5 Things Elder Scrolls Online Did Better Than Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls Online and Skyrim are two very different games, and trying to the compare them wouldn't be easy, nor would it be very fair. However, I am going to anyway! So here are some things ESO did better than Skyrim.

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  • StraightUpIrish

    Beef jerky got nothing on sweetrolls, simple as.

  • Ahab Quint

    Someone finally said it. Dungeons get soooo annoying. Especially the Dwemer ones.

  • Andrew Dellarco

    I'm with you, enough boring repetitive dungeons in elder scrolls

  • Valandar2

    Erm... Nazeem DOES has a house. His wife lives there. But Nazeem doesn't. Think about it... :P

  • Patrick Horton

    THE RACIAL ARMOURS! The Cultural differences in the Armours!!!!!

  • Erin

    To be fair, the fact that the Dark Brotherhood wasn't very "cult-like" was sort of... the point in Skyrim? They weren't "really" the Dark Brotherhood; they didn't uphold a lot of the same traditions, which is what frustrated Cicero in his journal. Like, it's not something they overlooked or failed to do, but a huge point about the questline - and why Astrid felt so frustrated with the player character. They threatened something she basically had to build up, since the "actual" Dark Brotherhood was killed off elsewhere in Tamriel and she had to deal with rebuilding pitiful remnants. She was basically running a group of mercenaries/assassins that had to maintain the illusion of being a "mystical, deadly, foreboding" order without the tools the Dark Brotherhood previously had (eg, the Night Mother and Listener) and when they are introduced, they threaten the order Astrid essentially recreated over who knows how many years.

  • A Turian on lean

    I played ESO on my birthday and told everyone in global chat. Half the game journeyed to me and we decided to raid an NPC's house killing the occupants we then began emoting and spawning in the 'Jubilee' cake. I got loot, tips, and friends.Can't get that in SkyrimAlso Someone got raped by like 10 dudes it was brutal.

  • Mig

    I agree with the dungeon part. A lot of dungeons in Skyrim were super linear, but then again, the abandoned forts in oblivion and 75% of the Aliyed ruins were quite cookie cutter dungeons as well.

  • Mangus

    #6 - TESO has no Falmer

  • Louis Easton

    Wow someone who didn't slag off ESO...I can die a happy man

  • nickkingofearth

    I thought I was the only one who doesn't like Elder Scrolls dungeons

  • Char The Red Comet Aznable

    U should also say the creativity of your character is way more better. Changing armor in little details with shoulder armor, gualentes, boots, belts, robes, clothes that doesn't look match then change the color that make them all a matching set with just adding color

  • AC1476

    Oblivion's dungeons are even worse.

  • None None

    Cities were better in eso.

  • Star Trout

    Oh gosh I've been waiting for this. Now I have to wait for 5 things Skyrim did better than TESO

  • Caramel2828

    5 things Elder Scrolls Adventures did better than Skyrim next pls

  • Sephiroa One-of-Nine

    :O.....the execution of this video...made me smile.....you earned a sub

  • Shelby Alford

    mmmm that morrowind background music

  • ima6pack

    I would also add that I prefer ESO's character creativity. In my opinion Skyrim's armor variety absolutely sucked, you always looked the same as everyone else and I felt like you couldn't break away from the barbaric nord style, even if you tried your hardest to have your own aesthetics (which is why I actually gave up playing vanilla Skyrim until I was introduced to mods). ESO was great in that you could choose an image for your character and make them unique

  • Acalycal

    Completely agree with you on the Dark Brotherhood. In Skyrim I just can't be bothered with it and usually just do the Destroying the Dark Brotherhood quest. Something that is completely unthinkable for Oblivion's DB. Then again all the factions got a downgrade to be honest. Never bother joining any of them anymore. 80 hours into my latest save I had done pretty much anything before I finally decided to actually discover the College of Winterhold. Only did that questline for the Gauldur amulet and the last Dragon Priest mask.

  • Der Transgender-Prophet Mohammed

    👨‍🎤We are men. Manly men.🎶

  • Morlaine Drale

    Do 5 Things Elder Scrolls Legends Did Better Than Skyrim next!

  • Besieged

    One thing Skyrim did better then ESO, No lag... As someone from Australia even with a VPN tunneler ESO is unplayable; in fact most MMOs are, which sucks.. Makes me sad when I see all the new MMO's that are coming out this year and know that they all will be unplayable at 300ms +

  • Lucy G

    I preordered eso and I was super excited for it then I played it for two months and haven’t touched it since because I got so bored with it, is it better now? Should I go back to it?

