Skyrim - 5 Useless Shouts


In our latest Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim video we list the 5 most useless dragon shouts in the game.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is an open world action role-playing video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. It is the fifth main installment in The Elder Scrolls series, following The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, and was released worldwide for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on November 11, 2011.

The game's main story revolves around the player character and their quest to defeat Alduin the World-Eater, a dragon who is prophesied to destroy the world. The videogame is set two hundred years after the events of Oblivion, and takes place in the fictional province of Skyrim. Over the course of the game, the player completes quests and develops the character by improving skills. The game continues the open world tradition of its predecessors by allowing the player to travel anywhere in the game world at any time, and to ignore or postpone the main storyline indefinitely.

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Scott: newberrycrunch
Michael: oldberrychew


  • Useless.

    I didn’t ask to be featured in the title.

  • BarbaricProtector

    Clear skies shout actually counters Alduins Meteor Shower Shout by dispersing it.

  • Jason Irwin

    Fudge mupet: clear sky's is uselessFrostfall users: WRONG.

  • Z

    Aura whisper: sniper's bffClear skies: stagger skill with 5 second cooldownDismay: free hit to enemies (specially useful in legendary)Kyne's peace: remember this, legendary mudcrabs can 1 hit the dragonborn. Now imagine a bear. Throw voice: Hey, melon nose!

  • Taocnrut

    You can use Aura Whisper to find dwarven automatons still in their pipes.

  • Victor Elliot

    I use aura whisper to find the greybeards in their fort

  • Renz Justin

    Fudgemuppet: aura whisper useless. Me: have you ever played stealth/thief character?

  • King Erased

    Why use console commands when I can tell the sky to shut the hell up? XD

  • Cheng Zhou

    I use the clear skies shout to get clear skies

  • Nachuak

    5 seconds after casting the invisibility spell ... Postman: "I've been looking for you. Ive got a letter from you....."

  • Timmy

    You said to not get triggered if someones fav shout is on the list. I was like who would get mad over such a stupid thing.Gets mad after my fav shout is listed first

  • rspeaks

    a shout with the word whisper in it

  • Gilded Drake

    shouting at the sky to order the weather -> feeling godlyconsole command to change the weather -> breaks immersion, feels like you're cheating

  • everyone

    Aura Whisper? Clear Skies?This is why you should stay in school, kids.

  • Christopher Bronson

    "Just warning you so don't get triggered when your favorite shout is on this list." looks at all the triggered comments LMAO

  • Ryk Latortuga

    A day without the Clear Skies shout, is like a day without Sunshine.Ysolda likes it, It's always a fine day with the Dragonborn around...

  • Ray Summers

    Who at Bethesda thought master illusion spells should even have a level cap? It's a master spell make it broken

  • Isa Saoirsé Mórrigana O'Dwyer

    Aura whisper is amazing for stealth builds. Shut it.

  • MrHothead099

    1. Storm Call: It doesn’t care who it hits, friend nor foe.2. Call of Valor: Cooldown is too long for what it is.3. Clear Skies: I like it, but yeah it’s useless.

  • CJ Sexton

    A Case For Aura Whisper: You cannot fast travel when enemies are nearby

  • Shane Olin

    My friend used the clear skies shout once and as soon as the clouds go away there was a goat flying through the air

  • Multicar Wr. Mbok Lan

    I have a tip for clear skies.The tip is use clear skies to stagger dragons and don't hold the shout button just a press is enough to stagger so you can do damage and stop dragon attacks so it's not really useless

  • ???

    The Call Dragon shout. Its only use is calling Odahviing to Dragonsreach.

  • Hughhefnerd

    I play a stealth bow user on legendary, aura whisper let's you get the jump on the enemy

  • xenazai zm

    I dont need detect life, i need detect dead, i can't loot the enemies body because i lost them :P

  • Mat Durivage

    Aura Whisper is great when on Dark Brotherhood stealth kills

  • Azure Greatheart

    From what you said, it sounds like throw voice has a specific use with regards to illusion: 1, use throw voice to gather the enemies. 2, cast group hitting frenzy spell. 3, cackle maniacally as they sort themselves out.

