Skyrim: Unlock Spells & Shouts (Console Commands)

In this video I show you how to use the command prompt (using console commands) to unlock any or all spells or shouts.

Spell codes:

Shout codes:

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  • NorwayBall

    The so much i have a dragon soul glitch that i can't USE dragon souls thank you so much!!!

  • The blood knight [half vampire, half dovahkiin]

    Is there a way you can get miraak’s 4 word shout?

  • Minimo

    if u cant find ur code that uwant just do help (shoutname) and the id inside the ( )example: help firebreath it iwll come up like this: SPELL_(numbers) firebreath then you type the code player.addspell then the number with a space and no ( )

  • TheAngelArrow

    lmfao "spell..." 423423423 "and write the code in" hilarious

  • Jaa

    how i can use dragonsouls?

  • Dr. Logic-Noose

    Thank you so much very helpful

  • TheAngelArrow

    for peopel having trouble with shouts, u press R u don't click it :p it's just glitchy like that ;p like everything in skyrim is glitchy, u know how it is

  • Hoodie_010

    I have gone on this video just beacuse i can't unlock any shouts ... i have like 7 dragon souls im smashing the R button but nothing is happening thx for the commands ! ( R . I . P )

  • xmoonlightslimezx SLIME

    Same with me here! I type in psb and it (instead of crashing instantly) will crash whenever i load up magic soo i have to be carefull with that, I usually only do these cheats after ive already played through the game and i iust wanna mess about

  • Every Man

    I got dragonrend shout and i got 99 dragon souls but when i click on the shout it still says you dont have enough dragon souls what is up with that i also refreshed it and still does not work.

  • Victor Xiong

    Script command not saved

  • Niladri Sekhar Biswas

    i have enough dragonsouls but cant unlock pls

  • ArchieGamez

    I type psb and I got everything that I don't wantHow can I remove the shouts and spells that I don't want?

  • Lunar Kingswood

    Just type psb and all the power and spells will unlock (except shout)

  • Getrov

    how do you scroll throught the spell PLEASE READ!!!!!

  • fspec

    This won't work for cyclone

  • ItsMartyn

    Howbto scroll down to see all spells/shouts?

  • Honza Cherif

    Man, i have little bit problem. I cheated 99 dragonsouls, but dragon shouts cant be unlocked. How can i unlock shouts?

  • Anime-chan

    I cant add dawnguard shouts HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Loup Solitaire

    Got a massive problem with that... Had a bug for the frost breath last shout so wanted to unlock it with the commands, but even when doing the right command, with the console stating "word added", it doesn't show up in my shouts list... Could it be because of mods? (I got an unidentified mod that spawned "natalie frost breath" once I did the command...)Could someone help?Thank you lads!

  • Sean Tesoro

    the code on bendwill is not correct i cant get bendwill

  • Ay Boss

    It's better to use qasmoke (dev room) because you don't get the game breaking ones

  • Deniz Bors

    to add al spells tipe this ,,psb'' psb

  • Tom De Tiger

    Wanna read a joke?Read more

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