Fallout 4 – PC Low vs. Medium vs. High vs. Ultra Detailed Graphics Comparison

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Captured with Nvidia ShadowPlay

We compare the graphics of Fallout 4 on PC on low medium high and ultra graphics settings. This is a detailed comparison that shows most of the graphics settings. We did not cover all settings, because some of the settings, including texture quality or screen space reflections did not change anything at all, at least we didn't notice any changes. This might be a bug which will be fixed in upcoming patches.
Wir vergleichen die Grafik von Fallout 4 auf dem PC auf niedrigen, mittleren, hohen und sehr hohen Grafik-Einstellungen. Dieser detaillierte Vergleich deckt den Großteil der Einstellungsmöglichkeiten ab, aber nicht alle. Manche Optionen verändern nichts, obwohl man sie umstellt. Das ist uns zum Beispiel bei der Texture Qualität und bei den Screen Space Reflexionen passiert. Es könnte sich um einen Bug handeln, der in späteren Patches noch behoben wird.

Music: captured from Main Menu

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  • PlatinumState

    Low doesnt look too shabby

  • N I B B A

    Ultra>Very High>High>Medium>Low>Shit>Console

  • lampenpam

    I don't really see the difference in the sun ray settings. Looks like a waste of performance

  • deity 93

    perhaps the high res textures will be released as free dlc? either way they will be modded in : D

  • STOP! It's ok.

    Even on low this game delivers. Don't know if that's a bad or good thing when looking at the people with not so good computers.

  • Mr. Gutsy

    4:36 Fallout 4 in a nutshell.

  • Jason Nguyen

    i c no difference between low, med n high

  • Onion Rings

    I see no difference with ambient occlusion

  • TheLindeN

    It's just me or sometimes it looks better on low? 0:35

  • hemanownsyou

    4:40 what are you comparing here?

  • Adam Kurnia

    why does low seem better for me..

  • Conrad Verner

    why battlefront million times more smooth and looks million times better?

  • YuGo

    consoles = medium graphicslol

  • Le Derp

    I seriously don´t get why people complain about bad graphics. Sure, sometimes the difference between low and high wasn´t that remarkable, but the graphics are still pretty good (do not forget how huge this game is, so developers probably had other priorities)

  • ThatGuyFromBritain

    My guess is that the PS4 version stands at around the Mid-High point. Game looks gorgeous either way.

  • IggyDoesStuff

    For some reason high shadows looks smoother to me

  • Azeroursson

    I have fx4300, r9 270 and 8 gb ram, 1080p 60fps on low-medium?

  • Le Derp

    "Looks don´t matter most, but they matter first" Duh

  • Sky Knight

    im at half of the minimum requirements. i get 30fps on low

  • Partexedd

    PlayStation 2 graphics, huh?

  • JeiCiGi Music GCG

    I don't get it. I get 40 - 60 fps when playing but all of the sudden the game freezes for like 2 or 3 seconds and stutters. This repeats for 20 more seconds and then again it's all smooth. Why is this happening? I know i'm not on the minimum requirements but why can i play it in Medium-high graphics with solid framerate most of the time then? It's annoying.My Specs:I3 2100 3.1 GhzGTX 550ti4Gb Ram

  • لاَ إِلَهَ إِلاَّ اللَّهُ

    where hgih ?please all games video on low - medium - high - ultra - extra ok

  • Boats_R_Cool

    not to brag or anything but.... i run ultra and grim wolf alone Enb with 4k textures

  • Vision

    IDK why I cant run this game on low with 60 FPS, Specs:GTX 1050G4560 Processor4GB RAMH110-K ASUS MotherboardI can barely even get 20 fps.

  • chrismercedcm

    why the low one is much more clearer🤔

  • QuadraFish

    i even would love fallout 4 with the graphics of fallout 3 because graphics are not the only thing in the world

  • YingzZ

    Often you cant see a real difference, guess Fallout 4 is one of those games in which even low is looking good

  • The Majestic Beard

    I was surprised how well my FX6300 and GTX 760 perform with this game. It's set to high and I've yet to see FPS drop below 30.


    i have a question lets say i have low graphics card and i bump my laptop to 16gb ram would that increase my fps a lot!!!

  • ChWLT

    На низких играет элита:)

  • Skeptar

    Can i run atleast 30fps with-Geforce GT 730-Ghz 3.8-AMD FX-4300-8 GB Ram

  • Salamimaisk

    Am I able to run this with high settingsCPU: intel core i5 4960kGPU: GeForce GTX 960 4gbRAM: 8 GB

  • LG435

    High 1080p60? Intel Core i7 6700HQ16GB DDR4-2133GeForce GTX 1060 3GB

  • Vinnie S.

