The Red Wars 1.6 (Warband Mod - Special Feature) - Part 1

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"About 650 years have passed since Calradia was united and the hero of Calradia has passed away, well that unification didn't last very long and it broke down back to the original pieces.

In the year 1923, war erupts across Calradia and Balion once more, it has been 30 years after the age of industry and blood had ended, bringing life to a new age of revolution and nationalism, and a fourth era of technology that will forever shape the face of warfare.

In 1913 the Vaegir Red December Revolution movement brought with it a new world, a world of unity and equality, but on the borders of the newly formed United Vaegir Federation, the enemies of this new way of life were quick to supress any insurgency in their territory, worker strikes ended in blood baths, revolutionary literature was gathered up and burned, and new fascist regimes sprung up in the west, the Swadians, out of fear of chaos and disorder, formed the New Swadian Empire and called it the "Swazi Reich", after the formation of this beast the Rhodoks soon formed a new fascist regime, and called it the "Rhodokian Nationalist Workers Union", now joined in their hatred for communism, and socialism, these two power hungry monsters forced life long enemies to become close allies, the once dominated steppes after earning their independence was overcome by a massive communist movement, and transformed the ruins of the once prosperous Vaegir steppes into a workers paradise for the old Khergit people.

Though the Sarranids and Nords remained neutral in this theatre of war, their allignment will not last forever. The Swadians often pressure the Sarranids to become allies and help hold off the steppe horde, whilst the Vaegirs promise the Sarranids a new age of prosperity if they choose to become allies. The Nords, old enemies of the Swadians, are being coerced with age old debts to join the fascist union, whilst the Vaegirs, equally inbittered rivals, entice the Nord people with their independence from both the midlanders and their foreign cousins of Nordland.

The nations of the western continent of Balion are desperate to stay out of Calradian affairs, still reeling from their own civil wars. But direct threats along the coast from the Swazi Reich are putting their security and neutrality in jeopardy. And in the middle of this, the peaceful inhabitants of Balion have a new threat rising in the south, a threat that flies a red banner."

The Red Wars 1.6 (Warband Mod - Special Feature) - Part

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The Red Wars Mount And Blade Warband Mod & Let's Play "Lets Play" Walkthrough HD Gameplay ReformistTM Reformist TM "Playthrough Part" With Commentary Combat Video Game

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