Batman Arkham Knight - Ending, Joker's Fear, Batman Unmasked, Scarecrow Defeated

Joker's biggest fear, Batman's identity exposed in front of Gotham, and more for a very explosive ending to the Arkham Series.

  • piplup2009

    anyone else want to see batman laughing like the joker instead of jokers model replacing batmans?

  • Wulfrvm

    *literally envisions his own body going into a furnace* crispy!

  • Redstone Craft

    "Gotham still needs Batman, for one last night"The game has no day cycle, but oh well...

  • Star Wars Theory

    Mark Hamill is so talented

  • Wolf J Gamer

    “You sound scared crane, get used to it.” That was legendary

  • MindedJewel

    The 1st person joker part needs to be a horror game, where batman is hunting you

  • Mujeebkl

    i dont understand why people didnt like this game i loved it so much so that i played it 3 times

  • Josh Reidy

    This is the best version of Scarecrow. Not necessarily crazy or unhinged, but crazily hinged. He speaks so calmly and controls this whole scene with only a gun. He was so eager to unmask Batman in this momemt because he knew that would be his final nail. He had genuinely believable motives, and is just so much more captivating to watch and fight, he has a sense of mystique about him that I feel we lost in the joker a long time ago. John Noble is a great voice actor

  • Imaru Lewis

    " JOKER DIES: Gotham Doesn't Care "oof.

  • B e r n a r d o

    I actually felt bad for Joker when he said “I need you...”

  • Loc Vo

    Scarecrow : injects bruce with fear toxinBatman : ROOMBAS! OH MY GOD SLEEVELESS T-SHIRTS,GIRL SCOUTS OH NO PLEASE

  • Vikkturr Gaming

    Mark Hamill's talent as voicing the Joker is just absolutely amazing.

  • TheGaza93

    Really suits the end of the jokerHe came from nothing where if he had died or committed suicide after his wife and unborn child had passed No one would remember or notice he was goneWhen he became the joker he had found a new purposeTo make them remember him, to know every joke or evil act he made it would be ingrained into their memory and the Batman would be his sole reminder that fateful day if he died

  • Vortex Gaming

    And that is the story of how the batman died

  • Teagan Alexander

    I love the beginning cutscene. It's a perfect callback to Arkham Asylum!

  • Geoff Redston

    Guess the real reason Scarecrow needs people to fear him, is so they won't see him for the sniveling coward he really is.

  • SSJ2B Vegeta

    "You were there at the beginning, now you get to see how it ends" Favorite line in the game 💯

  • Huy khang

    I AM BATMAN The Dev team rearly nail this :)))))) 10/10

  • T DP

    5:42 the timing of the song with joker kicking the door I just realized is impeccable

  • DGR

    To be honest, it is one of the strongest finales in stories ever written about Dark Knight. — I'm not afraid, Crane. #ArkhamForever

  • Kegan Gowen

    Honestly I don’t get the criticism on this game.....the ending alone was an absolute masterpiece!!! But the way they incorporated The Joker throughout the game too was brilliant, and there were so many fun boss fights. I definitely would give this game at least a 9.

  • DC Skeete

    Scarecrow is my favorite villain they did a great job using him

  • John Santiago

    those batman statues are like weeping angels lol scary as hell

  • Sabith Ak

    Next Arkham game they might introduce the “Batman who laughs

  • Stephen Reed

    Scarecrow: “How is it not working on you, Bruce?!”Batman: “There’s no bruce. I. Am. batman.”

  • Mark Miller

    Batman: I am Vengeance. I am the night. I am BatmanMe: GrEeN LaNtERn'S LiGhT!!! Lol

  • Tayyab786 XxX

    16:25 me when someone reminds the teacher of the homework

  • ShoogaMoogaMan

    Alfred: It needs voice confirmationBatman: MarthaAlfred: WHY DID YOU SAY THAT NAME?!!

  • Dylan Bryant

    Fools I tell you what this was the most terrifying mission at 2 in the morning. Looking around shooting statues of batman knowing one is going to jump at me. And I swear I did it for 10 minutes the freaking music stopped... it was not a pleasant time lol

  • Joel

    How can people say Spider-Man PS4 is better then this whole trilogy of games... cmon man, these all in there own respective way are master pieces ( some better then others ) there is a whole fully developed batman story better then most movies and with amazing gameplay and voice acting, Spider-Man PS4 is amazing but has far to go if it wants to be on a par with the Arkham series.

  • Fahd Farooq

    Batman should have sprayed Gotham with forget sauce

  • Sali Quan

    Gordon: "This is how it happened. This... is how The Batman dies!"EPIC!

  • Seve Hynes30

    I love how even scarecrow was like “seriously bruce Wayne the rich dude?”

  • xXFlying_CowsXx

    " Martha "HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT NAME!?Oh wait...

