Skyrim - 5 Hidden Enemies

5 Hidden Enemies that you may not have fought on your travels before, so now is the chance to conquer them!


Scott: newberrycrunch
Michael: oldberrychew


  • Oh Momo

    When I saw 3 naked men walking near the beach, I laughThen they all suddenly turned into werebearsI cry

  • Prad Silapajan

    i always kill the old lady

  • Claude Alpha

    I knew about all except the Reaper... but I always knew those Crystals that drain your soul were hiding something, but never bothered to get too close to them and risk dying from draining...

  • merp merpins

    There is a cave filled with werebears literally right outside the front door of the dawnguard castle.

  • Sam Otten

    Although, to be fair, even though they're rare, you might want to prepare for the werebears there.

  • Vick

    Didn't know that those Ragged Trouser dudes transformed into Werebears upon being detected, I always killed them before they transformed...

  • Armoured Productions

    IIRC that dragon down in Blackreach is a reference to Smaug, since it is a dragon in an underground dwarven city.

  • Kyle Ohlson

    The woman in the cabin is a deadite loll

  • Aidan Keogh

    Karstaag has 75% Shock Resistance (meaning no abusing Lightning Storm), is immune to the Instakill effect of Mehrunes Razor, has 4000 Health and regenerates 12 points of it every second. On higher difficulties, he's an absolutely monstrous opponent.I forced myself to fight him on Legendary as final challenge for a playthrough. As a warrior.

  • Max Rai

    The dragon in blackreach is a reference to hobbit .

  • Yugi Muto

    this thumbnail is very ironic to me because that witch was actually the first unique enemy I found the first time I played skyrim

  • Markov Algeroth

    I wouldn't say that Werebears are a type of 'Lycanthrope'. Lycanthrope is derrived from two Greek words: Lykos (wolf), and Anthrope (human) meaning wolf-man. A better word for a Werebear is Ursathrope (Ursa meaning bear), which means bear-man.

  • KurayamiXHikari

    reaper spit out mountain dew that he has been drinking before Dragonborn summoned him

  • mental knight

    when i played skyrim for the first time i just shouted at the ball in blackreach and found out about the dragon lol

  • darthbubbaaa

    that dragon i accidentaly found because i was confused on what to do so i shouted at the orb

  • Thomas Otten

    me when the Karstagg battle starts"Oh boy another *DEAD*respawns"It's time for a... epic training montage"montage startsThree years of vigorous mudcrab mashing and bandit bashing pass and the montage ends"I'm ready for you... Karstagg!"Enters castle Karstagg ruins to see Karstagg was waiting for me"Oh shi-" *DEAD*

  • Nateisgone

    The old lady I killed for fun but know I have a reason

  • Negster

    Love the Oblivion music

  • A jewish guy walks in a bar and starts to gas nigs

    I'm gonna guess Karstaag and that dragon in black reach is in this video just like every other list

  • Ishan Kumar

    Don't know why but I heard British fighting style XDDD

  • Gabe Bohannon

    I wish you can summon Karstag like once every 3 weeks or something.

  • chair man

    HOIYYYYYYYYYAAAAA sit on my face michael.

  • TheBestChris121

    I remember I was playing and I ran into the old lady Anisse and I didn't know and Went into the basement..... and she killed me....

  • Luis Tabares

    I actually stubbled upon the reaper, holy shit was I scared shitless.

  • Connor Hardy Travis

    British fighting Style ? Sorry I'm confused

  • demomanchaos

    You really put Anise on this list? Someone who is right beside the three Standing Stones right after the tutorial bit, and was the first enemy I encountered after the tutorial area (and has been among the first ones pretty much every time as her cabin is right on the direct route to Bleak Falls Barrow), really?

  • Redname

    You should've mentioned the Wisp Mothers. I didn't even know the existed (after playing for hundreds of hours) until about a week ago!

  • Joseph Payne

    wait, she was a witch? so i shouldnt feel bad for just murdering her on sight?

  • Edvard

    God damn I really want to go back and play this game

  • Justin Tice

    Enemy I'll send you to sovanguarde!2 seconds laterEnemy I yield, I yield!!!

