#ESASummer18 - God of War [Any% (NG+)] - by ThaRixer

God of War [Any% (NG+)] - run by ThaRixer

ThaRixer https://www.twitch.tv/ThaRixer

This video was recorded live at ESA Summer 2018, which took place from 20th to 29th July in Malmö, Sweden.
It was a charity event benefiting Save the Children.
For more ESA events find us at https://esamarathon.com

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  • ShitKing ShitPussy


  • SpilledTea Queenx

    Wow.. that is quite literally kratos with a suit and tie. I am... intrigued

  • Mr.Bootleg

    "For three days, Kratos labored to make the perfect potato salad."

  • Lavelle Romain

    Kratos original missions was to deliver dominos pizza to zeus

  • Nyan Cat

    Kratos to Ares: Nothing personal kid, it's just business.

  • Jake Snyder

    The announcer is clearly super excited to be here


    The hanson's date could not slow me. The sisters of accounting could not hold me, and you will not leave till the papers are made. I will fax my resale!

  • YouTube User

    Well, this is definitely different from GDQ.

  • Beachboy X

    Kratos: Boy, listen close. I am from a land called Sparta. I made a deal with a god that cost me my first run. I skipped many fights that were deserving... and many that were not. I glitched through fate.Atreus: So that was the first God of War’s loading screen in Hel.

  • Mr pleb

    Dude is trying to make jokes and no one is laughing. Tough crowd.

  • Garrett Carter

    Kratos' family. Killed by suitcase.

  • Yorcont

    That moment when Kraros stepping into the world between the world isn't new in the God Of War 2018.

  • Mauro Ferreyra

    "I'm a business man, i just want the orbs" 7:24 😂😂😂

  • Kayle Ng

    Enemy : What does he doing ?Enemy 2 : I dunno Enemy 3 : Now he just jump out of the roof again Enemy 4 : WTF he just poopoed out from the underground ?!Enemy 5 : How come he can swim on air?!Enemy 6: So you been coming here and leave for 3rd time, so you wanna stay or nah?Enemy 7 : Dude you started the fight and summoned me and you just swim away huh ?Allies : Im supposed to die here right ?Enemy 8 : Yeah when he arrived.Allies : Its been hours the game running whats does he doing ?!Kratos : Fighting against AresAphrodite & Medusa : ............Kratos?


    Kratos is gonna sue the Olympus and getting them Bankrupt

  • Casey Freels

    Man I know I love games like I honestly do, but the people who speedrun reallllly love games, great job on a great game

  • Macho Man Randy Savage

    Yeah, I totally remember smashing a controller over that part with the verticle rotating bladed pillars.

  • Mihail Mihaylov


  • Al ez

    Kratos realized killing gods wasn't going to cover BOI's college tuition

  • VE Illusionz

    He is a sweaty john wick but in GoW

  • One Oh Yeah Yeah Boi

    Am i the only one wants to play Ps2 back and play god of war to do this? XD

  • aic83 !

    Seen alot of blushing faces in that room during the topless women scene 😆😆😆

  • Stefan Mattox

    "Not native language."Motherfucker is more articulate than me.

  • EresirThe1st

    Ricky is my favourite runner, super talented guy

  • OrobaSpyro

    Who've thought Kratos would be such a convincing buisnessman?

  • Nooblord Derpington

    Seeing Punchi and Rixar together in this run was the best

  • Onward

    three weeks earlieryou mean 1 hours earlier?

  • Tokyo/Rin

    In an alternate universe after a long day at the office Kratos goes home to be a family man

  • Deathlxrd

    This guy is the God of glitches ‘-‘

  • GoezThex

    I need goddamn many days to get the desert stage and after kratos climb the giant the game crash with saving point right in front of me, and I never complete this game

  • Agony City

    4:11 all that speed runn tactic ability and u still couldn't save those guys.

  • Hate

    The new god of war 4 is amazing the graphics are godlike

  • Woombath

    I like how casual those one are compared to agdq.

  • Eleos

    Came for the game, stayed because of the dude

  • Han Mclaren

    That kratos or agent 47 or thanos 😂😂😂Damh 47 its dat you right 😂😂

  • SuB zeRO

    Kratos is straight here from the office😂😂

  • marjo pardo

    Now I'm itching to play this game again. Nice run, blow my mind

  • Hengqi Ye

    Idk why but I sensed disrespect towards the original game.

  • Dale Amodia

    Kratos: I give you 💯 k if you give me your souls.

  • Jesse Ochieng

    Man the spectators are so dead.....they should be lively abit like the guy who's playing

  • Hunter Cuzick

    hits blunt what if gdq is just super fast letsplay collab? :O

  • sosa1713

    I think a guy called Cory Barlog is mad with you right now .

  • Vlad Kaplya

    LvL. 55 BOSSLvL. 1 Crook

  • Mnbvcxz

    so much better than gdq lol

  • DeathgGod

    Jesus moment ? No, it was a Moses moment

  • Andrew MRQ

    Ricky keeps looking more and more like Tom Hiddleston

  • Asianiscool1

    This dude sound just like Asmongold from world of warcraft.

  • Mario Stoicescu

    He looks like john wick from fortnite with wings😂😂

  • Edmar Junior

    Almost every Brazilian boy and girl had played this game on the early 2000's We just love it.

  • bryle

    really fun speedrun to watch the runner was entertaining

  • S C

    Why is agent 47 in God of War I’m so confused

  • Hoovy Sandwich

    i miss old kratos (and god of war 1 has the best costumes. my favorite one is cow costume)

  • Cox

    Why do people complain so much about cutscenes in a story based games

  • HackerAssassin 0

    Kratos On PS2 will forever be the best

  • Hestia the Goddess

    And that's how the Mafia works.

  • Andrius

    GL with seeing this on GDQ, lmao. Great run btw. Thumbs up

  • Qardo

    Is this a new Hitman game??? Agent 47 looks different.

  • Brunn0121

    such entertaining runner and couch, the crowd tho.. are they dead?

  • Ambiso Tawsik

    Skip swimming levels by swimming. Kratos son of Oxymoronous...

  • 1HP

    It was crazy watching this man break the game. I dont know what's going on.

  • Rito Mage

    Fantastic run :) I love watching RixerGreat couch too, I loved this

  • Karis

    Is this the new olympic game?

  • Iñaki Paras

    Bennett Foddy been making some harder games I see

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