Skyrim - 5 Useless Shouts


In our latest Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim video we list the 5 most useless dragon shouts in the game.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is an open world action role-playing video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. It is the fifth main installment in The Elder Scrolls series, following The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, and was released worldwide for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on November 11, 2011.

The game's main story revolves around the player character and their quest to defeat Alduin the World-Eater, a dragon who is prophesied to destroy the world. The videogame is set two hundred years after the events of Oblivion, and takes place in the fictional province of Skyrim. Over the course of the game, the player completes quests and develops the character by improving skills. The game continues the open world tradition of its predecessors by allowing the player to travel anywhere in the game world at any time, and to ignore or postpone the main storyline indefinitely.

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Scott: newberrycrunch
Michael: oldberrychew


  • Izzy Mujadzic

    Ok lets see if this guy knows his bad shoutssees the first oneI will murder your family

  • 0002niarDneK

    I actually like using Clear Skies in conjunction with weather mods that add debuffs if you're caught in a storm or blizzard. That way I can make it sunny on command.

  • Useless.

    I didn’t ask to be featured in the title.

  • Cosmic Gay

    Aura Whisper is amazingly useful for being a stealthy rogue that likes to pick people off with a bow. Which I do lmao

  • MrDrProfessor4

    "Firstly we have Aura Whisper."Immediately stopped watching.

  • Jack Sparrow

    6:00 "I have played skyrim as stealth characters"LITERALLY AT THE START OF THE VIDEO :"aura whisper is useless"

  • Cosmic Star

    *Clicks on video*Me: Normally these types of videos are pretty accurate and in agreement with a good portion of the public.*First one listed is Aura Whisper*Me: What-*Uses most of these shouts on the list*Me: I'm not sure about this one.......

  • SaintDreader

    Sorry, but Aura Whisper is an amazing shout for stealth characters. Honestly the first two shouts are great for a dynamic stealth character. This list feels it's made by two handed/heavy armor mains who only care for DPS. I know you said you played multiple stealth builds, which confused me since those are legit helpful for not being seen at all. These shouts are used so often, Aura Whisper to see guys so you know where to go to avoid, Throw Voice to distract those same dudes. Come on man, it's not rocket science it just requires a bit a creativity . Completely disagree with you, sorry but you're just wrong.

  • Sollykun

    When you disagree with every shout on the list. 🤨I feel like this Scott guy doesn't like shouting in general. He's just not a Dragonborn. 🤔

  • Mar H

    Dismay is almost an essential shout if you're playing on Legendary, since even much lower leveled enemies can drain your resources and/or kill you if you aren't careful.

  • autarchprinceps

    "Who uses sense life anyway?" - Ah I see you are not a true believer in the one and only church of stealth archer. No for real though, putting aside direct damage spells, when you play as a pure mage, sense life is the spell to have, especially if you play a stealthy game.

  • luciano lopez

    Aura Whisper? This is a "make you rage" list, right? You want to see how many people get angry, right?

  • Jenny

    The "clear skies" shout is actually my favorite bc i hate rain and fog ingame, just makes me uncomfortable so this shout is a true blessing for me

  • HaloModder555

    Aura Whisper? Clear Skies?This is why you should stay in school, kids.

  • psammiad

    Most shouts are useless given the recharge time.

  • Ip Mike

    My stealth character depends on whisper

  • piman0001

    actually clear skies has one very interesting effect I learned to abuse in any of my playthroughs, clear skies has a bit of knockback like a powerr attack on people that you fight and a recharge time of 5 seconds, given this you can effectively interrupt any attack the enemy throws at you and easily defeat any opponent that is staggered by it, creating infinite openings on your enemies

  • MrHothead099

    1. Storm Call: It doesn’t care who it hits, friend nor foe.2. Call of Valor: Cooldown is too long for what it is.3. Clear Skies: I like it, but yeah it’s useless.

  • Chupika 64

    I kinda have to disagree, clear skies is actually pretty usefull, if youre outside and cantsee 12 ft in front of you due to fog then get bumrushed by two spriggans then you REALLY wish you coulda seen them, or a dragons flyin around, ezpecially on night and you cant see due to snow, rain, clouds, etc. Plus it makes riften look nice. Overall a very usefull shout.

