Top 10 Elder Scrolls Quests You Never Found

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Top 10 Elder Scrolls Quests You Never Found
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The Elder Scrolls is one of the most celebrated and beloved series of all time. Thanks to its rich lore, engaging combat mechanics, and incredibly detailed and sprawling world, Bethesda have managed to create a truly unique RPG. With so many quests and characters, players are bound to miss more than a few! So, we've put together our picks for the Top 10 Elder Scrolls Quests You Never Found!

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List Entries & Rank:
#10: The Ebony Warrior
#9: Vulthuryol
#8: Ennbjof’s Nord Burial
#7: Mages Guild Reinstatement
#6: Conjuration Ritual Spell
#5: A Brush with Death
#4: The Silent Pilgrimage
#3, #2 & #1: ???

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  • Jonty Rosenow

    A Brush with Death? What else is on this list lmao Escape From the Imperial Prison?

  • LUKA

    Top 10 TES quests you never foundFans with 1000+ hours in each game: "*lauging*Oh I don't think so"

  • beatingstuff88

    How can you not find a brush with death?

  • lickthelockmrlippy 79

    That dragon in Blackreach is not a quest its an easter egg

  • koffinkat666

    FOUND THEM ALL! I also have no girlfriend.....

  • Jay Arthur

    Ah, the Ebony Warrior...I’ve been shouted and thrown off that mountain too many times

  • TheNotoriousCheeto

    Sorry, but this list is a joke. The first one literally tracks you down and engages you in conversation if you reach a certain level. Also included on this list are Faction Quests and Daedric quests, which most people do at least once. Not included on the list is at least two Morrowind quests that I am not sure ever give you a journal entry, a couple Oblivion quests that automatically activate only if you happen to talk to a random NPC that you would likely not encounter, and Skyrim quests that occur only if you randomly walk into a remote area and chat with just the right person. And of course, my white whale, The Scroll of Wolf Ender; the one thing in Morrowind I was never able to do.

  • Twothless

    2:12, look everyone - I made it into a WatchMojo video!

  • Robbie Gable

    You underestimate how much I prefer Oblivion over Skyrim. I did everything multiple times.

  • Blake Gonzales

    I can see how casual players might miss some of these but for the most part these quest aren't exactly hidden. A daedric quest should never be on a list like this.

  • Grace R

    I’ve done all of these, you fail again Watchmojo

  • ego ro

    How is the ebony warrior one? Literally everyone knows about that quest and the quest comes to you practically.

  • Alamo James

    I remember the unicorn. I discovered it by accident, it attacked me, so I killed it. Then, I realized the horn was a quest item. Eventually, I found out it was for one of the deity shrines. Soon after, I vowed to collect as many of the quest items from the shrines as possible. My favorite item was probably The Savior’s Hide.

  • JaronZ

    Seeing morrowind again, brought me peace.

  • zhain0

    In that bird burial site in morrowind if you levitate up you find a small gap and their is a unique daedric helmet called 'the face of god' or something like that. Yeh I played that game far too much back in the day..... Got to over lvl 900 lol

  • 55meds

    Sometimes you just have to like your own comment to get the ball rolling

  • Gavin Blackshear

    This popped up in my notifications and I was like “Hmm, bet!”

  • Jubes

    Skyrim: Main Theme.Dovahkiin, Dovahkiinnaal ok zin los vahriinwah dein vokul mahfaeraak ahst vaal!Ahrk fin norok paal graanfod nust hon zindro zaanDovahkiin, fah hin kogaan mu draal!Huzrah nu, kul do od, wah aan bok lingrah vodAhrk fin tey, boziik fun, do fin gein!Wo lost fron wah ney dovahrk fin reyliik do julvoth aan suleyk wah ronit faal kreinAhrk fin kel lost prodah,Do ved viing ko fin krah,Tol fod zeymah win kein meyz fundein!Alduin, feyn do jun,kruziik vokun staadnau,voth aan bahlok wah diivon fin lein!Nuz aan sul, fent alok,fod fin vul dovah nok,fen kos nahlot mahfaeraak ahrk ruz!Paaz Keizaal fen kos stin nol bein Alduin jot!Dovahkiin, Dovahkiinnaal ok zin los vahriinwah dein vokul mahfaeraak ahst vaal!Ahrk fin norok paal graanfod nust hon zindro zaanDovahkiin, fah hin kogaan mu draal!

