Mortal Kombat 11 - All Characters Fatalities Brutalities, Fatal Blow Every Fatality (MK11)

Mortal Kombat 11 - All Fatalities Brutalities, Fatal Blow Every Fatality & Brutality All Characters Frost Shao Kahn (MK11) 2019

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  • lzuniy

    What is your favorite Fatality & Brutality?

  • DanteSuper95

    So he has different lines for the puppet fatality? I like that


    It seems NRS developers have a great hatred for eyeballs

  • Mr. Toon Link

    Love how he took a tiny bit of damage so we dont have to deal with flawless victory

  • Jaime Salazar

    30:39 flat earthers are gonna hate this fatality

  • Irai

    19:10 Lui kang: Omae wa mou shinderiuRaiden: Nani?!?

  • Hello Man

    8:01 most hilarious fatality in the game


    ESRB: Am I a joke to you?

  • Tritanium

    17:18 I wonder what it would look like if Sonya broke Jax's metal arm

  • GodsSilentArmy

    Finally a boss who's death isnt blowing up

  • Dmarcus Baus

    So I see they replaced the color of both Geras and Kronika’s blood.

  • Dylan Coles

    22:05 how Ant Man defeats Thanos in EndgameEdit: Thx for the likes!

  • The Gaming Area

    I'm watching this while eating a grilled chicken... IT Feels Good!!! 😂😆

  • Pioxys

    Noob Saibot says: 21:30Then you rewatch: 9:17I can't argue with him there.

  • Conner Moore

    I like how the announcer just waits for Johnny Cage to get set up 🤣🤣

  • Richard Taguba, Jr

    13:23 Kotal Khan: "Praise the SUN!"

  • Carl Johnson

    I'm wondering how good were netherrealms biology grades

  • Jonah Mink

    I'm still mad that they changed Geras' blood to red... It looked so cool when it was blue!

  • Dre

    All Brutalities Already Damn You're Quick

  • InvestedGman

    22:46 What is this looney tunes? Why did he pick up the dynamite!? LMAO

  • Lord Koldarth

    0:20 No one: Every single Final Destination death scene:

  • Mahabul Alon

    Mortal kombat logic: Got stubbed in the head and chest got both arms Cutted off. FINISH HIM.

  • JD Zonez

    15:42 LOOKED like it hurts?? You don't say? 😃

  • Maksim G.

    5:04 - holy shit, even that amulet fell off! Talk about attention to details

  • madaraoluv2

    Don't ask Cassie to the prom, unless you're sporting the strongest jockstrap ever made

  • Ancient

    Ughhhhh the sound at 24:30 when he breaks your jaw and head 💀 Yikes

  • Thanos Snapped You

    God this dude is flash

  • Blood Dust

    15:04 my brain instantly started singing COULDNT IT BE NICE TO LIVE TOGHETER


    hahahahah Kano just pissed on Sonyas bloody corpse... I love it

  • Jerry Li

    Kung lao 2nd brutalitt is like that dojo scene from ipman 1(if u know what im talking about)

  • djnosleeves85

    7:29 Johnny cage has the best fatalities of all time i don't care know what nobody says LMAO

  • Zilla Jr.

    Mom: OK fine you can go to prom with him but don't forget he boys think about only one thing nowadays.Daughter: Sex?Mom: No…. MORTAL KOMBAT 11

  • Tasha Hemlock

    So wait a minute... Frost is a partially a robot now?

  • TSM-Gopn1k101

    “It’s official Y O U S U C K”-Shao Khan 2019

  • Angelo Lorwa

    14:34 scene from IP MAN when he fights against 10 blackbelts. AMAZING!!!!

  • Dre

    Here Before 10Mill Views

  • Vyacheslav Baz'ko

    Raiden's second fatality became worse with his mouth opened now and no creepy poker face

  • MrLinder

    now watched all fatalities, no need to buy the game

  • Grass The Bodybuilder

    21:30 Noob Saibot talks the iconic line of Raiden " There are fates worse than death" 🤣

  • JackOfClubsXIII

    Kano's lil dance after the neck shank was perfect!

  • amir talat

    johnny cage deadly uppercut fatality is the best in my opinionit sounds like if Mortal Kombat was abridged

  • manxmaniac

    loved that one at 8:58I see a Johny Cage finisher right there

  • BandikidMadness

    Damn what an amazing game mortal Kombat series has giving us an amazing game

  • Charles Trulear

    Frost's second Fatality is technically preserving her opponent's life, though...5:54 All right, I'll give D'vorah the Spider-Man pose22:52 Apparently, Johnny C has never watched Loony Toons

  • ZoltenJ 75

    this is more bloody and gorey than mk x

  • Star fox

    Johnny Cage's puppet one has me crying 😂😂😂

  • Giovanni Hall-Hernandez

    You better remake this video again once they release Spawn or we will RIOT!!!

  • Shon Oakley

    Definitely not all Brutalities. During the stress test and beta I did 5 for Baraka alone. I think each person has at least 10.

  • Remoji Buns

    14:00 Kotal Khan's fatality where he turns into an outworldian tiger is freaking awesome.

  • Pie The Guy

    Some kid: Mom I think the toilets jammedMom: oh what did u poop out Kid: RAIDEN

  • cerberus400

    Was that Kung Loa wing chun brutality a reference to Ip Man?

  • Julian Brown

    Liu Kang doing the one inch punch like that was definitely one of the sickest ones

  • helmiboboy

    7:22MK9 Johnny Fatality is real..

  • MarlonGamez YT

    Oh, sub zero WHAT THE HELL HAS THE SPINAL CORD DO TO YOUEdit: Hes foot fdsh

  • JD Zonez

    Oh my goood stoooop 😭 14:32

  • sternfan75

    So Kano is into pissing now??? R Kelly’s new favorite MK character.

  • León Aubé Penitoc 14/88


  • AM35

    I can't watch a mortal kombat video without it being age restricted!

  • Joshua Morrison

    Is it me or does everyone have a uppercut brutality

  • lovincoke

    shinnok and shao kahn- explodeKronica- gets sliced inti pieces

  • Koshigan 0406

    I was waiting for it all time for MK11 (last time also you have done good for MKX keep doing like this 👍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥)

  • JakCarter47

    Dude, why is Kronica's death so satisfying. I love it xD

  • Eric Smith

    Thats crazy always wondered how u shatter a face and they keep fighting

  • itsjonathank

    Kitana Has her Kiss of Death back as a brutality!!

  • Zavier Kistemaker

    Damn, Kronika got Rext!

  • fijimini

    9:17 How the Friendzone feels

  • Caquiux

    I think pretty much that in every new mortal kombat game the final boss just suffers more than the previous one when you defeat it. -Mk 9: Shao Kahn burns inside and explodes.-Mk x: Corrupted Shinnok gets his stomach open and loses a lot of blood, agonizes in pain and explodes. Mk 11: Kronika gets her arm cut, a lot of broken glass all over the body, split in half, and after that she gets her face cut in half, to finally get absorbed and turned into nothing

  • Miguel Chelius

    We need a new ESRB category for this

  • Iamrip Lolz

    Am i the only one who saw the middle finger at 8:20? Lol

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