Skyrim Secrets: Krosis Mask and Infinite Carry Weight

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  • Bakkula

    I didn't even notice Krosis was there until after I killed the dragon. Just kept wondering how I was losing health so quick.

  • DrakesOddsAndEnds

    I fought Krosis with my bare hands. After that, I grew a beard and chest hair.

  • SpiderMatty

    "i'm not really that good a character" is using full ebony gear

  • Praxus May'Salkiriiss

    There is a better option. When you are over encumbered in a dungeon or whatever, instead of dropping everything, put all your loot in any container. Ask your companion to loot the container, it's a Take All command. Far more efficient.

  • Witchkraft

    I was going in random ways and went there... level 9 .-.

  • Julia-6

    I had shit rain down on me in this encounter with a cave bear, three wolves, the dragon, and krosis, but I survived it because i got all of them fighting each other. It was a riot as I watched Krosis and the dragon duke it out. Then that stupid bear got after me. So I had to take him out and range attacked Krosis from behind the dragon so Krosis' fireballs would hit the dragon. Once Krosis was down, I did a quicksave and went after the dragon, killed the dragon and was killed by a wolf. I wish I'd had a video of that to post on Youtube for lols. Places to avoid at level 10.

  • Paddy Scone

    I was clever, I did this before I triggered the first Dragon fight, so no dragons spawn!

  • Mostwanted884

    i dont understand how this would give us Infinite Carry Weight?

  • daniel nunez

    liked because of how long the video is

  • pieguy152

    I ran into that on accident and Krosis fell down the mountain so I just shot him like 50 times

  • Leonard Liandro

    Fallout fans? Oblivion used over-encumbered before Fallout 3 did. Also, I believe there's a perk called "Companion's Insight," which will prevent you from hurting your followers during combat (I don't know how to get it though).

  • Michael Barry

    I think my game bugged when I fought Krosis because he wouldn't attack me at all. He just stood there and took hits until he died

  • Gobi Subramaniam

    We cannot actually say this is a secret (weight carrying) cos the game does mention that the companian can carry things, go to certain locations and attack enemies. However, my tip is that instead of dropping them onto the ground and asking the companion to pick it up one by one, just drop everything you don't require back into the treasure box and ask the companion to take everything in the box. This will work on any treasure boxes anywhere.

  • garrett blake

    XD its funny because i took care of korsis like he wasnt there while the dragon was killing me

  • CrypticssTV

    Just beat Korosis recently and took his mask. I just hid behind a rock and shot him with daedric arrows with a daedric bow.

  • Ynohta Anarillas

    So thats why my Lydia died when i was fighting some guards near her

  • Dylan Flynn

    dude shout locations are fixed, they do not change

  • Daniel M

    what does this have to do with krosis


    Ha... i triggered the Dragon priest..... and I hid while he fought with the dragon...... and finished him of later........

  • RJason Twenty

    very cunning about that weight thing....thnx for vid...still enjoying playing skyrim

  • 3DFX

    Finally found the bloody place after what seems hours of searching! Advice for you who cant find it, you have to go around the whole mountain of Irkngthand (approaching it uphill from the backside, the road splits in two & u have to pick the left up on mountain) If you havent even found Irkngthand, its the road between Korvanjund & Raldbthar. If u go from Korvanjund its the 2nd road to the right. If u dont follow where i am just go around the bloody mountain 180 degrees & up the big glacier & you in the middle & you should find it. If you been to Valtheim Towers its just straight up North of that which should lead basically straight on to the glacier going uphill.

  • Zachary Ray

    This is one of the first skyrim videos, and nade me eventually get the game 4 yrs ago. aww memoroes

  • Reace McDonnell

    you have a beautiful speaking voice. tell me you love me.

  • Rei

    Weird.. the infinite carry weight thing doesn't work for me o.O

  • Jason

    I one shot Krosis with that dagger I remember it had a chance to one hit kill things.

  • OtherGandhi

    40k is a lot of money? ;p

  • rindoue dragonus

    Given yes by having your companion pick them up doesn't add to their carry weight, however if the player is like me. They won't waste time with any annoying companion that just gets in the way. But also you can have your own character have unlimited carry capacity, literally by the time you reach whiterun before doing any dragon hunting. So the companion thing is kinda useless. and honestly all them dragon priest masks seem rather useless to me as well, but to call the title "Skyrim Secrets: Krosis Mask and Infinite Carry Weight" is rather misleading as this info is not a secret at all.

