The Complete Assassin's Creed Timeline - Odyssey to Syndicate | The Leaderboard

Assassins Creed's storyline spans various centuries, key historical moments, locations, and it all can get a little confusing.  So Join The Leaderboard as we unpack the official timeline of the series from Assassins Creed Odyssey to Syndicate.

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Credits for This Episode
Researched by: Kaylee Kuah
Written by: Kaylee Kuah
Hosted by: Sydney
Edited by: Kyle Beauregard

Executive Producers: Carrie Miller, Fred Seibert, Jeremy Rosen
Producers: Adrian Apolonio, Jesse Gouldsbury
Project Manager: Jessica Ferrer
Head Writer: Casey Gonzalez
Graphics and Thumbnail by: Alexandria Batchelor
Programming Manager: Darrian P. Mack

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  • Door-to-Door Hentai Salesman

    20 years later:Assassin's Creed WWIII

  • Dollface

    The video is great, but the creators have stated, that Ezio is not a descendant of Altair. They're both separate bloodlines, that converge in Desmond.

  • TheRealGOAT 3871

    Who else remembers getting that sick black master assassin outfit for Ezio in AC2 and how hard it wasEdit: Not hard, just frustrating

  • madyy mudii

    there aren't 2 people called Al-Mualem.... Al-Mualem, literally means 'The Teacher' or 'The Mentor'... seeing how the Jerusalem and the Egyptian ones both speak Arabic, it makes sense

  • Fonz

    Assassin's Creed should slowly transform into Watch Dogs when it goes Present Day

  • Edwin Santiago

    Really want a Assassins Creed take place in like in early Japan, cmon ninjas and samurai fighting over one of these relics would be epic!

  • Grant De Los Angeles

    Altair:Agent 47Ezio:James BondConnor:The PunisherEdward:Captain Jack Sparrow Arno:The Generic White Guy protagonist(Edit)I've never had this many likes in my life!

  • Tempxr

    When other men blindly follow the truth, Remember, nothing is true. When other men are limited by mortality and law, Remember, everything is permitted.

  • Elimination

    Assassin's Creed: Unity is free on Uplay until April 25.

  • Louis Salads

    Black flag is the only game I've played and I'm mind blown by how far edward kenways bloodline goes

  • Supun Dissanayake

    I really want an assassins creed game based on Norse mythology

  • Niko Santos

    That stab at 5:40 is the reason we play Assassin's creed

  • Rambunctious Binger

    Assassins Creed Aztec Empire, get on it Ubisoft.

  • •Ꝉꭵ꫰’ ꭿꭎꮪꮠꭈꭵꭤ•

    AC1 be likeLooks like you could use a Crusade, mhmmmm...

  • Mephy

    still waiting for my Assassin's Creed: Wild West

  • Matilda Bovo

    I want an assassin’s creed 2000 where the weapon is a Razor scooter to the ankle

  • Neil Deep

    The series should be a HBO / Showtime series. A film can’t contain this narrative.

  • Margidda

    while the games have their fair share of bugs (Thanks AC odyssey for showing me that.) The lore for this game is indepth.I love it.

  • Talal kh

    18:42 By the way Al mualim is an Arabic word means the teacher 😂 its not there actual name and altair ibn la ahad means the bird son of no one.

  • Poodle C00N

    Why does this video feel like IGN one...

  • Gamer Guitarist

    The series keeps going backwards and backwards until it...10 years later... Assassins Creed: The Land Before TimeEdit: Holy! Thanks for the 2.1k likes guys!

  • Damian The Bat Son Wayne

    I learned all my history from Assassin's Creed

  • Timothy Suttles

    Ac black flag will always be the best pirate game

  • ItWasTheYear1916

    that almost 3k people who disliked this video are templars 🤣

  • Andrew Aziz

    Al Mualim is arabic for "the learned one/the teacher" so it is more of a title and not a name per se

  • Strudel

    We lead a good life brother, may it never change usIn a world without gold, we might have been heros

  • BladeMLG

    i rally hate the fact that the timeline stuff with that line goes over the year it happened and then goes back to it. So unsatisfying

  • Rolino Roldan

    Altair:the masterEzio:the mentorConnor:the madmanEdward:the pirateShay:the rightmanAnd Arno:the glitch. XD

  • churrozzz 829

    2019:assasins creed Battle Royale

  • FortunePayback

    I think it's funny that you say you'd get an "F" on a paper using this information. Funny thing is, I actually wrote my high school thesis on the Assassins and Templar war and conspiracy. They said "write whatever you want" so I did. Ended up being WAY longer than I wanted and I got an "A" take that.Anyways, very interesting, very few things I did not know, but it's cool when you see them all back-to-back. Would love to see one about the present day, because in reality, oh man, there is SO freakin' much that goes into present day.


    You left the dlc Legacy of the First Blade out! There WERE assasins in ac odysssey

  • Luis Dawg

    What if T-Series , is actually Templar Series , I mean see their subs , theyre definitely screen slaving people like the isu gods.(Pardon me if isu is spelt wrong)

  • Lolomus

    This helped a lot, only owning unity (yes I know it's not everyone's favourite) I was shocked after finding out that Shay was the killer to Arno's father. Nice vid!

