Skyrim Lore: Daedric Secrets!

In the third episode of Skyrim Lore, we discover the mystical past of the Daedra. What are daedra exactly? Where do they come from? Why do they want to kill us? It's a secret to everybody, except us!

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  • Ester Cartman

    well this is definitively better than reading a wiki

  • Pota to

    that's why you do not simply walk into mordor, i mean oblivion. XD

  • DreamsRPGs

    LOL - "This is why you can't simple walk into Mordor.... I mean Oblivion." @ 6:55

  • Samuel Duarte

    So to basically sum up why the Daedra do evil things is: They're just bored

  • Louise Spradbury

    I'd rather study Skyrim lore instead of history, I mean damn it's so much more interesting. And also after watching the dwemer lore vid I'm inspired to make a researcher to study them

  • Gbag34

    You need to do another lore video on daedra because they are so interesting.

  • Marinanor

    Ah, actually, I think that Daedra are both evil and amoral, in the sense that the "good", or "neutral" Daedra are what the video poster said they are in the end. . . Some of them, though, they are definitely evil. I'm looking at you, Hermaeus Mora.

  • Michael Bizzarro

    rhexx, never ever apologize for too much back story. there is no such thing

  • HickoryDickory86

    Just a bit of clarification. Daedra is already plural. So there's no need to add an [s] at the end.Daedra is plural, and daedroth is the singular form. Aedra is plural, and aedroth is singular. That causes some confusion because there is a lesser daedric spirit called a daedroth, but that doesn't change anything. Properly speaking, Azura, singularly, is a daedroth. Azura, Boethia, and Mephala, together, are daedra. Consequently, Akatosh is an aedroth. Akatosh, Mara, and Dibella are aedra.This confusion is circumvented when you use the adjectives daedric and aedric, calling Azura a Daedric Prince and Akatosh an aedric spirit.

  • W01

    i like how epic you make this lore videos

  • Flávio Forin

    So Hermaeus Mora is a hentai fan?

  • peppermint tea

    I keep thinking you're saying Deidara. XD

  • DireShire

    If I were a Daedra, I'd burst into another random Daedra Prince's plane of Oblivion and scream about how I'm gonna do something crazy with the mortal races that day.Example:Me: AZURA, WANNA GO CURSE EVERYONE IN NIRN TO THINK EVERYTHING ELSE IS A CHICKEN?!?!Azura: Who are you? O.O

  • Nick Insley

    So, is it because Vampires technically have Daedric blood that the light from Aetherius burns them??

  • Matija Vuk

    Where can you learn all this stuff about TES world ? why not make a books, movies, anime / cartoons / tv series out of this. This wolrd is freaking huge and interesting.

  • ImperialSkoom

    The reason why people age in skyrim is due to the Aedra's need for survival, they created manifestations of themselves which would then procreate (which was a benefit to them), as time passes life energy is slowly drained from species to sustain their creators. The Aedra would need more of their manifestations to be safe in order to achieve their survival, therefore protect them like how a Shepard protects their sheep, which in return the sheep are sustenance, such as the animal ages, it is old enough to be slaughtered and prepared as food. The Daedra are the complete opposite, similar to a predator that consume the souls of their victims similar to a fox or wolf, which would be a disadvantage to the Aedra due to them relying on the races to sustain themselves, and would try to fend off the predators. The Daedra are at the advantage due to them gaining power and not costing them anything, such as the Aedra that would have to spend resources to create an environment such as a fence or stable, in the Aedra's own environment it has the advantage over the Daedra due to them on able to come in, however sometimes small cracks could lead to smaller manifestations of themselves to spread influence, then lure the races towards the fence where the wolf has its jaw open, ready to feast. Im so high right now, I feel like jesus right now too.

  • T.A.P. Gaming

    Son you spend far too much time reading books in that game LOL

  • cee awesomeness

    I mostly deal with petty thievery and drunken brawls. been too long since we've had a good bandit raid.

  • yvng aura

    how u know all this ive been playing for 5 yrs now and i havnt even figured it out WTF

  • Stranac Oppilas

    So Mundus is a god prison?

  • MadPrince567

    That was fascinating!!! You have a great story telling voice.