  • JokeeGA5

    Knew about Anise, but the rest? I was wondering what the orb in blackreach was for.

  • Mr.Vojtik

    Just to correct one mistake, there is only one enemy that scales with you indefinitely.

  • SniperSpy10

    British fighting style? wow

  • LoneZtarGaming

    So Anus and werebears made the cut but not the legendary Ebony Knight? Cmon Fudgie

  • Liam Fosdike

    1:34 Solethiem is a lovely place to visit but to be fare even though their rare, you might want to prepare for the werebears there. They travel in packs

  • pOtato Lord

    The Ebony warrior should be here.


    when i started playing the game and just beat the tutorial i was free roaming and i ran into the old woman....i didnt know she was a hidden boss or anything i killed her, took the bread i found in her house, and took her robe (idk y) and i went away !!!

  • Sarafan Dumah

    How do you know to shout at the orb in blackreach?

  • Jordan Reynolds

    I feel the forge king guardian or whatever his name is would have been better instead of the witch. still a good vid.

  • Lamprey •

    After seeing karstagg I want to play morrowind again.

  • Mike, from Texas

    Never thought the old lady was a "Hidden Enemy", just some old lady. Always went straight for her for supplies everytime I start a new game.

  • Larry Wolf

    I can remember when I first found Anise's little shack on my first playthrough of Skyrim. I liked her so much, I thought of her as my character's grandma and would return from time to time and leave her things (silly, I know). That is until one day I noticed a hatch...I felt so betrayed. I seriously felt betrayed. (Hahahah)

  • viva libertas ergo vivite libertatem

    Lol the dragon in the dwemer ruins is just a slight allusion to the hobbit

  • Brandon Francis

    you used to be able to summon the reaper by hitting the spot he's hiding with a shout. I believe it was a glitch so it could have been patched out at some point.

  • Habitual Smoker

    three videos in a row! damn son nice

  • Boominator137

    Come to think of it, the Reaper would have fit in well on the top 5 disturbing creatures list.... Also good video, Fudgemuppet. ⚔️❤️

  • Toa Onua

    It's not nostalgic if you've forgotten about it.

  • Fallout Night

    Solthiem hides many secrets, and that's awesome!

  • Taterpotato

    Wow never knew about the reaper, i've fought all the other ones though

  • Connor Sydney

    this is weird but true: I killed an elder dragon and thugs came after me later. Anise sent them and In the letter it said: i hope you make hoke (my characters name) pay for killing my dear elder dragon. Soooooo I decided to get a giant to follow me and it killed her. Get R.E.K.T

  • Monkey

    1:43 ''British Fighting Style'' i wanna see that

  • Babo Planitzer

    werbears aren't bosses !!!

  • YaBoiDevilCuck

    This video should have more views. 8 minutes and only 400?

  • Paul Snelling

    Isn't That Power The Similar To The Dragon, You Mentioned...?

  • andrea105 beautygirl


  • ThunderPunch23

    The werebear wasn't hidden for me. I just came across them on my first game.

  • TvanS

    Solstheim's nice, although, to be fair, even though they're rare, you might want to prepare for the Were-bears there.Because they travels in packs. some will get it :P

  • Eyeball Paul

    you guys are just doing the same lists every other skyrim YouTuber did years ago

  • Crisp _Biscuit


  • Darth Xodius

    So Karstagg can only be summoned 3 times.......not if the Modding community has anything to say about it ;)

  • Somthing Stupid V2

    fudge Muppet :karstag *has flashbacks of karstag raping me for two straight hours

  • -HISTORi-

    knew them all, sry fam

  • Alec Rupcic

    love your videos guys, keep up the good work :)

  • General Spaz

    what about the 2 dragons that break through the ice and swim in water in the forgotten vale?

  • Chloe Tyrannosaurus

    I met anise I was travel to whiterun when I got lost and I met her I knew by her look she was supernatural btw don't stay at her cabin overnight you become more likely to get attacked by a frostmage plus wolfs are common

  • jordan999fire

    I always killed Anise because you can pretty much turn her house into yours. Minus the fact that you can't upgrade it, and it doesn't actually classify as your house, but you can sleep in her bed, use her stuff down stairs, and you even have a fast travel point to it on the map.

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