Skyrim: The best way to start a new game!

Don't you all hate just how scripted the opening scenes are? What would you do, if you could change things!

Mod that allows you to create children avatars:

Music: Kevin MacLeod


  • Yonkage

    It was a perfectly normal execution, until a random naked kid summoned some skeletons...

  • Aristokitty

    Explain that one to the jarl of whiterun.

  • KefkeWren

    This is how Sheogorath plays Skyrim.

  • iamcll

    hmn looks like a normal start to me

  • Yolktru

    4 years and I'm still playing Skyrim

  • Nick

    Legends say that Lokir is still running to this day.

  • Zaezul

    Spawns giant chickens...Imperial Guard: How in oblivion do we kill this thing?!

  • Frank F.

    Looks like sheogorath took control again

  • Alpha00Fox

    Hello adventurer!Whats that?The village of Helgen? .......We don't talk about Helgen...Shivers

  • José Gouveia

    Wrong instructions, Maiq the Liar became the High King

  • KLightningBolt

    I expected a helpful and informative video on the most beneficial way to start a new game. What I seen was a whole lot better!

  • Billy

    This is actually the real "hidden" beginning of skyrim

  • Emilia Jones

    Those chicken's walks are so determined XD

  • CaptainShadowGaming

    4 alduins? gg Dovahkinn you just sacrificed the world for your own amusement

  • rorz

    I used to be an adventurer like you, but 3 giant chickens, some skeletons and 2 dragons saved my life.

  • surge

    If I had a giant chicken army I'd be unstoppable

  • Fingers

    "So you can cast few console commands, am i supposed to be impressed?"

  • Nope not Today

    even though skyrim is an old game it's still nice to sneak grab your bow and arrow shoot some guys in the face and watch them say "it must have been my imagination" lol

  • tarrker

    Turned up sound because dialogue was nearly inaudible. Immediately deafened by horn sound x_x

  • DooDaVixen Studios

    Now THIS is the Tragedy of Helgen

  • Axel Scratch

    Ulfric poking his head out at 2:48 is hilarious XD

  • The Majestic Mr. L

    This is why I wish I had PC Skyrim. XD

  • XiphosΩ

    4:13It's like watching one of my childhood nightmares

  • JustAGoatOnLSD

    I was laughing at it but then I took an arrow in the knee

  • RockLou

    "f*** the list" was the best part!

  • David Struve

    It's a shame you can't actually save Lokir of Rorikstead. He still dies no matter what. Not that it really matters, since apparently nobody in the village he is from has ever heard of him or ever mentions him. He never even had a house there. The same goes for the poor guy being executed in Solitude, Roggvir. Even if you manage to stop him being beheaded, if you try to talk to him moments afterwards he will suddenly fall down dead of an apparent heart-attack.

  • Enuma Elish

    What worse the the oldest dragon foretold to bring an end to all life? Four of them!

  • Christine Ryan

    "The best way to start a new game!"Mercilessly abuse the console commands!

  • Tetsu Shatarii

    I had no idea setscale was a thing.

  • Michał Laszuk

    When I saw these large chickens I literally lost it XD

  • THE S3AL

    i used to be an adventurer like you... then i took a chicken too the knee ,._.,

  • ZerqTM

    Sheogorath would approve...

  • Papaben

    You realy should quit skooma ;-)

  • Ananas

    wtf am I doing with my life

  • Big Smoke

    100% newb friendly way of starting

  • Chris 812y

    The first time I played skyrim the guy got away and the girl said anyone else feel like running I was so confused

  • Scott Kemp


  • Super dope Guy

    I think sheograth would be proud.

  • KazeTheForsaken

    Yet, it's still more canon than Dragonball GT...

  • Project W

    now, THAT is a normal way to start a game

  • New Skin

    Look at those chickens

  • yoshi lorak

    Oh my lord!!! Did i JUST witness conqueror's haki???

  • Venim

    funniest skyrim video i have seen exlcuding the other ones i saw that weren't censored well xD

  • OrangeJuice

    This game became an extension of myself for like 3 years

  • Somnus

    I HAAAAAAAAAAAAATE the Skyrim opening. Such an open and amazing game, that opens with a linear section that shows a lot of its flaws.

  • Paul Rond

    I used to start new games like you..

  • Paul Liu

    1:32 be likeImperial Captain: Skeletons eliminated?Ralof: back to positions everyone!

  • cinnireseisri

    Also known as RhexxySexxy's Acid Trip Adventure.

  • Tony Shum

    take a guess what happens if you disable alduin BEFORE he lands on the towerexactly you play as the headless horseman

  • Chazreal

    Mega Ultra Chicken?! SHHhhh we don't speak of him, him legend! Arise Chicken Arise! Oh tha LOLz, how they hurt so good! Bloody epic job, love to see more!

  • Joshua Lai

    console commands... the true power of the dragonborn

  • Lone Desert Ranger

    I admit, this really cracked up. Made my morning.

  • jim jimjim

    Oh, god..... I think I might need to restart Skyrim. It's been 2 years since I played...... Dare I spend another 300 hours on this and neglect my PS4?

  • Arthur Poore

    Once when I started a new file, the horse was in a different spot for some reason. Probably just another glitch. Thanks to this, when the archers fired at lokir, they miraculously hit the horse instead and lokir escaped unscathed. I immediately decided to make my dragonborn look as close to him as I could get and played through the game as lokir. As hadvar was asking my name, the horse was still trying to kick the imperial archer to death.... Best start to a playthrough I've ever had.

  • nintendonick

    I lost it when the chickens showed up

  • CaffeineInjected

    styxx...too Much Time On My hands...

  • Wolf Hawk

    I absolutely lost it at the giant chickens... that was GREAT!

  • Herkario

    Michael Bay version of Helgen

  • AB05

    My fault for thinking it was legit

  • Taco

    why isn't this in the vanilla game??

  • makenzie wheeler

    this is how a skyrim movie would start if Michael Bay was directing

  • Jespar's Bxtch

    this is how everyone should have started their game !

  • Zhooves

    You were only a few wheels of cheese short of making Sheogorath extremely proud!

  • TheMDoesGaming

    lol all the console boys disliking the video XD

  • Tal Glazer

    "Captain what should we do? He's not on the list""f**k the list"I died XD

  • Chris Read

    the giant chickens are the icing on the cake

  • COLE Brubaker


  • Paul Phoenix

    lmao I love the wah wah wah. epic archery fail

  • Nick Vevang

    Exactly why i got a pc

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