  • Hugo Alvord

    Throw voice is definitely useless most of the time BUTI play a stealth mage/alchemist build with very low HP, and usually I rely on unkillable followers and dremora to do fights for me. In Skuldafn I couldn't do that, so I became invisible and just ducked around everywhere like Solid Snake, which is a great play style and very fun. However there is one part where the only way forward was through a draugr deathlord whose coffin was the door to the tunnel I needed to go into, and I was able to use the throw voice shout to divert him to the other side of the room before i drank an invisibility potion and ran by him. It was a niche instance, but it was very satisfying and it would have been really hard for me to get past him without throw voice. That run through Skuldafn was terrifying though. It's rough out there when you can be killed by a single arrow.

  • Dat Floofy

    detect life is best for assassins

  • rumble fish

    1:33 " The enemies would be close enough to engage you (not if they can't see you) or far away enough that you don't really care (unless you hunt. Makes it easier to spot them from afar) or you could simply use your eyes (how about enemies behind a wall?)." The only relatable thing you said is about the cool down. Which is exactly why life detect is more useful than aura whisper and not overrated at all. Doesn't make aura whisper useless, comes in handy when you're out of magic or need it otherwise.

  • Henry Marckisotto

    Detect life stuff is more meant for certain thrives guild and dark Brotherhood quests. Most things deemed useless are much more useful when playing at the extreme difficulty settings

  • ArgumentativelySound

    Clear Skyes is a godly shout, controlling the weather is a great power to have and it is very useful when running through a blizzard or a heavy rain, especially at night. Skyrim would be duller without this shout.However, if you are determined to fight at night, in a blizzard, because you're still unable to find a use for Clear Skies, then do yourself a favor and use *Aura Whisper*, it reveals all life around you, other then that, I see no use for it and myself never use it.Kinds Piece... yea, I haven't tried it even out of the curiosity, it just doesn't inspire interest at all.Dismay and everything else that makes enemies run away is just an annoyance to me personally. Sometimes they run away on their own and I hate chasing after them... Though it comes down to personal gameplay, I'm sure there are people who may find an adequate use for it, at least at early stages of the game.Throw Voice is utterly useless, there's nothing to add.If you enjoy something and find occasional use for it, it's already not useless.

  • Dran_____

    Aura whisper is my favorite shout. It's so damn useful.

  • Dr.Nepper

    I think aura whisper and detect life is intended to be used for stealth purposes not direct combat

  • Nate Taylor

    Any kind of weather difficulty mod = Clear Skies = Amazing!!!

  • Piper Theos

    I use aura whisper when I am roleplaying a ranger, but otherwise it's useless yeah

  • Mr. Kroogur

    I love the throw voice shout, It usually works well enough and when im doing the thieves guild questline I love using it to get Mercer to do all the fighting (and take all the beatings) when we are going after Karliah. It's oddly satisfying watching him get rag dolled by the draugr.

  • Nalantahe Anloti

    Me: Oh cool, a new Fudge's video!Fudge: Clear Skies is so useless it should be criminalMe: *Fkin Triggered

  • TheBlarg113

    Aura whisper is great when you're in a falmer cave and can't see past your nose. It's also great for detecting ambush placements of enemies for stealth and magic characters, runes become more useful for preemptive damage.It can reveal what's trying to jump you in dense forests/rough terrain and where its coming from so you can more easily engage it.It also can reveal where slaughterfish are in rivers so you won't have to spend ridiculous amounts of time wondering why you're in combat with nothing.TLFR; aura whisper lets you use your eyes when your eyes fall flat.

  • Phil Dicks

    I collect all the shouts, but my go to shouts are Unrelenting Force, Throw Voice, Dragonrend, and Whirlwind Dash. I use the others only if needed in the game.

  • The mega reaper

    A shout like kines peace to make avenchering easyAlso makes ur horse run away instead of fighting when fastraveling and finding enimies and goast horseEdit: I know bad spelling

  • sumdumgai19

    I've played tons of times, made tons of characters, and have never really used any shouts. Aside from a few times I was corrupted with no magic no health. It just takes too long to reload, I forget the shouts even exist. Even with talos amulet, they never seem worth the wasted button. Espeasily in VR.

