Skyrim Remastered BEST Weapon AT LEVEL ONE! Chillrend Sword Location (Special Edition Unique Weapons

Skyrim Remastered BEST Weapon AT LEVEL ONE! Chillrend Sword Location (Special Edition Unique Weapons Guide) How to get Chillrend EARLY! Tutorial Walkthrough!
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1-10: 5 Points Frost
11-18: 10 Points Frost
19-26: 15 Points Frost
27-35: 20 Points Frost
36-45: 25 Points Frost
46+: 30 Points Frost


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  • Nick Gonzales

    Riften must be run by the Clinton Administration

  • WR3ND

    Do not pick up Mercer's Plans on the table in the same room with Chillrend. This will bug out a main Thieves Guild quest and make it get stuck in an infinite loop later on. Alternatively, this bug can be used to get multiple copies of the Nightingale Blade, one of the best swords in the game. Putting Mercer's Plans back on the table again and playing through the bugged quest again should resolve the issue, but only do this at your own risk. Please thumbs this up so others can see it. It was a huge pain for me trying to sort this out myself and fix the bugged quest. Cheers.

  • Keith Austin

    If you're getting it at level one it's not the best weapon.

  • Inters3ct

    I legit almost thought I was being trolled after he told me to push a cart along the floor.

  • Trent Pattillo

    but... Chillrend is a leveled sword, with six variants. So, it's best to grab it at level 46 for maximum damage and charge, since at 46 you get the best base damage and enchantment damage and charge. >_> Getting it at level one is like eating one cookie, when you could wait until after dinner and have all the cookies!

  • Der Kaiser

    Chillrend looks so goddamn sexy.

  • sooma239

    Chillrend is NOT as strong as dragonbone at level 1. Both the enchantment AND the base damage of the sword is based on the level, as well as the value and weight of the sword. Look at 7:30 in the video the sword weighs 11, compared to 8:06 in the video the sword weighs 16. Google chillrend and look it up on the skyrim wiki. Be level 46+ when you pick up chillrend for it to be as strong as a dragonbone sword

  • Aurora Infection

    Is this sword in Oblivion?

  • Jay Large

    I thought chilrend was on the top of a boat? What sword was that?

  • Arutima

    Every one know that 'best weapons' in Skyrim are the ones you forge with the loop. (Enchant alchemy set to make better enchant potions to make higher percentage enchanted alchemy set to make higher percentage enchant potions x whatever number of times you want) Then make smithing potions in the 1000% + so that you can make 5k + damage weapons that can fell elder dragons in one hit.

  • Deuce Treyz

    I've checked every time of day and the gate is locked for me

  • Randage

    Appreciate the video. But did you really need to add in all of this filler? To me, it seems like you're just trying to bypass the 10minutes mark.

  • PQ5

    personally i think it's no fun playing with such op weapon at the beginning of the game, i prefer them iron and steel weapons.

  • Cody Clark

    If your planing on getting your nightingale gear do not take mercers plans on the table beside chillrend,s case or the girl i can barely recall her name but she will disappear and you cant finish the quest line i thought i should let every one know to save some trouble for some

  • Reese Slone

    If you get this early on you will mess up the Thieves Guild Quest line.

  • The Golden Tiger


  • Biggie Cheese

    Is Skyrim remastered just a way for ESO to reupload all of his old videos?

  • Marjo Ryszczuk

    Seriously, does someone thinks this is current gen quality? XD

  • To be Famous_24

    Wait the remastered version came out already

  • Henry Erickson

    i got chillrend at level 1 and it only does 8 points of damage

  • NoObzBoi

    Looks like I’m restarting the game

  • Max Miller

    I couldnt jump on the wagon thing. Can somebody help me

  • LilSolTheTrapGod

    I couldn’t find a key for the first but so I

  • demon

    who else makes their housecarl more powerful than themselves?no one?oh, ok

  • WolfkinNorthclaw

    You can also pick pocket the guard or go through the meadery to get in, I prefer taking the key and going in that way like a boss. ~.-

  • Vili Nurminen

    Before waching this vid i knew it was there so i took it and mercers plans and karliah dosent appear to thieves guild after quest where you Get nightingale blade plz help

