Skyrim Light Armor vs Heavy Armor


Skyrim Light Armor vs. Heavy Armor comparison commentary.

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  • The Uncanny One

    This is why fashion is the only thing that matters.

  • Jon Doe

    I think I'll just play naturally, and not worry about all these complicated complications. I'm a sneaky, light armor, whatever it takes to beat the bad guy type of magical, backstabbing punk of a dysfunctional jerk. I'll drink snarky potions to get the job done. Hell, I'll even hire some drunken slog of Skyrim's societal cesspool to help get the job done.Chase me after my backstab, run to my magical runes, shocking flames, familiars, conjurations, zombies, and poisoned arrows. You have no hope you clanking metal tanks!Surrender now before you're subjected to my 50+ speechcraft.   >:|

  • Paper Moon

    500 hours and had absolute no idea about max armor cap, thanks.

  • Bartlomiej Czerniak

    I use Wolf armor from the Eorlund. Man's steel is legendary.

  • David Nguyen

    there's a reason for Armor cap is because Skyrim lets you chose which armor looks cooler :^)

  • Grevivk007

    In the end the best armor is the most cool to you

  • Destroyer94100

    Still wish that there was medium armor as well.

  • NJA2k8

    daedric is pretty overrated. dragonscale and ebony ftw

  • cezary sznurkowski

    Five years of playing. Five years of lies...

  • Mr. Snow Show York'eso .|.

    Funny how you say "alot of you like the look of daedric armor"I absolutely hate it and I never used it. Plain old iron / steel / banded iron looks the best.

  • Averey Scoccia

    I agree that light armor is more practical, but I just think the heavy armors look so much nicer

  • Nathan Isles

    Shoulda made the armor cap different for different armor....that way there is still a cap...but different armor is of better quality than others

  • Nolan Beardy

    Most Hated Number 567. why? because I feel the dude behind the Maximum limit just basically "Meh" the thing and type [5] [6] [7] because the numbers are just in order of each other on the keyboard.

  • Alchem Childahs

    I... I think I will just stick with robes.

  • William Morse

    *After the level cap removal (Important to note that this video was made BEFORE the cap was removed.)In the end it comes down to how much it weighs, and which tree has the better bonuses to wearing said armor. But both skill trees offer the ability to completely remove the weight factor, as the Heavy Armor skill "Conditioning" and the Light Armor skill "Unhindered" remove the slowing affect of each armor type, and greatly reduces the weight of any of the armor type you're carrying. On top of that, the armor you're wearing with either of those skills and their respective armor type will weigh nothing at all. "Conditioning" making any Heavy Armor you are not wearing weigh much less and the Heavy Armor you are wearing weigh nothing. And "Unhindered" making any Light Armor you are not wearing weigh much less and the Light Armor you are wearing weigh nothing. EDIT: Added details above. ^^Now for the bonuses in the skill trees that offer in combat. Light Armor Combat perks: Wind Walker: Stamina regenerates 50% faster while wearing all Light Armor. (Great for traveling, spamming power attacks, getting hit by ice spells.)Deft Movement: 10% chance to avoid all damage from a melee attack while wearing all Light Armor. (Invincible to melee, 10% of the time.)Heavy Armor Combat perks:Fists of Steel: Unarmed attacks with Heavy Armor gauntlets do their armor rating in extra damage. (Armor rating boosts DO NOT AFFECT THIS SKILL. Also, pretty fun skill.) Cushioned: Half damage from falling if wearing all Heavy Armor. (A life saver for those of us who like to go down waterfalls, climb down mountains to get somewhere faster, and for getting ragdolled, as that counts as "falling" depending on how far you go.)Tower of Strength: 50% less stagger when wearing all Heavy Armor. (Getting hit with power attacks doesn't make you so dizzy, you can actually aim a bow when getting hit, less rage.) Reflect Blows: 10% chance to reflect melee damage back to the enemy while wearing all Heavy Armor. (You take no damage, they punch themselves in the fucking face, 10% of the time.) Now you might say "Oh, well Heavy armor has more perks, it's better." but that's not exactly the case. Style counts for something, and if YOU don't look as badass as YOU think YOU can look, or if YOU want different outfits, YOU pick whatever armor type YOU think has the coolest looking armors. Heavy Armor has stuff like: Daedric, Dragonbone, Heavy Stalhrim, Dwarven, Orcish, Ebony, Steel, Iron, Bonemold, Heavy Chitin, Heavy Falmer, Nordic Carved, Ancient Nordic, and some of the Dragon Priest masks.Light Armor has stuff like: Dragonscale, Leather, Glass, Elven, Light Stalhrim, Light Chitin, Fur, Skal, and some of the Dragon Priest masks, as well as Miraak's armor. (Both types have Miraak's mask, because it becomes whichever armor type skill you have the highest.) Skyrim Armor = Fashion Show

  • ArrBe

    I just fashion souls it. I wanna look sexy as I slay dragons. I welcome the extra challenge if there is one.