  • Jaco Bronkhorst

    ESO is so freaking good. It's the only game I've been playing for the last year or so.

  • gabriel pedrosa

    wow i've actually received the notification early wht the hell

  • Admiral General Aladeen

    Once again another video about how much you hate Skyrim

  • abby

    I think one thing that ESO did better irt dungeons was having each dungeon have its own story, with more than one group trying to do things there, yknow? Like, it’s never just “random cave #546467,” it’s got people trying to achieve something, or looking for something, etc. No dungeon/delve in ESO feels random, it feels lived in. Skyrim did that a bit with some of its main quest dungeons (Bleak Falls Barrow and Alftand remain my fave dungeons in the game to this day) but most dungeons in Skyrim seemed...unexplained, I guess.

  • GoddessOwl35

    And the characters a lot handsomer and beautiful now i'm going to go play ESO.

  • Michael Coffey

    ESO has far more depth, far far more story, and many more things to do in a fun meaningful way. Just my 2 cents.

  • Irrapture x

    Before even watching, Bards better be on this list. The bards in ESO actually have good voices and many songs

  • Gavin McCree

    Everytime i quite skyrim it when im stuck in a dungeon. I hate em

  • Brand Holt

    You earn't a like from me because of the Man from Snowy River reference. 🐎


    2 hours back i wondered when another x things x did better will be out, my life is full of miracles

  • Louis Martinez

    In most respects, the character creator in Elder Scrolls Online was way better than Skyrim (without mods).

  • Give me Subs

    Good video! You are my favorite youtuber and you are so funny! keep up the great work!

  • Danil Burmenskiy

    5 Things Morrowind:Online did better than Morrowind.

  • Jonathan Fuglsang

    Thumps up for horse mechanics!!

  • HeyMan

    Don’t care about multiplayer? You secretly wish the next Elder Scrolls is a battle royale admit it.

  • Jinx Minx

    I can't WAIT to play Morrowind soon! Good thing I know more about Online now

  • Human Person

    This might be controversial but from what i have played from ESO i like the story and the sidequests much better! I mean dont get me wrong there a great quests in Skyrim but most of them are kind of dull and usually are just "get this from a dungeon, beat the shit out of these people and thats usually it. And there are not a whole lot of choices to make ether ! Meanwhile in ESO i started off with a dark elve dragonknight and the first side quest i did was finding nords who by accident got turned into skeevers , and then there was a imminant attack on the island and the millitary leader told me to find all the villigars for evac and i could skip it if i wanted to and evac early! The next area i had to report the loss of the island to the millitary just to find out that the new area also is under attack doing quests for a ford and the harbour nearby just to at the end finding out that both are under attack and i can only save 1 which is a much more major and important feeling decision than i had to make in skyrim aside from pretty much the only choice i remember from skyrim which is stromcloaks or thalmor bitchboy! Same goes for the quests of other factions! I can actually roleplay more because of the choices i can make ! Do i enslave bound spirits and make them fight for my faction or do i free them? Do i give a the devastating deadra artifact to my faction or do i get rid of it out of fear what it could be used for and respect for the ork tribe which it has been used against! Do i sacrifice the old mage or the young student to bind a evil spirit forever! They arent in every quest like you would expect from a bioware game but they are there and i love it when i get to make such choices because it gives me the opportunity to roleplay which is very lacking in Skyrim in comparison!

  • Magister Tremere

    Dude... Seriously?"ESO and Skyrim are two different games... Like comparing apples and beef jerky."#5: "Multi-player... I mean Skyrim doesn't even have it!"No shit! Replay the intro!

  • 0KOrbU0

    What I would really like to see in an RPG is realistic dungeons. I’m not talking about a normal cave dungeon but more about the ruin dungeons. As an example, most dwemer dungeons are supposed to be places they lived in but does any of them look like a place you would live in? For most of them there aren’t really any common areas or individual housings. No places to cook or store items. Of course, some of the things may have disappeared during the centuries, but almost none of the ruins I have been in looks like a place people lived in. Just a series of rooms and corridors with no real function as a place to live as far as I can see. There are some places where there are beds, chairs and tables but most of the time it seems a little out of place to have them there. Like they are just there to remind you that someone used to live there.

