Battlefield 1 Official Gameplay Trailer

Watch the official Battlefield 1 gameplay trailer and discover war on an epic scale, with 64-players engaging in some of the largest multiplayer battles in FPS history. Experience the Dawn of All-Out War, Only in Battlefield 1.

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“No Limit (Sencit Remix)”
Performed by Wiz Khalifa
Written by Eric Dan, Peter Mudge and Cameron Thomaz
Published by Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp (BMI) and Wiz Khalifa
Publishing (BMI), Mudgeon Music and Sony/ATV Songs
Recording courtesy of Atlantic Recording Corp., by arrangement with Warner Music Group Video Game Licensing
  • Bonecollector921

    So what are you guys wearing to the COD funeral?

  • Red Spider

    This trailer is the best in my life

  • Faffler Abdi

    Who is still watching the trailer even have already the game

  • Johnny IoNutz

    Who come here because of BF V trailer ?

  • microwavable meal

    I showed my dad this, I asked him to get it for me for my birthday. He said "forget it," "forget your birthday" "forget your other Xbox games". He went out of his room. I was so annoyed, I thought he was in a bad mood20 minutes later he came back from the store with the game 😂

  • PauWoW

    why is cod in space? because nobody on earths wants it

  • Slade

    Who else is here to watch this beautiful masterpiece again

  • Shadow Heart

    How. Are they. Going. To top this?!

  • Canadian Butter

    Infinity Ward: Nothing is better than our futuristic wafare!EA DICE: Hold my beer.

  • Ashford Gorejena

    Who’s here after watching battlefield V trailer ??

  • Ineta Life

    Do you guys hear that? Is that... Activision crying? I think it is

  • Rolo Plays

    I was gonna make a joke about space, but cod already did it

  • 2760db

    Came here after the disappointment of the BF V trailer, to witness a masterclass

  • johtoco

    0:53 how I enter school

  • Ilan Montero

    i had to watch this again to wash my eyes after that battlefield V reveal trailer....

  • commanderaram

    i played the open beta.....the game actually is better than the trailer !

  • WolverineChilling

    This is REAL GAMEPLAY. Unlike BFV.....

  • ZOMBIE2013

    00:55 "Stop You Fool!"

  • The Cold Tomato

    0:12 - When you're in public and your friend says he likes Infinite Warfare

  • sebastian

    this trailer still gives me chills 2 years later because of how good it is

  • we respawn

    Who is here after battlefield v trailer?

  • Kai Kremer

    cod ww2 isn't even released and bf still looks better

  • OH Yea yea

    Can’t believe 6k cod fans watched this😂😂😂😂😂

  • Yung Mike

    Wait, why am I here? I have the game and orPremium.

  • Mr Sisel

    I have battlefield 1 , and I still watch this trailer , its truly well done

  • Jyotiraditya Satpathy

    The game actually looks exactly like the trailers, if not better. Dice doesn't lie with its trailers. Yes, Ubusoft I'm looking at you....

  • Frostghost 75_6

    Battlefield 1 vs infinite warfareBattlefield "WON "

  • H0tbocolate

    I think I'm going to stick to this game

  • MrCrySky

    That feeling when the trailer Battlefield 1 is steeper than to Battlefield 5

  • A A

    this is basically my battlefield storywhen I was like 8 i played a lot CoD then my old brother buyed battlefield 3, i played it a lot and also finished the campaign then he told me battlefield 4 was going to come out and i buyed it and i couldnt stop playing it, first i finished the campaign and then played multiplayer, then we buyed bad company 2 (i never finished it but it was fun) all of this was on xbox360 then my parents buyed us a playstation4 and i buyed battlefield 4 again on ps4, then i buyed battlefield hardline and finished it as usual, then the next year i saw battlefield 1 trailer and i got super hyped i buyed it the day it came out and i have no regrets, since i played battlefield 3 this has been my favorite videogame saga everP.D i love DICE and battlefield so much, even if the game is not popular it will always be better than CoD, hope next game is 1944 and keep it up DICE

  • Zach Lahrache

    Who else is watching this to see how much better it looks than the Battlefield V trailer

  • Andrew T

    This trailer was so much better than Battlefield V, it's really sad

  • Yeet

    COD WW2 sucks, anyone seen the gameplay? Battlefield 1 still the champ

  • afro Puffs

    Who's here after watching the battlefield 5 trailer

  • pauldemaine

    Well, perhaps this is the last great battlefield game after the mess that was released an hour ago

  • sams 14


  • MassYak85

    1:42Activision Employee tries to join the hype train, gets rejected

  • Kingsmann 48

    Mlg the best game in the world.Call of duty is a shit.The Battlefield 1 is the best

  • Raid

    A much better trailer than Battlefield V

  • Call me Bob

    call of duty = 5-13 year old , battlefield 14-150 y old

  • BlankPNG

    Im just got here after puking so hard at battlefield v reveal

  • Mafia Mystiic

    2018 still sick af!!!😍😁😁🤙

  • Harriprashanth Shanmugavel

    Still gives me the goosebumps in 2018

  • Minusfellow88

    Who’s here after seeing the BFV trailer?

  • im lil

    This trailer looks so much better than BFV, but we can all agree its gonna be better than Call of Daycare Shitops 4.

  • Sulabh Shrestha

    Am I the only one who came to cleanse my eyes after BFV??

  • الـنـسـيم الـجـنـوبـي '

    battlefield 1 لعبه تاريخيه و اسطورية

  • Gm 1005

    Watching after the BFV trailer... This looks so good, Damn.

  • Anon Meyer

    This looks more like a proper war game. Dark, bloody and immersive. That’s the biggest problem I’ve had with the BF V trailer, but I thinks it’s too soon to call it off

  • So_funny_m8

    i have more than a 1000 hours in the game and the trailers still give me goosebumps

  • tsarhiggy770 Higgins0n

    2019 still wandering when BFV is gonna get good.

  • Giants/Mets/Blazers

    Battlefield 1 = 64 player battles with tanks and aircraftInfinite Warfare = 12 player battles in space on a 2007 game engineThis isn't even debatable lol.

  • logan humphreys

    EA know how to make a hype trailer.

  • Always Stoned.

    Still better than cod ww2

  • Elvis José

    I just need wash my eyes. Uff... so much better

  • Sgt. Doe

    of course my school has bunch of kids defending cod iw

  • Buffer Tube

    Who's here after watching the atrocious BFV trailer?

  • The Jedi With No Name

    Why does battlefield 1 have the most badass game trailers ever?

  • underoathizthebom

    Watched battlefield 5 trailer then I went back to this one still got chills on this trailer didn’t get a single emotion out of battlefield 5

  • CrazyKyloRen15

    0:55-0:58 When you get an F on your test...

  • Doofenswards

    The beat dropped harder than call of duty's success!

  • Mustafa Alsaiedy

    I remember that feeling when i saw this trailer,it was amazing 😭,unlike Battlefield V☹️☹️☹️ Battlefield losing reality right now 😭

  • johtoco

    0:39 when your brother shuts off the Wii just before you're about to win at super smash bros

  • Roy CPP

    R.I.P. Battlefield#Blackout let's go!R.I.P. this masterpiece

  • Samoel Barbosa

    i had to watch this trailer again so i can feel better after watching the new BF V trailer

  • 44leverage

    Let’s all take a moment to realize that BF1 DESTROYED Infinite Warfare and even me as a diehard cod fan played this more then infinite warfare.Now. BO4 is arguably the best BR on the market alongside its MP and BFV is already on sale by 50% at select retailers and sales are down by 60-80%What happened?

  • Pumadina

    So much better than battlefield 5 trailer.....

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