Top 10 Fun Weapons in Skyrim Special Edition

The Top 10 Fun Weapons in Skyrim Special Edition!

Arcane Warrior Build:


Scott: newberrycrunch
Michael: oldberrychew


  • Conor Carlin

    Just binged watch like all your videos over the last two days. No regrets.

  • PlazmaCow

    Turned Lydia into a sweetroll with the wabbajack... She's been in my inventory ever since.

  • LeviathanHunter575

    I used Wabbajack on a mammoth and turned it invisible once. Do you have any idea how terrifying it is to fight an angry invisible mammoth?

  • Pap

    4:44"Dawnbreaker is a unique One-handed Sword with a golden blade and a ball of glowing light radiating from the pommel. Dawnbreaker is a unique One-handed Sword with a golden blade and a ball of glowing light radiating from the hilt."T-thanks for clarifying?

  • alchestbrooch

    wait i just noticed something no one jumps but you in skyrim.

  • Lucas Tait

    mirraks sword looks like a lurker pennis

  • Yellow Mask Dude

    Number 1 should be cabbages with telekinesis.

  • 1234wowww

    Astrid wanted me to finish her off but my bro Sherogorarh turned her into a mudcrab

  • Convergence

    Iron dagger best weapon

  • ZeGreatPablo

    Turned a dragon into a chicken once.

  • ifsmokin_g

    I was playing skyrim on legendary using the wabbajack and a shitty dwarven sword and i was fighting this really hard guy in full orcish armor. with the wabbajack it should have been easy except the damn thing kept healing him so i just used the sword and for five minutes it was just me whittling away at his health or hiding behind a rock healing as fast as i could. after he was finally on his last bit of health and knocked over on the ground i decided the finishing blow would be from the wabbajack and you know what it did? it fucking healed him.I love this game.

  • FudgeMuppet

    We have a TOP 10 FUN SPELLS coming in a few days, so stay tuned :D

  • Sal Monaco

    You guys should do a Wabbajack build!

  • Si Cam

    I remember using chillrend and Dawnbreaker together for an icy hot fight

  • WitheredOak982

    No fork or knife? Come on!

  • Un Noticeable

    "Triggering an explosion" anything can be triggered nowadays...

  • Jake Mangum

    I choose the Dankness over the Light.

  • Tigercup

    You forgot to mention that the Wabbajack can turn people into dragons. Yeah. Have fun with that. Especially if you decide to use it an enclosed space like some Nordic ruins

  • Prodigy Gamer


  • XXXTension Cord

    Is it just me or did he say "The light for dankness" instead of darkness? 4:36

  • okrajoe

    Man I got to explore more.

  • George Norwood

    i played though the dawn guard dlc with the dawn breaker talk about a good time

  • Duke of Lorraine

    4:50 that is not where the pommel is. There is no way you can unscrew that part !!!

  • Darthplagueis13

    I recently killed myself with the wabbajack. I shot a deer with it(I should mention that I was pretty low on health) and the Wabbajack turned it into a dremora who ran into me and killed me in one hit...

  • Gary 31

    I'll have you know that my basement is very well lit.

  • NeonSuperCell

    I had the wabajack.... turned all my enemies to daedric warriors.... I was level 10

  • Fulty Boi

    What's with everyone making skyrim special edition videos like the content is different from the original game.

  • azure kay

    my favourite weapon in skyrim was the mace of molag bal, I know theres is stronger weapons out there but I love that one and I finish the game with it.

  • Tyler Mathis

    Chillrend is good but it drains waay too fast. I have to recharge it after almost every single encounter :/Whereas, I have yet to recharge dawnbreaker since I've gotten it and use way more often

  • martijn van weele

    The Bloodskal Blade is the main weapon of my character Dasu-Nir, and the final destination of his epic quest for the ultimate greatsword; when I started my game with him, I inmediately knew I wanted him to be a barbarian who used two-handed swords. We started off with the normal stuff: Iron greatsword, steel greatsword, eventually he got a Steel Greatsword of Dismay, but that was no fun as enemies kept fleeing when he really wanted to bash their skulls in (he's not the most refined personality in Tamriel, though his wife, Brelyna Maryon, helped to sand his sharp edges a bit). This problem eventually became null when the charge of the weapon ran out. Being a total noob at basically everything magic (despite somehow being the arch mage of the College of Winterhold), he had no idea how to recharge it, but since he didn't like the enchantment anyway, he didn't bother to find out, so he went around Skyrim for quite some time with an empty enchanted steel greatsword. Eventually he found an elven greatsword in the crypt under Mount Kilkreath. Intrigued by its beauty, he took it up as his new main weapon, going as far as to dub it "The Real Dawnbreaker", as he considered it his true prize for cleansing the temple of Merida. This weapon was also his first introduction to enchanting, as he wanted to give the blade a fire enchantment to match the real Dawnbreaker. It didn't go all that well. Still, the moonstone greatsword served him well for the longest of times, to the point where he couldn't part with it even when he got the Blade of Haafingar when he became Thane of Solitude; the blade was a dwarven greatsword, which he had always wanted to have because of its humongous size (it's larger than other greatswords, isn't it? Or is that just my imagination?), and it had the fire enchantment that he had failed to put on his elven greatsword, but the elven greatsword just had too much sentimental value. It was only topped when, eventually, he became good enough of a Blacksmith to handcraft himself a Daedric greatsword. This was the weapon to taste the blood of Alduin and eventually deal the blow that defeated the fiendish dragon. The weapon became Dasu-Nir's pride and joy, and his main weapon that he took with him to Solstheim, where it served him well throughout Bloodskal Barrow, but when the Argonian barbarian laid eyes on the Bloodskal Blade, and its strange enchantment, he instantly fell in love (don't tell Brelyna). The service of the Daedric blade was over, and i would be Bloodskal that would taste the blood of Miraak, the damned dragon priest, and of the Vampires of castle Volkihar.