  • DarkAgeDanny

    "This Mojo video must be old I never seen it before."September 15, 2018

  • Maverick Crow

    Never found? I found all those skyrim quests, if you wanna go for quests never found (Or from the looks of this, 'forgotten' maybe), try Drowned Sorrows, much more obscure and confusing, and you receive NO reward, OR quest markers completely forgettable and hard to find

  • UltimateHalG

    I found #9 while screwing around and trying break the shiny, fragile-looking, fancy ball in the sky...I was not ready

  • RevanZala

    Morrowind was slightly before my time, but I've found all of the Oblivion and Skyrim quests. Although if they had to pick a Daedric quest from Oblivion, they should have gone with either Boethia or Hermaous Mora instead of Hircine. I stumbled across Hircine's shrine on my first playthrough because he's so close to the road. Boethia is so far east in remote mountains on the map that even his worshippers are surprised you found the place, and you can't do the Hermaous Mora quest until you've completed every other Daedric quest in the game, including Hircine's and Boethia's.

  • TechJunkie

    WatchMojo: It's over Anakin! I have the top 10 quests in Elder scrolls you have never completed!Me: You underestimate my power!

  • Liv

    I have played Elder scrolls series for so damn long I don’t think I could possibly miss any quest. It’s a little sad/scary

  • Ow3n the Horror

    I’ve completed all of THESE quests but that one quest it eludes me... Find girlfriend

  • Bekka Mouri-Hibiki

    What? No hidden quests in The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall? I'll let you in on it though.... Remembering to save every five to ten minutes while in a dungeon OR before asking for or turning in a quest. Anyone who played Daggerfall probably remembers how buggy it was, even after patches.

  • Lord Scats

    What was the music playing while he was talking? Not listed in description.

  • TheMADGOD91

    or if you came across the unicorn randomly you can ride it and make it be your permanent mount

  • sadlobster1

    When my mother and sister first heard I killed that unicorn in Oblivion, they were livid.Saying stuff like "how dare you kill such a beatiful creature"

  • TheMaster1

    Vulthyruol is a reference to Tolkien's Hobbit. Like, it's a dragon in an underground Dwarven city

  • TheOneBadAssGamer

    you forgot the most important unfound quest of them all The ending main quest.

  • Armin Tramposch

    No Morrowind Sheogorath Quest? Where you have to fight a giant Netch Bull with a tiny fork for the lols of a god. And be Rewarded with a legendary spear

  • Lennox Trials

    Who ever made this video has NEVER played an Elder Scrolls Game. This list is bogus.

  • Jareth The Goblin King

    THEY HAD UNICORNS IN THAT GAME? Jeez someone plz make a unicorn mod for Skyrim

  • wingit 98

    I actually summoned Vulthurol on accident in my first playthrough because I almost shouted at lydia so I looked up and shouted at the orb.

  • Freedom Fries and Toast

    Rise in the east from skyrim. Nobody found that quest, and its pretty interesting cause you get to go to an island outside skyrim.

  • M. G. Kahraman

    THE ACTUAL NUMBER 1 SHOULD BEMain Quest - Elder Scrolls I: Arena

  • Charlie Marshall

    Sorry Mr. Generic Narrator Voice (Mr. G. N. Voice) but you seem to have underestimated my TES universe proficency, I have encountered and completed all of theseAlso the Ebony Warrior was an easy kill with my 1500 sneak damage bow

  • blidrob

    Notice the near constant madness of being attacked by goddamn cliff racers....

  • Jim

    I killed the dragon in blackreach within a minute. LOL. He's really not all that powerful.

