Skyrim Secrets: Krosis Mask and Infinite Carry Weight

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  • Bakkula

    I didn't even notice Krosis was there until after I killed the dragon. Just kept wondering how I was losing health so quick.

  • DrakesOddsAndEnds

    I fought Krosis with my bare hands. After that, I grew a beard and chest hair.

  • SpiderMatty

    "i'm not really that good a character" is using full ebony gear

  • Praxus May'Salkiriiss

    There is a better option. When you are over encumbered in a dungeon or whatever, instead of dropping everything, put all your loot in any container. Ask your companion to loot the container, it's a Take All command. Far more efficient.

  • Witchkraft

    I was going in random ways and went there... level 9 .-.

  • Paddy Scone

    I was clever, I did this before I triggered the first Dragon fight, so no dragons spawn!

  • Julia-6

    I had shit rain down on me in this encounter with a cave bear, three wolves, the dragon, and krosis, but I survived it because i got all of them fighting each other. It was a riot as I watched Krosis and the dragon duke it out. Then that stupid bear got after me. So I had to take him out and range attacked Krosis from behind the dragon so Krosis' fireballs would hit the dragon. Once Krosis was down, I did a quicksave and went after the dragon, killed the dragon and was killed by a wolf. I wish I'd had a video of that to post on Youtube for lols. Places to avoid at level 10.

  • Daniel M

    what does this have to do with krosis

  • daniel nunez

    liked because of how long the video is

  • pieguy152

    I ran into that on accident and Krosis fell down the mountain so I just shot him like 50 times

  • Dylan Flynn

    dude shout locations are fixed, they do not change


    Ha... i triggered the Dragon priest..... and I hid while he fought with the dragon...... and finished him of later........

  • Zachary Ray

    This is one of the first skyrim videos, and nade me eventually get the game 4 yrs ago. aww memoroes

  • Mostwanted884

    i dont understand how this would give us Infinite Carry Weight?

  • CrypticssTV

    Just beat Korosis recently and took his mask. I just hid behind a rock and shot him with daedric arrows with a daedric bow.

  • RJason Twenty

    very cunning about that weight thing....thnx for vid...still enjoying playing skyrim

  • Leonard Liandro

    Fallout fans? Oblivion used over-encumbered before Fallout 3 did. Also, I believe there's a perk called "Companion's Insight," which will prevent you from hurting your followers during combat (I don't know how to get it though).

  • Praestes

    I got trapped on that mountain by two dragons and I accidentally activated krosis and during that battle a snow troll and a ice wrath showed up as well, I was a level 37 and yes I survived

  • OtherGandhi

    40k is a lot of money? ;p

  • Logan Tucker

    i personaly think dragon bone armor is better which statically it is

  • Derp Comedy

    at first i thought the mask gave u infinite carry wieght but that would b too op

  • SickSaiyan

    I KNEW there was a reason I have housecarls.

  • Matti Lave

    I have Windshear with epic level smithing and glass arm our also with epic level smithing, so, I'm good for fighting both at once without a companion for help.

  • Adam Louw

    Before I played this video I was playing skyrim also I was by that place fighting the dragon

  • Michael Barry

    I think my game bugged when I fought Krosis because he wouldn't attack me at all. He just stood there and took hits until he died

  • bobby reynolds

    you can just use the bend will shout to get the dragon to fight him while you sit on the dragons neck

  • Okamatan

    I fought both the dragon and Krosis alone when I was a Khajiit that was Level 5

  • Cody Averesch

    I just killed this guy at level 10ish ha archers for the win

  • Frírek

    I like the length of this video. Thumbs up, suits well with skyrim

  • JobelKitty

    I just killed him at level 4 if you camp in rocks and use a bow most of his flames will miss you. just keep shooting him :D

  • Bugman

    that follower thing makes the stuff "stolen" and not seelable! :(

  • The Eggplant Mage

    "I don't know if the dragon should will be the same for everyone"The word walls aren't randomized. It's the same word every time.

  • I have the body of a Pig I have the body of a Pig

    I had to fight 2 dragons at once XD

  • Andrew Mcarthur

    I one hit killed krosis with a fork

  • Jason

    I one shot Krosis with that dagger I remember it had a chance to one hit kill things.

