9 Hard Bosses with a Weird Weakness You Exploited Ruthlessly

Bosses are typically bigger, scarier and better paid than you, especially in videogames. But if our accumulated years of playing games have taught us one thing, it's that bosses have weaknesses you can exploit for massive damage. What's more, that weakness isn't always their face, glowing weak spot, or the glowing weak spot on their face. Consider these less obvious weaknesses and subscribe for a video like this every week, why not: http://www.tinyurl.com/SubToOxbox

Among the unlikely Achilles heels in the video above are the prehensile barnet of one boss, another's horde of pissed-off villagers, and one getting crates dropped slowly onto her head. What did we miss? Leave it in the comments.


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  • Xavier Simas

    In skyrim just about everyone's weakness is archery with a good sneaking skill.

  • shadowforger11

    Twilight Princess: Fishing for Ganondorf

  • Merritt Harbison

    we not gonna talk about how you can beat ganondorf in twilight princess with a fishing pole?

  • MrGilder103

    I don't know if entering a cheat code to beat the icon of sin is really an exploitable weakness.

  • SERN

    You gotta put that supply drop in...A Quiet Place.jumps out of a window in shame

  • bbkangs

    Darth Vader's weakness... is sand.& The High Ground

  • jjmblue7

    Yu Yevon's real weakness is that your party literally instantly revive whenever killed in the fight.

  • BearyBry

    Dylan's "non-combat appropriate clothing" is about as much as some female characters wear as battle armour.

  • RoachDoggJR

    Ah yes the mortal foe of all bosses, noclip.

  • Scalrag

    Beating Jasper with the spotlights isn't really an exploit as much as the way you're supposed to win...

  • Sean Rea

    This is a very Jane script. All of those puns. None of the regrets.

  • 4EverGamer X

    0:33Says beware of spoilers for the following games, but only lists 2, lol


    Overboss colter from fallout 4’s weakness is a water gun, surprised he’s not on here.

  • Robert Koh

    I'm surprised that Krauser from RE4 didn't make the list. When it comes time to fight him in his final mutated form, several swings of a knife just straight up kills him, when even a full cylinder from the Broken Butterfly can't do that.

  • TheMightyJ225

    Number 6 didn't seem to be a weird weakness. That was how you were supposed to beat the boss.

  • Astfgl

    Beat these bosses using this one weird weakness. Game designers hate it!

  • Khoo Teng Kwang

    This may not be the strangest, but I encountered this odd boss in a game called Atelier Iris 3 Grand Phantasm. It was an optional mushroom boss with extremely high regen and a high attack power. A serious P.I.T.A to beat. It took me about an hour(?) and most of my healing supplies until I decided to try something absurd. And that was how I found out this mushroom boss had a weakness for poison shrooms. Seriously, who would think chucking poison shrooms could help kill a freaking mushroom boss?

  • Aaron D

    "The angriest piece of greenery on this side of The Incredible Hulk."Planterra: am I a joke to you?

  • jon class

    Borderlands 2 pyro Pete and the ledge lol. Or borderlands 3 grave ward and pipe bomb Gernades

  • altoid345b

    Wait, that Last one dosent count because it requires a no clip cheat

  • zubhanwc3

    wait, yu yevon had a weakness? I always just 1 shot him after doing the side-quests once you get the airship :P

  • TooLateToTheParty

    Now I need a game boss you can legit beat with JUST pole dancing.

  • Coach Renaldo

    Fun fact: that twisted message you hear before you fight the icon of sin in doom 2 is a message in reverse that says "to win the game, you must kill me: John Romero!"Which means that if the real John Romero actually gets murdered, whoever murdered him would be the first and only person to truly beat doom 2.

  • Richardsen

    Undead Sheriff of Notingham? Sauron Cosplayer? Budget Dark Knight?Man, you guys have really improved on your comedic writing. Nice job!


    Deus Ex Mankind DividedMarchenko can be killed with a kill switch before the battle even starts.XD!

  • FrozenSolid90

    Metal Gear Solid 5, The Skulls, They can be somewhat challenging, specially on the Extreme Mode... But the game does not give penalties for airdropping in a tank from Mother Base and introducing them to loud end of a 125mm cannon.

