Skyrim Remastered BEST Weapon AT LEVEL ONE! Chillrend Sword Location (Special Edition Unique Weapons

Skyrim Remastered BEST Weapon AT LEVEL ONE! Chillrend Sword Location (Special Edition Unique Weapons Guide) How to get Chillrend EARLY! Tutorial Walkthrough!
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1-10: 5 Points Frost
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27-35: 20 Points Frost
36-45: 25 Points Frost
46+: 30 Points Frost


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  • WR3ND

    Do not pick up Mercer's Plans on the table in the same room with Chillrend. This will bug out a main Thieves Guild quest and make it get stuck in an infinite loop later on. Alternatively, this bug can be used to get multiple copies of the Nightingale Blade, one of the best swords in the game. Putting Mercer's Plans back on the table again and playing through the bugged quest again should resolve the issue, but only do this at your own risk. Please thumbs this up so others can see it. It was a huge pain for me trying to sort this out myself and fix the bugged quest. Cheers.

  • Inters3ct

    I legit almost thought I was being trolled after he told me to push a cart along the floor.

  • Nick Gonzales

    Riften must be run by the Clinton Administration

  • Keith Austin

    If you're getting it at level one it's not the best weapon.

  • Der Kaiser

    Chillrend looks so goddamn sexy.

  • Busta Bee

    The gate doesn't open in the daytime

  • Trent Pattillo

    but... Chillrend is a leveled sword, with six variants. So, it's best to grab it at level 46 for maximum damage and charge, since at 46 you get the best base damage and enchantment damage and charge. >_> Getting it at level one is like eating one cookie, when you could wait until after dinner and have all the cookies!

  • kevnar

    If you're going to use glitches, why not just use cheats? player.additem F8318

  • Biggie Cheese

    Is Skyrim remastered just a way for ESO to reupload all of his old videos?

  • sooma239

    Chillrend is NOT as strong as dragonbone at level 1. Both the enchantment AND the base damage of the sword is based on the level, as well as the value and weight of the sword. Look at 7:30 in the video the sword weighs 11, compared to 8:06 in the video the sword weighs 16. Google chillrend and look it up on the skyrim wiki. Be level 46+ when you pick up chillrend for it to be as strong as a dragonbone sword

  • Deuce Treyz

    I've checked every time of day and the gate is locked for me

  • Runescaep

    Lmao i remember when skyrim first came out and i did the mission where you need to go into mercers mansion, i did it always like this since i didnt know that you could shoot the bridge down xD

  • Berserk Broadcasting

    Well I did that and got it on the remastered version, but its crap, 12 damage

  • Rongopai Gillies

    omg it worked!!! I've only just started but omg thank you sooooooooooooooo much I've subscribed liked and smashed that notification bell thank you again!

  • Jay Large

    I thought chilrend was on the top of a boat? What sword was that?

  • Peyton's Vault

    Great video man keep up the good work!!!

  • Kryptic H

    Quite a lot of gold(9gold)

  • mbeezy 502


  • Titan

    "This weapon has a base damage of 15, as much as a dragonbone sword."So..why'd it do 11 damage?

  • WolfkinNorthclaw

    You can also pick pocket the guard or go through the meadery to get in, I prefer taking the key and going in that way like a boss. ~.-

  • Randage

    Appreciate the video. But did you really need to add in all of this filler? To me, it seems like you're just trying to bypass the 10minutes mark.

  • Yanky Doodle

    I got the sword but it only does 12 damage for me?This happen ton anyone else?

  • Sweil

    it doesn't work-you cant jump on the wheel barrel, and the gate requires a sink through the wheel barrel.i don't have bug mod.

  • Blackout

    Thank you so much! This weapon goes well with the fire staff I got. Well I forgot the name but you know, the one that spreads a wall of fire

  • Axl J. Reyes

    Nice, very helpful. Until you started to kill guards, hahaha

  • dandan 12

    thx,now i have the best sword and armor in game:D...i destryed whiterun,now riften?:D?

  • super roman reigns

    thanks alot!im level 58 but i cant finish the thiefs guild quest because keerava is dead LOL!