  • whoreisland

    lol after the level cap was removed, all of the perk counting became obsolete

  • Rod Erriuga

    The armor types lack balance. Light armor has been obviously favored. I say the armor cap for light armor should be lower, or heavy armor cap should be higher. It just doesn't make much sense that light armor designed for versatility is as protective as a super thick and heavy metal plate. I mean come on wheres the love for badass heavy armor using warriors. Also, its not a waste to get the parks for ebony/daedric smithing, because while upgrading your armor past the armor cap is pointless, there is no cap for physical weapon damage, and daedric weapons does considerably more damage than steel.

  • eowsley8

    I play as an invisible khajiit how punches people to death and sneaks in heavy armor

  • Prahalad Varadan Giridhar

    Man, I wish the armor types were more balanced. Light Armor is clearly favored, though I prefer Heavy Armor (it's more of a challenge). It's weird playing a Paladin with light armor, even though glass looks sick.


    Melee is pronounced "May-Lay"

  • Serious Business

    I was viewer 666,666... am I gonna dead?

  • Unknown W

    Light is better, you can use deathbrand, it is op as f***

  • Hellbeast

    With the exception of Nightingale and Dark Brotherhood, all light armor sucks when it comes to looks. My character is well balanced between all three classes. I love sneaking, but I hate the way elven and glass looks. Too bad there isn't a light version of Daedric or Ebony armor. Then I would be content with that.

  • Just an Illegal sellin oranges

    meh, light armor is for queers with small weapons

  • Osurac

    Ok, so I had this crazy theory:What if we are all wrong? History is not what it seems. The scientists are wrong. The Elder Scrolls Universe is real, and Earth is Nirn. It all makes sense, hear me out.Dragons did exist, but scientist have been putting the skeleton together wrong, making "dinosaurs". And all of those skeletons of "ape men" and "humans that have evolved" are just bones of the races of Nirn. Why do you think so many of the Earth past civilizations have had depictions of dragons and creatures not of this world? And Pangaea?  Obviously the continent of Tamriel. But what happened to all of this you might ask? Well you see, according to scientist a giant meteor his Earth causing the dinosaurs to go extinct. But wait, aren't there two moons orbiting Nirn? What if one of them fell out of orbit hitting Earth/Nirn causing most of the species to go extinct. That's why we only see one moon today. It all makes sense!

  • Bosshog

    50% less stagger is a miswording on the part of the talent. It is supposed to mean you're staggered 50% less often.

  • Darthplagueis13

    It´s kinda sad that not all perks in the game work as they are supposed to do. For example, there´s a perk upgrading the "eagle-eye" zoom by reducing the amount of stamina needet and slowing down time by 25% while doing it. However, the second level of this perk is not only supposed to slow the time by 50% which actually works, but also to make you consume no more stamina at all for zooming. This second part just doesn´t work which is very sad because unlimited zooming at slow motion is quite a powerfull skill...

  • zfghty uuyghju

    Why does the armor cap even exist if you can exceed it with legit means? Wtf bethesda?

  • Cool generic teenager username

    I really widh Nightingale Armour was the best armour in the game lol... It just looks way too badass.

  • Syrona

    For a melee character, light armor is a pain in the ass until you hit the cap, because you have considerably less armor than heavy armor, so those sabercats, bears, bandit chiefs, trolls and falmer will hurt. A LOT.Of course, this isn't a problem if you are very mobile with your character.Also, the Smiting light armor perk tree doesn't give you access to the most damaging weapons, those are in the heavy armor tree.

  • Derek Moore

    The Ben Shapiro of Skyrim.

  • HeeroYuy911

    Heavy :DI did learn one thing tho that there is an armor rating cap why the hell do that when it is easily possible to get above that and that is without mods it just sounds stupid. >.<

  • Michael Vang

    Why are there so many walkthroughs that are guys playing as girls......

  • Trevor Hatley

    overanalyzing the shit out of this

  • Joeri Andries

    with the DLC's you can get as many perks as you want and there's alot of crappy no good perks anyway, so even without them, there's more than enough of them to waste, and than the cushionned perk is just so usefull to take shortcuts when going downhill without dying... well i suppose you can go vampire lord mist form aswell or just use the shout that makes you invulnerable but still the heavy armor is nice cuz it lets you do that for an unlimited amount of time. also early game heavy armor just gives the best defence and who really cares that it makes you slower if you can ride a horseback?...

  • Daniel Woody

    In an update they added legendary skills and infinite leveling so no wasted perks

  • Spiderpig 61900

    who else lost it at 10:16.LMAO

  • bayingjase2006

    Information overload and mind officially blown!

  • timothy1247

    on tower of strength to be fair using the wind sheer to test was a mistake i believe because it is guaranteed to stagger 100% of the time, unless i'm mistaken

  • meatrace

    Is there any particular reason you won't pronounce melee correctly?