  • Zander Bennett

    Hooktail. Paper Mario ttyd. Crickets

  • SquiidNova

    Really man, you had the PERFECT opportunity to make A Bad Hair Day joke.

  • Cinder

    What about Gwyn from Dark Souls?Final boss greatest weakness is getting parried

  • Mparker123wolf

    Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess:Defeating Ganon with a fishing rod..

  • game rouge

    Here's one Fable LucienBulletSUPER EFFECTIVEThis is silly because most mortal beings can take a few shots but Lucien can't take a single shot even from a rusty pistol

  • Thomas c

    yu yevons weakness: literally everything tbh

  • MagicMaster667

    Defeating Fallout bosses with Speech and Charisma, never gets old. ;-)

  • Ender King303

    Yhorm of the profane capital the weapon you kill him with is in the boss room all you have to do is charge the weapon

  • Devon Richey

    In Persona 5, during the Flu Season in game, The Reaper can become inflicted with the despair ailment, which, after a few turns, causes him to kill himself.

  • thecreator625

    FFX is in fact Tidus' story.Change my mind.

  • CooJas98

    Dark souls 1:Ceaseless discharge exploitTaurus Demon exploit

  • Dylan Elbon

    What about borderlands 1 crawmerax ledge spot?

  • Jonas Wik

    "You can do a science on him" ❤

  • JLegends

    Gwyn's weakness: parry, parry, parry, parry, and parry.

  • Hunter McWhinney

    Pushing Atheon/Templar off the cliff

  • caligula

    Andrei Ulmeyda's voiced by the same guy as Dr. Mobius from Fallout New Vegas

  • TheGuitar3 Vlogs, Reviews and more

    Dylan Fuentes's mask reminds of Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul... It has a really similar style.Love the vids! Keep it up!

  • Oliver Tikoff

    CupheadBeppi the clown's 4th phase + spread ex shots.

  • theHoodedNerd

    beware spoilers for the following games (shows two games)

  • Dovah Kin

    I'm playing almost all my games Brain : Go for the head

  • GTR Productions

    2:07how does a head not stay attached to a head?

  • Gracie Victor

    She said ‘massive damage’... 😂

  • Satoru Kuroshiro

    "It's like being weak to canned soup."turns to someone with an intolerance to saltWait....

  • Whale sharker

    I hear in Twilight Princess, pulling out a fishing rod during the final fight with Ganon makes him stare at it like an idiot until you put it away and stab him.And you can do this over and over again and he'll keep being absolutely enthralled by your fishing rod.


    Guess you were in my "cross hair"

  • Irvin Blunt

    OK so the boss in devil may cry "mundus' spawn"

  • Death by Konami

    Dylan Fuentes gives new meaning to "fire down below"Although a junk shaped flamethrower would not be my choice.


    #1 The end dragonWeakness: Water

  • Leo Berenson

    I guess you could say The Master's plan wasn't very FLESHed out. I'll see myself out.

  • JakeGaming324

    also 4:35 GODDAMN quiets belly tho

  • High Overlord Snarffie Beagle

    nothing like mutating with a TV screen and it being a crt display

  • Delta_Sly

    Fighting Quiet the 2nd time in a harder difficulty, you can't use the same strategy with the supply drops as it doesnt work.

  • Ironic Dutch Moonshade

    Apparently Demise in Zelda Skyward Sword can't kill you if you carry 4 invulnerability potions and an indestructible shield... Demon kings are not what they used to be...

  • Giga

    Gannondorf in Ocarina of Time can be countered by a bottle

  • M

    In skyrim we use jarrin root to kill bossess

  • ibXCV

    "Massive damage"

  • Lekha Pratap

    17:53Watching quality content. 💥

  • EJA 26

    A weakness that is common among bosses In the Borderlands series is not being able to hit the player If their hiding behind a well placed rock

  • Wookiee Man

    Sticks and Stones may break you’r bonas but words will never hurt you. Well those people have not met The Dragonborn.

  • mellow_mallow

    "The poor man's Oblivion"did you mean"Shitty Oblivion"

  • Dylan Otto

    the best ever boss battle is when you use a phoenix down on it XD

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