10 FORGOTTEN Features That No One Ever Uses Anymore In GTA Online!

10 FORGOTTEN Features That No One Ever Uses Anymore In GTA Online!
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10 FORGOTTEN Features That No One Ever Uses Anymore In GTA Online!

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  • MrBossFTW

    10 FORGOTTEN Features That No One Ever Uses Anymore In GTA Online!

  • Hunter Patterson

    Here's a time saver. :D 1. Shower2. Telescope3. Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack4. IFruit5. Joint Celebrations6. "Drag Racing"7. Masking up to evade police8. Internet Cafe in office.9. Motorcycle Club Work/Challenges.10. Roller Coaster.

  • AramZie

    I use the shower to get blood off of my character?

  • Nerdy Dolphin

    I shower all the time, I wear a white fitted suit all the time and if I’m covered in blood it ruins the look, showering removes the blood from your character

  • level waif1466

    The submarine is never used

  • Hybrid Reptilians

    No wonder I hear people humming for no god damn reason 😂😂😂

  • Declan Collins

    This guys complaining about men not being naked in the shower ......

  • Hasibuuddin Azwad

    literrally everyone does stand your ground

  • Lego and train enthusiast 200

    6:13 who do you wish that woman was?

  • Saggy_ alex

    U RLY wanted this vid to hit 10 min but by doing that ur wasting my time and its anoying

  • low on brain cells

    This video TRIGGERED me

  • Victor Sanchez

    It’s called a starter pack for a reason 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Furious Gamer

    Rev your tires...............yup that’s how that works

  • Martin Göthberg

    I do actually use the laptops in the office every time I by a new expensive car or property. Why? I don't really know. Probably because it feels more realistic

  • Aldo Playyzz

    Mr ligma for the balls

  • Kostas GamerGR

    No one plays normal races anymore(in new gen)

  • Random channel Gamer

    I use the ifruit to play with chop😥

  • Nikolai

    I can never get the mask thing to work. It didn't even work in his video...

  • Asoo

    When you run out of content you make older videos

  • ᐯOᑭᕼᗩᖇ᙭


  • IEarnXp

    YouTubers shower with boxers on in videos

  • kingofleon

    Why is every car free to him

  • Lxrd Zoom

    srry for late but the roller coaster is life :v

  • Dave Hidden

    they're not fckin drag racing u, they're running because they are scared...

  • Mark Meyer

    I like to shower and use the telescope, and I have a friend who purchases the CESP.I use the iFruit app?

  • Heroic •

    MrBoss.... How many hours did you spend on this game?

  • ItzTwisted

    I use a lot of these things

  • Desi Gamer

    I bought criminal enterprise and i am regretting

  • Euan Read

    The shower removes the blood if you’ve been shoot

  • Whale

    But you use the Chop the dog app to train him and teach him new tricks

  • Cadan Masters

    I haven't watched the video yet but I know something about taxis is gonna be in this.

  • Hassan Haq

    0:57 Lol, just set ur mic to no one

  • Bradley Puckrin

    He has already done this video 5 times already!!

  • PokemonBoy6356 l

    When I sing in the shower I annoy the heck out of everyone in the lobby instead of singing I scream random stuff yes im one of those players

  • Random Person

    If your clothes are covered in blood you use a shower to get rid of it

  • Boogie boogie

    On the back tat on 1:13 is the God of war symbol its number 4

  • Sided Oyster

    The criminal starter pack is not a feature . wtf is wrong with you?

  • Brian Cabrera

    I use the telescope to look

  • Sippin Wid Sharlele

    I always use the showers it takes bullet marks go away

  • Kaizerdidrik YT

    Do top 10 forgotten gta channels!

  • ZeRoPlayz

    I bought the criminal starter pack

  • cludio productions

    The shower is for clean your blood or blood of other player

  • blob bob

    New player or should I say noobs use dem

  • Migzzz

    " REV UR TIRE "

  • Gone Bonkers

    I feel like these are things that basic gta players know, but since boss is a little bit of a special child, everything is new to him and only applies to him

  • Huey P. Burrito

    Video games on your office tv

  • Cheryl Turner

    The P c's are used for role play

  • Mike Gorgonzola

    No... you’re telling us shit that’s been known since the dawn of time.

  • Mauro Foresti

    Him: Rev your tiresMe:😒

  • Lil Cruise

    When characters showers in thier boxers or panties they remind me of the Sims

  • Boney Lockz

    I've bought #3 because during an event, the Criminal Enterprise was on sale PLUS at the same time, bonus 2.5mil bonus so I had 10mil by the end of the purchase


    Great vids but how do u get all the money in your office like that


    You done this so many timesStop it

  • OCHOA_077

    My friend bought that criminal enterprise pack 😂😂cuz he is new to the game

  • Keniel Díaz

    When I started the video and saw the shower one and I loaded in the shower

  • richy Plays

    I still use I fruit app

  • Jkeitksj Gjryh

    Cool forgotten channels

  • Mad Enduro

    None of these are forgotten I use them all the time

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