10 BEST PS4 Games coming in 2016.

10 Best PS4 games coming in 2016:-
1) 0:06 Homefront The Revolution
2) 1:51 Dead Island 2
3) 2:41 Final Fantasy 15
4) 3:48 Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
5) 5:14 Tom Clancy's The Division
6) 6:23 Deep Down
7) 7:19 Cyberpunk 2077
8) 8:27 Mirror edge 2
9) 9:21 Mass Effect 4
10) 9:59 ARK Survival Evolved.
  • Diogo Pinto

    uncharted 4 the only one worthed in my opinion.

  • Sam Savage

    Ps4 will always be better than xbox

  • GamE FrEak


  • STR33TSofJUST1C3

    CyberPunk 2077? Chances of that being released next year are very slim. CDPR hasn't leaked a word of that game; and they still have their hands on Witcher 3 content.

  • Mikor

    Cyberpunk is coming in 2077 not 2016.... lol

  • Gameplay Walkthrough (GPW)

    The Last Guardian is coming in 2016

  • Art Waites

    so who else is ready for tom clancys the divsion?

  • Juan Mora

    Rise Of The Tomb Rider?For Honor?Horizon Zero Dawn?The Last Guardian?u_u

  • AllMyParentsAreDead ThanksForRemindingMe

    The new Final Fantasy looks like Douchey Rich Kids who LARP simulator 2016

  • The Pirata

    HOMEFRONT: the BUGlution

  • Nikolayevic Muhamedoff

    bro, what the song 7:19 name?

  • Oliver E

    Does anyone knows the name of the song cyberpunk 2077?

  • AM Entertainment

    I am really excited about home front revolution and dead island 2 and tom Clancy the division and deep down and mirrors edge 2 these are the most best games I have ever heard and saw cant wait for them to be released  ^_^.

  • Kaman Jit

    the division I have it for pc im exited for ark I love that game

  • Vencent Jansen

    iam dont like final fantasy series but i see this season is very good game

  • Mathew Wallis

    Wow! Looks like a whole lot of NOTHING!Well... I take that back. Uncharted 4 should be good.

  • lasselehnert

    ghost Recon wildlands, Shadow Warrior 2, Battlefield 1 and No man's sky are my upcoming favourites 😂

  • NorthWind

    Mass Effect AdromedaDead SpaceNew God of WarGT6Fallout 5..... I will be awaiting!

  • chuckit95

    final fantasy 15 and uncharted 4 is a must get

  • Gonza Fernandez

    Can't believe you missed No Man's Sky.

  • Ben Miller

    Hi, You Deserve A Hug. morning ashamed !!

  • thetwinkleturnip

    If you listen to this without watching, it sounds like ten straight minutes of cliche.

  • Steve Normandin

    Final Fantasy XV look amazing!!!!And Uncharted 4...My god Uncharted 4!!!

  • Serukia

    Ya but that mirror's edge and final Fantasy

  • Dahom yasser

    What is ur best game of all time on console ?mine for sure is skyrim

  • PotatoField HD

    ummm Battlefield 2016 ? :D

  • Final fantasy omg!!! <3

  • Bob Lol

    We need another inFAMOUS game I swear...

  • Billyplaysps4

    No horizon zero dawn??

  • ZelltisExx

    after dying light, dead island can go home tbh....

  • Francesca Calandra

    Best PS4 Games: The Witcher, The last of Us, Battlefield 4, Until Dawn, Uncharted

  • Bk U

    never played final fantasy game b4 but this one looks cool

  • Susilordi

    Uncharted 4: Thief's End is the best upcoming (exclusive) for PS4

  • jamiecivic

    These titlesUncharted 4Mafia 3Tom Clancy the division HitmanShould be awesome, if we ever get them, already 2 of them have been delayed

  • Taylor Chase

    Wait.. ARK is coming to PS4? I thought that was PC only?

  • Gridlock Darren

    I can't wait til ark

  • Rising_Legend

    More like "2 PS4 games coming in 2016". Rest are multiplatforms except Uncharted 4 & Deep down (I think this is exclusive)

  • Zeeshan

    What? No final fantasy 7 remake?

