Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Walkthrough - Part 5 - Bleak Falls Barrow (Skyrim Gameplay)

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Walkthrough Part 1 - http://bit.ly/upc6rf

This is Part 5 of this Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Walkthrough.

This is a new Walkthrough for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim with Gameplay and Commentary by theRadBrad.
  • Alex Johnson

    Fact: Brad is a noob in every game he plays. Fact: They're still 100% fun! I love watching his videos. Fact: I'm watching this in 2015. Fact: Noone gives a shit about my comment!. Fact: I can still share my thoughts.

  • John Smith

    (wolf atacks him) - "I don't like killing these animals."Female opponet:- "Death awaits you."Brad: . "Death awaits you BITCH! " (smashes her head without a problem) :DD

  • Aatrox Sagitarius

    Anyone still playing Skyrim?

  • Austin Dearborn

    I turned 11 on 11/11/11


    Please don't like my comment I don't want notification

  • Jay ThaDon

    lol he was smart to walk away from the giants,but me on the other hand....

  • Joseph Joestar

    there must be surveillance cameras everywhere in this game., after you just stole a tiny thing, then , one second later, everyone knew you are a thief ., how effective police system than modern days.,lol

  • Maegan Hofmeester

    I personally like the third person pop better.

  • Turtle Shell

    Top of the hill? XD goes to the drunken huntsmen XD

  • Lmix211

    Who still plays this game?

  • Adam lomas

    getting skyrim today! is it recommendable?

  • salty

    Even though this was years ago, it is so annoying to watch. Jesus christ he was a noob. But I still love him lol

  • Liam Frank

    I just got this game I don't even know the controls let alone what skills to max xD

  • josh rage

    I play skyrim and I have play the game 2 times for 15 hours

  • pjak1minecraft

    date of release 11.11.11.

  • Deividas Žilionis

    This game is something that you want to experience by yourself. I mean you can do everything, go everywhere. Finished the game 4 times and i still playing it. One of the best games. And Brad is doing great making those video's thus this video is 3 years since the game release. :)


    Why did he take so long to put on the better armor?


    That's pretty cool that it's 11.11.11

  • AymAPandah

    I always have difficulty getting to bleak falls barrow. Tell me Im not the only one ;-;

  • VideoGameManG

    When will he put on his armor

  • joe smith

    i like the cat race because it has night vision and his claws do 15 damage so no weapon

  • bob marly

    dont be susch a wus i took out an intire giants camp with no armor at level 2

  • Omega Lock

    Fun/sad fact: depending on when your watching this you probably won't ever see another date like that now that it's 2014

  • Greybeard

    At least he doesn't stop and thank everybody every 5 seconds in these old videos.

  • lizardgod 101

    That skeever made me jump 😂

  • AP3X_ W0LF7

    it can only be described as awesome

  • Darkmonger

    I like how whenever you open up a shop screen or chest, etc. everything completely freezes, as if there was a dragon or something. Now I am afraid to look behind me!

  • TheLawrence05

    R.I.P to the guy who did the skyrim and fallout map.He died of cancer He did an amazing Job!

  • bob marly

    all you got to do is be a were wolf and it takes no efort to kill a giant or just be a man with some skills and a sack

  • WPDP27

    Whiterun seems like Edoras/ Rohan

  • Tiana Barrone

    i play in 1sperson and 3rd person depending on the situation im n 

  • MineCraftFreak3

    I don't fucking care about Diablo 3! If I wanted the piece of shit, I would have clicked it the first time it plated. STOP PLAYING THE FUCKING AD

  • OneMoreHour

    'Look at that amazing 720p landscape'

  • Klemen Kovačič

    this game seems old haha :P will they do elder scroll 6?

  • JayTheGamerGuy-Team Awesomeness

    Stop being a baby and kill people on the game

  • nikos tsavousakis

    no offens dude but u don't know how to pplay skyrim NooB

  • Andrew C

    "I can go on a mass murdering spree right now. That's why this game is amazing."

  • Robby Smith

    Does any still play this game!??!

  • dylan baxter

    i think u should do first person who agrees?

  • blubberbu

    you now most of games like this are inspired by LOTR or hobbit whatever uwanna call it

  • Ramim Delwar

    brad put on the shoes you have rught now

  • black ops21

    Get the fucking hunting bow

  • Fuzzy

    nice gameplay i love it i know its weird but im just see it in 2015!! 

  • SirZombieNachos

    Did anyone else notice he uploaded this on 11/11/11

  • overstretchedfox

    "I can go on a mass murdering spree that's why it's amazing"

  • Mirroracle 27

    Am I the only one that just wants climb inside the game and be their DragonbornEvery time I play that’s what I want

  • King Kong

    Please don't like my comment I don't want notifications

  • Matthew Best

    Bro, put on some shoes. He is probably still running around with no shoes.

  • Roderick Pollock

    I swear i made my character look like that assassin from ac origins

  • Disneyfan82

    I feel bad for killing wolves in games, knowing how wolves are represented in real life unfairly. But I guess when it comes to the gaming world, it's either kill or be killed. And usually the ones attacking you leave no other option but do what you must do to survive and press forward. So I'm like "sorry wolves, but you left me no choice"

  • BuzzyBee

    I really enjoy watching theRadBrad videos he makes me laugh. Love the guy

  • ANON Anonymous

    Best game ever. This game holds more then the mind can imagine.... Like you will never find or complete everything. But you can become everything. I was a storm cloak, imperial... Werewolf, vampire...dragon born with all the shouts and all of that. It never ends.

  • omega311888

    carrying a bow yet not picking up arrows... sigh

  • Stubbydingo

    11:10 all these interesting and important discussions around him and what does he do? Finds a cow and says "HAY BUDDY!"

  • Cyber Chiken

    I liked every comment last video on his skyrim

  • The Gaming J.D

    3:56 Mans1ay3r anyone?

  • BoltStorm

    At least Farengar is upfront about what he wants.

  • Big Carl

    makes a 20 minute video tutorial for bleak falls Barrow and doesn't even enter the dungeon

  • TheDorkSide426

    Giants at peaceful unless you hurt them or hurt a mammoth right beside it which I figured myself

  • jakedog430

    take all the arrows you can

  • Neo Bahamut

    All these comments and NO one said anything about brad trying mods since it's 2017 now. <3~Damn Trolls~


    dude you suck at this game 1 hole episode for the beginning 20 min and I'm at high routhgar

  • Jasmine Williams

    DON'T CONFRONT THE GIANTS, NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO! Unless your level 50 and have really strong weapons and armor! BUT THAT'S JUST THE BEAR MINIMUM!

  • Jasmine Williams

    Please God tell me that he joined the companions and got the werewolf ability!

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