Wii Sports (All Sports) Speedrun in 9:01 (Former World Record - July 21st / 2018)

Catch these runs done live at: https://www.twitch.tv/nicroveda (streams almost everyday)

After not playing or PBing for a year, 2 hours into playing I got this somehow lmao. Sub 9 is next for sure! Lot's of mistakes in the 2nd half.

My Twitter: https://twitter.com/nicroveda
My Discord: https://discord.gg/nicroveda
  • NicroVeda

    lol didn't think so many people would see this. make sure to follow https://www.twitch.tv/nicroveda to possibly catch a wr live ;)also ik im ass at bowling lmao. will definitely improve this.

  • AA14/MoshDuck

    Playing the Wii... while sitting down...Welcome to 2018 everyone...

  • Lucidityy

    who needs SMO this is the speedgame that matters

  • Señor Lechuga

    Cut my wife in two pizzasThis is Wii Sports Resort

  • Fastest Rop

    yeah mom i'm studying

  • Kgame


  • Marcus Templar

    is it just me or do I really not understand the requirements to complete this run

  • Wiz

    My life relationship status 2:06

  • zack snack

    Former? Does wii sports have such an active speedrunning community that this record was beaten already? Sick


    This dude definitely listens to lil xan

  • Eagle Gamer

    New world record and by the way there was a faster way of doing moon skip

  • Buff Muffin

    This speedrun is one of the few that I could actually handle

  • owenito

    is this the new odessy update

  • Darrel Dorigatti

    For bowling: go for strike first, then immediate gutter if u don't get it. Knocking more pins down will drop the gate and increase time. I still feel it's worth going for strike first, since it's a one shot turn, but the second should be a fast gutter.And don't change the aim before shooting. Flick and twist your arm so it curves away and into the gutter. Less time aiming.


    At least Wii sports has more sense than fortnite

  • Owen Evans

    Lol sitting down playing wii sports😂

  • Parazail


  • Mattt

    Those names were hilarious

  • Nick Fuhrman


  • Josh Kehoe

    Why am I here and why do I love this

  • Sackson TSS

    Incredible job Nic, Do wii sports resort now haha

  • Zmargo702

    how doe any if these constitute speeedruns? theyre not even being completed accurately

  • Faeb

    Finally some odyssey dlc and it looks exactly like wii sports

  • The Peeko

    This made Matt from Wii Sports use 15% of his power

  • Keithdrew 6

    Resort speedrun next? Maybe Wii fit?

  • chrisjebeer -

    Wii sports is better than Fortnite.Change my mind.

  • Eclipse Ranger

    The best part about this run is the Miis and their names.

  • Gordon Boxman

    0:16 Start of the run9:17 End of the run

  • Lost Phoenix - Rift of Raigard

    The thumbnail is hole 6...

  • Luis Garcia

    How do you speed run that game

  • TheWeirdGuy

    Kid: “Mom can I have a new game?”Mom: “Sure, you can have Wii Sports.”ten minutes later Kid: “Mom I finished can I have a new game?”Mom: “....”

  • Doggo Doggo

    I loved the usernames of the people

  • RyleeSimmer

    A god at family get togethers.

  • morty smith

    your mii looks like the essex version of salad fingers xD

  • Zestxr

    Completes Wii sports WR sitting down 😂

  • S.H Parkour

    Laugh out loud this is what I call quality content

  • Louis Trinh

    We not gonna notice the holy matt

  • Judy Chen

    So the motion control are lazy

  • Marty Mcmarty

    His screwball is faster than his fastball now that’s impressive

  • Rocket 205

    Its very nice to see that wii is still being played. It was my childhood :))

  • Darragh Clery

    Your record was beaten. Someone got 8:43

  • Gorillaman

    Who came up with the idea to speed run wii sports?

  • Alyx

    What are the rules for this?

  • RoachDoggJR /Raven

    Lol Matt and Ryan should see this

  • LoliTheTrap

    Wait this is a game people actually speedrun?

  • TheBeastModeGamer

    Can I get a rip in the chat for the 2 day WR

  • ReviewTechUSSR

    I missed 12 hour stream nicroSad

  • The_Eraser

    Why’s this guy hating on Wii sports so much? :(

  • Tpucky_gaming

    Who plays wii sitting down

  • Jay Smith

    Why am I watching this smh

  • Bounce ツ

    World record on a game that i thought nobody played, well done i guess

  • That one guy

    Rip record July 26th- July 26th

  • Jusumoner M

    Yo do a mario kart 8 speed run or captain toad treasure tracker! I loved ur Odyssey wr run

  • Onni Parviainen

    Credits to this guy for beating something so impossible

  • 〘Kez_YT〙

    sees video"The future has evolved"

  • Mania !

    Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait... There is speedrun on WiiSports 😂

  • Darnyex

    The perfect video doesn't exi-

  • Natdawg6

    You see kids, this is why getting a valid job is important in your career.

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