Skyrim - Top 5 Quest Rewards

I don't need gold, I need rare artifacts.. Here, I list my Top 5 Quest Rewards in Skyrim. Many of these can be included as unique weapons and armor, and are certainly rare items. A lot can be improved with weapon mods and armor mods. Some may seem like Skyrim secrets, off in those secret locations. Shouldn't that hold the most powerful weapon?

Since I'm on PC, I'm loving the Skyrim new mods. There are quest mods, in particular, with whole new life. It makes looking for secret quests, or the best weapons, or even secret armor so much more fun. Stumbling upon that hidden chest, hoping for some new, unique items, truly makes Skyrim a gem.

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  • HERBILdude

    Does eating your newly turned into sweet roll foes count as cannibalism?If so then I am Hannibal Lecter.

  • smart_truffles

    Ah, I do love hindering people's lives by turning them into sweetrolls.

  • Twig Stick

    I like how as a werewolf he only killed nazeem.

  • Janski Pelaa

    I only used the wabbajack once. I didnt know what it did so i used it on a wolf to test it. That wasnt the best idea it turned into a dremora and killed me in one hit. after that i just buried it in one of my chests.

  • Wotmo Gaming

    3:03 yeah I do get it to the cloud district often NAZZEM!!!!!!!

  • Brit Woodfield

    What about the Ebony Mail from Boethia? Extra sneak and covers you in a poison mist. Looks awesome when activated

  • Tegan Adams

    bloody hell your voice is really nice

  • Steampunkcraft

    I think you all agree that that feeling of pulling your sword out of the boss, walking calmly over to the next room and seeing a table with maybe some soul gems, a weapon and a fresh chest of loot is the best feeling in skyrim.

  • Mist C-Ops

    Kills Best friend Feandel with ebony blade- +10 damageKills Nazeem with ebony blade- -10000 damage

  • Fallout Night

    Nightingale armor, hands down best armor EVER!

  • ArgentDeer

    Awesome vid, Graenolf! :D The quest reward that I would add to this list would be the Sanguine Rose. It isn't just a rose by another name, but it can summon dremora to aid you in battle and TEAR THE HEARTS OF YOUR ENEMIES AND--um...did I mention you have to get drunk to get it?

  • Dr. M Hyde

    puts hand on hilt of sheathed blade Yes I would say we are, why do you ask?

  • SanctumVI

    dude i love your videos so much. you give off a really chill vibe and that combined with some witty humor makes these videos really enjoyable to watch!

  • RonaldMcJuicy

    3:02felt sooooooo good

  • Ayy Lmao

    This feels like poetry class

  • Navraj Gill

    0:55 you really know how to sell a poncho m8

  • Salti

    For me it's gotta be the shadowmere, purely because it's a tank compared to the normal horses that glitch out on my xbox one and fly, fall then die

  • Tony V

    I used to love getting the masque of Clavicus Vile but they nerfed it in Skyrim.

  • Nazareth

    imo Shadowmere is a good reward, mehrunes dagger and azuras star(if it's the black gem)

  • Military Monkey

    i luv being a werewolf in skyrim... ahhh good times killing everyone u see

  • Nicholas Paynter

    Are we friends? No not anymore.

  • David Caesar

    I love wolfing out and charging into a bandit camp

  • PUG King

    Do a top five skyrim cut content

  • Generic CoD YouTuber

    I got beast form before i had even done the visit the jarl to help river wood quest XD

  • ok

    The Sanguine Rose from the A Night to Remember quest. It's pretty neat.

  • AkaiAzul

    I was able to steal an Archmage's Robes before finishing the Mage's quest line. Is that even possible?

  • King Explosion Murder

    Hah, that ending! You're awesome.

  • Neil Perez

    20k from the dark brotherhood? No? Okay then...

  • Knuckles in your face

    Nr.2: You play as a noble, good character, kill nazeem

  • Rpground

    The Black Star/Azura's Star (The Black Star is better). Being able to run into a bandit camp, take their souls and recharge your weapon is very useful. Hell, anywhere you go you most likely will fight some sort of humanoid enemy that has a "black" soul. Since Black Souls are ALWAYS grand quality, you can pretty much use your enchanted weapons with impunity and never run out of juice.

