Armored Bank Truck Door VS Bullets!!! DEMO RANCH

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"Club Diver" by Kevin MacLeod from
Outro music by MDK,
  • AFCA - World Bodybuilding Archive

    He welcomed us to Off the ranch...but he definitely is On the ranch :D

  • Adventures of Kevo

    When zombie apocalypse happens I’m going to this guys house.

  • Nara Ka

    Guess ill be using my AR-15 to rob a armored truck

  • DarkShadow Thrown

    When he aimed the gun at the camera I ducked😂

  • Lucas Oyama

    When you reach you gf home and their parents are out 6:25

  • Teenage Gamer

    welcome to off the ranch?

  • Ccutter1980

    Not sure if this was answered or not but the armor plates get stripped out of trucks when they get decommissioned. Saves the company money on buying new plates and keeps people from getting high grade armor out of scrap yards.

  • a sad boi

    Liberals hate this channel lol

  • Samuel Hill

    I just started watching this but do you have any snipers?

  • The Joker

    You should use a high speed camera to let us see the Bullets in slow motion that would be really cool.

  • Sonic Praa

    It's like a MIRA from Rainbow 6 Siege


    the only thing that would stop is a water pistol

  • 99CCFF756e6b6e6f776e6578696199CCFF647072746c646b

    It's THAT thick but it can only stop pistol rounds? Wow. Bank got scammed

  • Crazy Random Days

    Gold suppressed pistol

  • Pittsburgh Plays

    Love the intros ❤️🧡💛💚💙

  • Maverick Berkland

    Who else noticed the subtle reference of ant man and the wasp?

  • CrispyDragon K

    So this is Offtheranch, darn wrong channel. Silly me. 😄😄😅

  • Frebbet

    Do you mean demolition ranch not off the ranch haha

  • dgamerboi killer

    It should say armoured bank truck door vs demo ranch

  • Nathaniel Delacruz

    a funny nickname for the shooting slotthe gunninghole

  • Manny the awesome

    When something dose not go down with one gun use two guns

  • Cringe Tube

    I don't think I came to watch vlogs I came to watch guns 😂😂😂

  • S⃟t⃟e⃟p⃟h⃟e⃟n⃟ M⃟e⃟y⃟e⃟r⃟

    He said “off the ranch” instead of “demolition ranch”


    0:11 face you make when you think you killed him ps what is the song??

  • Coverfish

    How dare you to not put out the 50BMG I'm really disappointed.

  • Caseko CSK

    The glass is stronger than the steel plated body? Why not make it all glass then?



  • Garforce II

    “if it doesn’t stop a 50bmg don’t talk to me” needs to be a shirt!🤣😂🤣

  • just that sniper

    Off The ranch just got a whole lot more guns

  • Alec Merritt

    WELCOME TO **OFF THE RANCH**............................ Wait What??

  • Minebrososki 777

    Lol he said welcome to off the ranch instead of demolition ranch

  • Mike 767

    By day he saves cute animals from death but by night he shoots powerful weapons at objects

  • A Seba

    Perhaps the door had removable armor plates in the middle and they were removed before you acquired it.

  • jozzerful2

    I love the Ruger probably the best 22 you can get accurate as hell that goes for the Mark | Mark II Mark II and the ||||, looks amazing with the suppressor..........

  • tucker french


  • Finer Things

    10:57 boujee gun owners be like.


    I cried when he didn't get to the 50 bmg

  • Justin Y.

    This isnt Off The Ranch Great intro!

  • Inter / interconty aka phil

    What is your go to pistol and Revolver? Just from eye candy effect

  • Kentucky Ballistics

    Well that stinks. I thought that door would stop a little more ☹️

  • Barrel Queen

    Day after my birthday yay.

  • Ganja H.E.R.B Dinosaur

    Off the ranch looks just the same as on the ranch 🤔

  • Arthur Morgan 10

    I need this on my truck* he sounds like a red neck

  • Ltct Ng

    Hey look is agent 47 and his two sweet babies nice and please don assainated me

  • Eggs N Blaken

    That is the best skit ever

  • UnknownKajo

    Yes Off the ranchHmmmm🤔

  • Manny the awesome

    But what you got to take in to account is that it looks rusty

  • Abdullah Y. Alsarraj

    this guy can easily survive a zombie apocalypse .. like if you agree

  • Firstgamerable

    I don't think it's thick. Only thin from inside.

  • Renz Dale Go

    On Social Media News Outlets: Youtuber teaches criminals how to rob bank trucks!

  • EA Pena



    “Welcome yo off the ranch”?

  • Markell Giks

    Can you shoot at a tree to see if a 50 BMG bullet goes through

  • Justin Y.

    Can that shield protect my relationship?

  • NøHqckzSkillz

    Ok, I'm gonna raid a bank car and I'm gonna bring a m416 and kill em' all, free money

  • Kill The gamer

    You should have a shirt that says you can’t stop my 50cal

  • CSD Jacky

    Welcome to OFF the ranch !!! wait ,what ?!

  • Donald McCombs

    Always my big worry, i worked as operations lead for loomis armored after the Army. I never trusted the company when they told us it would stop a rifle. You were shooting an interior door, maybe the outside door would do a better job... Maybe.

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