  • Finn

    Aahhhhhhh. Punch in the face. Gordon saves the day

  • Maydidyoushart xD

    Batman: Alright, I’ve had enough of this! UNDERROOSred hood suddenly appears

  • Duy_Danny

    "im not afraid crane.." ah this was so dope

  • CramyGamer

    5:26 that Only you song from Farcry 5

  • A Sall

    Red hood shot off his left wrist band that was holding batman. Then Batman, with his own strength, broke out his right arm. MEANING THIS WHOLE TIME BATMAN COULD OF FREED HIMSELF. In the examples of: when scarecrow was wheeling him in, and when scarecrow was close to batman before he took his mask off and when he didnt have his gun out yet.

  • Liam Duff

    Jesus. I got Weeping Angels vibes there. The one thing it terrifies me, getting chased by fearful beings and only when you look back at them they are right on you

  • DrLipkin

    My favorite part about the shotgun segment is that you can walk past Penguin. If you do, but then turn around, go back and shoot him, Joker cheerfully declares "Changed my mind!"

  • Preston Endres Movies

    Gordon: when they find out who you are, there’ll be no hiding.Batman: Eh I just saw Iron Man. If he can do it so can IEdit:Scarecrow: Enough Bravado, it’s too late for that. I don’t ca-Batman: Ok Crane, first of all how are you forming consonants? With your mouth in that condition I should be hearing blabberingEdit:Batman: also I want to know the full story of what happened after the croc incident. He dragged you underwater and definitely mauled you up. So were you floating through the sewers developing a serious attitude? Also why didn’t croc finish the meal? You gave me clues on my radio and left your old mask on a roof. Why haven’t you tried doing your other-dimensional world hallucinations like before? How did you manage to set all of this up after just being a mangled up body in sewage water?

  • Terrence Milton

    The graphics are on point.

  • Titan Smash Games

    Only youuuuuuu Holy shit how many games use this song for brainwashing

  • MingTongPang54

    the voice work is great in this game, John Noble as Scarecrow, Mark Hamill as Joker and Kevin Conroy the best voice actor to play Batman.

  • Prashant Rawat

    In the first dose, fear toxins are injected into the Bruce wayne . this was the final push and Joker over took him ... So technically the second dose wasn't injected into bruce, it was injected into Joker .. hence now the joker faces his fear which was the batman .. so the batman takes over the joker and consumes him/overcomes him .. and so the Batman overcomes his Joker Infestation due to his blood .. this is why he wasn't afraid because he locked away his only fear .. The Joker .. damn what a plot ..

  • Eldymas Pradana

    this whole walkthrough is better than the justice league movie

  • anoud

    who else thinks dc needs to turn their games into movies?

  • Aaron Da G.O.A.T

    "Batman and his arch nemesis, The Penguin"😂


    I always laugh when joker says "oohoo! CRISPY!"

  • Batman

    Whatever doesn’t kill you, simply makes you stronger.

  • Abriana Gallegos

    Joker: I need you...Me: gross sobbing

  • Ray


  • jlnmurdock

    I honestly thought when playing as the Joker and killing Penguin, Riddler and Two-Face, I was actually killing Robin, Scarecrow and Gordon in reality. Every time I killed someone and heard that muffled noise (Alfred pleading to stop.) I was thinking Batman actually lost it and Joker won. It was a chilling thing to think.


    Dark kNight of the soul... 😱

  • Some Dude

    Madness is many things loneliness is one form

  • Ramseas119

    You're afraid of being ashes. You're afraid of being forgotten! and you will be forgotten, Joker. Because of me. I am Vengeance, I am the Night, I. AM. BATMAN. 13:17this is the best Batman moment. ever. of all time.

  • That Guy In Green -shutting down soon-

    This ending is the shitSo damn goodParticularly the parts playing as joker. I remember playing it at 2:00am and scaring the shit out of myself

  • Wow Fury

    this was my first ever plattinum trophy absolute masterpiece


    Did anyone else think it was pretty sad when joker got put away

  • Tom Frein

    5:25I almost jumped out of my skin that songs from far cry 5!!

  • XxbigheadoofXx

    alfred:it needs voice confirmationbatmand:martha LOL THE VOICE CONFIRAMTION IS MARTHA

  • Mythical

    Imagine if this was the dark knight rises plot?

  • J bell

    They must have the gate guy at arkam asylum on 24/7 repair duty🤷‍♂️

  • Ahmad Fadli

    this was brilliant writing. I really love it.

  • Whiterun Guard

    for about 15 minutes Gotham was watching a man just staring at the camera....

  • Sammy 423

    Scarecrow is the only winner here He got EXACTLY what he wanted to show the whole world that the great batman was nothing more than a normal human being who had a lot of money and pretty gadgets and more importantly he was susceptible to emotion's and fear just like everybody else.

  • A Fetts

    This game is so epic. Scarecrow was a great villain choice.

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