  • Project Zell

    One thing ESO does better than ANY elder scrolls game is like, actually let you play with friends. Also, fishing. Actual fishing.

  • Will Stolze

    I like that even though we all have gripes with bethesda, we all agree Elder Scrolls is an incredible series. They need to always allow the community to mod their single players.


    Single player far greater then multiplayer

  • Samara_Dubhlainn

    Okay, the reference to The Man from Snowy River just won this entire video for me. So few people even know about it!

  • Brandon Rich

    This dudes hilarious and honest. Two amazing qualities hard to find in people. Subscribed my guy 👌

  • RadiantRaid

    Skyrim was made years before online and skyrim was fun for the aspect of taking time time to earn you stuff

  • Crocodile Smash

    I want a 5 Things Skyrim did better then ESO!

  • CharlesLeeRay

    I know you. You said "TES VI will be in Black Marsh." How did you feel when you saw Abecean Sea in the teaser?

  • Ungreatful Duck

    "Do you get to the Cloud District very often? Oh,what am I saying, off course you don´t."MOTHERFUCKER YOU DON´T EVEN HAVE A HOUSE!!

  • Parashjin

    Also better and way more unique quests.

  • Chelsea Dagger

    I agree with the dungeons !!!! Hate it..... and like you said... ruins a bit of the experience for me.

  • Mephilis 78

    I have something that both Skyrim and ESO got wrong!1rst PERSON HORSES!! Is this too much to ask for ffs Bethesda? ...... Zenimax? whoever you are?Aslo The class system in both games suck! ESO for being to constraining, and destroying the very nature of TES skill trees. and Skyrim for not even having classes, oh and for destroy the very nature of TES skill trees!Otherwise ESO has the best crafting system of all time. To the extent that when TES 6 drops and I can't make a set of genuine Breton plate armor, I will be fucking pissed.

  • Toney Austin

    Horse mechanics? Really that’s the best yOu got

  • Jay Cirillo

    Not sure how anyone can dis ESO. Its friggin amazing! Plus the fact that it is an MMO, it will always be a work in progress that will never end. Have not even started Summerset yet. Super excited!

  • Project Biology

    The main thing that ruined eso for me was the way that the multiplayer was handled. I remember trying to kill a vampire (for a quest) with one of my friends only to find about five other players already killing it.

  • Spud Bud

    World of warcraft (2006) was the first MMO i ever played, and became the standard for me. And many if not most MMO's are very disorienting to me because of this. I really enjoy ESO from time to time, but its nonetheless, difficult for me to grasp and understand. Especially levelling and the item stats. The item states are so high it actually confuses me lol. But i will never forget the time i led an army of players of the Ebonheart pact in Cyrodil at level 12. Commanding and directing them on a fucking crusade that culminated in the destruction of the Dominion and the pushback of the covenant. (Even so far as to have a few players switch to covenant alts and organize a tenuous team up against the dominion.)Best night on an MMO ive ever had. Also, in the early days i was like a Jute drug dealer cuz resource spawns were broken as fuck xD

  • Pretty Guardian

    Great video. I agreed with all of your points. When I finally got around to joining the Dark Brotherhood in ESO, I realized I had missed out on a fun part of the game.

  • Quistan C

    "The dungeons aren't as repetitive or as essential to the game."/Laughs in Endgame contentI mean sure, you don't have to slaughter God knows how many Draugr to get a part of a dragon shout, but collecting skyshards gets just as boring...

  • I am depression

    I never thought you would do this, but I like them both.

  • Fritz Bowers

    I love how all his dungeon footage was from bleak falls barrow

  • Made Pandora

    I like the story of eso way more than skyrim

  • smilejos67

    But ESO does not look like anyone actually live there. The characters you meet, where are their homes? Where are the farms to feed all of them?I know there are a few houses and farms, but it is very few compared to the characters in game. And most walled city gateways have no gates or way up onto the walls.

  • CreativeUsernameEh

    "Is this really different from THIS?" No, but that's because you're showing Bleak Falls Barrow in both clips

  • Lokyee'd

    I literally have no clue how to craft in eso. Like at all. Disagreed lmao

  • BRUH 559

    "FUS RO DAH" all the way

  • Shamrock

    Damn you love to criticize skyrim, don't you. Give skyrim a break, you rip on it every video.Lol jk I love you

  • Willem Kranenburg

    skyrim is fun for single player roleplaying. ESO is fun for exploring and fighting alongside with friends.neither do suckboth are great.

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