    4:30 : "the choice for those who favor light over dankness"

  • Click Bait

    I killed Alcuin first hit with the wabbajack it rained coins

  • GaratghDeloi

    About the bow Zephyr: Standard Zephyr (as in, not improved) is far from the best dps bow in Skyrim. Without smithing improvements the best dps bow in Skyrim is a bound bow (allmost twice as good as Zephyr with the mystic binding perk, but also the best without said perk).Off course you can improve Zephyr thus makeing it one of the best (since it has the fastest possible draw speed), but even then there are one other bow that has just as fast a draw rate but slightly higher base damage and that is Auriel's Bow.

  • ES_TÖLKKI666

    its not ebeny blade its ebony blade

  • Moniumus

    Skyrim . Its Legendary

  • Snillomator

    4:37 "Light over dankness"

  • Skyrim'sDragonBorn Dovakiin

    Sad thing is I use the wooden sword

  • Zachary Aguilar

    4:44, So badass that he had to say it twice. XD

  • Mr Neptune

    uses morrowind music cause morrowind is better ;)

  • Montana Wood

    Zephyr is actually not the fastest firing bow. The Longbow and Auriel's bow are faster on the draw. Also, Chillrend is actually the most powerful sword in game as it levels highest and has the highest base + enchantment damage combo you can get. The Mace of Molag Bal also should have been mentioned on here for being the most powerful one handed weapon (depending on target, Chillrend can be stronger). Also, the Ebony Blade is not as powerful as mentioned here. It actually has many glaring weaknesses and is quickly rendered ineffective compared to other two handed weapons.

  • Johnny Cervantes

    Skyrim is such a beautiful game but I'm a fallout person

  • Patrick Reider

    lmao you say that the Windshear has a 100% chance to stagger an enemy yet you hit a giant 14 times without staggering him.

  • Autoze

    Miraak. Not a dragon priest. He was the previous Dragonborn.

  • Stardust Comet

    I once used the wabbajack to turn all of the guards in Solitude into chickens, mud crabs, and sweet rolls. BEST... DAY... EVER!

  • Paul Snelling

    Anyone Else Think, The Blades In Skyrim Are Based Off Of The Japanese Samurais?

  • MrCorvusC

    Mace of Molag Bal should've been here IMO. Too many swords, and they're all just reskins. That mace is basically a reskin too, but what a badass one at that.

  • MissKiwi

    smh i cant believe you didnt put in the Sanguine Rose

  • Scrub

    I saw the beginning of this video and wondered why I was getting nostalgic, I just played Skyrim yesterday. but then I realised they were playing Morrowind music, and immediately went to play my Morrowind mage. it's been too long.

  • Lukas The Riolu

    8:31 so how was fight that orc with him using an Invisible sword?

  • roamskyrim

    congratulations on 300,000 subscribers, you've earned it

  • Marc Nadeau

    I tried something cool: The shout Elemental Fury usually serve to speed up slow 2 hander weapons, but i tried to use it with an magical weapons (the best i can found) and an normal non-magic dagger of the best material. It's very powerful: your dagger take the shout and become very fast and this speed is shared with the big magical weapon.Just try it if like me you still play in 2016. Here are the 3 location to have all 3 word of Elemental Fury: 1 - Dragontooth Crater (The Reach, near Karthwasten), Shriekwind Baston (a mountain very near Falkreath town) and the last is very close to Meridia beacon at west of Sollitude)

  • Tomato1224

    is special edition just the reg game plus all dlc or something

  • Handsome Jack

    100% Destruction reduction + Wabbajack = Most fun you can ever have

  • Bailey Freeman

    I got dawnbreaker earlier today and accidentally duplicated it somehow, now I have 2 of them

  • Champion Of Hircine

    I messed up so bad! So,I got my companion,Lidia,and I told her to wait somewhere.I was going to talk to someone but when I hit the button she tried to attack them.So I had a 40 gold bounty which I gladley would have payed but then I got attacked by a guard and I killed him.Then I got a 1000 gold bounty and I wasn't going to pay that! It was whiterun and I cant go to Riverwood because their in an allience and Helgen has been overtaken by bandits. So I have to go to Solidute!

  • Kangy Dang

    Im just gonna say that im still waiting........

  • Beeebz

    Sick vid! Can u guys make build that uses the fork and knife near high hrothgar

  • Ripa' Moramee

    Will you guys do anymore let's plays? I love all the old ones and watch them over constantly and would love to see more

  • Italics

    Expected a Fork with an enchantment that turns it into one the most powerful weapons in the game. =(

  • iZadoks

    Hold up...At the dawnbreaker part did he say "for those who prefer light over dankness"?If so, that's pretty cool.But in all seriousness keep up the good videos guys I am loving them.

  • Issac Garcia

    How not to get hit by the ebony warrior. *Cough:Windshear

  • Toasty

    what about volendrung? looks sick and power attacks for days! :D

  • Alex V

    Really like the videos :) Are you doing the paladin build video soon by chance? :D

  • Gamer Master978

    I turned a wolf into a dremora

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