10 BEST PS4 Games coming in 2016.

10 Best PS4 games coming in 2016:-
1) 0:06 Homefront The Revolution
2) 1:51 Dead Island 2
3) 2:41 Final Fantasy 15
4) 3:48 Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
5) 5:14 Tom Clancy's The Division
6) 6:23 Deep Down
7) 7:19 Cyberpunk 2077
8) 8:27 Mirror edge 2
9) 9:21 Mass Effect 4
10) 9:59 ARK Survival Evolved.
  • Sam Savage

    Ps4 will always be better than xbox

  • D P

    uncharted 4 the only one worthed in my opinion.

  • MikusLove Soul

    im not a final fantasy fan But HOLY SHIT THATS GORGEOUS

  • Steve Normandin

    Final Fantasy XV look amazing!!!!And Uncharted 4...My god Uncharted 4!!!

  • Art Waites

    so who else is ready for tom clancys the divsion?

  • Chris Capone

    The new Final Fantasy looks like Douchey Rich Kids who LARP simulator 2016

  • NorthWind

    Mass Effect AdromedaDead SpaceNew God of WarGT6Fallout 5..... I will be awaiting!

  • lasselehnert

    ghost Recon wildlands, Shadow Warrior 2, Battlefield 1 and No man's sky are my upcoming favourites 😂

  • Patriotic Nationalist

    Final Fantasy looks like some Emo shit where a bunch of Emo friends one day decide not to cut them selfs and do something in life.

  • Dahom yasser

    What is ur best game of all time on console ?mine for sure is skyrim

  • Mathew Wallis

    Wow! Looks like a whole lot of NOTHING!Well... I take that back. Uncharted 4 should be good.

  • Gonzalo Fernandez

    Can't believe you missed No Man's Sky.

  • Francesca Calandra

    Best PS4 Games: The Witcher, The last of Us, Battlefield 4, Until Dawn, Uncharted

  • The Pirata

    HOMEFRONT: the BUGlution

  • Juan Mora

    Rise Of The Tomb Rider?For Honor?Horizon Zero Dawn?The Last Guardian?u_u

  • Ben Miller

    Hi, You Deserve A Hug. morning ashamed !!

  • Mikor

    Cyberpunk is coming in 2077 not 2016.... lol

  • Kaman Jit

    the division I have it for pc im exited for ark I love that game

  • Final fantasy omg!!! <3

  • Vencent Jansen

    iam dont like final fantasy series but i see this season is very good game

  • Nikolayevic Muhamedoff

    bro, what the song 7:19 name?

  • Gameplay Walkthrough (GPW)

    The Last Guardian is coming in 2016

  • John J

    Replace ARK w/ No Man's Sky.Top 10!

  • Muscles From Brussels

    Friday The 13th: The Game and Mafia lll is what i'm REALLY looking forward to :-)

  • Cyrrow

    Usually when you post Top 10 PS4 or any other gaming device you make you only post games exclusive to that device.

  • thetwinkleturnip

    If you listen to this without watching, it sounds like ten straight minutes of cliche.

  • Yusuf AboSada

    magnificient graphics...but no one will get the theme of Metal gear solid 1 or tomb raider classics or even resident evil 1 2 and 3...

  • Moquito SEA

    Final Fantasy 15 Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Mass Effect 4 Cyberpunk 2077 This is my list

  • Aleksandra Uzelac

    Don't forget Ratchet &Clank and Rise of Tomb Raider :)

  • The Bread Of Life

    Omg, Homefront The Revolution should be counted as a Killzone Nightfall sequel, but this is what's going on on Earth!

  • Billyplaysps4

    No horizon zero dawn??

  • Hugofun

    ARK Survival Evolved trop presser

  • Serukia

    Ya but that mirror's edge and final Fantasy

  • chuckit95

    final fantasy 15 and uncharted 4 is a must get

  • Jayson Jacob

    Grip is the best Game of ps4 (11/2016)

  • Kieran Herron

    Can't wait for Tom Clancys the Division

  • Doctor Pazuzu

    A lot of these are already confirmed to not be coming out next year.

  • Mini Cat

    I can't wait for ark survival evolved!!!😃😃😃😃😃😆😆😆😄😄😄

  • STR33TSofJUST1C3

    CyberPunk 2077? Chances of that being released next year are very slim. CDPR hasn't leaked a word of that game; and they still have their hands on Witcher 3 content.

  • Mehmet Oynuyor


  • Hard Juan

    when is cyberpunk coming out??

  • LordYarkan

    W.T.F << because Uncharted - The Division excludingOthers game Full Nob games !!!!!!

  • Oliver E

    Does anyone knows the name of the song cyberpunk 2077?

  • Steve Normandin

    Look promising!!!Im so happy to have a PS4!!!

  • Yarik_72

    ARK on PS4??! illuminati confirmed!

  • CasualGamerJ

    I didn't see Dark souls 3 but I see a wanna be in ths... Deep Down? Okay

  • PotatoField HD

    ummm Battlefield 2016 ? :D

  • Oscar Krug

    Isn't Tom clancys revolution on Xbox only?

  • da pug

    he know ark survivel evolved its comes out from along time

  • LegendGamer 11

    I definitely agree that ark will be one of the best on ps4 2016. I cannot wait! It is already an awesome game even in early access! So imagine how good it will be in the future, and on ps4!

  • Annedolf Frankler

    I wonder when Mass Effect 69 is coming

  • Noah Rørvig

    Duuuude Mass Effects First Comes out at March 2017?!

  • SirPaulMuaddib

    What is that awesome new age music you have got playing in the background ???? It's awesome.

  • skynet091287

    I'm looking forward to the new Red Dawn... I mean Homefront!

  • Alwalii — PS4!

    Tom Clancy's I like That game

  • A's

    I have been waiting for Deep Down since 2014

  • Oscar Trasierra

    8 games Multiplataforms,2 exclusives... god marketing sony... smoke!!!

  • ItzSPY

    THE new In Famous will come in 2017?

  • Sniper 180

    Homefront The Revolution reminds me of Killzone Shadow Fall... in other words avoid!

  • Willy D

    so far only game that is my type and unique out of all the game in this video is Final Fantasy god its so amazing!

  • Xion_BRX

    Jesus christ give us Ninja gaiden or something like that on old / next gen

  • TheGamingPlayer0329

    I think plants vs zombies garden warfare 2 should b efforts for me

  • RandomGuy

    Deep Down has taken ages to make! It will be a PS5 game at this rate

  • Bk U

    never played final fantasy game b4 but this one looks cool

  • Hugo Botelho

    Just Saying...That Mass Effect Cover is not the real one. There it says New Age and the real name in Andromeda

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