  • Blue Ironsights

    You actually proved nothing about infinite Carry Weight. you just kept doing regular things really.

  • Youa Numbah Oneah Racist

    What's so useful about Throw Voice? Other than Skeever butt.

  • Slavic Bleach

    Shit I had to go against krosis and a elder dragon :c I won after using like 90 health potions lol

  • Adam Louw

    Before I played this video I was playing skyrim also I was by that place fighting the dragon

  • HatchetMan84

    You know I was thinking that it would have something to do with the mask, but thanks to your BS it had nothing to do with the mask. Thanks a lot for wasting my time having to watch your video.

  • Cassandra

    I got the Krosis mask but nothing that gives me infinite weight did I miss something???

  • thedialupgamer

    i dont like daedric armor its too ugly and dragon can be better if you enhance it enough

  • Halfdan Vogelius

    I managed to kill krosis with a level 5 character

  • Leo Ric

    Krosis Mask has nothing to do with the Infinite Carry Weight fyi

  • SickSaiyan

    I KNEW there was a reason I have housecarls.

  • Konrád Kecskés

    Marked for death is better on Dragon priests.

  • Belal DarkneSS

    misleading title , give me back 4 mintues 20 seconds of my life.

  • H2O SoulReaper

    I wish i knew not to go past the bones it was so hard defeating both

  • Gregory Perkins

    Easy place to get nice weapons for a level 11. I am using some kind of elf armor

  • StarstormGaming

    First time I came into contact with Krosis, I had Bend Will shout and used that on the dragon and killed Krosis with the dragon.

  • JobelKitty

    I just killed him at level 4 if you camp in rocks and use a bow most of his flames will miss you. just keep shooting him :D

  • 》 NEON 《

    The first time I ran into this place I saw the words of power went to it and then had to fight them both at the same time lol

  • HowdyHowdy

    why did you get three shouts 

  • anime legend

    lol i 1 shotted krosis as soon as he came out with the mehrunes razor

  • Xela Rrac

    its the same for everyone (shout)

  • Sierra Alpha

    title is slightly misleading...

  • Russ Roberts

    I thought there was supposed to be infinite carry weight?

  • ItzJordanDoee

    I use dragon Armour it looks way cooler(: im too good to wear deadric on expert

  • Mike Marvel

    making your follower pick up items causes them to be"stolen", so you cannot sell them to regular merchants. otherwise follower picking up items is a very cool abilty if you dont want to sell something, or if you choose certain perks and are with thieves guild.

  • TaikaJamppa

    I thought your companion had a giant's mace! LOL

  • Elytra Noble

    Skyrim Secrets: Krosis Mask and Infinite Carry Weight 1: these are not secrets 2: Infinite Carry Weight implies that its your characterthats like saying "secret way if killing any enemy without even attacking them" just use a follower! 3:the 2 things you talk about have nothing in commonso i dub thee clickbait

  • CrisURace

    lol nice tip with the weight :)))

  • TheBOgamers

    I encountered Krosis and that dragon the first time i played skyrim.I did win in the end but it was a very long battle of me running away and sniping them.

  • bobby reynolds

    you can just use the bend will shout to get the dragon to fight him while you sit on the dragons neck

  • GameSlimia

    When i was about to fight Krosis and the dragon at the same time all i did was get the shout, then run for my life until the dragon stopped chasing me

  • Praestes

    I got trapped on that mountain by two dragons and I accidentally activated krosis and during that battle a snow troll and a ice wrath showed up as well, I was a level 37 and yes I survived

  • Arcane Furor

    that moment you have played skyrim for about a year. and did nothing but the awesome side quests. Never really did the dragonborn main quest. and just completely amazed seeing a word wall with more than one shout word.

  • Mombassa00

    tea baging on the ground LOOOL

  • Derp Comedy

    at first i thought the mask gave u infinite carry wieght but that would b too op

  • Ghost x Graffrath

    So uh, I fought both of them at the same time at level 15 while i was randomly exploring. I pwned them both. 

  • michalchik

    I think this is wrong, I think if teh companion goes overweight randomn items start disappearing froom his inventory when you tell him to pick up stuff. That is what seems to happen to me.

  • Cody Averesch

    I just killed this guy at level 10ish ha archers for the win

  • Devin Roberts

    You can get 100 extra carry weight from pickpocket upgrades and another 100 from steed stone blessing.

  • I have the body of a Pig I have the body of a Pig

    I had to fight 2 dragons at once XD

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