Bloodborne by heyZeusHeresToast in 1:37:49 - AGDQ 2018 - Part 149

interview with RiversMccown starts at 2:42
Prizes! At 7:15
Run starts at 18:15

This speedrun was recorded live at Awesome Games Done Quick 2018, a weeklong charity speedrun marathon raising money for Prevent Cancer Foundation. Awesome Games Done Quick 2018 is just one of the many charity marathons put on by Games Done Quick. For more information on AGDQ2018, find us at:

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  • Harry101UK

    One of the best runs and best commentary AGDQ has ever had. I was sad when it was over!

  • A Cerulean State

    Unlucky run, but the host was super entertaining. Would love for him to come back.

  • Menozit.

    Young gandalf here did a great job

  • Gabe newell

    Narration tho 👌☻ and dank af runner great run one of the tops

  • Ultracity6060

    Raising money for a great cause. Or some say causm.

  • Emmett Howard

    I really like this runner he has great charisma, please bring him back again

  • Ryan Rognas

    Attention streamers/casters: this is top quality narration. Learn from this.

  • 1yoshi79

    I really wasn't that excited for the Bloodborne run, the last one I saw was pretty meh and I was contemplating skipping it to go grab some food. Literally 2 minutes in and the guy had me dying of laughter and completely engaged with everything happening in the game. This guy is a fucking legend and I hope he's back for every GDQ.

  • Android 19

    God tier run. I hadn't laughed this hard at a GDQ event since Naruto and Pikachu went on a hunt for Ben Affleck's car keys.

  • Cynaptix

    Great runner! Know's how to speak to an audience very well, especially with explaining the mechanics! Hope to see him again!

  • Spencer Key

    Ladders have never been more exciting.

  • KaptainKaz

    Never thought I could get hyped about a ladder

  • Just Kyle93

    Came for the game, stayed for the ladders.

  • S13 Gaming

    The commentary during The One Reborn was hilarious. I loved how the donation reader was also giving the runner grief. This run is awesome.

  • Ausmaan Raja

    It’s not a proper speed run until they say “that’s never happened before.”

  • reznoire

    shoutouts to doll waifu 🙏

  • Pluto28

    One of the best runs this year.Please have this runner come back again. He's great!

  • Anderson Indikator

    Awesome and very entertaining run. Please invite him again.

  • Daniel Ignacio


  • Cheech Mane

    1:19:19 lol people are clapping for the ladder

  • godsplayingfield

    damn the announcer and runner had great chemistry here. fantastic lol

  • Mrip

    This is hands down the best run and runner i have had the privilege of watching. He seriously seems like he is having such a fun time with high energy that translates to the audience watching and makes me feel good just listening to it all. He comments on the donations and gets in to every bit of it. All of the runners are very very talented but this guy goes above and beyond to make his short time segment he has such a worthwhile event. Thanks Zeus!

  • permeus2nd

    Please have this guy back he did a great of making a dark depressing setting funny.

  • Jack_VS_Jack

    can we have this announcer for every run?

  • ztoxtube

    I don't even know what this game is but the runner was so entertaining I watched the whole thing. Even though he died ;)

  • Raven Smalls

    18:14 Definitely one of the highlights of AGDQ 2018. Praise the moon!

  • howtindog

    1:05:35 this part is touching and emotional

  • StraightOuttaJarhois

    Easily my favorite run this GDQ. The banter between Zeus and Sumi was amazing.

  • arkanrais

    whoever edits these, really needs to boost the audio level. the runners voice is barely passing 10% volume when speaking. going from GDQ videos to any other videos damn near blows out my eardrums if I dont turn my volume back down

  • oxKnightxo OW

    Lmao!!! “It went well for like 25min then BLOODBORNE came out” killed me!

  • Fly Guy Jamie

    One of my favorite gdq runs I've seen, this runner is so great and makes a game I know nothing about so enjoyable :)

  • Xavros

    This dude was absolutely amazing. Extremely entertaining and not cringey at all.