  • Walter G Dogg

    Thank you my friend i got the sword following this on remastered 👍🏻

  • Tevin parker

    I'm a new subscriber good videos and I loved your 4 hour walk through

  • Paul Lee

    I was so tempted to watch this but I decided not to. im afraid itt will ruin my very first skyrim experience. :(

  • I Triggered I

    look i am trying to gameshare for skyrim the games i have areRocket league and 2k17

  • Wolven Avalanche

    Does Skyrim Special Edition Contain All The DLC's?

  • Blood of Gaea

    Chillrend damage is leveled, it only has a base level of 10 at level 1...You don't get 15 base damage unless your level 46 or higher when you obtain it.

  • Rainface Atriarch

    I think the best level to get the levelled gear, like Chillrend, is level 46. Also, Chillrend is the only Blue skin of the glass sword. ^^ Thanks for this great vid

  • Peter Lee

    ESO, does taking Chillrend at low level affects the thief guild mission The pursuit not able to start?

  • Sean Regoli

    that gate now requires a key as soon as you enter riften

  • The Golden Tiger


  • Ο Γκατς

    New game.Take a shot every time ESO says ''in the description''

  • MaxWell Miller

    I couldnt jump on the wagon thing. Can somebody help me

  • jhett cannon

    Thanks ESO :D really helped me out! I already new about chillrend but I never knew u could do that cart thing :)

  • nano killers

    thx for the dwarven set guied very helpful

  • Squad Fam

    I'm replaying skyrim and got this sword the long way ( all of thief's guild )

  • zombieslaya82

    So i go through all this and get the sword, IT ONLY DOES 12 DAMAGE

  • Charlie Cooke

    Thanks dude, I did all this shit to get a weapon with 11 damage. This took my whole night :(

  • azzip

    This still works but the sword will be matched to your level. Not worth it anymore.

  • TheRealGerbels


  • daniel McDowell

    Or you can do the thieves guild quest

  • camopants 369

    I was actually able to use the whirlwind sprint shout across from the roof to the balcony but the video was very helpful

  • Schnozistan Czar

    Don't get this early, the damage and stats scale with level, so level one would be obsolete pretty quickly

  • Is3 is bad

    oh yea i remember this sword i replaced my ebony axe with this sword

  • Tyler Pizza

    for my first character I got this weapon at level 18 I think, but I had no idea at the time that the sword was that strong

  • Brendan Devine

    "SKYRIM remastered " in the title : clickbait intensifies !!!

  • OGnella

    "Don't mess with anything."steals unique itemThanks ESO! haha

  • HeLLsm

    This weapon is also in normal Skyrim, not only in the special edition ;)

  • None of your Business

    The gate in Riften is NOT open during the day. It is also NOT pickable; it requires a key.Also: WTF?? My Chillrend does a whopping 13 (thirteen) base damage. Is ANYthing that you post correct??

  • GreeenSnake 22

    Never say no to skyrim. Am I right?

  • Raveena of Punjab

    I was so hoping that Skyrim Remastered was going to have survival mode.

  • Nova Nation

    Chillrend had more base damage than my ebony sword that was upgraded to fine. Jeez.

  • LilSolTheTrapGod

    I couldn’t find a key for the first but so I

  • sev

    The weapon will have twice the damage if you recieve it around lvl 75 or so

  • memeing ferret

    what does ESO stand for.🤔

  • cosmin suciu

    He lied about it doing 45 damage My one did only 15 damage at level one

  • Dakota Bennett

    Don't get Chillrend earlier! It later on becomes one of the most powerful weapons in the game if you wait!! >.<

  • EchoNoahGaming

    Thanks so much! I got it, but it Doesn't do as much damage. Still a really cool weapon tho, I subbed and turned on the bell

  • MaxWell Miller

    Whwn I first saw the name I thought it said children

  • Aleksander 3702

    Notification squad where you at?

  • Aurora Infection

    Is this sword in Oblivion?

  • Goat Bot

    Meh I would rather wait till level 42 honestly

  • Matthew Coyle

    Alternatively if you are willing to wait a bit you can whirlwind sprint off the temple of Mara and onto the balcony with the draw bridge ramp.

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