Armored Bank Truck Door VS Bullets!!! DEMO RANCH

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"Club Diver" by Kevin MacLeod from
Outro music by MDK,
  • Stephen Meyer

    He said “off the ranch” instead of “demolition ranch”

  • Adventures of Kevo

    When zombie apocalypse happens I’m going to this guys house.

  • Nara Ka

    Guess ill be using my AR-15 to rob a armored truck

  • Lucas Oyama

    When you reach you gf home and their parents are out 6:25

  • Uncle Willie

    As a former armored car employee I know what that is. That is the door that goes between the drivers compartment and the rear compartment. The screen on the top is both for ventilation and communication. Although it is so loud in those trucks it is more screaming than communication. The port on that door is used more for passing cigarettes back and forth - LOL.

  • DarkShadow Thrown

    When he aimed the gun at the camera I ducked😂



  • Inter / interconty aka phil

    What is your go to pistol and Revolver? Just from eye candy effect

  • IAM Impressive

    This guy is the GOD of intros.

  • World Bodybuilding Archive

    He welcomed us to Off the ranch...but he definitely is On the ranch :D

  • Jeayhoo Hyuk

    Haha i like your intro matt😂😂

  • David Anderson

    When im at school and i get into alot of fights and the titanium song part is my backtrack at school(song part: 0:00

  • Ccutter1980

    Not sure if this was answered or not but the armor plates get stripped out of trucks when they get decommissioned. Saves the company money on buying new plates and keeps people from getting high grade armor out of scrap yards.

  • J LR

    "I bought a pistol for my silencer"

  • Snow loaf

    It should say armoured bank truck door vs demo ranch

  • Hyper Naked

    I actually work in an armored truck and that is an inside door. It would be located between the cab and the rear of the truck

  • Mike 767

    By day he saves cute animals from death but by night he shoots powerful weapons at objects

  • Wolfe Reblz

    Now mat you pointed a gun at 5.1 million people

  • handsome Jack

    Hey demolition ranch Could you fire mg42

  • Sonic Praa

    It's like a MIRA from Rainbow 6 Siege

  • Coverfish

    How dare you to not put out the 50BMG I'm really disappointed.

  • Ganja H.E.R.B Dinosaur

    Off the ranch looks just the same as on the ranch 🤔

  • The Joker

    You should use a high speed camera to let us see the Bullets in slow motion that would be really cool.

  • Christian Boer

    I believe I want that glass in the windows of my house

  • jimmy dude!

    Haha he always get "off the ranch" and "demo ranch" mixed up

  • Spider F5

    Unfortunately most of the shirts are sold out as of today. :-(

  • Verruckter Schakal

    Off the ranch? checks channel name againHmmm

  • jozzerful2

    I love the Ruger probably the best 22 you can get accurate as hell that goes for the Mark | Mark II Mark II and the ||||, looks amazing with the suppressor..........

  • furry controller

    I was enjoying the music no joke XD

  • Manny the awesome

    When something dose not go down with one gun use two guns

  • ghostrider70

    No forward assist on the AR-308.

  • UnknownKajo

    Yes Off the ranchHmmmm🤔

  • Cheez Lovers

    Lol he said welcome to off the ranch instead of demolition ranch

  • Jeremiah Estepp

    I'm disappointed he didn't shoot the 50 BMG at it

  • Travis Sturm

    I've always wondered about this. I drove these for 9 years

  • Sni990per PlaYS

    Hey demo can yo reply plz I just bought a Glock 19 are they good??

  • Teenage Gamer

    welcome to off the ranch?

  • ElGoldenDeagle

    anyone know this song's remix?

  • LegendBryan1

    Intro is just PERFECTION...

  • broke a**fishing

    If it's the same as a Humvee door (looks like it) then it's steel, aluminum then steel. I did some work at a plant that made Humvee armor during the Iraq war

  • Ewan Wilson

    The glass is more bulletproof than the door itself.

  • Vítek Ritschel

    Best intro EVER man :D

  • Mystic_ Sn1per

    He got a new gun on my b-day...IS IT FOR ME?

  • George Wilson



    You're an awesome human being!!! Love the ranch vids and also vet ranch! Keep on keeping on

  • Austin Lindzy

    The intro was so awesome and funny 🤣🤣

  • thiago pereira

    "Most of the robbers would use .380..."I think you've never heard oficial Brazilian crooks and bank robbers. It's normal for them the use of FN FAL rifle and AK 47, both chambered with 7.62. Moreover, there are robber bank gangs that use BMG .50

  • Caseko CSK

    The glass is stronger than the steel plated body? Why not make it all glass then?

  • Slipy61

    This intro is the best thing I've ever seen, thank you for putting it in my life

  • Frebbet

    Do you mean demolition ranch not off the ranch haha

  • Skyler Ingram

    Welcome to, "OFF THE RANCH."

  • Andrew S

    5-7 under preforming as always

  • Garrick Allan

    Off the ranch Matt come on lol

  • Nixen Rider

    You gotta be kidding meThis really got me Loved it Subscribed

  • Gummy Bear

    must be cheaper to buy new guards then make a door


    Gimme one of ur demolitionranch merchandise, or im tellin ur wife about ur new guns...Nah... im just kidding...

  • Jeremiah h

    I love this intro😂 how it just got back up and took all the bullet😂

  • Failed It

    You didn’t shoot the 50 bmg 🤦‍♂️

  • Garforce II

    “if it doesn’t stop a 50bmg don’t talk to me” needs to be a shirt!🤣😂🤣

  • Aksel Steffensen

    Best plan for protecting the bank gold😂👏

  • Rezicann mann

    I keep thinking he’s being irresponsible by aiming the guns at us, but I forget it’s just a camera😂

  • Devin Woody

    Wut if it's made to be explosive proof

  • Enrique Sanabria

    And Matt goes in for the dropkick

  • Anthony


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