FUS RO DAH 2 Top10:

My Fus Ro Dah Top Ten :D

FUS RO DAH made by me:
  • TheDarthDesigner

    TYPO FIXED V2.0: RO DAH 2 Top10:

  • bratbär grizzli

    es heißt fus ro dah nicht fus do rah

  • Alexander posecion

    its fus ro dah not fus do rah

  • Alexander Blackie

    bru its fos ro dah not fos do rah

  • GromGT228 Live

    далбаед какой еще Fus Do Rah может Fus Ro Dah

  • Briac DASSIER


  • Natan Guedes

    Cat in finnaly??? Whattttttt???

  • Petriell0

    fus do dah ????wtf 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 its wrong si fus ro dah

  • GromGT228 Live

    на 1 месте наверное пациент довакин

  • Torganzer

    the 5th one sort of reminded me of conquer haki from one piece

  • Emerald Wolf

    Сдесь народ кофейку он нальёт

  • Julien Nizan

    #3 and #1 were the best

  • SkelePlays

    In their tongue it's do fa clean Dragon PornMUSTARD JARPRAISE THE LORD FUCKING COOL OMG

  • ッ Kozukata

    1:08 wth happened?? o_o

  • Enderman

    When Torvald from Paladins activates his ultimate FUS RO DAH'D

  • Hiku Shin

    best fus ro da in 1:54

  • GHOSTMONKy22 2

    number 4 made sense FUS RO DAHH

  • 1mrdiablo

    0:10 is failed "Wuld Nah Kest" :D

  • Paul Gran

    Where from is the scene from number five?

  • RTGaming Royalty Trolling Gaming

    dude..... number 3 should be number q

  • Quad X

    1:30 Bus Do'h, HAA!

  • Hardik shetty

    1:31 is the best it should have been the first

  • Suicide Rabbit

    Mi favorito, el numero 3 xD

  • Wellington A. Moreira

    What are the episodes of The Simpsons?

  • Rafael games

    Fus ro dah :(). :(

  • Chris Patterson

    dude #3 and 1 were the best XD

  • ninja kid

    number 4 i saw that episode

  • LennisLego I Mocs & Sets

    0:24 Fus Do Rah?!You are not (!) Homer Simpson!

  • KPS05 Xbox Gaming

    The last one was haliours

  • The Dark Wanderer

    wtf was that priest one


    Just saw a Video called "attack on Titan on crack" an it had the funniest parody of this. And here it is "in their tounge he is Doverkiin, DRAGONPORN ,MUSTARD JAR ,it's a bot, fucking cool, oh my god

  • SuperSlay SavageBros

    The number 1 and 2 are just fus

  • MrGoshka1

    FUS DO RAH??Автор не сечёт...

  • Vivien Achter

    number 1 i couldn't hold me I died while laughing

  • Cynical Diamond Gaming

    WHAT THE HECK WAS NUMBER 3 was it real

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