  • Peaceful Explorer

    I've definitely done the quest to beat the unbound dremora, I keep the sigil stone in a wash basin (on X360)

  • bAker305

    "quests you never found"includes the skyrim quest you need to learn the master conjuration spells really think no one ever did that?

  • Peter B

    Has found and made most of the Quests you mentioned in video, but on the other hand I have many 1000 hours of playtime in The Elder Scrolls.

  • Elemeno

    You're not a true Elder Scrolls fan if you didn't find these.

  • Dani Leopardeye

    A dragon in Blackreach? O-O YAS! Stuff to do! 😀😀

  • Ben Lowe

    Top 10 ES Quests You Never FoundNumber 1: The one that's on literally every quest or easter egg related ES list

  • Reid Garwin

    Why do you have to randomly piss off us Elderscrolls folks with your video

  • ForemostCrab7

    Why is this channel still a thing?Cause they cannot have missed all the shit they've been getting on basically every list video.Honestly at this point, their entire channel is a Meme, a god damn Joke.And they know it.

  • Zeph

    "only you can send me to sovngarde" -ebony warrior>redguard under the helmet, not a nord

  • Austyn Gillis

    I remember at the start of every playthrough on Oblivion I would start out with going straight for obtaining Umbra and then over to the grove filled with minotaurs and stealing the unicorn. I would ride it to the Imperial City and then it would be marked as mine; pretty sure it had a lot of health, too

  • starclaws

    Glad you guys got the pillows but too bad you missed the magical fork of Horripilation.

  • dahustla95

    number 9 (the dragon) was a bs pick. its not even a quest, more of a hidden boss

  • Jonathan Ybarra

    Man I loved Oblivion more than Skyrim, especially with the shivering isles DLC

  • Zairo {Death Incarnate}

    FacepalmsVultyrol is NOT a QUEST.

  • Pandas are cool

    Damn bugs, they're all over the place and prevent me from completing quests.

  • mrragerr22

    the narrators voice made me hate this whole video and im off the watchmojo bandwagon

  • PowerupMinionDK

    A have found all of these quests in skyrim and oblivion since i'm a 100%'er. I have however not played morrowwind and have therefore not found any of them...

  • Jm 115

    man, i remember one-shotting karstaag SO hard with my sneaky boi build. that was fun!

  • DragonGod Aaron

    Do top 10 Dragon Ball Super characters. Like Hit, Jiren, Zamasu

  • bobby winicher

    Ebony warrior..did his ass everytime i got to lvl 80

  • Craig Adams

    #5 was literally the first optional quest I ever found in an Elder Scrolls game. Lucky I guess!

  • Mornaug

    I never completed the Hicine quest because the unicorn was my mount from very early on.

  • The Dark Lord Cthulhu

    You mispronounced Vulthuryol. Twice.In two different ways.How?

  • Mehedi Hasan

    "you never found"hahahahaha. You just insulted all those sleepless nights and thousands of hours

  • Tanner Man

    I just became level-7! I've spent how many hours on this game

  • C Mitchell

    #5 was a great quest. It was fun being pulled into a painting.

  • Tracinya Slinger

    Ah, the unicorn. I walked up to it with my weapons sheathed, and went for a ride. Of course, Oblivion's aggression system is actually quite interesting. Each character has an aggression level - if your disposition with the character is lower than its aggression level, it will attack. Drawing your weapons reduces their disposition by ten. This meant, for me, that the unicorn was friendly if my weapons were sheathed, and hostile if they were drawn. Cue me fast-travelling up to Fort Farragut with the unicorn in tow, encountering a wolf, forgetting about the unicorn and drawing my weapon, only to have Shadowmere blasting in to rescue me from the unicorn.So yes, the unicorn is impervious to normal weapon damage. Shadowmere does normal weapon damage, so Shadowmere can't hurt the unicorn. And Shadowmere, meanwhile, is an essential npc, and can only be knocked out. So yes, that was an eternal battle. They're probably still fighting.

  • CrazyGrayHare

    I found "A Brush With Death" by mistake. I was stealing paint brushes to abuse a glitch, lol

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