10 FORGOTTEN Features That No One Ever Uses Anymore In GTA Online!

10 FORGOTTEN Features That No One Ever Uses Anymore In GTA Online!
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10 FORGOTTEN Features That No One Ever Uses Anymore In GTA Online!

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  • MrBossFTW

    10 FORGOTTEN Features That No One Ever Uses Anymore In GTA Online!

  • Hunter Patterson

    Here's a time saver. :D 1. Shower2. Telescope3. Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack4. IFruit5. Joint Celebrations6. "Drag Racing"7. Masking up to evade police8. Internet Cafe in office.9. Motorcycle Club Work/Challenges.10. Roller Coaster.

  • Hybrid Reptilians

    No wonder I hear people humming for no god damn reason 😂😂😂

  • Nerdy Dolphin

    I shower all the time, I wear a white fitted suit all the time and if I’m covered in blood it ruins the look, showering removes the blood from your character

  • Mr Pickles

    The submarine is never used

  • Random channel Gamer

    I use the ifruit to play with chop😥

  • ᐯOᑭᕼᗩᖇ᙭


  • Declan Collins

    This guys complaining about men not being naked in the shower ......

  • Lego and train enthusiast 200

    6:13 who do you wish that woman was?

  • Victor Sanchez

    It’s called a starter pack for a reason 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Saggy_ alex

    U RLY wanted this vid to hit 10 min but by doing that ur wasting my time and its anoying

  • Furious Gamer

    Rev your tires...............yup that’s how that works

  • THATe36 KID

    REV YOUR TIRES😂😂😂😂😂😂 so cringu

  • Dave Hidden

    they're not fckin drag racing u, they're running because they are scared...

  • Lxrd Zoom

    srry for late but the roller coaster is life :v

  • Nikolai

    I can never get the mask thing to work. It didn't even work in his video...

  • ItzTwisted

    I use a lot of these things

  • cludio productions

    The shower is for clean your blood or blood of other player

  • AramZie

    I use the shower to get blood off of my character?

  • kingofleon

    Why is every car free to him


    I sometimes still use the shower feature it does get aread of ,blood,bullets, etc.

  • Aldo Playyzz

    Mr ligma for the balls

  • Francesco Casillas

    I shower, especially when I'm bloody or want to get rid of something on my face. I used the telescope to spy on my neighbors.I use the Ifruit App and mostly just for chop, and for that golden collar! The Dragrace one is fake, they are scared of you. I always use a maak then switch it. I actually like to use the laptops, the Motercycle one is one I can't get other's to join. I ride the rollercoaster and to be honest, I'm most likely the only person who does any of this, plus obeying the laws frequently.

  • Martin Göthberg

    I do actually use the laptops in the office every time I by a new expensive car or property. Why? I don't really know. Probably because it feels more realistic

  • Kostas GamerGR

    No one plays normal races anymore(in new gen)

  • stijnVDA1994

    tbh i did buy the criminal enterprice starter pack and i do sing in the shower ingame and i do rarely use the telescope, but the game with chop is useless, and most of the ap i do not use honestly i do not have it on my phone installed.drag racing with npc is funny, fully changing your clothes wil fully remove the wanted levell.tbh i used the rollercoaster only once in the single player...

  • Desi Gamer

    I bought criminal enterprise and i am regretting

  • Mark Meyer

    I like to shower and use the telescope, and I have a friend who purchases the CESP.I use the iFruit app?

  • Bradley Puckrin

    He has already done this video 5 times already!!

  • Random Person

    If your clothes are covered in blood you use a shower to get rid of it

  • HereCoyote 753

    When I sing in the shower I annoy the heck out of everyone in the lobby instead of singing I scream random stuff yes im one of those players

  • Heroic •

    MrBoss.... How many hours did you spend on this game?

  • Hassan Haq

    0:57 Lol, just set ur mic to no one


    You done this so many timesStop it

  • IEarnXp

    YouTubers shower with boxers on in videos

  • K1ngslay3r425

    I use the telescope for its intended reason

  • Cadan Masters

    I haven't watched the video yet but I know something about taxis is gonna be in this.

  • The insane One

    The shower removes the blood if you’ve been shoot

  • daniel ethan cervantes

    i have the enterprise pack

  • Whale

    But you use the Chop the dog app to train him and teach him new tricks

  • Brian Cabrera

    I use the telescope to look

  • Kaizerdidrik YT

    Do top 10 forgotten gta channels!

  • eT JohnK

    I bought the criminal starter pack

  • Migzzz

    " REV UR TIRE "

  • Cheryl Turner

    The P c's are used for role play

  • Sided Oyster

    The criminal starter pack is not a feature . wtf is wrong with you?

  • Boney Lockz

    I've bought #3 because during an event, the Criminal Enterprise was on sale PLUS at the same time, bonus 2.5mil bonus so I had 10mil by the end of the purchase

  • Chemical Ziper

    It’s wheel not whaleChill I know he said it’s called whale

  • Lil Cruise

    When characters showers in thier boxers or panties they remind me of the Sims

  • Boogie boogie

    On the back tat on 1:13 is the God of war symbol its number 4

  • Sydney

    When you run out of content you make older videos

  • Mike Gorgonzola

    No... you’re telling us shit that’s been known since the dawn of time.

  • Huey P. Burrito

    Video games on your office tv

  • Mauro Foresti

    Him: Rev your tiresMe:😒

  • DSW Guardian

    You don’t rev tires you rev your engine and spin your tires

  • TheGate1234

    1:50 did anybody realize the car is driving on the sidewalk

  • Big Chungus

    Hey mista me use the leviathan

  • ninjabo 01

    1:20 i sometimes do when im not feeling motivated

  • its me

    I shower with underwear bro

  • Gabriel Garcia

    How do you have so much money

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