The Senile Scribbles: Skyrim Parody - FULL SERIES

It's about time I did this I guess :) so here it is. Every Senile Scribbles: Skyrim Parody episode welded together into one long string of laughter and badassery! Enjoy! (For Easter Egg locations please see individual episode descriptions:

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  • seanzoz

    For all you binge watchers out there, I finally made it easy for you. As for the Fallout 4 parody, I should have part 4 out in a week or so :). Enjoy.

  • Blake Wilson

    i swear there's more character development in this than most movies

  • TheHovster7

    I'm very angry with YouTube recommending this to me for the first time in 2019

  • Elijah Cukryznski

    fun fact: in the lore, it is said that the people who built those dungeons with the dragon claw keys made the combination super easy for the sole reason of anyone could open it.however, the reason the made the combination in the first place is because Draugr don't have the brain capasity to open a door like that, they would only realize something is a door if it can just be pushed open like a normal door.edit: okay okay, I'm wrong. I didn't know that I was when I originally made this and remembered seeing something like this. my bad.

  • JoshdePosh

    You should make a walkthrough of skyrim playing this character.

  • AndrewTheGuy

    I felt so bad for that Ancient Dragon.. He just wanted a friend :(

  • Spencer Haynes

    I always sided with Paarthurnax

  • Raggeird 076

    "Murder time..."Best line ever.

  • FUS RO DAH! Daily

    4:17 Am I the only one who doesn't go into this blacksmith store? Its alot faster just talking to Adrianne.

  • Imperial Watch

    So you can cast a few spells. Am i supposed to be impressed?

  • Morgan Hedges

    ".....Taproot (1) Added". Genius.

  • That Random Trash Demon That Killed Vol'jin. HA!

    I just got the hammer/gamer joke, with the kid who was having trouble in school xD (about 14:30)Hammer.... elves are called "mer." Ham + Mer = pig elf. Gamer... oh god. Gay-mer...

  • Walter Mahr

    "You look like lead skater for alduin on ice!!" Haaaaahahahahahahahahahaha DEAD!!!!

  • RedSword

    LMAO Give them the ability to be a dragon. Give them a torch and a map to the nearest imperial camp

  • MrCinnamonWhale

    I’ve watched this so many times it’s crazy, and I just now realized during the “GIVE ME 220!” scene that Belethor has a bunch of dragon priest staffs in the background. Nice touch man. 10/10 comedy

  • Nicolette Cynthia

    Now I want a set of Daedric Armour that glows all colours of the rainbow.That's some epic RGB gamer gear right there with Aura Sync.

  • Jo Tuyor

    "two handed wielding enchantment? Can you even lift a Greatsword?""Greatsword? I never tried it, just helps me when I tinkle!"most underrated joke in the whole series.

  • flower h

    26:18 for a split second the hand changes to a middle finger instead

  • Nemanja Dimitrijević

    Almost 2 years and i am back everyday to watch this legendary "show",always makes my day,thanks man! ❤

  • Ryan Goschke

    God I’ve seen this like so many times and I always enjoy coming back

  • TheSpoi

    at 3:33am i not the only person who didnt realize that being gay at the time didnt exist and the word gay means happyso he asked about happy marriagei feel dumb beyond belief

  • grilled cheese

    gaurds in skyrim:doesnt care if someone steals your sweetroll, but when YOU steal a sweetroll all the gaurds in the city are after you

  • king Gummybear

    Here I am years after Skyrim's release still playing and watching Skyrim related stuff

  • Cameron V

    Bethesda used a part of this video in there 25 years celebration of the elder scrolls

  • Cody Collins

    "I'm the original weapon of mass destruction" 🤣😂 I died

  • Robert Diulgerov

    Finally a Skyrim video that doesn't show Dragonborn dressed like a bandit in the thumbnail.

  • The Panacea

    Best part of this series is the loading screens XD

  • Hans Nikolai Skjærvø Aune

    Love how they made an elder scroll loading screen after this 😂

  • Stealth gfx

    24:17 I did the exact same thing omg 😂

  • Mr. Night • ENTJ

    3:38First now do I understand this; "Gay" means "happy", as in "a happy marriage", lol.Been so many years since I last watched this.

