Skyrim Remaster: 15 NEW Things You NEED To Know Before You Buy

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Remastered Special Edition is coming to current generation consoles and PC this November and it's time to get caught up on 15 things you need to know before you dive in and buy this amazingly huge game.



  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Koala

    I never played skrim before and my only Bethesda game is Falloutt, should I try this out?

  • Kyle

    4:40 can you seriously call it the "full" 60$? Original Skyrim was 60$ new, plus the new price of its 3 dlcs, which totaled quite a bit more than 60 bucks. This "full 60$" is really cheaper since you also pay for all DLC

  • NonFat Booger

    i heard the mods only come for xbox one though just like fallout 4 ???

  • Mike'l o Zonda

    #16 they should've remastered Oblivion or Morrowind.

  • TheBlackSenpai

    All the Console kiddies worrying about mod support. Of course the consoles are getting mod support but don't expect amazing mods.

  • Joseph Calabrese

    What about the BUGS!? Has Bethesda ironed out all the bugs in the game? OR did they only work on making better graphics?

  • normal kid

    i love nerd games ....the more I level up the more powerful I feel.. and weak can't stand a chance

  • Todd Canning

    Will using mods on PS4 turn off trophies? I have not heard either way.

  • CSThomas888

    But can we jump while sprinting???

  • Ruben Gonzalez

    But did they really need to make it $59.99?

  • Coaqii

    if youre on pc you said youll get the remastered free if you have the older version, so if i buy the older version now will i get the remastered one?

  • Spongebob Squarepants

    Are mods coming to Xbox?

  • Zack Farnham

    All I care about: A mod that will remove all spiders. That way, I can enjoy the game. I am terrified of spiders.

  • Zhinakin

    i'll be enjoying my free game

  • British_Imperialism

    15 things you need to know if your a console peasant.

  • MartyMcflyguy

    Definitely getting this, I didn't beat the game but put over 100 hours into the game lol

  • Crassius

    Who cares if it's nicer than the "original texture pack" there is other modifications to make it look 20x better than your sad console will ever see

  • H82W84U2

    Wtf I'm in Canada and it cost 90 dollars so I'm just going to bye the legendary edition for 6 dollars at end games 🤗

  • OfficialHydracor

    I've played through skyrim 14 times, I'm sure I could play through again lol. Add a few more hours onto my 4366 hours so far

  • liberator48

    What an uninformed idiot PS4 peasant. I dunno about PS4, but for PC there sure as hell will be new content. Because Bethesda SAYS SO! Go on the steam page for Skyrim special edition and look yourself, it says New Quests!

  • Bro Chill

    Who really cares about Kinect options?

  • Moonrammer

    Omg im so excited, i played this game for like only 1 hour on the old gen consoles and im really looking forward to exploring it further

  • Danny Van Luijk

    did you have to say The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Special Edition every single time?

  • General Major55

    i dont mind restarting a new character

  • Gary Harrison

    Here are some frames to show you how good it looks in 4k. 1080p video facepalm.

  • Marcus Fenix

    I want them to fix the companion quest thing I think we all know what I'm talking about

  • Michael Blyzniuk

    Wonder if the fixed the glitches chests and other stuff

  • Joe P.

    for those people using PC don't forget that the remaster is 64 bit ONLY it says in the steam requirements on the skyrim community page

  • Nicholas Aaron

    Well no shit your saves won't transfer. I thought that was a given.

  • Joshua

    I might of missed it but do saves transfer on steam? or will I be required to start a new game?

  • Haidar Tawfeeq

    Why do people like this game so much ?

  • Oskari Salo

    Every other word is ps4

  • Ringo Gunther

    So... If I got Skyrim + DLCS on Steam... I'll get the Remaster version for free o.o?

  • _ vvVibes45 _

    soo, on my ps4, whats diffrent than the original other than slightly better graphics and rendering

  • Gage Games

    I can't wait till friday

  • Christopher Solares

    "Spent hundreds of nerd hours"Ha! git gud, I literally spent thousands! XD

  • Martin Jamieson

    Way to demonstrate 4K in a 1080p video.

