Skyrim: Assassin (LETS PLAY) Eps.1 (commentary)

Episode 1

Channels I mention in this video:
  • Daniel Jacobs

    U know what's more annoying than running out stamina, running out of health.

  • highbaws

    Is there another youtuber that play only dagger and archery like Seph??

  • Eternal RotMG

    What!? Seph missed a shot!? This must be rigged.

  • brian sheehan

    I laughed pretty hard when Hadvar cut your bindings and you were like "Wow.... If he only knew what he just did." haha.

  • ShayDAssassin

    SEPH come back! I want more videos PLLLEEASE

  • Peter Deglovic

    i watched this serie - like a comedy tv serie few years ago.. and im gona watch at least few parts again.. awesome gameplay and comentary =)

  • Truth Warrior

    Try this on Legendary kids, it's the only way you can get a challenge out of following Seph's way ;)

  • Vinyix Productions

    You are the best assassin I've met

  • RektDealWithIt

    Seph I would love a comeback from you with Skyrim remastered! :(

  • Zach Nelson

    i miss these videos... you taught me how to play an assassin role 

  • Joseph Bapeck

    Lol the master assassin who specialises in carefully planning kills isn't a very patient person. Lol.

  • Lamp Shade

    Seph please come back!!! aspiring assassin's need your advice!! :)

  • Bws226 _

    i wish he still had time

  • George Flythe

    Come back, make more videos.

  • Chrisfragger1

    Seph should do a Skyrim Redone Let's play.You'd miss a lot more arrows in Skyrim Redone.

  • Donald J. Trump

    12th time watching this unfin series

  • I Showed him my dick and called him a fag

    hit alt once u get the talent u have to be crouching

  • qwertyabsurd

    Legend wasn't available when he played. That mode has only been around for like 3-4 months

  • nimbus1983

    Do what i do, set it to legendary from the beggining.

  • matthew calkins

    I ROLL DEEP SUN!!!! Lol

  • mark ball

    i wish seph would come back

  • infinitejinpachi

    who cares everyones heard pretty much all the dialogue from npcs any way so it doesnt really matter

  • Will DeRouen

    It's obvisous you already played the game but I don't care

  • wojeeee

    You can If you make the skills legendary

  • Dino Games

    Chillaxinggaming you are lying you cant get lvl 100 max is lvl 81

  • TheFireMage100

    this is what i use for my assassin classes i have normally skyrimcalculator(dot)com/323548

  • DAS

    Don't use points in stamina if ur mele!! Use cooking, you can do unlimited powerattack combo's with cooking, you need only 1 stamina to start a powerattack, and there are soups that give you 1stamina/second... =unlimited powerattacks..

  • Gatis P

    U can join bouth thieves and dark brotherhood

  • Ian Wood

    I usually finish the Companions then Dark Brotherhood and then Thieves guild or Thieves guild then Dark Brotherhood

  • Ian Wood

    You choose to join the Thieves guild why not the Dark Brotherhood???

  • Ian Wood

    But that gives him people to kill because they cut him off

  • Ascended Casual

    Yet they are so busy trying to get rid of our beneficial glitches that allow us to play the game on a whole new level. I say LEAVE OUR GLITCHES ALONE, PUT OUR GLITCHES BACK! Unless they plan on creating a god mode that you can abuse the game like PC players can and spawn stuff and force NPC marriage.

  • BooceMeister

    Seph after I watched some of your montage I sad FUCK THE MAGE

  • Stephenn Moosberg

    Yeah! And i finished skyrim on a netbook laptop on ultra graphics and got over 60fps!!!!

  • Fudgecakedevil

    Because Bethesda is racist Poor poor Khajiit....

  • Alduin

    ? no it's easy but I dont do it

  • Judy Rasdall

    because its a cat race duh

  • luka obradovich


  • Bob Burri

    How can u backstab someone

  • Dylan Davis

    How do u go 3rd person

  • Kevin Pachorro

    That's hard, won't happen 100% of the time.

  • Bone Cock

    Yeah that kinda sucks.

  • Hunter Hageny

    Is thr beginning dragon alduin? He looks like it

  • Lewis Robertson

    Guys an orc assassin can 1 shot anything 3 perks assassin blade any kind of shrouded gloves and berserker rage 60 times the damage tell me that's not overpowered

  • Umadbro pound

    is it just me or does he sound like owen wilson hahaha

  • paul dark


  • Biggest Metroid Fan in All Existence

    hum what you mean without mods dummer cancel out some fire and vamps give you an assassain boon

  • Phanbot01

    I wonder why they never fixed the khajiit's ability to wear the shrouded cowl properly.

  • ThoughtlessDreams

    You can also one - hit lol the bear in the Keep. Just put some Frostbite venom on an arrow and go into sneak mode. The poison eats away at his health.

  • ThoughtlessDreams

    The best way to get a nice amount of money in the beginning is to go with Ralof. Imperial armor is worth more, and you can carry more. I usually get out if there with a shitload of weapons, 2 sets of heavy Imperial armor, and about 5 sets of light Imperial armor, and 2 of studded Imperial armor.

  • Troy Orr

    the race he picked are better off using thier claws than using a sword early on

  • TheSparkyProduction1

    Matcher polo I already have that role thank you XD

  • Tyler King

    I just made a new assassin today:)

  • DISS Clan

    Seph if you get this message x

  • TheLootFinder00

    Whenever I play an assassin character I role play a bit at the start. (Helgen) I think that since Im playing an assassin I figure I would think my crime would be assassinating the owner of a village.

  • GabritoragGamer

    Are u playing Skyrim at Master difficult?

  • ZN

    His name is 'Seph'. Not Seth.

  • matcher polo

    seth you are no the best at skyrim you are "THE" BEST

  • matcher polo

    can i be your assassin side kick

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