Assassin's Creed Freedom Cry Stand-Alone Trailer

Freedom Cry finally coming as a stand-alone game !
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Assassin's Creed Freedom Cry Stand-Alone Trailer. Release date : February 18, 2014 as a standalone game for PlayStation 4 (PS4), PlayStation 3 (PS3) and PC ! Subscribe now to get the latest game trailer, gameplay teaser & cinematic video, videogame walkthrough and ingame videos with Game News Official (GameNews) ! Freedom Cry PS4 Stand-Alone Trailer.
  • JONESalpha 716

    why the FUCK isn't this a full game and just an add on

  • Elihu Clark-El

    he's buff as fuck jesus christ

  • Vikas Dangi

    this is called realpart for assassin

  • Javier Luna

    I actually really liked this DLCFreeing slaves,killing slavers,building your own faction of assassin maroons

  • AfrikanDescendant

    What song is in the trailer? And This was released in 2014 and I'm just now hearing about it 2 years later! Why don't his game, Aveline's, etc get recognition. Even though I'm sure this is just as awesome as the rest, minus Unity and the London one. Lol.

  • TRON 996

    "who dis nigga up on that nag"?

  • Nazayne Brown

    do we require ac black flag to play it ?

  • Frode Karlstad

    im from norwayha vil you guys bi me frend

  • Yaman Tamer

    yeah ah lea mani se yoo batalaa

  • Caleb Bakari

    now this shows black history!

  • Zennedas Diamond

    The Machete is Big as Fuck! i want it :D

  • Vitor Vieira

    0:12 "ah, os moleque é lisoo"

  • Razor Pro

    Is it just me or when he puts up the hood it's so epic

  • The Greatest Fascist

    Been watching a lot of old AC trailers lately, mostly to remember what the franchise used to be. Looking back, I found it strange how Assassin's Creed never seems to delve into stuff like racism more. Yes Freedom Cry is based on it, but never to a 'realistic' degree. They seem to avoid things like child soldiers, rape, sexism, child prostitution, nationalism, philosophy, morality, jingoism, political ideologies, war crimes and other historical atrocities that SHOULD be in a series such as this. Whenever the situation comes up they give us the 'lite' version of it and move on. Have historical things like this boost up controversy in a good way and gives the story more emotional power. I hope future AC games embrace the REAL history.

  • MR: Root

    deveria lançar um AC com essa historia da escravidão

  • Vincent Renardi Linaksana

    That's a badass brother

  • GameB Awesome

    You know, this add on had one distinct thing: French Soldiers

  • INΔCiØ

    Why this to be DLC? Ubisoft need to make game based on Africa or Rainforest with Adewale, not DLC

  • Godfather 300

    so powerful, and such awesome music

  • The Slav

    Adéwale is one deadly motherfucker! Too bad he got killed by Shay!

  • Caleb Bakari

    im gonna be him one day

  • Antonio Merolla

    qualcuno mi farebbe la traduzione vi prego grazie

  • DuskGlade

    I feel bad for the slavery.

  • muoawia salah

    guys .... ist worth playing it ???!!!

  • Emosi Beats

    Why didn't Adéwalé have his machete and blunderbuss when Shay was killing him

  • Serenade26

    Ad's costume is badass! I think if you're pretty ripped it matches perfectly

  • Commenter 2

    Is he adewale or a random black assassin

  • Nadya Sindy

    The ubisoft logo sound is really eary man

  • ScorpiVenom

    The only people who buy this are a bunch on black lives matter freaks.

  • ThePK980

    Top 5 Assassin's Creed1. AC32. ACS and ACB 3. ACFC4. AC25. ACU

  • Gabrielle Gatmaitan

    Wonder if i work on ubisoft

  • Kobe Bryant

    such a great trailer should be a full game not a add on

  • Bravo Leader

    Why is it playstation exclusive, that sucks!

  • Dangerous69100

    Freedom Cry was definitely a real Assassin's Creed game, played it several times because of how well it really represents freedom in the franchise instead of having 1 Templar master mind saying, " I'm the bad guy, JUST TRY AND KILL ME!"..... (hidden blade stab)

  • Kent Joshua Nesus

    Give like to those who still thinks that Ezio Auditore da Ferenze is still the most awesome assassin that ever existed in this franchise.

  • sasan m

    He is one bad-ass assassin

  • medo sam

    what i like in black people in this game that they use wide swords, my FAVORITE

  • Daniel Patrascanu

    I felt extremly sad when i had to kill him in Rogue ..he was awesome..

  • Captain Bacon

    I have no interest in playing as a black guy. Pass.

  • Oliver Pearson

    i think its great that AC is branching out to different races and cultures. it really shows a lot of diversity in the order and that they are not just all the same. (by that i mean white guys who's parents where killed, it gets boring after a while)

  • Seloterio Renz

    I think ade wale hates racist people and that's why he became an assassin

  • cooleek brown

    Oh it's that black guy that escaped the ship near the beginning of it  Don't call me racist I am black

  • Freakilizer

    So I'm guessing Adewale could beat Edward's ass?

  • Lonewolfover9000

    why did you even made this assassin's creed?

  • WarbossGorgutz

    And the prequel to this could be AC Africa, where you diligently murder the higher ups in an African tribe in order for your tribe to rape their women and sell their men into slavery (You know, how it actually happened.)

  • Eloize Juliet Victoriano

    i really love the music what is it?

  • Ephraim The Truth

    Jacob troubles. them the real Jew's (the Hebrew Israelites) The Most High Chosen People (Tribe Of Judah) the Bible speaks of ....

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