Wii Sports (All Sports) Speedrun in 9:01 (Former World Record - July 21st / 2018)

Catch these runs done live at: https://www.twitch.tv/nicroveda (streams almost everyday)

After not playing or PBing for a year, 2 hours into playing I got this somehow lmao. Sub 9 is next for sure! Lot's of mistakes in the 2nd half.

My Twitter: https://twitter.com/nicroveda
My Discord: https://discord.gg/nicro
  • NicroVeda

    lol didn't think so many people would see this. make sure to follow https://www.twitch.tv/nicroveda to possibly catch a wr live ;)also ik im ass at bowling lmao. will definitely improve this.

  • Fastest Rop

    yeah mom i'm studying

  • Marcus Templar

    is it just me or do I really not understand the requirements to complete this run

  • Wiz

    My life relationship status 2:06

  • Daxylitz

    This made Matt from Wii Sports use 15% of his power

  • Señor Lechuga

    Cut my wife in two pizzasThis is Wii Sports Resort

  • chrisjebeer -

    Wii sports is better than Fortnite.Change my mind.

  • Buff Muffin

    This speedrun is one of the few that I could actually handle


    This dude definitely listens to lil xan

  • zack snack

    Former? Does wii sports have such an active speedrunning community that this record was beaten already? Sick

  • Lucidityy

    who needs SMO this is the speedgame that matters

  • Hugh Janus

    If only he faced matt in boxing

  • Kgame


  • owenito

    is this the new odessy update

  • Siddhayak Goyal

    This is rigged from the first game itself. No one can defeat Matt

  • Darrel Dorigatti

    For bowling: go for strike first, then immediate gutter if u don't get it. Knocking more pins down will drop the gate and increase time. I still feel it's worth going for strike first, since it's a one shot turn, but the second should be a fast gutter.And don't change the aim before shooting. Flick and twist your arm so it curves away and into the gutter. Less time aiming.

  • Owen Evans

    Lol sitting down playing wii sports😂

  • Fwegs

    bro the instant i saw matt in baseball i was like SHIIIIITT HE GON LOSE.

  • Eagle Gamer

    New world record and by the way there was a faster way of doing moon skip


    At least Wii sports has more sense than fortnite

  • Nick Fuhrman


  • AndresPancakes2

    Friend: Why is your right arm so big?Me:WII SPORTS

  • TheWeirdGuy

    Kid: “Mom can I have a new game?”Mom: “Sure, you can have Wii Sports.”ten minutes later Kid: “Mom I finished can I have a new game?”Mom: “....”

  • Mattt

    Those names were hilarious

  • Parazail


  • ヅCheesypopcorn

    Is anyone still watching this 2019?

  • Faeb

    Finally some odyssey dlc and it looks exactly like wii sports

  • Josh Kehoe

    Why am I here and why do I love this

  • Sackson TSS

    Incredible job Nic, Do wii sports resort now haha

  • Thomas Payne

    Why’s this in my recomended🤦‍♂️

  • willkoberna

    You're not a real Wii Sports player if you don't mock the sounds the Miis make lmao

  • You're Wrong

    This seems pretty beatable lol

  • Jake Walton


  • Keithdrew 6

    Resort speedrun next? Maybe Wii fit?

  • Constipated Gorilla

    Girls be like: So what type of sports you playHim:Wii Sports

  • glick - Gaming

    Why are you wearing the headband if you're playing video game?

  • NonesuchNinja TTV

    This has been the best thing ever recommended to me

  • EclipseRanger

    The best part about this run is the Miis and their names.

  • Ben Seewald

    How do you get MATT out in baseball??!!!??

  • Riley Mead

    at least he didn't face matt in wrestling

  • Football IsLife

    His character looks like a baby with a huge orange handkerchief

  • Power max

    People: So... what for a sport you do He:Wii sport

  • Dylan Ford

    I think the real question is, HOW DID YOU DEFEAT THE LEGENDARY MATT

  • Nathan Olney

    Why did you keep changing angles on bowling? You’re going for speed not accuracy 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Connor

    Teacher: Hey, stop tapping so muchKid: Sorry, im practicingTeacher: What sport involved tapping?Kid: WII SPORTS!!!

  • Kim Kay

    Broke my tv playing wii sports bowling...

  • Supreme Jaguar65

    Me: is this the kid from redneckpudding Random person: maybe Me: hold my pudding

  • Kyle Love

    1,000$ to anyone who counts how many damn times he taps that damn button

  • Lemicide

    Completes Wii sports WR sitting down 😂

  • Bruce OBrien

    Nobody: YouTube suggestions: WiI sPoRtS sPeAdRuN

  • Souly

    In a job interview:Interviewer: So it says in your resume you have a world record?Him: Yes.I: In what?H: Wii Sports..?

  • Chickenz

    The hero we all needed but never asked for

  • Ivan M

    He’s literally the epitome of a wii sports sweat😂😂 He’s playing wiisports with a headband💀💀

  • Robert Finlay

    Crackhead my fav hbu like if same if not still like this comment bc I am desperate 😢

  • Gorillaman

    Who came up with the idea to speed run wii sports?

  • RoachDoggJR /Raven

    Lol Matt and Ryan should see this

  • Benis

    Can't believe you had to go again Matt in Your "first" tennis match.

  • S.H Parkour

    Laugh out loud this is what I call quality content

  • Klaris

    ı didn't understand anythinks from this video .

  • Big Dizzle 007

    Friend: what's your relationship status Me: 2:05

  • The Wellington

    You got lucky Matt was tired

  • OmegaVideoGameGod

    @NicroVeda Excellent job man :D

  • NoLiefClover1

    Me: What?! You can't "speedrun" a sports game! That's no--DONE!Me: God dammit.

  • Traqwli -

    Bro his baseball character crackhead was soo funny! 😂😂

  • Nathan Willis

    I'd love to 1v1 this guy in bowling tho

  • Beaverbark Studios

    You should so a 100% run

  • Top Baller

    First off..... THIS GUY IS PLAYING SITTING DOWN! 🤦🏾‍♂️

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