Skyrim: Assassin (LETS PLAY) Eps.1 (commentary)

Episode 1

Channels I mention in this video:
  • Daniel Jacobs

    U know what's more annoying than running out stamina, running out of health.

  • brian sheehan

    I laughed pretty hard when Hadvar cut your bindings and you were like "Wow.... If he only knew what he just did." haha.

  • Peter Deglovic

    i watched this serie - like a comedy tv serie few years ago.. and im gona watch at least few parts again.. awesome gameplay and comentary =)

  • Eternal RotMG

    What!? Seph missed a shot!? This must be rigged.

  • ShayDAssassin

    SEPH come back! I want more videos PLLLEEASE

  • Vinyix Productions

    You are the best assassin I've met

  • Truth Warrior

    Try this on Legendary kids, it's the only way you can get a challenge out of following Seph's way ;)

  • RektDealWithIt

    Seph I would love a comeback from you with Skyrim remastered! :(

  • _Bws226 _

    i wish he still had time

  • Lamp Shade

    Seph please come back!!! aspiring assassin's need your advice!! :)

  • George Flythe

    Come back, make more videos.

  • highbaws

    Is there another youtuber that play only dagger and archery like Seph??

  • Vox Aeterna

    Sigh Seph man I hope you're doing ok. You should totally get ESO Tamriel Unlimited and make an assassin's guild. I totally join!

  • David Lewis

    you know, if none the tortured guys die you can start walking into the wall when you are near them and keep doing it until you reach lvl 100 sneak, cool trick if you ask me...

  • Hans Ollo

    Cool vid, bro.  Only hint I can give is the sneak glitch : not sure if it works on pc and suckbox, but on ps3 if you crouch and then start walking at the same time you equip your weapon, you'll sneak at regular jogging speed without lowering your sneak rating. (only works in 3rd person, though) Great way to traverse the game at speed while retaining stealth.  

  • Joseph Bapeck

    Lol the master assassin who specialises in carefully planning kills isn't a very patient person. Lol.

  • DeluxeWolves Sanders

    Seph,it's been six years pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase come back your my favorite YouTuber

  • Donald J. Trump

    12th time watching this unfin series

  • Lockeadon

    my two cents on best assassin: orc. i know they don't really get any skill bonuses to support it, but berserk stacks with sneak and works with bows despite a misconception that it only works with melee damage (and any other physical damage types and boosts) making orc's the best for a pure damage assassin. redguard used to make good damage assassins too in earlier games, but in skyrim adrenaline rush is fairly useless because it only regens stamina, so its only useful if you are bad sniper or for sprinting longer. because vegetable soup spam.

  • Commander Shepard

    Here's a tip that nobody knows:Imperials and Nords can make a good assassin at the begining. Imperials can Pacify attackers and Nords can scare them away ;)

  • Some One

    15:45 it ain't so.

  • anthony longoria

    to roll before you unlock the perk at skill lvl 60? you just have to be crouched and holding the sprint button, obviously this wont work yet but if you sheath your weapon or pull it out, you will execute a roll both before and after you roll.

  • Mayan Steel

    TESV: Skyrim Assassin Montage: ''Shadow Hide You'' | Bow Trick Shots | Legendary | Epic | by Krytsuz, he plays like Seph except uses a few mods to change the colors of Skyrim. He and Seph both rock, so if you like watching Seph then watch Krytsuz as well.

  • Liam Bond

    6 years later and I still check this series out every now and then

  • TheChosenOne

    LOL How convienet is that, I see kha zix from league of legends who is an assassin in an assassin video. which was an add

  • Rogi Mcskinner

    my third time through...still loving it. You going to do anymore, or possible play ESO?

  • Feduje

    An Orc would be able to do double damage once a day, that would be useful in the early game.

  • Jay-Ian Pabilan

    I remember watching some of his old videos,he was not very popular back then.

  • Silent_Assassin

    my guy know is just like your guy just with more stamina and the same amount of health

  • Tyler Love

    Awesome and I appreciate how consistent with your techniques they are very interesting and useful

  • xSCx_FaTaL

    Keeping making videos please this is a great story line 😎

  • xXLegendarySniperzXx

    He's a Beast at Dishonored

  • thatguy1234

    if the empire tries to kill you WHY WILL GO WITH HADVAR AN IMPERIAL

  • Psymon

    LOL the subtitles are hilarious

  • hardrocker24689

    you left a coin purse in that last cart filled with alto wine...

  • Hans Ollo

    You also missed a huge coin purse in the wagon by the bear.  lol

  • atlas360

    you probably don't care about my question but is an argoinian assassin a bad idea

  • destincox

    O ya and crossbow sniping and dragonbone daggers which look badass I dont use swords nemore but really ur vids helped me a ton and I finnally have a build I truely enjoy above all others

  • Insert Generic Name Here

    What's the name of the you tuber he mentions

  • Zach Nelson

    i miss these videos... you taught me how to play an assassin role 

  • firststrikefist FSF

    Never met an impatient assassin

  • Oxus Niao

    Yo if anyone does why he stop playing please tell me

  • Andres Sandoval

    SEPHxxFORxxLIFE is there a certain order you take on questlines? I like to save the game/dlc main quests for last, but is there a certain order that makes the assassin process easier for leveling?

  • solen rice

    hey seph I don't know if you know this but there was a coin purse in the cart where the bear was with the alto wine

  • Ste Pa

    SEPH, why did you take an iron sword?) Its damage - 9, and cat's claws - 15

  • Chrisfragger1

    Seph should do a Skyrim Redone Let's play.You'd miss a lot more arrows in Skyrim Redone.

  • Silent_Assassin

    would you reccommend getting slow time shout

  • Jennie Garcia

    how do you duel wield. im new to the game so, plz help

  • Fadi Awad

    You didn't do anything wrong in the begining

  • Dustin Ripley

    He's dead :'( :'( :'(


    My brother thinks u suck but I think your awesome

  • I Showed him my dick and called him a fag

    hit alt once u get the talent u have to be crouching

  • qwertyabsurd

    Legend wasn't available when he played. That mode has only been around for like 3-4 months

  • nimbus1983

    Do what i do, set it to legendary from the beggining.

  • matthew calkins

    I ROLL DEEP SUN!!!! Lol

  • mark ball

    i wish seph would come back

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