  • StarzXxGacha

    Courier: got a letter for mr.Jizz last name ArgoJ'zargo: IT'S J'ZARGOCourier:got some letters for youJ'zargo: Your test results have come back positiveMain d00d:OooohCourier: I'VE GOT THREE MORE

  • Michael Scott Scranton Branch Regional Manager

    Oh i see, Nazeem isnt on your kill list, which must mean u already killed him. Nicely done.Edit: Wow soo many likes thanks yall,im gonna go revive nazeem and let the giants send him to the cloud district.

  • Drackora

    This isn't Senile Scibbles. This Skyrim in a nutshell cause everything is skyrim mechanics in a nutshell

  • ExsertWriter

    That conversation with serana was hilarious.

  • TheAzRage

    only just noticed 'FUCKDA POLICE' on the steel helmet XD

  • Christopher Estabrooks


  • Robert Rodriguez

    19:30 we just going to ignore the Black soul gem joke?

  • RedstoneBanane

    Next Part: Serana, will you marry me?No.installs modsSerana, will you marry me?Well, fine...

  • Liam Evans

    Love this video, hilarious and comedically outlines some problems that we all know too well, like trying to place the candle back and ruining everything 🤣

  • clampfan101

    The Dragonborn is rather chill. Kinda sounds like Peter Parker sometimes. lol

  • james poole

    How can 41 minutes feel like 10 ?

  • Matilda Muller

    I never thought that someone could perfectly capture the annoying ass tone of the Crimson Nirnroot in speech but we are.

  • N. B.

    26:15All this time later, still finding those little things XD

  • Crom Abú

    This series always gives me an odd sense of nostalgia to play Skyrim again.Usually when the music plays.

  • Arda Akkaya

    Im still surprised that nobody tried to solve the wingding code at 15:14

  • Jordi Boogerd

    3:23 "Gay marriage?", "well yeah who would want to have a miserable marriage?". I see what you did there

  • loyaltyforlife 2

    You know there's a quest in skyrim to become a Cannibal right

  • Bryant Foster

    And now I feel like replaying Skyrim

  • Leichtgesalzener- Kabeljauroggen

    we just give em a torch and a map to the nearest imperial camp so the kids can play dragon.XD

  • ItsIxel

    I am honestly in awe how many times I watch it and how many times it still makes me laugh. All I can say is thank you.

  • RandomGamingChannel

    Full dragonplate armor"I though travelers are supposed to look tough"

  • Rhys Beaupre

    26:16 The door flips him off. I just noticed that.

  • Der Eugler

    The point is.. I look like a dragon slaying badass and you look like the fucking lead skater in "alduin on ice"That line kills me even after the 6 time I watched it.Love your work mate, your awesome!

  • Mario Creeper21

    I'm a professional Gaymer

  • John Daidone Blue Jackal Lucario

    36:32 His breast plate armor looks like Pokemon's Mew's head.

  • Crimson SHADE

    0:00 - 41:12 . "true"

  • LoneWolfCade

    I am not alone on the marry the vamp lord daughter

  • LostLoneWolf468

    I'm basing a build off this character....but it will never be the same.

  • national socialist

    So jazargo was hiv positif i wonder what those 2 where up to in that cave 😂

  • the_attack_of_ geekYT

    I still love this series so much

  • Dan iel

    "Your mum never leveled your speechcraft or something"

  • John Daidone Blue Jackal Lucario

    17:32 Nice map, but yea I hate it when you have to go through the whole trail map when you can just walk right in the door. If only.

  • Nazareth

    Yeah I never understood why stealing flowers in solitude was illegal but taking them from any other city/town was perfectly fine.8:30 the spriggan is a vegan.

  • Diamond Tube 2019

    YES! This was in the Elder Scrolls 25th anniversary video! They showed a clip of you trying to place a candle! YAY!

  • Pelle Koek

    Don't worry. We've all tried to kill children...You're completely normal

  • Lorenzo Benito

    3:00 I had that problem when I was playing. Both factions were so carefully balanced that I had no idea who to fight for, and I still don't.I was sure that I wanted to invade the Aldmeri Dominion, but Bethesda won't let us do that...

  • Kral Penguen

    where is lydia? My first love.

  • Rickar -Mercenary-

    Oh god- the alchemy one is accurate

  • Malefizia

    "Come on! Bring it! Pound me in the mailslot!"Everytime i watch that part, i literally DIE of laughter!^^This is SO amazing, never stop doing this!^^

  • SC43 7

    5:15 man holding rare white mountain flower. Now extinct since it grows like nirnroot.

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