  • Jaime Moyano

    The chad lightweight agile warrior vs the virgin clunky heavy hindrance

  • Fallout Bro

    Work with iron and steel leave the elven armor to the elves

  • Sovereign Warrior

    This is sad news, because I always thought I was God with my full deadric, 747 armor...

  • Anon Anon

    Played years and never knew about the armor cap xP thanks man

  • Paulo Pais

    Since this is an old video, i re-tested everything on PS3 and the armor cap still is 567 (80%). However, you need to spend more perk points in the light/heavy armor tree to acheive the cap than you see on this video, so getting Ebony or Glass isn't a waste of points considering you also upgrade better weapons.Also, its possible to achieve the armor cap with the Light Ancient Shroud armor with the same amount of perk points as Glass (9) even though you only upgrade it to flawless, assuming your only using 100 Smithing and Light Armor.IMO, Alteration>Light Armor>Heavy Armor.With Alteration, you just need to get the Dragonhide spell at master level and it will get you to the 80% cap, no need to grind Smithing skill to 100 and waste a load of perk points on armor skills. It also levels up very fast compared to armor skill.Your character won't have any armor noise penalty for stealth and moves at 100% speed without spending more perk points. You also have the "Magic Resistance" perks that can boost up to 30% magic resistance.

  • Don Qco

    "Screw you guys... I'm downloading the 'no cap mod'"

  • Damon Marlat

    Eh I don't like heavy, my opinion because when I play a warrior, it feels like I have to lvl smithing if I wear heavy and light it doesnt seem like that

  • JTeenmining

    ... I'm guessing this is before you could legendary skills... cause you can get to level 1000... yeah

  • pascal nayrat

    The information about the amour cap is so usefull, i didnt know this so it really helps my character build. so thank you very much kind sir :-)

  • Evilsamar

    daedric armor to me is the worst looking armour in the game

  • Josh Concannon

    Light is my fav cuz it wieghs nothing and if you have 100 sneak you are invisible until you stand up

  • RosegoldCrobat

    I actually love the way that Glass Armor looks probably because my first Skyrim run was using light armor and dragon armor looks shitty.

  • Dragoneye

    What the hell why would there be an armor cap.

  • TheFatMansPoint

    I wish there was a Deadric light armor :(

  • Jonatan Catao

    the problem with the stagging perk, is because u gave her a bugged weapon that sword always stagg no matter what.sry for my english

  • Leshreddur Mitchell

    I think perhaps things might have been patched since this video came out, because I know the 50% less stagger actually does work, and calling the Fists of Steel perk worthless is actually a tiny bit accurate, HOWEVER every fight where you have to brawl, uh the Fists of Steel perk makes all those brawling fights super easy and fast, usually only taking 5 or 6 hits to finish the fight, or you could pound away for several minutes without it. Furthermore it does stack with Khajit unarmed melee damage buff and if you really build for it, you can get around 200 damage per punch. But it takes a lot of work, and you actually have to level one handed with a weapon lol. Personally, I never ever use light armor because, I like the cushioned perk, because I have died often in late game to someone Foose Ro Dahing me off a cliff and I die, much easier to survive in heavy armor just because of that one perk. And I have actually had the Ebony Warrior die because of Reflect Blows perk. Something to think about. And honestly bud, I wouldn't worry about how you pronounce words, mee lay, may lay, wtf ever I don't care. Don't bitch so much, ignore trolls bud.

  • DeathCreationist

    personally why have heavy armour (example) when its armour is 50 and weight is 30 when you can have light armour 50 and weight 1.5 like da fuq logic..

  • KayleeDaGamer

    I like heavy armor and I am a sneak character. I used shrouded armor until I got to sneak 100 then I used Daedric armor.

  • That weird shy guy

    So effectively, the main difference comes down to heavy armor makes you slightly slower, but provides stronger base armor, while light armor allows you to move slightly faster and quieter, while giving you less armor.

  • terror24

    wind shear is supposed to always stagger no matter what dude so yea

  • tiusumme

    I'm a mage and I just like to see the daedric glove when I cast

  • lalalabizola

    If only Skyrim had a not overpowered crafting system, this wouldn't be a matter for discussion. I tried playing the game without focusing my gameplay around crafting skills. It's a lot more fun.

  • Snooze00

    I cant see the purpose of such min maxing on a single player game. Or not whatever. So complex my brain is spinning.

  • Amanda Crosby

    this is just my opinion but i think Dwarven has the best armor look in the hole game

  • Isaiah Reitan

    In a nustshell:If you're a new player and fight in open combat just do heavy armor. It's easier.If you're willing to mess around with smithing a bit you can do light if you prefer the look. You can hit the armor cap either way.

  • Ash _C

    Whole nightingale set looks cooler than daedric!

  • okrajoe

    Thanks for the useful tips!

  • deku scribe

    One of my favorite characters that I've ever played was Valantius Carro, an Imperial Battlemage-full heavy armor perks with a focus on Destruction and Restoration. At end game he had enchanted dragonbone armor that almost eliminated spell cost and he was a Vampire lord. Very fun and badass :-)

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