  • Anthony Curry-Wheeler

    I have had skyrim for 4 months now and have spent 900+ hours

  • Cynical Nitro

    Shouts will be left in the last generation? So I can't Fus Roh Dah Serana off of Greybeard's mountain?

  • CinnamonToast Gaming

    Hope the loading screens are fixed... they were slow asf

  • Broden Pyles

    Should I buy skyrim remastered or wwe 2k17

  • Ulf Nope

    honestly, its not really full price, you get the 3 dlcs with it, which if i remember correctly was 20 20 and 15 usd each when they were new :P basically buy the DLCs and get the game remastered for 5 bucks (for console users)

  • Xersys

    Regarding saves not transferring: There are already tools available that convent a console save to a PC save and vice versa. I'm sure it'll only be a matter of time before you can port your save over. Don't delete them just yet.I've said it before and I'll say it again: Bethesda is probably the only company out there that I would easily pay $100 for their game. This coming out at full retail isn't an issue. it's absolutely worth it.

  • Blake Bauman

    I have a bad PC, and to run Skyrim, I have to put all the graphics on low. Can I run this?

  • TheJabberturtle

    I don't see why it's being sold at full price, especially on PS4. I'll be waiting till it's cheaper.

  • Mr.Poopybutthole

    As a PC user who buys nearly every Bethesda game, thank you. Bethesda you out did yourself yet again. I am downloading the game right now and am excited to go through the adventure all over again.

  • Searchmeister

    Skyrim is now Re-Mastered Skyrim...And that should be enough!

  • Dom YT

    Lol u can buy it for 34.99 now on amazon

  • Skav

    why would you pay 60 bucks for a game you 100% completed and then be upset about saves not transfering

  • supernautistaken

    they didn't bother finishing the original game so I won't buy it again

  • DankMemes

    I don't see any new graphics, they look the same

  • Mihai B

    If I bought the legendary edition after the remasted edition appeared, I have to buy it or I still can get it for free?

  • McGovP

    I don't understand why #13 is in even here. Why would you expect your save file from the original? It's a completely different game on a completely different console...

  • Miun DJ

    Please help me with this,I'm new to skyrim but want to buy it.Should i buy the old or the new one? And why?

  • bish fish

    Should i get Skyrim Remastered on console or PC?

  • thelazyboy8ball

    even with 4k it looks like garbage same goes to fallout 4

  • LittleRedHatter247

    that's great and all but will i still be able to touch a bowl and have it kill me and launch 800 metres into the air

  • Senpai

    This is a quick money grab and nothing else. Also, why would you need it on pc? On consoles I can understand it but for a 2016 PC game the graphics are still shitty. The graphics of the original Skyrim already were bad for the time.

  • Leopard of Fear

    There's no mods for PS4,it been said many of times

  • Nick Gonzales

    It's basically is Next Gen Console port. That's why it's free on PC, cause there's literally no difference in the 2 games, aside from unmodded enhanced Graphics, and making it a tad easier to install mods. But who the fuck cares, Ima still play it, cause Skyrim is the best game ever

  • TheUnderdog2020

    Majority of these 'facts' are useless. Clickbait title. Love it :D

  • CoinOpTV

    will there be any tweaks to combat mechanics?

  • Glow Zoe

    It says that there will be new quests in the description

  • Octavius Third

    I don't mind playing it from the beginning!

  • _YunggJ1996 _

    Hey for all of you who are complaining about the price for the special edition on consoles here's a solution get it through GameFly. Sure they are a little pricey and in the end probably be paying a lot more but guess what, if you don't like it you can send it back and get another game or cancel your subscription. I'm a huge fan of skyrim but never got to finish the game due to my Xbox 360 getting the red ring of death and my PS3 being sold. So to me this is a great deal especially with all the dlc included. I loved the game without the dlc but with it I think it's going to add a whole new level of fun and adventure for those who've never even played the game or for those who have played it but never got a chance to look at the dlc. Moral of the story here there are alternative ways of getting the game for cheap it's just all about looking and researching on how to do it. Besides in a few weeks while the price is still $60 in stores you can buy it off of GameFly for cheap js =)

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