#ESASummer18 - God of War [Any% (NG+)] - by ThaRixer

God of War [Any% (NG+)] - run by ThaRixer

ThaRixer https://www.twitch.tv/ThaRixer

This video was recorded live at ESA Summer 2018, which took place from 20th to 29th July in Malmö, Sweden.
It was a charity event benefiting Save the Children.
For more ESA events find us at https://esamarathon.com

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  • Bony Bish

    Wow.. that is quite literally kratos with a suit and tie. I am... intrigued

  • Ryan trump


  • Mr.Bootleg

    "For three days, Kratos labored to make the perfect potato salad."

  • YouTube User

    Well, this is definitely different from GDQ.

  • Lavelle Romain

    Kratos original missions was to deliver dominos pizza to zeus


    The hanson's date could not slow me. The sisters of accounting could not hold me, and you will not leave till the papers are made. I will fax my resale!

  • Garrett Carter

    Kratos' family. Killed by suitcase.

  • Jake Snyder

    The announcer is clearly super excited to be here

  • Yorcont

    That moment when Kraros stepping into the world between the world isn't new in the God Of War 2018.

  • Jesse Ochieng

    Man the spectators are so dead.....they should be lively abit like the guy who's playing

  • Kayle Ng

    Enemy : What does he doing ?Enemy 2 : I dunno Enemy 3 : Now he just jump out of the roof again Enemy 4 : WTF he just poopoed out from the underground ?!Enemy 5 : How come he can swim on air?!Enemy 6: So you been coming here and leave for 3rd time, so you wanna stay or nah?Enemy 7 : Dude you started the fight and summoned me and you just swim away huh ?Allies : Im supposed to die here right ?Enemy 8 : Yeah when he arrived.Allies : Its been hours the game running whats does he doing ?!Kratos : Fighting against AresAphrodite & Medusa : ............Kratos?

  • Jayy Ron

    when you keep your virginity.

  • aic83 !

    Seen alot of blushing faces in that room during the topless women scene 😆😆😆

  • Casey Freels

    Man I know I love games like I honestly do, but the people who speedrun reallllly love games, great job on a great game

  • Jose Carlos Muñoz Alberti

    El god of war 1 era un puzzlecabezas

  • EresirThe1st

    Ricky is my favourite runner, super talented guy

  • Fantasy Batman

    4:11 all that speed runn tactic ability and u still couldn't save those guys.

  • Kingsiegek

    #MafiaEspartana approves that run 👍

  • June28July

    Donations are counted in dollars?

  • Nooblord Derpington

    Seeing Punchi and Rixar together in this run was the best

  • OrobaSpyro

    Who've thought Kratos would be such a convincing buisnessman?

  • KeyMe XD

    Am i the only one wants to play Ps2 back and play god of war to do this? XD

  • JC Little

    "I JUST WANT THE WHORES!"This is way more fun to watch than GDQ... xDAlso, God of War: Silent Assassin.

  • WastedSoul577

    This guy is hilarious. I watched GDQ but I may seriously consider switching...This is great!

  • Mnbvcxz

    so much better than gdq lol

  • Swalfire

    5:34 oof, I got that one

  • gaming of future


  • BnnY.

    fun fact : gow games i can say in Brazil is the must have games for ps2, everybody i know played.

  • Chris Zukowski

    The donation guy was so sleepy it was funny

  • Rito Mage

    Fantastic run :) I love watching RixerGreat couch too, I loved this

  • darkantosthegreat

    Why doesn’t he at Jak 3?

  • DD GNP

    Is that Chicken Cuckets on the couch? lol

  • Dmitriy Rybakov

    The best God of war. Funny run.

  • King Dingaling

    Their humor sucks 1 like = a good joke lol

  • michael lancaster

    Couldn't watch, costume was so stupid looking.

  • Mad Kangaroo

    kratos delivering two boxes of domino's

  • Mad Kangaroo

    the nudity joke failed... sad face

  • Andrius

    GL with seeing this on GDQ, lmao. Great run btw. Thumbs up

  • Aguinaldo Rubio

    GDQ should take some notes

  • Tiger Xsniper

    This guy is the God of glitches ‘-‘

  • IraqiCreeper

    is that hitman's other brother


    Kratos is gonna sue the Olympus and getting them Bankrupt

  • Boy rezandro

    God of Warmore likeGod Of Business


    Esses segundos não demoraram?

  • Liyern

    Love how they indirectly poke fun at GDQ when the boobies showed up xD. I like the ESA so much more than GDQ now, alot less...Safe-Spacey..?

  • pejnismiggle

    LOL love the GDQ heat at around 5:30

  • lil bad for life

    for real...i didn't like it

  • ProotJuice

    "I just want the orbs!!!."

  • fx exile

    let the rage of the titans defeat your enemies Bro!

  • jimmyS -

    As a dominos manager I salute you esa

  • E K

    очередной бегатель в стенах

  • Benyamin Öztürk

    Really heavy dude never see befor so glicht

  • Barfiel d

    Can you guys make the audio a little more quiet, my computers at full volume and it still sounds like a whisper.

  • Mr Mikopi

    "Yeah" -Speed runner

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