  • Martynas4EverGamer64

    ARK survival evolved is already here

  • iplay gamesxd

    Tom Clancy's I like That game

  • iplay gamesxd

    I Don't have The link

  • Baytown Outlaw

    Im tired of these BS trailers that never show any gameplay footage. Ps4 is a joke not one next-gen game where are all the games that they designed this console for? Anyone remember the ads showing how you could tell a characters emotion by their facial expressions? 90% of the games they have in development are games a ps2 could have ran. Did any of you buy your ps4 to play 1980 platformers? I could still be playing Ps3 games if i wasnt fooled into trading it in for this shitty system.

  • MrHayven Games

    Whats the first game? Dead Island looks unreal,finally were getting true next gen games,it took you long enough Sony,greedy assholes. Nobody wants to play revamped ps3 games.


    Firewatch is a game I've had my eye on for a while now. It looks like 2016 will be another strong year for PS4, I made the switch from Xbox 360 early last year, and so far I have not been disappointed. Not just with the quality of games, but also with the quality of the console as a whole. The user interface is a lot better than I expected it to be, I always assumed Xbox had the best layout and features, but to be honest the Xbox one's dashboard is over-complicated, and cluttered, the PS4 gets it just right in my opinion.

  • Michael Seelemann


  • Kendall Sain

    I'm seriously considering buying a PS4 just for the exclusives, especially Uncharted 4. Everything else I would rather play on PC. I'm trying to see what other cool exclusives there are on PS4 to see if it's worth it. Red Dead Redemption and Horizon Zero Dawn also look cool.

  • X_Trainer_Red_X

    wait... ARK is coming to ps4 cool!! I played it when it first came out but they made too many updates and my pc couldn't keep up plus singleplayer was boring and multiplayer had wayyy too many big tribes with tons of bases, gear, dinos ect. and it would be VERY laggy but I'm worried that the graphics will be a lot woars....

  • Douglas Almeida

    alguém sabe o nome dessa trilha sonora de cyber punk

  • Mitta Connor

    Pretty much 0 chance cyberpunk2077 will be out in 2016. As much as they wished it years ago, the Witcher took too many of their resources off project(by which I mean manpower), and at this point I'll be happy just to see it in 2017.

  • Kent Clark

    Uncharted, final fantasy, mass effect look good deep down loooks interesting. Why would anyone wanna play dead island 2 the first one was rubbish

  • Philip Cariño

    Dead island looks so much like dead rising. These games look superb. Im now considering PS4 but hey some are multiplat though!

  • Random Film Clips

    Sharing Star Wars Battlefront for any of these: GTA V , Fallout 4 , Far Cry 4.Reply if interested.

  • jamiecivic

    Kids shut up about gta6 already !It's not coming until atleast 2018, and even then it will be delay just like every other rockstar game! And it is not coming to ps5, it will be ps4 and ATLEAST 2 years away

  • Jordanholliday

    buzzing for ark survival the division and dead island two


    Uncharted 1- The lost legacy and The last of us are the best Games of the World

  • NoLifeHope

    most of them about wars wars civil wars any more tematics?

  • Laughing Man

    Homefront the revolution is a ps4 exclusive? I hope the game is as awesome as the trailer.

  • Panf Raman

    Das könnte auch in Wirklichkeit sein wie in (gray stay) sein wo er und seine Frau mit Kind erschossen sind von 2013. klip one


    Are you kidding I did not see a bad game came down in 2016 is playing homefront system where nasty and malfunctions where I find intolerable is not calling to put a list of the best games really.

  • Mini Cat

    I can't wait for ark survival evolved!!!😃😃😃😃😃😆😆😆😄😄😄

  • EarlyMist

    All violence and anarchy and doomsday apart from Uncharted. Geeks are gonna be so un-prepped in the real world when shit really goes down. as it will. Armchair Gunslingers...untrained in reality, over trained in their brains.

  • Jordan M

    2016. uncharted, no man's sky and, hate me for it but, call of duty 2017 mass effect and dues exany1 else like me that just plays the same few games relentlessly wanna add good ones to my list?

  • DeadPool HD

    andd South Park fractured butthole

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