Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Walkthrough - Part 5 - Bleak Falls Barrow (Skyrim Gameplay)

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Walkthrough Part 1 - http://bit.ly/upc6rf

This is Part 5 of this Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Walkthrough.

This is a new Walkthrough for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim with Gameplay and Commentary by theRadBrad.

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  • dylan baxter

    i think u should do first person who agrees?

  • BuzzyBee

    I really enjoy watching theRadBrad videos he makes me laugh. Love the guy

  • Sand Village

    Best game ever. This game holds more then the mind can imagine.... Like you will never find or complete everything. But you can become everything. I was a storm cloak, imperial... Werewolf, vampire...dragon born with all the shouts and all of that. It never ends.

  • Cyber Chiken

    I liked every comment last video on his skyrim

  • Big Carl

    makes a 20 minute video tutorial for bleak falls Barrow and doesn't even enter the dungeon

  • The Gaming J.D

    3:56 Mans1ay3r anyone?

  • Rubbermallet1

    At least Farengar is upfront about what he wants.

  • Stubbydingo

    11:10 all these interesting and important discussions around him and what does he do? Finds a cow and says "HAY BUDDY!"

  • Christopher King

    Giants at peaceful unless you hurt them or hurt a mammoth right beside it which I figured myself

  • Fikri Nesimi

    oh yeah you should go to the companions you get werewolf powers

  • omega311888

    carrying a bow yet not picking up arrows... sigh

  • Russian Apex

    It's so bullshit in this game you run faster than in fucking Oblivion MY GOD!!


    Why did he take so long to put on the better armor?

  • Wendell Barconey

    2017 I'm still inlove with Skyrim


    dude you suck at this game 1 hole episode for the beginning 20 min and I'm at high routhgar

  • jakedog430

    take all the arrows you can

  • Neo Bahamut

    All these comments and NO one said anything about brad trying mods since it's 2017 now. <3~Damn Trolls~

  • Jasmine Williams

    Please God tell me that he joined the companions and got the werewolf ability!

  • Andrew C

    Takes the crap stuff. I'm going to take some shoes.

  • OneMoreHour

    'Look at that amazing 720p landscape'

  • Dylan Dugan

    "I'm so zoned in." *Stands around ignoring all of the NPC's and potential loot.


    That's pretty cool that it's 11.11.11

  • Jasmine Williams

    DON'T CONFRONT THE GIANTS, NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO! Unless your level 50 and have really strong weapons and armor! BUT THAT'S JUST THE BEAR MINIMUM!

  • Pooder Dooper

    1:35 "Someone stole your sweet roll ? "Fallout 3 beginning reference where butch steals your sweet roll

  • Caius Eder

    commander caius that's my name 😀

  • killstreak 3865

    your so stupid why wouldnt you take that armour if its beter than yours

  • pjak1minecraft

    date of release 11.11.11.

  • Flaming Fox

    I feel sad for all the wolves in this game 😭😭😭😭

  • SendNoods Please

    that time it froze on the mountain , you should've blew a pun " oh mah gawd it's so cold in here my game just FROZE " maaaaan wtf

  • Tall Order1

    Viewed 301116, Trileth, Posh and Tough lol

  • Puppey The Cat

    hate these 20 min videos as the first thing in the search

  • Hayden Hansen

    U need to level up dude I was level 8 at this point

  • Greybeard

    At least he doesn't stop and thank everybody every 5 seconds in these old videos.

  • Bryce Gauvin

    it's weird seeing vanilla skyrim after watching mods

  • AymAPandah

    I always have difficulty getting to bleak falls barrow. Tell me Im not the only one ;-;

  • Pierre Rousseau

    this shit wack ass. witcher 3 true gold.

  • Aatrox Sagitarius

    Anyone still playing Skyrim?

  • josh rage

    I play skyrim and I have play the game 2 times for 15 hours

  • Just Chibi

    Hey! Don't comment on this. I searched for bleak falls barrow for HOURS. (2) ;-;. I finally found it via this. ;-; thanks RIP.Don't comment on this.

  • Joseph Joestar

    there must be surveillance cameras everywhere in this game., after you just stole a tiny thing, then , one second later, everyone knew you are a thief ., how effective police system than modern days.,lol

  • John Smith

    (wolf atacks him) - "I don't like killing these animals."Female opponet:- "Death awaits you."Brad: . "Death awaits you BITCH! " (smashes her head without a problem) :DD

  • Hayden Hansen

    Ps dont take your weapon out in front of royal they will kill u no mater what level

  • brokensoul54 1

    it's awesome that he played this game because skyrim is my number 1 game of all time

  • K Petro

    my horse died bc I was paying attention to the walk through then my screen R.I.P Constravys Horse

  • Alex Johnson

    Fact: Brad is a noob in every game he plays. Fact: They're still 100% fun! I love watching his videos. Fact: I'm watching this in 2015. Fact: Noone gives a shit about my comment!. Fact: I can still share my thoughts.

  • Allison Knight

    Your doing this crap in Skyrim and i'm of in Sollstine.

  • Ramim Delwar

    brad put on the shoes you have rught now

  • salty

    Even though this was years ago, it is so annoying to watch. Jesus christ he was a noob. But I still love him lol

  • Brian Jones

    Brad is a wimp for not killing those people

  • Omega Lock

    Fun/sad fact: depending on when your watching this you probably won't ever see another date like that now that it's 2014

  • Maegan Hofmeester

    I personally like the third person pop better.

  • SceptileRazorLeaf

    Is this game only in first person????That's a shame

  • Enjoku

    Its been four years and this game still looks amazing. The water kind be a bit meh at times, and obviously there are a billion glitches that can happen, but for what it tried to do this game is beautiful.

  • Lmix211

    Who still plays this game?

  • John Shepard

    OMG those textures are so hard to look at, especially after downloading 2k textures mod hahahahahha

  • nikos tsavousakis

    no offens dude but u don't know how to pplay skyrim NooB

  • NoNotNo YesYeahYes

    I can't believe he make so many unbelievable mistakes.................... after he say he played oblivion in ep 1

  • savage kelpo

    your stupid the king guy gave you steel armour

  • blubberbu

    you now most of games like this are inspired by LOTR or hobbit whatever uwanna call it

  • Jay ThaDon

    lol he was smart to walk away from the giants,but me on the other hand....

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