a Redguard woman?Saadia: Are you sure? Oh no, they found me!A few moments later...Saadia: I heard one of them was arrested trying to sneak into the cityDragonborn: So why were you so surprised a second ago when I said they were here looking for someone?

  • Hunter Knight

    The cliff racers could have gone through a similar situation as the silt striders, incredibly endangered but they did live.

  • Not a Dog

    Juib killed all of the cliff racers on Vvardenfel, but over time more cliff racers moved there from the mainland. Both Mjoll and Juibb were telling the truth.

  • Realm of The Arcane

    In Skyrim, they're not plot holes, they're Dragon Breaks!

  • Kass H.

    Did anyone else start singing with the bard started playing Ragnar The Red

  • R.C. R.

    Literally my whole life span of skyrim, I've never used magic to escape prison, let alone help me in it. Truly mind blown

  • Kevin G

    How about finding imperial leather armor behind a claw door that hasnt been opened in thousands of years?Seriously breaks immersion

  • HartInCMajor

    It's also implied that there are numerous contracts against Astrid

  • Abraxas oof why do i need a last name on here

    The rorikstead thing was explained (if i remember correctly) to be a town stuck in time or there was some paradox going on there im 90% sure

  • Kiister Music

    If the Draugr takes care of the ruins it still doesn't explain the candles. If the ruins are thousands years old you would need tons of candles to keep them lit up all the time.Well, unless they go out into civilization and buys them, which would explain the septims...

  • Just Wrench

    6:09no pun intended(cuz cliffracers fly?)

  • Bert Jongerden

    The draugrs light the candles, fudgemuppet has a video on this

  • Lemon

    Maybe Jiub killed all of the cliff racers in Vvarfenfell? And not all of morrowind?

  • Mr. VOID-OUT

    The first one is easy to explain in theory. If the Brotherhood wants to recruit a prophecy-fulfiller, they'll send an assassin of a particular choosing to "test" both of them. If the contract wins; theyre the chosen one. If the assassin wins, he gets to keep his place, or possibly get some sort of promotion.

  • Zero

    the prison and the ruin ain’t plot holes it’s just lazy game design

  • Simon Achberger


  • Staci S

    Also doesn't explain where the drauger are getting the candles and matches!

  • OwenB0603 1

    How to get into the dark brotherhood:Kill the people who they have been paid to kill 🤔

  • Wesley Pipes

    In oblivion you can overhear npcs saying that saint jiub has died at the hands of the daedra

  • pielover 100

    If cliff racers lay eggs, that will explain some things

  • Solus Schrade

    Oblivion answers the first one. one of the members was targeted but survived the first attempt and after killing her father who took out the contract was offered a position with the organization. It doesn't cover the whole plot hole but it shows that the Dovakiin was not the first time this happened.

  • Jamie Allport

    For the first one- Astrid is actually trying to get you killed.

  • ash vin

    Sooooo the mudcrabs I trapped more than 200 times is on the soul cairn???

  • Panic! at the Twenty One Chemical Fallout Boys

    me: sees Jiubme: graphically remembers playing Morrowindme: ITS THE UGLY DARK ELF YOU FIRST SEE AGHHHH HES BACK AGAIN!


    "Three Farms and an Inn" is under "Granite Hill", not "Rorik's Steading" Great videos tho, just a small heads up.

  • Eric Fouch

    Would you want to have that conversation with the target that killed possibly multiple assassins? Would you want to bring that up?

  • Agnt Prometheus

    But where do they get all the fuel? Candle wax, logs, etc, in a sealed tomb. I really hope in TES VI they let us light the tombs up...

  • Carlos Miranda

    When I was playing Skyrim, I noticed that the flame would stop being rendered if I walked far enough away from the candles while keeping them in sight. Clearly, that's just a config setting, but my spin on that would be that they're proximity enchanted self-lighting candles.

  • Morec0

    The candles are lit because:While you're exploring, the draugr are training.While you're questing, the draugr are training.While you're crafting, the draugr are training.

  • Reily K.

    You know what that means, DRAGONBREAKS

  • Devin Maillet

    I have an idea about the prison mage plot hole..This is just my theory but I'd like to think that the dragonborn is perhaps a bit more skilled in magic than most NPCs, and assuming clothes have the same effects on NPCs in game, in terms of lore, perhaps stripping said robes from mages in game, especially those of lower skill/level nueters their ability to perform magic, same with jewelry and other such items

  • ThibautVDP

    ooh, a health potion! let's see... "use by: second era". ah, what the hell gulp

  • Yorke

    Currently now imagining a Draugr walking into whiterun to buy candles, Thanks

  • Geoffrey Boyle

    Seriously man what mod are you using for the textures?? Like mjoll looks so cool but so different! What are they?

  • DoctorWortspieler

    THANK YOU! I was beginning to think I was the only one who noticed that plot hole concerning the Dark Brotherhood.As for Jiub, it's possible that he hunted the cliff racers to the point where everyone thought they were extinct, but a few managed to survive.Given how xenophobic Morrowind, I think the simplest explanation is that they're not inclined to share the know-how on how to make magic-draining manacles with Skyrim.

  • Ghastly_Grinner

    "Skyrim is an RPG " LOL good one 😂🤣

  • Callum Ferry

    I got that contract on myself from a courier

  • Acerthorn

    That first one isn't really a plothole. This wouldn't be the first time someone was targeted for assassination by the Dark Brotherhood only to be accepted into their ranks. In Oblivion, Telaendril is one such character. Lucien Lachance when to kill her as part of a contract, but she fought him off, and then joined the Dark Brotherhood herself. Once she joined, the assassination was called off.So there is certainly some precedent for this.

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