10 FORGOTTEN Features That No One Ever Uses Anymore In GTA Online!

10 FORGOTTEN Features That No One Ever Uses Anymore In GTA Online!
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10 FORGOTTEN Features That No One Ever Uses Anymore In GTA Online!

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Hope you enjoyed this video! See you guys in the next one! ✌🏻
  • MrBossFTW

    10 FORGOTTEN Features That No One Ever Uses Anymore In GTA Online!

  • Hybrid Reptilians

    No wonder I hear people humming for no god damn reason 😂😂😂

  • Blue


  • Random channel Gamer

    I use the ifruit to play with chop😥

  • Lord Baphomet

    Here's a time saver. :D 1. Shower2. Telescope3. Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack4. IFruit5. Joint Celebrations6. "Drag Racing"7. Masking up to evade police8. Internet Cafe in office.9. Motorcycle Club Work/Challenges.10. Roller Coaster.

  • England Wba

    This guys complaining about men not being naked in the shower ......

  • Nerdy Dolphin

    I shower all the time, I wear a white fitted suit all the time and if I’m covered in blood it ruins the look, showering removes the blood from your character

  • Mark Meyer

    I like to shower and use the telescope, and I have a friend who purchases the CESP.I use the iFruit app?

  • camerica7400

    "drag race" 😂😂😂 bro that's something all NPCs do they get scared and run

  • Martin Göthberg

    I do actually use the laptops in the office every time I by a new expensive car or property. Why? I don't really know. Probably because it feels more realistic

  • Mr Pickles

    The submarine is never used

  • maciej R

    1:57 i'm like wtf is this super tall building Turns out it's just a pole

  • Jonathon Yuma

    Another forgotten "feature"Rockstar adding dlc cars and weapons to story mode.....

  • ItzTwisted

    I use a lot of these things

  • Goatified_Blue

    I'm getting the criminal enterprise to get the locations because I only have a CEO and Facility

  • Yolo Nudel

    Lul i showering every time i'm in my apartmentPS:sorry if my english is bad i'm german

  • SoldMyKidOnEbayy

    srry for late but the roller coaster is life :v

  • Victor Sanchez

    It’s called a starter pack for a reason 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • THATe36 KID

    REV YOUR TIRES😂😂😂😂😂😂 so cringu

  • cludio productions

    The shower is for clean your blood or blood of other player

  • Mary Jane

    Man i forgot you can call marry weather for a boat,chopper,or ammo

  • Jay does guitar

    him, who uses thatMe, let me think...Him, THE ANSWER IS NO ONE


    I sometimes still use the shower feature it does get aread of ,blood,bullets, etc.

  • FazeGamerZero

    I Still Do The First Thing In The Game

  • Cody Jackson

    Bro criminal starter pack is good I got it and the game for 15$ on Xbox store it’s good y’all should get it

  • stijnVDA1994

    tbh i did buy the criminal enterprice starter pack and i do sing in the shower ingame and i do rarely use the telescope, but the game with chop is useless, and most of the ap i do not use honestly i do not have it on my phone installed.drag racing with npc is funny, fully changing your clothes wil fully remove the wanted levell.tbh i used the rollercoaster only once in the single player...

  • AramZie

    I use the shower to get blood off of my character?

  • GamerTV

    So glad I think Rockstar is choosing not to patch the telescope glitch yet as it is bringing more customization and making people so far happy

  • Hassan Haq

    0:57 Lol, just set ur mic to no one

  • King Clutch

    this guy crazy, every time I go in a lobby somebody doing stand your ground

  • Skylow1

    Bottom left pic on thumbnail is a clip from fast and furious

  • depressed guy

    I still shower in the game, but I don't sing

  • Seth Aldrich

    The criminal enterprise pack was dope when u could resell the turismo for like 400k

  • Kostas GamerGR

    No one plays normal races anymore(in new gen)

  • Mauro Foresti

    Him: Rev your tiresMe:😒

  • Turtle Catcher

    I bought the criminal enterprise pack and thought It was cool

  • K1ngslay3r425

    I use the telescope for its intended reason

  • IChris

    I always thought that the npcs are scared when you wheelspin Learning something new everyday

  • Scrappy Man

    I did it for rp when I started playing

  • BirdFlu4313

    "Let's not waste any more time and jump right into it. Showering"....seriously

  • Usies

    How have you been playing gta 5 since release and just recently found out about Joint Celebrations

  • Edouard Cadotte

    Rev your tires boi what are u Smoking

  • MpyR_Shayz

    The bmx park is one of them

  • Biohazard CZ

    i use the fairground ridesfor daily objectives

  • MorganRiver

    I use the chop app all the time

  • HostileGaming12

    I remember one time i took a shower in my apartment and I sung to get rp and right after about 10 people left the session it was so funny 😂

  • Cheryl Turner

    The P c's are used for role play

  • Kaizerdidrik YT

    Do top 10 forgotten gta channels!

  • random gamer13

    You can pickup outhouses with cargo Bob.flare guns turn down misses wihle in aircraft's

  • Keith Overbaugh

    the Criminal starter pack is awesome IF you are new player. Got it for the PC $25 total for game and pack.

  • Naim Forde

    10 minute vid gta put 2 and 2 together and u got clickbaited

  • Bruce Wayne

    The shower removes the blood if you’ve been shoot

  • Tyler Schaefer

    I used to play with you way before you blew up. We played on xbox 360. I think my account was stealthbeast365 but it might have been siltyabyss

  • Rohan Tamplin

    I never put the roof down on my cars 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Yerso - Raidz

    I think that they should make the shower bonus 500 do you agree?

  • Bradley Puckrin

    He has already done this video 5 times already!!

  • Vincent Syler

    Showering actually can wash away the blood. I do use the telescope sometimes when I want to see the miniature ocean view from my apartment. Haven't used the ifruit app in forever. I don't play with others so the group celebration doesn't happen anyway.NPC dragraces have only worked once or twice for me. The mask thing would be pretty cool. Never knew that one.The laptops make sense for the decor part. MC stuff didn't make sense to me. All the businesses are more annoying than anything.I use the rollercoaster.

  • DTC_toxicYt

    Taking showers can get rid of the blood stains

  • Dat Panda

    The criminal enterprise starter pack is for STARTERS. It wasn’t made FOR veteran players. Everyone can still get it tho. I got it. It helped me when I started.

  • MrSmarty X

    Μολον λαβε thats a greek word from spartans in 0:54

  • Acetime

    Those 3 laptops there are for the employees. Of course, they cant do anything with it, but this game tries to make it more realistic. it still a huge MMORPG!

  • nelbart azarcon

    i always used the shower since i'm a new player

  • tymemaster

    I used the laptop, roller coaster and the shower last time i played

  • The mini professional

    10 forgotten features gta features 1 this channel

  • Furious Gamer

    Rev your tires...............yup that’s how that works

  • Sided Oyster

    The criminal starter pack is not a feature . wtf is wrong with you?

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