VENOM Breakdown! Easter Eggs & Details You Missed! (Venom 2018)

Venom Full Movie Breakdown! All the Marvel Easter Eggs and References in Venom (2018)! Thanks to Skillshare for sponsoring this video. The first 500 people to sign up at this link in the will get their first 2 months for free --

Venom gets a full breakdown with all the missable details and connections to the Venom comics explained! What did you miss in Tom Hardy's performance as Eddie Brock / Venom? Why wasn't Spider-Man in Venom? What happened in the Venom Post Credit Scene, and who is Carnage? Erik Voss rewatches Venom scene by scene and reveals the deeper connections and layers of meaning that you might have overlooked. How was Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed), Riot, the Life Foundation, and She-Venom changed from the Marvel comics? Is Venom a sequel to the film Life (2017)? How does Venom pay homage to the work of John Carpenter, David Cronenberg, and Steve Martin? Where are the Black Panther Easter Eggs in Venom?



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  • She-Venom

    When I get out of here, and I will. There’s going to be carnage !I hope Woody will be great actor as Carnage he always been crazy killer in the movies

  • Brittani Jackson

    Let's not confused incompetency with conspiracy - OMG I just died and went to heaven with that one

  • Republic Shocktrooper

    "We will eat both of your eyes then both of your legs, and then we will eat your face right off of your head. You will be this armless legless thing won't you? Rolling down the street, like a turd, in the wind." -Venom

  • Neeraj Kala

    Don't let the critics fool you! Venom was amazing! I hope to see the more Venom movies in the future.

  • Jason- Blond

    i think if they do a movie with venom vs carnage it should be rated R

  • Speedy

    I really like the Eminem song made for venom

  • george kristoff

    I hope Disney realized that the Venom was such a great movie that they pull him over to the MCU and keep Tom Hardy


    I noticed in the film when Eddie is talking about Venom's weaknesses his girlfriend asks "like his kryptonite?" or something similar. Bringing not just the Marvel characters and easter eggs but also a DC (Superman) easter egg too.

  • KL Sounds

    This movie was really funny and perfectly dark.

  • bob smith

    I watched venom today it was a good movie in my opinion

  • Some-random- Guy

    Venom and carnage should be able to lead their own movie

  • Kevin Valdez

    Stan Lee's cameo confirmed that he's a watcher. How else would he have known that Eddie still had the symbiote in him?

  • Nicholas Martinez

    I actually looooved this movie because I’m like the biggest venom fan ever, you can have your opinion but I love this movie

  • ECHO White

    Rotten tomatoes gave venom the most bull crap rating ever in history

  • Ethan Ferrer

    I wanted Venom to be 18+ or R-rated. Being PG and the interference with Sony and company rules limited Venom's potential as a horror-comedy. I wanted more gore, especially since they're introducing Carnage. How can we feel fear and intimidation from such character if the sequel would be a PG movie?

  • Good Messenger Jennifer 2.0/Malak

    MRIs’ are very noisy and loud.

  • Rain Stiger

    Darker and violent. We have the mcu to give us all that pg 13 stuff, time for a Deadpool inspired franchised

  • kremit the frog

    The way I see it...We can break down the movies we want

  • Elijah Cedeno

    This is a big complaint I have about the movie that I haven't heard anyone else mention yet. Does anyone else think the plot was piss poorly executed? It changes like 5 times. Eddie wants to expose the Life foundation - Now Eddie has to remove the symbiote - and it isn't until the last 10 minutes or so where Venom actually wants to save the world because of motives told in a throwaway line.

  • _twocup RoD

    You had the Thing and the Fly director and didn’t go Rated R 🤦🏾‍♂️ I’m disappointed

  • Famously

    venom/eddie is my favorite ship

  • Spencer Annis

    I’d rather have venom in the MCUI enjoyed the movie very much but I still Sony brings him into the MCU

  • Jordan Sartor

    No views yet 4 likes.....YouTube is on that good good again

  • DarkReaperTV

    i'd like 2 see them go darker preferably R-rated

  • Simone Henry Utecht

    Have you ever had an MRI? They are so freaking loud. I have cancer so I get them quite often and my hospital, gives out ear plugs because of the noise. So I can see how Venom would lose his stuff once Eddie Brock was in the machine.

  • TheOMGsee

    I don't want Disney to get a hold of Venom and make him some bright Marvel character, I want him to stay dark, violent and fight against Carnage in the next movie, then eventually Toxin.