  • Victor Elliot

    I use aura whisper to find the greybeards in their fort

  • Luke Peters

    I use aura whisper to find NPCs that aren't in their usual spot, or if im trying to be stealthy in a dungeon to avoid mobs lmao. it's so useful it shows every kind of npc.

  • wolflancet1

    All I heard was aura...... then I came here to comment about it before leaving....

  • ZHC

    I use aura whisper and detect life to escape from jail mostly

  • myron mcmillan

    I used the clear sky's shout to cancel the call storm shout. So there's that

  • Ryk Latortuga

    A day without the Clear Skies shout, is like a day without Sunshine.Ysolda likes it, It's always a fine day with the Dragonborn around...

  • unlacedmalkavian

    lol. Yea, you've heard this already, but your list here is just so subjective. Honestly, it sucks. Most of the shouts you've listed, I could see myself using with some regularity. In fact, most of them are insanely useful for stealth builds, and don't I recall you lauding stealth archer builds in the past? And what are your conditions for "99.5% of the time"? Just because a shout has a very specific use, doesn't mean it isn't useful or that you aren't using it very frequently. A sword swinging barbarian would consider any stealth skill "a niche use", but many others would not. Sorry mate, but this topic is just way too subjective.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    Aura whisper is not useless Bro

  • Trayvon Phillips

    Many of these are biased picks. Actually like 90% of these are biased picks

  • druidboy76

    Useless shouts? So. All of them?

  • Azoth Kuslov

    I thought clear skies was so useless that it only worked on fog and stuff. Added specifically for the main quest. Didn't even know it worked on clouds. I've been playing for years and I feel stupid for not using it on the sky

  • Daznik

    I mean detect life is a super handy shout for sneaky hunters since they will be able to see targets easier

  • Samuel

    They are not useless if they provide roleplay potential. It's an RPG after all...

  • Mr Dinosaur

    The throw voice shout is pretty useless, but if you're breaking out of prison its the best lol

  • Dr.Nepper

    I think aura whisper and detect life is intended to be used for stealth purposes not direct combat

  • HyperBrid

    Throw voice is my second most shout used! What the hell man!

  • Taocnrut

    You can use Aura Whisper to find dwarven automatons still in their pipes.

  • John Peacekeeper

    I use ALL of these more than Fus Ro Dah!

  • Wolfy

    UMMMM ExCusE YoU clear skies is VERY useful also nubmber one is too but u called this useless which means it does not fulfil its expected intended purpose and since you called it useless which is kinda stupid it can stagger enemies and before you say "use ice form" ice form at full power has a 120 SECOND COOL DOWN which is not useful in prolonged battles because it disables your power to use other shouts like unrelenting force. Unrelenring force at its first power level (using the first word only) has a 15 second cool down and it also staggers enemies. The clear skies shout at full power only has a 9 second cool down so its better to use for staggering enemies.Also might I add without clear skies you aint getting to parthunnax (is that how its spelled?) or navigating through sovengard and its also VERY useful against alduins meteor shower!

  • Timmy

    You said to not get triggered if someones fav shout is on the list. I was like who would get mad over such a stupid thing.Gets mad after my fav shout is listed first

  • Christopher Bronson

    "Just warning you so don't get triggered when your favorite shout is on this list." looks at all the triggered comments LMAO

  • Kitsuko - san

    Hey you truly don't know alot of uses other than their original purpose don't you? Like the clear sky shout, yes, it's useless with its ( original function ) but what it do is let you stun lock your enemy if you use it outdoor. This will not work in door but if it's outdoor where you can use it, the shout can stun the enemy and leaving them an opening for you . If you say why not use force instead of this , clear sky almost needs no time to full charge. What that means is you can keep on using it's one word shout to stun a dragon or even a giant. Of its uses , when a dragon is about to use breath attack which is so deadly that you will die if you hit it directly in difficulty adept or higher , you can use its one word shout to cancel it's attack because it stuns the dragon. ( I recommend you use dragon bend if you have it because aside from stunning the dragon, it also dispel the ability to fly. But clear sky is the only shout that stun all enemy outdoors. )

  • Mórrigana O'Dwyer

    Aura whisper is amazing for stealth builds. Shut it.

