Assassin's Creed Freedom Cry Stand-Alone Trailer

Freedom Cry finally coming as a stand-alone game !
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Assassin's Creed Freedom Cry Stand-Alone Trailer. Release date : February 18, 2014 as a standalone game for PlayStation 4 (PS4), PlayStation 3 (PS3) and PC ! Subscribe now to get the latest game trailer, gameplay teaser & cinematic video, videogame walkthrough and ingame videos with Game News Official (GameNews) ! Freedom Cry PS4 Stand-Alone Trailer.
  • JONESalpha 716

    why the FUCK isn't this a full game and just an add on

  • Elihu Clark-El

    he's buff as fuck jesus christ

  • zoom BOT

    this is called realpart for assassin

  • Roger .3#

    Love this game wish it was more than an add on but honestly really good game

  • Javier Luna

    I actually really liked this DLCFreeing slaves,killing slavers,building your own faction of assassin maroons

  • Pus1slaya69

    Id like to be a african assassin

  • franck sakaio

    wow this looks cool i am going to download this game and finely he is black not white

  • TRON 996

    "who dis nigga up on that nag"?

  • Godfather 300

    so powerful, and such awesome music

  • Frode Karlstad

    im from norwayha vil you guys bi me frend

  • Flamers Films

    Never forget , Edward Kenway and Adewale :(


    yeah ah lea mani se yoo batalaa


    now this shows black history!

  • Zennedas Diamond

    The Machete is Big as Fuck! i want it :D

  • Vitor Vieira

    0:12 "ah, os moleque é lisoo"

  • AfrikanDescendant

    What song is in the trailer? And This was released in 2014 and I'm just now hearing about it 2 years later! Why don't his game, Aveline's, etc get recognition. Even though I'm sure this is just as awesome as the rest, minus Unity and the London one. Lol.

  • re.tr0 G

    Who's here because of assassins creed origins

  • Ahue hue

    do we require ac black flag to play it ?

  • Razor Pro

    Is it just me or when he puts up the hood it's so epic

  • MR: Root

    deveria lançar um AC com essa historia da escravidão

  • Vincent Renardi Linaksana

    That's a badass brother

  • Emosi Beats

    Why didn't Adéwalé have his machete and blunderbuss when Shay was killing him


    im gonna be him one day

  • GameB Awesome

    You know, this add on had one distinct thing: French Soldiers

  • Antonio Merolla

    qualcuno mi farebbe la traduzione vi prego grazie

  • Khang Cao

    how to be an assassin first get weapon then the hood no need a hoodie just the hood to cover your head and face boom brake some glasses

  • Yugo Boss

    Adéwale is one deadly motherfucker! Too bad he got killed by Shay!

  • Herman Campbell

    Still Better Man Then Edward And Shay AndLook 180 of Shay Boyfriends Hate The Black Assassin Well Shay Go Fuck Yourself And Fuck Your Boyfriends Too

  • ThePK980

    Top 5 Assassin's Creed1. AC32. ACS and ACB 3. ACFC4. AC25. ACU

  • DuskGlade

    I feel bad for the slavery.

  • Serenade26

    Ad's costume is badass! I think if you're pretty ripped it matches perfectly

  • muoawia salah

    guys .... ist worth playing it ???!!!

  • The Greatest Fascist

    Been watching a lot of old AC trailers lately, mostly to remember what the franchise used to be. Looking back, I found it strange how Assassin's Creed never seems to delve into stuff like racism more. Yes Freedom Cry is based on it, but never to a 'realistic' degree. They seem to avoid things like child soldiers, rape, sexism, child prostitution, nationalism, philosophy, morality, jingoism, political ideologies, war crimes and other historical atrocities that SHOULD be in a series such as this. Whenever the situation comes up they give us the 'lite' version of it and move on. Have historical things like this boost up controversy in a good way and gives the story more emotional power. I hope future AC games embrace the REAL history.

  • Nadya Sindy

    The ubisoft logo sound is really eary man

  • Commenter 2

    Is he adewale or a random black assassin

  • Dangerous69100

    Freedom Cry was definitely a real Assassin's Creed game, played it several times because of how well it really represents freedom in the franchise instead of having 1 Templar master mind saying, " I'm the bad guy, JUST TRY AND KILL ME!"..... (hidden blade stab)

  • Gabrielle Gatmaitan

    Wonder if i work on ubisoft

  • sasan m

    He is one bad-ass assassin

  • Kobe Bryant

    such a great trailer should be a full game not a add on

  • ScorpiVenom

    The only people who buy this are a bunch on black lives matter freaks.

  • Bravo Leader

    Why is it playstation exclusive, that sucks!

  • Kent Joshua Nesus

    Give like to those who still thinks that Ezio Auditore da Ferenze is still the most awesome assassin that ever existed in this franchise.

  • Don Don

    Finally a black Assassin !!!

  • GorbyGoreShy

    First he was small. When hes a grown man, hes so damn HUGE.

  • SS DNY

    Almost stopped playing AC Rogue when I had to kill Adewalle.

  • Daniel Patrascanu

    I felt extremly sad when i had to kill him in Rogue ..he was awesome..

  • Ben White

    Assassins creed should do one about the Arab slave trade that be cool.

  • Seloterio Renz

    I think ade wale hates racist people and that's why he became an assassin

  • Captain Bacon

    I have no interest in playing as a black guy. Pass.

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