  • Homeslice Brice

    I want this movie in to go wherever ever Carnage is.

  • Thot Destroyer

    I actually really like venom, I didn’t think I would but it was great!

  • Floridas Animals -Lizards & More!

    Hey i might have not watched it yet but im here cuz i wanna be

  • Comictoon

    Erik voss part of illumanati confirmed?

  • Syed H R

    Please don't include Carnage in the sequel if it ain't R Rated.

  • TheGlenn0147

    The second movie of venom with carnage, the movie has to be R rated, COME ON

  • SomeRandomGuy

    What if woody from toy story defeated carnage. It’s a woody showdown

  • Hunter Spalenka

    Have you ever seen The Fly? He in no way "sets out to combine two forms of life." That was the accidental result of his teleportation experiment.

  • Ryan Harris

    If u have ever been in an mri machine they are really loud

  • Ⓧmega

    there are enough superheros, bring out the villains

  • kyzel TSN

    Darker and more violent if Sony made a deal with marvel Disney wouldn't let heads be bitten off

  • coke man

    The next movie needs to be more violent and rated r

  • Chris Redfield

    This franchise doesn't need Spiderman to succeed but Carnage, Toxin, or Anti-Venom. By the way where is the Lasher symbiote in the movie

  • Cole Everse

    I would like to see them take this down the darker route, but to keep the funny and dark humor that venom has in this movie

  • dugy-yay 123

    VIOLENT and fan pandering..slightly. As long as he looks and act's like Venom i care less if its in the MCU.

  • Kaylah Fox

    "If you haven't watched the movie yet then what are you doing here?"Me: "By watching this video, I'm watching the movie for free"

  • Klaw G

    It's the Sony really destroying the Marvel studios But if this Sony marvel universe is a success to making a universe with many heroes it's gonna be nice

  • Bryce Mckenzie

    Venom is a Really cool character.

  • Scott Stapp

    This movie definitely deserved a higher rotten tomatoes score. It certainly shouldn’t be anywhere near the same score as suicide squad. The movie had exciting action and a decent plot. Hardy blew me away as venom and the character of Eddie is pretty good too. But I haven’t actually seen the movie so...

  • LiXdy Fortnite

    Venom and Carnidge I feel would be a lot cooler

  • Barry

    Making the sequel a legit violent horror would honestly be a big dub

  • Baznga Gamer

    I wanna see a anti hero vibe

  • FluidThunder

    I Will always go for more carnage

  • James Parker

    This is me and my SON'S favorite movie NOW 👍😀

  • Arcano & Friends

    I hope the franchise goes for a darker side mainly because the fact that Venom is a darker character who started as a villain.

  • Cristina Rodriguez

    I would prefer that it goes into a the darkest Sony can get, yet have a light-hearted relationship between Eddie and venom. Where they keep building a stronger symbiosis/connection.

  • Tommy Vercetti

    I hope Eddie does more interviews with Cletus Cassidy and he takes a bloodied hand puts it on Eddie and causing venom to split and give off an offspring from mid DNA and the symbiote bonds with Cletus creating carnage

  • Devin Turner

    I definitely hope they go dark with the next one. give it that R rating, even kids understand if someone gets stabbed in the chest or their head ripped off, there is supposed to be blood. The Motorcycle chase scene kicked ass! great stunt work!!

  • Drew Cole

    Love venom Can’t wait for avengers 4

  • Daniel Washington

    darker!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeasss much darker

  • galilred89

    in the movie the fly jeff goldblums character was messing with teleportation not fusing animals together, a fly just happened to get into his pod as he was testing it out.

  • Newboy872

    How about venom and Eddie have their series of movies and something happen after the movies where venom finds flash or Peter making venom in the mcu idk

  • Ryan Khairul

    Imagine if this movie was R-Rated

  • Zachary Tyler

    Walking dead season nine episode one

  • Eye of the Tiger [][][]

    The Venom franchise should go to Uranus next.

  • Dennis The general gamer 1340

    "How did they do it"-Erik voss

  • reallue

    ***Correction on a statement u made in this vid.5:15 The Fly was about a scientist that invents a working teleportation machine & a fly sneaks inside, fusing human & fly together. But his aim was never to fuse two species together. He never considers doing that intentionally, & if memory serves me, he actually warns against 2 beings entering th pod at the same time or it would fuse the 2 together to horrifying results. It was a fluke, an Accident that slowly consumes not only the main character, but ultimately the entire movie.

  • Shinobi Engineer

    The darker the better... 😈

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