Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Walkthrough - Part 5 - Bleak Falls Barrow (Skyrim Gameplay)

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Walkthrough Part 1 - http://bit.ly/upc6rf

This is Part 5 of this Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Walkthrough.

This is a new Walkthrough for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim with Gameplay and Commentary by theRadBrad.
  • Cgsully

    Please don't like my comment I don't want notification

  • Fikri Nesimi

    oh yeah you should go to the companions you get werewolf powers

  • Russian Apex

    It's so bullshit in this game you run faster than in fucking Oblivion MY GOD!!

  • OneMoreHour

    'Look at that amazing 720p landscape'

  • Andrew C

    Takes the crap stuff. I'm going to take some shoes.

  • Cgsully

    Why did he take so long to put on the better armor?

  • Caius Eder

    commander caius that's my name 😀

  • Dylan Dugan

    "I'm so zoned in." *Stands around ignoring all of the NPC's and potential loot.

  • Pooder Dooper

    1:35 "Someone stole your sweet roll ? "Fallout 3 beginning reference where butch steals your sweet roll

  • Cgsully

    That's pretty cool that it's 11.11.11

  • killstreak 3865

    your so stupid why wouldnt you take that armour if its beter than yours

  • Puppey The Cat

    hate these 20 min videos as the first thing in the search

  • Greybeard

    At least he doesn't stop and thank everybody every 5 seconds in these old videos.

  • CoolDude360

    I feel sad for all the wolves in this game 😭😭😭😭

  • Tall Order1

    Viewed 301116, Trileth, Posh and Tough lol

  • pjak1minecraft

    date of release 11.11.11.

  • SendNoods Please

    that time it froze on the mountain , you should've blew a pun " oh mah gawd it's so cold in here my game just FROZE " maaaaan wtf

  • Joseph Joestar

    there must be surveillance cameras everywhere in this game., after you just stole a tiny thing, then , one second later, everyone knew you are a thief ., how effective police system than modern days.,lol

  • Bryce Gauvin

    it's weird seeing vanilla skyrim after watching mods

  • Just Chibi

    Hey! Don't comment on this. I searched for bleak falls barrow for HOURS. (2) ;-;. I finally found it via this. ;-; thanks RIP.Don't comment on this.

  • pierre rouusea

    this shit wack ass. witcher 3 true gold.

  • Professional Maggot

    I always have difficulty getting to bleak falls barrow. Tell me Im not the only one ;-;

  • brokensoul54 1

    it's awesome that he played this game because skyrim is my number 1 game of all time

  • Hayden Hansen

    U need to level up dude I was level 8 at this point

  • John Smith

    (wolf atacks him) - "I don't like killing these animals."Female opponet:- "Death awaits you."Brad: . "Death awaits you BITCH! " (smashes her head without a problem) :DD

  • K Petro

    my horse died bc I was paying attention to the walk through then my screen R.I.P Constravys Horse

  • josh rage

    I play skyrim and I have play the game 2 times for 15 hours

  • Hayden Hansen

    Ps dont take your weapon out in front of royal they will kill u no mater what level

  • Ramim Delwar

    brad put on the shoes you have rught now

  • Brian Jones

    Brad is a wimp for not killing those people

  • Allison Knight

    Your doing this crap in Skyrim and i'm of in Sollstine.

  • salty

    Even though this was years ago, it is so annoying to watch. Jesus christ he was a noob. But I still love him lol

  • manuel salazar salazar

    man on the part when you open the door to fight the person to get the dragon stone it took me awhile to open round door or whatever it calls

  • Alex Johnson

    Fact: Brad is a noob in every game he plays. Fact: They're still 100% fun! I love watching his videos. Fact: I'm watching this in 2015. Fact: Noone gives a shit about my comment!. Fact: I can still share my thoughts.

  • Siddhant Bargude 143

    DUDE!!!!! its was pretty awesome video

  • John Shepard

    OMG those textures are so hard to look at, especially after downloading 2k textures mod hahahahahha

  • zeke wilson

    This game is like 5$ now so people stop complaining about him playing in third person and play it yourself.

  • savage kelpo

    your stupid the king guy gave you steel armour

  • Sonanh Nguyen

    this is the only rpg game he ever finished

  • Claire Laster

    "She just doesn't really have anything I'm really interested in." THE HUNTING BOW. TAKE THE HUNTING BOW.

  • NoNotNo YesYeahYes

    I can't believe he make so many unbelievable mistakes.................... after he say he played oblivion in ep 1

  • AKAJake

    I am not trying to be mean, but you could have shot that troll.

  • Sonanh Nguyen

    this is the only rpg game he finished

  • Aatrox Sagitarius

    Anyone still playing Skyrim?

  • steviedirks

    every minecraft gamer ever "that enchantment table was taken from minecraft skyrim sucks"

  • Ethan Oppedal

    best game ever but he makes it 10 times worse

  • The Trove Master

    Are you on Xbox or PC?

  • Adam Dillard

    The old brad is the best!

  • Prehistoric Tiger


  • Briana Lawless

    skyrim is the best game of 2011

  • [Petroll Griffin] says: Phuck your subs!

    Omg this guy is straight up annoying. He could not shut up. And he plays the game like a noob.

  • black ops21

    Get the fucking hunting bow

  • Decorder Wynn

    you will play fallout 4 in the future

  • ChainReaction

    keep in mind that the soundtrack is a loop, i play dream evil and manowar game music 0% off an sfx on 70%. The normal soundtrack runs out of intrest after a few hours :>

  • Blaine Delaney

    when does this get interesting

  • Briana Lawless

    im in the middle of this video and i just hope he starts the golden claw quest

  • Sonanh Nguyen

    this is the only rpg game he finished

  • Kaiden Woodward-Gross

    Bethesda did a challenge and it was if your child was born on the date the game 11-11-11 and named it Dovahkiin you would get every Elder Scrolls game on date released for FREE!

  • Maegan Hofmeester

    I personally like the third person pop better.

  • Joke r

    Bro if u don't mide can u play 3th person view.plz.........

  • UltimateGamer24

    Stop being a baby and kill people on the game

  • hongyan xiao

    You missed so much mission in whiterun....

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