  • lvlaple4Ever

    Why did I read that as shortcuts?...

  • Jack Sparrow

    6:00 "I have played skyrim as stealth characters"LITERALLY AT THE START OF THE VIDEO :"aura whisper is useless"

  • Lord Sithis

    3 drain vitality shouts

  • Semantic Samuel

    Doesn't everyone just exclusively use unrelenting force and dragonrend? No? Just me? Okay... Switching between shouts is a faff.

  • Anjith RAj

    The last shout clear skies will also stagger opponents

  • CrAzyCrEw YT

    I got a useless shout. It's called "AAAAAAAAH."

  • Tawny Cat

    To summarize the comments, Aura Whisper is good.

  • up


  • Darrell Ogles

    Aura whisper is actually pretty good on falmer since they can sneek up on you a lot.

  • Pandemonium

    Cop out at number 1, You did the shout equivalent of a "Quest Specific Item" Of course it's gonna be useless outside that quest it's only expected to be used for one thing!

  • Red Hollow

    Detect Life is actually one of my favorite shouts. It helped me in my first playthrough to assess how big dungeons were based on how many enemies there are as well as helping me keep track of how close to clearing it I was, would help me in gathering my surroundings before deciding where to go in the wild, figure out where an enemy might be hiding (and by hiding I mean where are they stuck cuz, well, Bethesda), and to gauge how dangerous a situation is (like if I shoot this bandit how many are right around the corner).Once you're past a certain level it really doesn't matter anymore since you can body just about anyone, but honestly that goes for most of the spells. And the spell cost isn't an issue if you're using the infinite shout restoration technique, but even if you're not it really doesn't take up much time compared to shouts like unrelenting force; it's even shorter when you have Talos' blessing and his amulet.

  • ryan scott

    Aura whisper is amazing for stealth characters

  • vargen1414

    3:26 it's almost required on Legendary Difficulty to survive

  • wHen a NIbbA bReaThe

    Flame.. literally does 0 damage in my experience

  • unlacedmalkavian

    lol. Yea, you've heard this already, but your list here is just so subjective. Honestly, it sucks. Most of the shouts you've listed, I could see myself using with some regularity. In fact, most of them are insanely useful for stealth builds, and don't I recall you lauding stealth archer builds in the past? And what are your conditions for "99.5% of the time"? Just because a shout has a very specific use, doesn't mean it isn't useful or that you aren't using it very frequently. A sword swinging barbarian would consider any stealth skill "a niche use", but many others would not. Sorry mate, but this topic is just way too subjective.

  • Devon Oliver

    Number one is good if you're in the Thieves Guild or trying to sneak around but you know where your enemies are

  • jerry turgin

    Aura whisper is great for stealth. It is basically wall hacks

  • JumboCat

    Me: Oh sweet, a worst shouts video this looks awesome!*Sees first one*Me: Hey listener i need someone killed

  • Darwin Ellis

    Not trolling or arguing but the detect life spell is good for a sneak class to track enemies when you are sneaking past or up to.

  • Skentmar

    When Alduin is still alive, "clear skies" can be used to quell his "call storm" that drops all those meteorites on you.

  • Lord Trump

    Clear skies works well with frostfall hypothermia edition

  • Devadas44

    Noo! not clear skies! how will i hit my dragon in a storm! or regret my Storm Call

  • Draco Anonymous

    You clearly don't value stealth that much based on your opinion of aura whisper and detect life

  • Pluto Is Daddy

    Aura Whisper is amazingly useful for being a stealthy rogue that likes to pick people off with a bow. Which I do lmao

  • Kody Neubuhr

    Aura whisper is good for a stealth build I use it all the time

  • Anther

    i really enjoyed Throw Voice on my first stealth build when i found it at random. wasnt very high in sneak yet so being able to draw people into line of sight for bow shot kills was a LOT of fun

  • Castiel Novak

    I use aura whisper when I'm sneaking in dungeons cause I prefer using a bow and dont want to engage in combat

  • Tommy C

    I used aura whisper all the time. It’s good if you’re using a sneak and bow strategy. I also used it with throw voice and I would snipe them with it

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