  • Runescaep

    Lmao i remember when skyrim first came out and i did the mission where you need to go into mercers mansion, i did it always like this since i didnt know that you could shoot the bridge down xD

  • Max Miller

    Whwn I first saw the name I thought it said children

  • Omega375

    Does this work in swutch version

  • Paul Lee

    I was so tempted to watch this but I decided not to. im afraid itt will ruin my very first skyrim experience. :(

  • Vili Nurminen

    As strong as dragonbone sword damage 11

  • Nathaniel Preposturious

    chillrend is awful at lvl 1 its a leveled sword sooooooooooooooo do yourself a favor and get it at lvl 27 or higher

  • Berserk Broadcasting

    Well I did that and got it on the remastered version, but its crap, 12 damage

  • Vili Nurminen

    It took year but i ve made my way to the top

  • daniel McDowell

    Or you can do the thieves guild quest

  • philipp plein

    Look if youre gonna glitch in this house, you can better just use console commands. Youre cheating both situations.

  • Psijic Master Of Arcane

    I'mma do an elven build now

  • JT1985

    Using the console on PC to go to the developer room and deck out in whatever you want to start your new journey is much easier no offense. For console players yeah my sympathies

  • Yanky Doodle

    I got the sword but it only does 12 damage for me?This happen ton anyone else?

  • LyaN_Voltic

    Thank you so much! This weapon goes well with the fire staff I got. Well I forgot the name but you know, the one that spreads a wall of fire

  • Flexotic

    Mine does only 9 damage..why can please someome tell me i am new PLS

  • mbeezy 502


  • André Marco

    The barrel isn't there, the scenario is kinda different

  • Heitor Viana

    Hey i'm level 7 of course i did get 5 frost damage but the sword says it gives 9 damage not 45 or 50!

  • azzip

    This still works but the sword will be matched to your level. Not worth it anymore.

  • Iseenotix

    or wait till you are level 45 to get the best possible version of the weapon.

  • Jatin Verma

    Hey very good in sky rim man﷕

  • Sean Regoli

    that gate now requires a key as soon as you enter riften

  • Peyton's Vault

    Great video man keep up the good work!!!

  • marshrover V


  • Aleksander 3702

    Notification squad where you at?

  • Oliver Scott

    Um... Does this work on the normal edition? AKA Not remastered

  • rifki amdani

    dude i want to ask.i started playing skyrim but, the original one. not the special editiondo your methods still works or its different?

  • Joe Dylan

    The gate said it requires a key on mine

  • Jeno

    I'm so hype for Skyrim remastered

  • therruefalse

    ESO, not to be mean, but you did the same thing in the skyrim like 2 years ago. This is skyrim REMASTERED, not skyrim 2. Same story, places, characters. Better graphics.

  • starkill877

    I havnt played this game in a while, but if I recal, can't you just shoot the bridge and it falls?

  • Scooby Doo

    If you see this tipyou can shoot the gear mechanism with your bow to drop down the draw bridge so you don't have to do the roof glitch

  • Funnn

    I got the chillrend at level 19, should i have waited or do you think I'm ok?

  • Clayton koenig

    what does ESO stand for.🤔

  • ZyanHD

    this doesnt work anymore. gate stays locked. cant be picked and needs a key.

  • SmartSmith

    They say Skyrim remastered to warn the viewer that there might be a dawnguard or a dragon born dlc add on. Which is quite helpful to those viewers who don't have Skyrim remastered or those who don't have dawnguard or dragon born dlc installed into their Skyrim. These are also used to make the video quality better to make it look more "catching to the eye". (Well also to stop those modders who ask what visual mod are you using.)

  • The Matrix

    Use console command (tcl) more easy it gives you noclip.

  • ライブLive

    so if you're level 10 when you get the sword, and you'll keep leveling up, will the swords enchantments level up with you?

  • Adriano Bersano

    I can't get up to that roof :/

  • Jack Ross

    I watched a COD Infinite Warfare add before this. I didn't skip, because it was playing Guns and Roses 🔫&🌹

  • Xavi Neira

    Someone please tell me I’ve enchanted an ebony dagger with fire and storm dmg both enchants do 31 dmg plus sneaking perks and I use shrouded gloves that do double sneak attack dmg. Is Chillrend still better?

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