  • windycitycrew21

    These games made me pass world history

  • Dutch Auditore De Firenze

    I think ubisoft should make a assassin game to where you could create your own character.... and make your own life

  • David

    The Ezio Trilogy was one of the best trilogies in gaming. Let alone the best set of AC games (Revelations... was ass.... story was good though).ACIII, IV, and Rogue were great for introducing ship combat... kind of fun. Personally I truly loved ACIII more than the other 2.Unity had the best parkour system ever. It was smooth, fast. It just felt right and flowed smoothly. The most enjoyable and lore filledOdyssey, and Origins. Definitely amazing.

  • Jer M

    Eventually Id like to play a time traveling Assassin helping out the previous hero characters.

  • Pierce Through Heart

    And I thought Assassin's Creed Back Story was dumb...But its not..Kinda interesting actually..

  • Commander Xananymous

    Those who played assasin creed...learned more history than in class..

  • Benjabola

    This was a thoroughly enjoyable video.

  • Killua Zoldyck

    Did-did you just say... _Cormick_? Oh good god...

  • Jonathan Young

    The Kenway Trilogy , as its sometimes called, will always be my favorite set of AC games. III, IV, and Rogue.

  • AbsoluteMadDog™

    AC: Primal. Just do it Ubi, you know you want to...

  • Keenzo Block

    Just forget about 70% of Altair,s life in this timeline... as you do.

  • Moon Luna

    Just had surgery again a couple of days ago, so I've been replaying AC 3 on my WiiU and I forgot what a beautiful game it was!

  • astrophysicist wannabe

    Homosapiens backstory:Detroit become human: im about to copy this mans whole career

  • Ignatius Gaming

    For me , this assassin creed story is very complicated and confusedOdyssey and Origin was obvious Kassandra/Alexios to Aya/AmunetAC1 to AC Revelations obvious too Altair to 3 times President EzioAC4,AC3,AC Rogue obvious tooand the question is how Ubisoft connect all the pieces of this story?AC New Republic (Italy) (Aya/Amunet or Aya descendant but impossible since her bloodline only has 1 child)AC First Crusade (Early Jerusalem/Kingdom of Israel) (Altair or Mentor Altair)for AC4 AC3 AC Rogue is very not connecting each other assassin creed game

  • PhantomSavage

    The sad thing is, instead of turning into this convoluted mess, Assassin's Creed could have been one of the best game franchises of all time... if they decided to take a good few years to work on each of their games to an insane and perfectly designed extent instead of releasing a new one in a new era literally *every year*.

  • Atomic Toaster

    Still waiting for that assassin creed set in china or japan. Like seriously those 2 setting is literally a gold mine, i wonder why ubisoft still hasnt make it yet.And no, the 2d version dont count

  • fgdj2000

    It’s a good summary. 11 games spanning the entire human history with about a dozen protagonists. Well done.I’d love to replay them all, but I’d need a sabbatical for that :D and skip all the other games out there.

  • FinalHoursTV

    Well, the isu weren’t good enough in odyssey. As you can see, the gods are isu people. Alexios (so far) has defeated Hermes and Hades.(He might have defeated more, I don’t remember)

  • Soumyadeep 980

    I want an Assassin's Creed game based on Hinduism & India 🇮🇳

  • Nathan Luu

    I don't recall the French-Indian War being called the American Revolution

  • Hero

    The way she said medji cannot be forgiven.

  • soham takawadekar

    They should have created another orb with existing tech and knowledge

  • Black Out

    Tbh I like ac3 maybe cuz it’s my first ac game but I liked plus it showed the descendants of Edward kenway which I find cool asf and had a good story line

  • Jonas Vidad

    17:40 What are you doing STEP BRO?

  • Divalvaro

    Sydney is the best leaderboard host

  • Soumyadeep 980

    I would love to hear random things about this topic rest of my life.

  • Jacob Frye

    AC Primal: A game where Ugg the caveman straps a rock to his arm with a vine and kills all the other cave men after the death of his partner Unda.

  • Galib Jaman Emon

    You accept it or not these guys know how to create a great open world. From Jerusalem and Damascus to ancient Egypt and Greece. Just take a horse ride through the Athens in AC Odyssey and you'll know what i mean.

  • Black 110s

    Best Assassin creed games imo1 2BrotherhoodRevelationsBlack Flagnone of these new bs games

  • Deyan

    Why Assassin's creed 3 is after 4 and Rouge. That means that Ubisoft don't know what are they doing.

  • Tai Tsisistas

    And AC Liberation is...not mentioned?

  • JoKeR r

    All this started from prince of Persia

  • Blaze

    Al mualim means "The mentor" in Arabic its not a name


    Assassins Creed : World War Z

  • Gaming Rhapsody

    The explanation of the assassins and templar lineage compiled into a single video is awesome and kudos to all your efforts to get the facts pinned ☺️

  • DooDoo Brown

    You can tell she never played these games simply from how terrribly she pronounces character names

  • Jugvir Sidhu

    Ezio is the best arcAnd well Altair is just nostalgia goggles

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