  • Nick A. Rose

    47:07 And behold The One Reborn meltdown. Was laughing so hard at this!

  • Bret

    you know... the run might be messy, but it sure is a fun one to watch

  • Necroceine

    48:56I can absolutely picture Miyazaki doing this

  • Venomous Thunder

    Dang invite this man again he is hilarious

  • KaiserMazoku

    More speedruns need to do this kind of narration.

  • soulslayer434

    Commentator and Zeus were awesome following Zeus now on Twitch. Anyone know if commentator does Twitch or anything else that i can follow?

  • Sic the Jake

    Man, the snark from the host of this run. So great.

  • geninchuni

    Best gameplay commentary. Period.

  • Anonymous Nate

    This is my favorite run I've ever watched at a GDQ. Bloodborne is one of my all time favorites so I was really disappointed when they did a really old route the last time this game was run. Also Zues killed it with his commentary here people on the couch barely had to talk because of how lively he was.

  • Jorge Folgar

    Can I load a save file?

  • Marcello Silva

    Hypest run in the event, hands down. And dat epic beard, too.

  • Nope Yep

    I'm glad GDQ has regressed to a point where the comments telling us where the run begins are actually relevant again

  • Romalian

    If I didnt know any better id say Sumichu had a thing for Zeus.

  • Eisenwulf666

    Wow that Ebrietas tho . Crazy skills and A+ commentary on this one.(even tho he died ;P)

  • eztarget123

    Took me about 1 hour to realise the hair was not part of the beard

  • D Rooz

    1:47:04A donation slip-up that turned into one of the funniest "donation reading" moments at AGQD. Lasts about 1 min 20 secs. Gotta love this runner!

  • Efreeti

    Sumi was on fire hosting this run, so many burns XD

  • Satanic Chocobo

    top 5 run this AGDQ glad to be introduced to Zeus :D

  • Drew Trox

    Damn! That's how you do an AGDQ commentary.

  • Boco Corwin

    My bud and I would joke that Miyazaki would jack up the difficulty whenever we were doing too well.

  • Andy O'Leary

    I will have to agree with everyone else that this was the best runner at AGDQ as far as entertainment. He was fantastic!!! Bring him back!!!

  • jmhill24

    As someone who has played through this game and is familiar with speed runs, this game trolled him hard. A lot of stuff wasn't his fault. He would have reset if not a marathon run in the beginning, and plus he's in front of a bunch of people so you get a bit frazzled and small slips tend to pile up. He's honestly such a great guy I was mad FOR him. Freakin bloodborne. HeyZeus did a heck of a job.

  • chapon123

    I dont understand why he killes the doll everytime he is leveling up. Can somebody explain ?

  • SexCannonMusic

    Now this guy is entertaining to watch , good shit , good confidence.

  • Ani Invi

    FromSoftware should develop the next Legacy of Kain game.

  • Beanbo

    One of the most entertaining runs i've seen on GDQ

  • Mariel Ibarra

    best part of the run 1:04:30

  • TinyVillager 789

    Alright best run I’ve ever seen. Absolutely flawless commentary.

  • Guy Lloyd

    God tier run, didn't think I could love Bloodborne even more! People like him, zfg, covertmuffin and the dude who ran Arabian Nights make the event worth it. thanks

  • Mr Spaghetti

    38:52 🎶 what a thrillllll

  • Ventolin

    Currently stuck on Logarius and the guy makes him look like a goomba.

  • Per Andersson

    I have two new favorite runners after this years AGDQ, heyZeus and Plywood are joining my no top four of dxtr, CoolKid and these new ones!

  • eiriseven

    This run angers me, he cuts through those bosses like butter and I still havent beat the game lol

  • gnta44

    i love how he just walks through murdering all the strongest monsters, and until then they thought they were a big deal

  • Ghost of Ronin

    I like how he has to hold his beard under his arm so it doesn't get in the way of his handsThe chemistry between the runner and the dobation reader is incredibleLastly holy shit this runner brings in the big donations

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