  • vargen1414

    7:33 you can use it to stagger enemyies for a few miliseconds which can mean life or death on The Hardest Difficulty

  • Escies OP

    I don't use shouts often, but clear skies is actually one of my favorites lol. I absolutely HATE Skyrim's blandly designed atmosphere, and with the clear skies at least I can see an actual blue sky rather than one that is as bland and colorless as just about all the dungeons in the game

  • More Heavy

    Wrong, Clear Skies is useful for activating the Northern Lights at night

  • qwerty uiop

    If a shout is used to your benifit at least one time its useful. If theres a shout that for example is like "use this shout on one pixel of the screen at a specific time to make a mudcrab appear" its still useful for that purpose. A useless thing would be for example a weapon that deals 0 damage abd cant block. It has no use at all and its useless. Try naming your videos better so i dont have to click dislike on it. Your videos are too opinionated, name it "5 shouts i think are useless"

  • Jack Sparrow


  • Kari

    "I wonder if Aura Whisper will be on the list, nah, every stealth character loves that shout, it won't be there..."

  • Spooky Whales

    Aura whisper is very useful when searching for animals or creatures to fill soul gems, especially if you need a bunch of soul gems to level up your enchanting quick. Plus it can come in handy before a "boss" battle to see how many enimies you're going to have to deal with before you enter the room. Or if you're trying to sneak up on somebody in the dark and you want to make sure you know their location. Also not everybody plays a mage or even use spells besides healing spells during their playthroughs, i've gone through the game almost 20 times now and only pick mage once. I mostly play as an archer assasin, or a warrior one-handed with a shield (Spellbreaker shield and Dawnbreaker sword). For archery just a ebony or dragonbone bow and whatever arrows i pick up.

  • Cheng Zhou the Younger

    I use the clear skies shout to get clear skies

  • Tom Fredrick

    With a cool down of 5 seconds I think throw voice is a nice free distraction skill without wasting any magic or arrows as a stealth mage

  • Garrett Wilson

    Well there is a bit of information that I have for your list, four of those shouts is very useful, one, the clear skies shout is useful enough to make it easier to see the dragons in the sky. And two, that one shout that draws the attention of the enemies, can be in the thieves guild missions.

  • Reshiram 2

    I find aura whisper useful

  • vargen1414

    3:26 it's almost required on Legendary Difficulty to survive

  • CrAzyCrEw YT

    I got a useless shout. It's called "AAAAAAAAH."

  • Helios9826

    1) I find Aura Whisper to actually be a very useful shout when playing a stealth character...2) Kyne's Peace is also very useful for when you want to fast travel, but there's a mudcrab and a few goats somewhere nearby that are currently angry at you...3) Dismay is actually useful for when you screw up, get yourself cornered by several enemies, and your health is dangerously low, but you're lacking potions. Trust me it happens, and this shout becomes a lifesaver then.4) Throw Voice... yeah, no, it's useless...5) Clear Sky is a quest-based shout, you use it to go to Paarthurnax and to disperse Alduin's snare in Sovngard...

  • Alpha Xasason

    Except in winterhold and solsteim because it doesn't work there for..... Reasons.

  • xenazai zm

    I dont need detect life, i need detect dead, i can't loot the enemies body because i lost them :P

  • vargen1414

    6:12 Quiet Casting Shout

  • theBatman

    Clear skies was for discoving a hidden dragon boss.

  • vargen1414

    6:58 you can also use it to get acces to the Thalmor Embassy after the main quest have been completed

  • 117 Theo

    I personally like Aura Whisper when I play an assassin/sneaky archer but that maybe just me though.

  • Razvion

    Those Shouts are quite usefull what the hell ?

  • Siim Soasepp

    Clear Sky sbout is really effective against Alduin's meteor shower. Other than that, Clear Sky can be use to see better in stormy areas :p

  • juan mendez

    Everyone saying aura whisper is esencial for a stealth but I don’t even remember using aura whisper once while being a stealth archer

  • The green Gamer

    At 5:43 that’s the dungeon I had to clear yesterday

  • Macycrystal

    Uninstall is the best shout.

  • Welshy

    so would that mean ventriloquists are part dragon born?

  • HiroKitty

    With the weather mods that I have installed the clear skies shout is actually really useful

  • Cody Walton

    Clear skies can be used In a one on one situation as a quick version of a unrelenting force with a stagger effect and a quick time

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