  • Neoprimal

    Krosis is triggered by either opening the Loot Chest or obtaining the shout from the Word Wall, Not from proximity.

  • Sir Dumbalot

    the mask was so good armor rating that it had 1 less armor then my Steel Helmet(is Heavy Armor)(mask light armor)Really good

  • nolan honaker

    I gota krosis mask and killed the dragon and krosis with my ebony bowNOT BRAGGING

  • DMNDWAR hdbitacan

    thank you so much for the help +1like

  • James Robert Archbald

    so y does this giv infinite carry weight

  • Gregory Perkins

    Easy place to get nice weapons for a level 11. I am using some kind of elf armor

  • Virgil Allen

    dude wtf is up man is thus fake it is literally no place on my map

  • Devin Roberts

    You can get 100 extra carry weight from pickpocket upgrades and another 100 from steed stone blessing.

  • Johnathan Mcmillan

    I have thatask Kronos is hard to kill because of the dragons

  • TrendyTrappin420

    To avoid waiting two days,Buy what you wantSaveKill shop keeperLoad last saveRepeatTheir inventory will be refreshed

  • VladimirArkov

    I always liked the way the Krosis Mask looked with my Gilded Elven Armor on my Imperial (Stealth Build).

  • James Rayo

    The shout is the same for everyone: Fool Throwit lets you distract your enemies by making them think your someone else when your not (only works when you're being searched for)

  • Mombassa00

    tea baging on the ground LOOOL

  • zygod20

    krosis and the dragon were botheasy at same time and I was level 17

  • Satan

    I beat krosis at lvl 15 cuz I was fighting about 5 dragons

  • GameSlimia

    When i was about to fight Krosis and the dragon at the same time all i did was get the shout, then run for my life until the dragon stopped chasing me

  • MooMooMilkshake

    With J'zargo I defeated him quickly. Yes. J'zargo is quite a good companion. He has passed my test.

  • stefastra

    i got both krosis and dragon with no companion at level 20 or so with leather armor

  • Mr Vexan

    I managed to kill krosis with a level 5 character

  • jolanpiep

    Personally I wouldn't use it because I don't exploit glitches, nice video though!

  • RobX RobX

    I got that mask right bfor entering the "underworld" to fight alduin.

  • Dont_get_offended_420

    This is a great video, you got another subscriber :)

  • leech gaming

    I fought both and won but it took several tries

  • Tim Slagle II


  • koning klost

    Theres a new app for Android with all Commands AND ID's called Dragonborn ConsoleI think it's the best around.. look it up in play store!

  • HatchetMan84

    You know I was thinking that it would have something to do with the mask, but thanks to your BS it had nothing to do with the mask. Thanks a lot for wasting my time having to watch your video.


    I spent an hour looking for this place then noticed it was on my map

  • Maurits

    I got here by a quest that said something like: Investigate the source of power on the mountain, something like that. And by, the way, are you playing on apprentice or something because that went way too easy.

  • Still Notafanboy

    Blue Mountain Flower + Blue Butterfly Wing + Giant's'll make all the money you want. Just level up alchemy as much as you can before you make them and level up speech before you sell them. The value can go well into the thousands, so you'll want to make sure the vendor can actually afford to buy them from you. That means you'll need the appropriate perks and invest in the shop. Alchemist vendors seem to be the best since you can buy them out for more reagents.

  • Joseph Martinez

    i was lvl 18 when i fought krosis and he got stuck on a rock and i ducked down and started shooting him with a bow and killed him

  • Minh Khang Tran

    Stop this with all of the crap spammy hyperlinks on here. Without doubt individuals need to view evidence that cash is being made with any of these systems. The one location I’ve seen this is the Zutore Cash System website (Google it!) Am I a billionaire? No… Mind you, I am self-employed at this point. Does all the bullshit piss anyone else off?

  • Chineyman425

    its useful IF u sneak alot

  • Y.K. Ho

    Was it next to Korvanjund?

  • Ghost of Ronin

    *if you have Heartfire* this is a great way to make quick money what you do is build a house and select a "Garden" and or "Greenhouse" now grow the ingredients Carnis root and Impstool or Canis root or Swamp Fungi Pod, you will need an alchemy table mix the potions and depending on your level you can get almost 300 for each bottle of paralysis potion you make and they only weigh 0.5. best part is the more you level up your alchemy the more money you get.

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