Skyrim Tips/Tricks how to get aerin to stop following Mjoll the lioness

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  • Sandcastles Of DOOM !

    Dude this worked! Aerin is such an understanding guy. Especially when you slit his throat.

  • Fairy Queen Titania

    Aerin decided to leave me alone. All I had to do was axe him nicely.

  • Denes300

    I really liked that you didn't go violent as much players would had. Man I sure would have killed him, good thing you showed me some sense before I did the worst. Aerin and me are now buddies and he completely understands my point...ed dagger.

  • lackofcompany Pk

    The part where you gave her 1000 gold reminded me of...... A small loan of a million dollars. :D

  • TheGodOfErrors

    That Speechcraft came in handy.

  • Raptormatt1

    Damn that talk went well......... What level is your speech?

  • Spidey_unboxer

    "That talk went well" holy cow never laughed that much

  • SalfordianBlue

    Aerin has one thing in his favour: he's indirectly responsible for the only time I've welcomed a random vampire attack. I came out of the ratway to find a pair of dead vampires, some dead guards, and the lovely Mjoll standing over the ravaged corpse of her BFF. I like to believe that Shor himself forgave their bloodsucking sins and personally welcomed them into Sovngarde.

  • Agnt Vermont PF

    Nah Aela's way more beautiful.

  • DragonGamerUK

    Aerin died at Falder's tooth fighting a pack of bandits and she didn't care.

  • Mars Martian

    I bet Aerin wanks when mjoll is sleeping . haha

  • BryceConquerorsAll

    hahaha that talk there went well

  • Caleb Lea

    I didn't have to have a "talk" with Aerin... The Silver Hand at Faladors Tooth had a real good talk with Aerin while he was out for his morning walk.

  • Jacob Myers

    My personal preference has always been Ysolda. But I really dig redheads.

  • Tyrinis Gaming

    That seriously made me laugh my ass off lol. I thought you were legit going to have a conversation with him, and then bam, stealth kill xD. You got my sub, that was hilarious man

  • TeeCerberus - [The FN Great Guild!]

    Dingo Skateboards. Please switch your setting so that I can reply directly to you hope you see this .If you have recovered her sword thats all you need to merry her so if you have done that and you still cant then it might be that you killed him before you married her because theres no time that they are not together unless she is fallowing you so she might know you killled him.

  • DeadByFleshLight

    That was really funny... i actualy thought you were gonna "talk" to him... then i saw the sword while sneeking... o_O 

  • єvєrchday αtrσcítchTM

    I wanted to marry Ingun Black-Briar. She's the nicest, most beautiful and most intelligent woman in Skyrim. Too bad she isn't an option. She'd be the perfect wife.

  • Khendrek

    One time when I tried to get Mjoll and Cicero as my followers, Aerin came in the Sanctuary, and I accidentally made Mjoll kill Aerin... I was like wft... and I screamed at Mjoll for killing her best friend lol!

  • Bode

    Im literally in tears laughing my nuts off....

  • Letti

    I think Aela the Huntress is the best looking female in the game, but thats my opinion or whatnot ;)

  • DragonGamerUK

    Some bandits took care of him at Faldar's tooth on my game, well I lured him to them.

  • SuperKami Guru

    Imagine forcing a marriage onto Aerin by using the console.Now you have a guy named Aerin walking around who does as little damage as one can do to any enemy, yet charges face first into giants, and a strong soldier who is always sticking to this guy, hauling him out of the shit he has gotten himself in. Also her name starts with M....  Now, if you havent watched Attack on Titan this may not be funny to you... But this is exactly what Eren and Mikasa are.

  • Jacob Myers

    ROFLMAO! Ok. SO my first comment was before I finished the video, but I was busting out laughing so fucking hard when he's sneaking into his house going, "We're gonna have a talk with him. Stabs I think that talk went well! He says he completely understands!" LMAO!

  • J. Green

    I did the exact same thing but when I did Mjoll was upset with me because Aerin was dead. I should have just talked to him like you did.

  • Michel Schafstadt

    I found the video very helpful, but i already lost count of how many times you said that she was the best looking follower you could marry in Skyrim after only about two minutes😂

  • shadowcraftmine

    It's pronounced myoll not muld, where the hell did the D come from.

  • Elvis Ventura

    How does he not have 1,000,000 subs

  • Glacier Prince

    Actually thought you were gonna talk to him

  • lolbogdy1


  • OccipitantX

    I have to disagree with you, I personally dislike Mjoll's appearance, I find Lydia or even Aela to be more attractive. But to each his own, that's the nice thing about skyrim, is you have a choice

  • the Running robloxean

    can someone tell me what house he lives in?

  • Blaxican_Gabe

    This was freaked hilarious to me XD and thanks for the help.

  • Future Fighter

    Lol I love the talk. Thank you bro.