    Wie ist die Performance am PC?

  • RetroTecTV

    Low still better than FO3 ultra.

  • Tbadman Soziman

    can i run ? AMD A6-6400K 3.9 Ghz Richland FM2●Emaxx A78FM2HD-iCafe Motherboard●2GB DDR5 Radeon R7240 128bit VGA●4GB DDR3 PC1600 Kingston Memory (about to buy a pc )

  • MyNameIsSyru

    Heh my PC isn't even enough to run ARK on low graphics...

  • Leonid Isachenko

    poor console port. if it would be a true pc game, than low vs high settings difference would be devastating. there is no dramatic difference at all. sad.

  • SCA

    I dont see any difference during the ambient occlusion part

  • someone

    everything is good but the textures i guess 4k textures mods are coming

  • John Kaboom

    This game is great - the best game ever played!

  • Gábor

    This is what i love about next gen games is that they dont look absolute garbage even on low settings

  • Glorval MacGlorvas

    O.o Imagine this: Fallout 4 for the HTC vive. o.o


    Thanks, but no thanks. I don't wanna spend $5,000 on a PC that can run Fallout at 60fps. I prefer playing it on my XBOX. I feel that the 25-30fps is more cinematic, immersive. Not to mention the eye can't tell the difference between 1080P, and the 4K. :D

  • FastRedPonyCar

    Texture quality is not a bug, it's a "feature" :/

  • Shia Lebeouf: Life Coach

    Honest view of it (Dislike my comment if you don't agree. I'd rather not be spammed with PC elitist hate replies) I see little difference between Low and medium and ultra looks like cluttered trash. On low, I think I spotted a frame-rate drop, but nothing game breaking. Honestly, I'd probably play it exclusively on low. It looks better. Grass looks pretty bad on low, but bad grass isn't a deal breaker to me, I could probably remove it outright.

  • Matei Bobes

    Skyrim vs Fallout 4??? i say Skyrim but not so sure...

  • Teh Architek

    Shadow Distance will absolutely rape your FPS in areas like Boston Commons. The FPS drops are horrible & sometimes frequent. It's a bit annoying & it breaks the immersion. If I can max out The Witcher 3 with a constant 40 FPS (With Hairworks Enabled) , I should be able to run this with no issues.

  • Nolgan

    please 1 video, PC ultra vs low vs ps4 , 1 video = this, the other is poor, this is best

  • massimo mare

    Fallout graphic comparation:Low = PongMedium = QuakeHigh = Serius Sam

  • Michlep

    is it worth it buying the game to play it at the lowest graphics?

  • trollface

    como se puede desgubear una parte de una mision

  • taste the rainbow

    Still too expensive...I'll wait some time for the hype to disappear

  • CrownGaming

    i think there is no changes i mean that all of the graphics are looking alot like the same

  • shaolin95

    This channel purely ROCKS! The amount of work to get all this done and so quickly well....thanks a lot! :)

  • Kameraden

    Seems shadow quality either use medium or ultra, no point using high. lol

  • MarTx FinaL

    why ultra is so blurry...so thats why i get headache after playing fallout 4 in ultra setting for 1 hour

  • temannopellaria

    Candiland,you are the best channel for pc gamers.

  • mitrooper

    What... again no raindrop effects on the ground?! 2:54... Guess a talented modder has to fix that in the future.

  • JMK Instrumentals - Multi Genre High Quality Beats

    the compression on the video really makes it really hard to see differences especially in the beginning of the video..

  • greenrolaids

    ultra gets you 40% more shrubs.The knights whom say Knee would approve.

  • blesyl67

    Bethesda seriously need to abandon the Creation Engine and start anew . Imagine the possibilities it could have if FO4 had a new Engine . Endless innovations :( ! Oh well , still going to wait for the Creation Kit .

  • Biggie

    Amd Raderon R8 CpuRaderon R5 graphics40gb free space4gb ram2.00ghz can I run lowest settings?

  • Colleywoodstudios

    honestly in a weird way low looks kinda better cuz its smoother

  • kwong345678

    Could you please record 800*600 lowest setting at the same time??? I think it is the real "lowest detailed graphics".

  • Netherworld Fortress

    +Candyland can i run in amd vision e2 and radeon hd7340?

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