Skyrim Remaster: 15 NEW Things You NEED To Know Before You Buy

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Remastered Special Edition is coming to current generation consoles and PC this November and it's time to get caught up on 15 things you need to know before you dive in and buy this amazingly huge game.



  • Zhinakin

    i'll be enjoying my free game

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Koala

    I never played skrim before and my only Bethesda game is Falloutt, should I try this out?

  • Joseph Calabrese

    What about the BUGS!? Has Bethesda ironed out all the bugs in the game? OR did they only work on making better graphics?

  • MartyMcflyguy

    Definitely getting this, I didn't beat the game but put over 100 hours into the game lol

  • Super.Cappa

    Did u just assume my console

  • Kyle

    4:40 can you seriously call it the "full" 60$? Original Skyrim was 60$ new, plus the new price of its 3 dlcs, which totaled quite a bit more than 60 bucks. This "full 60$" is really cheaper since you also pay for all DLC

  • Danny Van Luijk

    did you have to say The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Special Edition every single time?

  • Christopher Solares

    "Spent hundreds of nerd hours"Ha! git gud, I literally spent thousands! XD

  • Todd Canning

    Will using mods on PS4 turn off trophies? I have not heard either way.

  • CSThomas888

    But can we jump while sprinting???

  • normal kid

    i love nerd games ....the more I level up the more powerful I feel.. and weak can't stand a chance

  • H82W84U2

    Wtf I'm in Canada and it cost 90 dollars so I'm just going to bye the legendary edition for 6 dollars at end games 🤗

  • Nutella Cheeks

    Who really cares about Kinect options?

  • Spongebob Squarepants

    Are mods coming to Xbox?

  • Zack Farnham

    All I care about: A mod that will remove all spiders. That way, I can enjoy the game. I am terrified of spiders.

  • Joe P.

    for those people using PC don't forget that the remaster is 64 bit ONLY it says in the steam requirements on the skyrim community page

  • Martin Jamieson

    Way to demonstrate 4K in a 1080p video.

  • Gary Harrison

    Here are some frames to show you how good it looks in 4k. 1080p video facepalm.

  • General Major55

    i dont mind restarting a new character

  • Skav

    why would you pay 60 bucks for a game you 100% completed and then be upset about saves not transfering

  • Moonrammer

    Omg im so excited, i played this game for like only 1 hour on the old gen consoles and im really looking forward to exploring it further

  • Joshua

    I might of missed it but do saves transfer on steam? or will I be required to start a new game?

  • usernametaken 56

    No new content, full price. Thanks for saving me 60 bucks GamingBolt!

  • Mike'l o Zonda

    #16 they should've remastered Oblivion or Morrowind.

  • Nemo TheImperfect

    thankfully mustard racers are getting it for free with owning the Legendary Edition.can't wait for it to drop :)

  • Leonidio Koester Jr

    #16 Same shity UI#17 Same shity button mapping (?)

  • DerickTherving

    "As most mods do"That's a lie. Straight up lie. The vast majority of mods do not.

  • OfficialHydracor

    I've played through skyrim 14 times, I'm sure I could play through again lol. Add a few more hours onto my 4366 hours so far

  • Marcus Fenix

    I want them to fix the companion quest thing I think we all know what I'm talking about

  • T-Rex

    WAIT! YOU FORGOT 16! 16: The graphics are hardly different.

  • Searchmeister

    Skyrim is now Re-Mastered Skyrim...And that should be enough!

  • BlueNight

    High Elf Master Mage/Dragon Rider/Vampire Warlord

  • michael morris

    Have they fixed the issue playing on a 144hz monitor though?

  • UnblockLondon

    shows 4k game in 1080p video TRIGGERED

  • Kevin Smith

    yep cost me $80 here in Australia

  • Josh W

    would it be smart to put texture mods on the remastered game (ON PC)

  • Anthony Curry-Wheeler

    I have had skyrim for 4 months now and have spent 900+ hours

  • HypeBeast

    The game would look beautiful regardless...Its Skyrim

  • how dy

    yayi get to do my mage lvl 255 full of mage skills all over againmeh gonna do a warrior or roge instead

  • LightningIgnitor

    "15 NEW Things You NEED To Know Before You Buy"\"15 NEW Things"One of the things on the list is literally "There is nothing new"

  • Dazeencraft

    Remastered/special edition: my textures are broken. Well, now I need to wait for a patch....

  • Ringo Gunther

    So... If I got Skyrim + DLCS on Steam... I'll get the Remaster version for free o.o?

  • UnderLust_Sins

    1:05um, did that giant just get picked up by a DRAGON?! DAMN I WISH THAT'D HAPPEN IN MY GAME THAT LOOKED AWESOME

  • Matt Cannon

    Hardcore/survival like in FO4?

  • Davide Montani

    wait so if I buy skyrim special edition FOR PC I get all the dlc for free?

  • Pavol Malovec

    fortunately I have it for freebut I dont have graphics for it :(

  • Brad Matthews

    I just love how it's free on pc, because most pc players have already modded in everything the special edition adds

  • DucksFoLif

    I'm hoping I can run this 4K 60 fps on my gtx 1060 6gb lol

  • Vialius

    Sony Denied Mod Support for Play station 4

  • Luis Hithersay

    iv had the game for 2 days now and I'm in love with it, not all the graphics are perfect but what more could we ask for..... its skyrim!

  • Michael Blyzniuk

    Wonder if the fixed the glitches chests and other stuff

  • The Amazing Mr.Airplane

    The Dovakin has never looked better.

  • Clanker

    QuestionIn the gameplay Does he have mods?...Cause I don't remember seeing a giant storm happen when you fight the first dragon

  • edward corbett

    60 bucks and another 500+ hours of my life gone... Totally worth it :D

  • Dimitri Sainis

    It's full priced ? ROFL. Good thing i just bought Skyrim legendary edition for $12 on G2A :P

  • Zac Cahill

    $60 for you, $90 in Australia

  • Alejandro Salvidres

    I already preordered this game and im glad cuz this is one of the best games ever made

  • Thomas Machin

    'Atrocious load times' chuckles in PC

  • Matthew Grainger

    Hearing "the elder scrolls 5 Skyrim special edition" every 2 seconds was infuriating. Just say Skyrim dude.

  • supernautistaken

    they didn't bother finishing the original game so I won't buy it again

  • Jolly Infidel

    No new content is a major bummer. thank fk for mods hey.!still gonna buy and play forever though.!

  • Dutch Blades

    Too bad there was a deadline for the pc upgrade.Guess I'll download it then.

  • Maarten yh


  • kappa123121

    I loved the dlc, and now you give me the remastered edition as a reward for enjoying them? thank you to oblivion!<3

  • mark murphy

    I hope the Oghma Infinium glitch still works...

  • Giovanni

    don't talk about ps4 mods xbox has 10 times more mods ps4 hasn't got so many (coming from a ps4 player)

  • raydar2018

    Take a shot every time he says "the elder scrolls V: skyrim special edition"

  • Gage Games

    I can't wait till friday

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