  • Maggie FH

    LOL sadly i never thought of that

  • Urban Bourbon

    Fun drinking game: Take a shot everytime he says "What not".

  • Ashten Markmann

    Wow how did i not think of that!!

  • Fernando Ferreira


  • adrian 2quik

    I just shot a arrow in his neck on a night outside Lakeview Manor when everybody sleep and Aerin decided to take a walk in the the middle of the night,... uuuh,bad decision. It was annoying az hell but now The Lioness it's free and can sleep without these freak watching her 24/7.Who decide to put these freak in the game he must be a freak too.

  • Agent Washington

    Kill aerin? No you just unlock the door to death for him so he can go threw to oblivion where he belongs

  • Bellman11205

    Omfg I can not stop laughing!!!!!! And yes I’m very new to Skyrim!!

  • Agent Smith

    Serana my man. but can't marry that lil bloodsucker....<<

  • Stephanie-Marie Bates

    I think Aela is awfully pretty. I like the face paint look also. Mjoll is prob second though. I always wish I could marry Karliah. Everyone wants Serana. I do too, but Karliah is so unique! And I happen to like her voice (if only she would stop wearing the Nightingale armor. She had a cute butt...)I married Marcurio though. Super handsome... And he was my killer tank during combat for a long time. But he kept killing everything too fast for me... So I made him my house stud. Lol.I think I've been playing Skyrim too much lately.

  • KatEternity 2

    Got mjoll as a follower at level 16! And everyone usually says in walkthroughs to wait till your at a certain level cus the bosses are too hard blah blah blah but i kicked a certaurian gaurdian's butt with a very high sneak and fireball spell. Ripped it apart and gained instant lv 20!I celebrated with some left over super bowl food!XD now id just have this problem to deal with when i get back to sure i can just kill em off without having to marry mjoll.

  • Daniel Forss

    I poisoned him and planted some skoma next to the body. Who could think he had such bad habits. 😉😂😂

  • Max of Swampia

    Aerin died in my game when a bunch of mud crabs started fighting him, he killed 3 and then the last 1 killed him... then I put his dagger next to him and I left a note to make it look like a suicide.

  • Anderson Dalmeus

    I didn't have this problem aerin died in a freak werewolf attack damn thing ate him and ran off before anyone could stop it fortunately I like to think that a piece of aerin goes on in me

  • Darkswordz

    Just chop the dude with a battle axe and pay off the guards if they hassle you. Done.

  • Leonardo rodrigues

    I don't think I can do it, my speech is only at level 36

  • yuki sanada

    not true best looking woman you can marry is Jordiss the sword maiden she is all so the cutest and have the youngest voice type of follower which is Young Eager

  • Kevin Nash

    Is she one of the best looking women in Skyrim, though? 😂

  • Flopping Fajita

    (Begins slow clapping)

  • Tyler cockrain

    I hate mjoll because she killed my boy Brand-shei so I killed aerin to get back at her

  • Allen Schaeffer

    I remembered i smoked some weed and i was thinking about a full on plan... I told her to stay at my house in riften.. Then i went to his house and killed him in the basement and hid him by a bay of hay LOL

  • Tactical Pear

    Aelin commited suicide by drowning himself in riften canals R.I.P. Aelin

  • Takimoto Mikiya

    how many times do you need to say "what not"?

  • Mankis D Loufis

    just kill him before you marry her..go stealth with an arrow in the inn and stay next to the door while they are sitting in the table..when you one shot him immediately go to riften..then go again inside..she will ignore the dead body hahah...its so simple..5 sec..1 arrow :P

  • Andrew Doster

    Take a shot every time this guy repeats himself

  • Mikanoes

    I normally prefer Uthgerd. Powerful, intimidating, you get to brawl with her, and there is no need to hide any bodies in order to get her.By the way, I don't think he woke up. You should probably give him a few more pokes.

  • J H

    Lol. Thanks. Aerin and I are going to have a little "talk" when I get home tomorrow.

  • Mbower 96

    lmfao fr fr  that was funny paranormal activity weak!!!!

  • LearnTrainPlay

    Lol, I tell her to move to breezehome, wait for him to turn up then tell her to move back to riften, have her wait at breezrhome. he leaves for riften and I follow him out of whiterun over the bridge where he gets killed by anything he encounters, then his body goes in the river,

  • Anton Paris

    yea he kinda died in a vampire attack in my game. hopefully there isn't any draw backs

  • Matt Smith

    Gotta disagree on that best looking claim. Both Lydia and the one from Solitude are both better looking.And did you have make that claim every other sentence? Get over it and get to the point. Damn.And why do you keep sayin mjold? It's mjoll. There's no d at the end.

  • ExoticMayonez

    Wow you are a very reasonable person aerin TRULY understands now.

  • Captain Madgamer

    I wish every back off talk ended as peaceful as this 1 did

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