  • Infected AJ

    Windshear, it's the best weapon in the game because first IT'S A CURVED SWORD and second it staggers the enemy each hit (Dragons usually escape from it though)

  • Rose Hess

    This is incredibly well spoken for a top five list, lol.

  • Prowlered01

    How does one say "Wabbajack" incorrectly even though it's said in dialogue during the quest?

  • irry Uang

    the unbreakable lockpick from the thieves guild quest

  • CrimsonRaiderBoi

    I'd say sanguines rose because your able to summon a daedric guy to fight for you

  • C Jay

    Finally someone who makes a video who actually says he's not including DLC

  • _Xandr _

    Gr8 vid! greatly planned amd really clever as usual

  • Ermatic

    Just found your channel today. Watched almost all your fallout 4 vids. I love it! Keep up the good work man

  • Generic CoD YouTuber

    No.6 Ysgramor's shield. You find it in a chest at Ysgramor's tomb. You go there at the end of the Companions quest line.

  • Fried_Pingu77

    Hey I love your videos your the best

  • Robbie Holman

    This was a good video but I feel like spellbreaker should've been higher up.

  • Noah Sowards

    3 words. DEATH BRAND ARMOR

  • olo

    Can u wabajack alduin?🤔🤔🤔

  • Harris

    Nobody:Graenolf: Werewolf fighting a dragon

  • The Dovanator

    Wait...I thought hircines ring only allows 2 transformations per day? At 4:04 he says you can transform as much as you want theres no limit

  • Xray Jayden

    Last one is cool in all but I have moonlight tales mod and it's really more funnier and it's cool

  • WonderWaffle

    Ah, I love the videos, Graenolf!

  • ItzCazio

    In my opinion is my build just to op for a mage. 1. Nahkriin 2. Archmages Robes 3. Ebony gauntlets of destruction 4. Ebony boots of minor destruction.

  • Matheus C

    The best reward for me would be Auri-el's bow from the Dawnguard dlc. The stats of the bow are sub par but is definitely one of the most beautiful weapons that exists in the elder scrolls universe

  • The Dovahkiin

    Me- clicks on videoMe- watches intro thingMe- Pauses video Me- "Is that Oblivion music?" Has anyone else been just walking through Skyrim and this song plays and you're like "Remember those days when the world was chaos because the Oblivion Gates opened?" Sigh"Good Memories."😂😂😂

  • River Moon

    Wow-your descriptions and details about the items/ability were quite poetic!

  • Jack Johnson

    I enjoyed using the Wabbajack, Ebony Blade, and Werewolf transformation. I remember I was chasing down a dragon using the werewolf sprint, it wuz lit.Great vid, my dude.

  • James O'Mara-Roberts

    I'd say the Unrelenting force shout. it gives you your first Dragonborn power so I'd definitely have had that there. I definitely agree with the rest of the list and I love how you can be dead serious but also throw humour in

  • bippy wippy

    Even though it was part of the Dragonborn DLC, i always loved the Bloodskal Blade.

  • BurningPillow

    I personally like the black star item.How could you say no to a reusable soul gem?

  • Judgment-RT

    you definitely earned a new sub high quality content and a very tolerable voice I look forward to seeing what you produce

  • death by pig

    Did you just say that the archmage robes gulp LOOK GOOD?

  • James Ball

    Honestly very happy you put gaining the werewolf ability at #1

  • Weird Taco

    thank you this is useful😂

  • Parker Fisher

    Your my favorite youtuber

  • the Celtic fc fan

    0:01 walks up to dawnbreaker on wall mounted weapon rack me: I lost dawnbreaker early on in the game after getting it cries

  • Kody Lukens

    Dude I've been sitting here all day watching your videos keep em coming!

  • Sérgio David

    Best quest reward is having a house on ravenrock.Cmon. You made this only on daedric artifacts...? Smh

  • Courier Six

    Could you do Quest Rewards excluding Daedric Quests? Because obviously their rewards are going to be the best...

  • Sir Alexander

    I don't think the wolf form should have been in this.

  • Oldore 4442

    Really great video . Thank you .

  • Sophy

    "Mage's Guild Questline" big oof there, bud

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