  • Will the Walrus

    ooooh that Lord of the Rings joke! =P

  • Phoenix Fire

    pretty sure its pronounced "aydra" and Daydra"

  • America

    What is the ending song? Sounds familiar

  • Lilly Castitatis

    you are so awesome man!!! like a ''real'' historian :D

  • joey clark


  • Kelly Wilson-Lawson

    Still makes more sense than actual religions bring on the hate

  • Pedro Brogueira

    Sorry but not all the daedra we've seen are evil! the daedric princess that gives you dawnbreaker is good!

  • Diogofrn

    1:46 Ooooh, "Flowing Thoughts" I had to hear that twice. I thought you said they were like "Flowing Farts" XD. lol

  • TwoBit_OW

    I'm a huge Elder Scrolls game fan. I've played ever Elder Scrolls game to date and this game series is by far the best I've ever played in my gaming life. The lore, the gameplay, the world it surrounds itself in and the people who inhabit the worlds are just stunning, you can tell that despite all the bugs and glitches that are in the game, Bethesda really gave it their all when it came to making the Elder Scrolls series, which is why Bethesda are so good at what they do, and that is making great games that can be played over and over again no matter how tedious repeating the storyline can be.

  • Glademan75

    MrRhexx could you do a lore video on Molog bal he is my favorite daedric prince plz.

  • TheAwesomeness744

    The video is great, but I really want to know the soundtracks you used.

  • Astarel Starbane

    "One does not simply walk into Mordor.........I mean Oblivion." Haha loved that

  • Ricki Lopez

    Did anyone else catch "You can't simply walk into Morridor- I mean Oblivion...." LMAO

  • Daniel Felipe

    So, what the heck is up with the Eye of Magnus, and what does relate i to the psyjic, also... What if dwemer did escape that plane of existence using Lorkhans remaining power?....

  • Hiking Glint

    he is daedroth! tamriel ae daedroth!

  • MrPanos2000

    8:48 wtf is that greece on the bottom left of the planet ???

  • Chad K

    Hey, what's up with the Psijic Order?

  • Jimmy Tryhard

    i think it is "day druh" not "dah EE druh"

  • Man In Black

    1:24 dat professional drawing

  • DrYnroh

    you got it pretty much all down.One thing that always bugged me though was sovengard. So is it in mundus or not?the definition of it being 'in the sky' means its INSIDE the dimension tamriel is in... so wtf? and nords who worship shor go to sovengard... waht about the rest though?as far as I know, no lore ingame talks about any afterlife but sovengard, and ive read all the ingame books since morrowind.

  • Dylan Otto

    Whats that song at the end from? It sounds so bloody nostalgic

  • iSovietXeno

    do one of these for the dragons

  • ramieltheprim

    0:11 Scared the shit out of me

  • onii-chan 69xD

    6:58 one does not simply walk into oblivion

  • Zakery Mattson

    "Which means one does not simply walk into Mordor, I mean Oblivion." lol

  • Synthra Official

    So how was Serana "taken" by Molag Bal?

  • Whoever The Heck

    'you can't simply walk into mordor...i mean, oblivion' HAHA THAT PART GOT ME CRACKING

  • Teneco

    I'm reminding you to not choose such a broad topic for the next video. You're welcome.

  • Whitedragonking Ocola

    so its sounds like diablo at the beginning.

  • Euline Federchen

    Epic music, incredible deep story BUT paint drawn image of pado and anu. c:

  • Rene Enriquez

    Lol that pun though! U can't simply walk into Mordor!😂😂👌

  • EmothicVonHellsing

    How do you mispronuce daedra? I mean there are dozens of npc's in the game that actually say it.

  • Scrap Coco

    Wonder how he figures all this out

  • Donna Wall

    Lol he says Daaaayyyedra

  • Dabss

    Your accent is killing me.

  • Brian Sanders

    How about a video on the ayleids?

  • Tony Cuneo

    lol i like the theatricalness of his story

  • Sodium Hypochlorite

    If Nirn is where Tamriel is, in Skyrim, Heimskr in Whiterun says Earth, not Nirn.I think they messed up. Majorly. 

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