Fallout 4: 5 Most Evil Things You Can Do and May Have Missed in the Wasteland

Fallout 4 is a game that offers the Sole Survivor a number of potential choices. From picking which main faction to join with, to deciding who’s telling the truth in the Cabot household, Fallout 4 is a game that leaves quite a bit up to the player. Most of the game’s choices are rather hazy from a moral perspective and have no clear right or wrong answer. However, some of the things this title allows you to do are downright evil. So today we’ll be taking a look at the five most evil things you can do in Fallout 4.
  • Zachary Fluke

    The undersized khajiit lol

  • Universall

    I Wish Fallout 4 Had A Darker Atmosphere And Serious Storylines.

  • soldier660

    NOt even close to the choices in the old fallout games : ) !!!

  • Universall

    5:50 "CrAzY WorLD Eh?"Says the Guys from a Post Nuclear Wasteland full of Danger

  • giantred

    Is there a way to sell the entire family? lol

  • Rogue Gamer117

    But the evilest choice truly is... killing parthunax I don’t care if it’s the wrong game if you killed parthunax you have made an evil decision in every Bethesda game. Mainly because they’re built off the same engine.

  • Soviet Bush

    Stealing someones sweetroll

  • Cyynric

    Marcy Long blames you for literally everything in the game. She can go to hell.

  • Ya boi MiahTRT

    He protec He attacBut most importantly...He get billy his parents bac

  • pedro exp

    hey nate, you missed a little detail about the quest to get ashes. first, take all the kid's money. second, find the cat. third, kill it anyways.

  • Brittney Miss

    The evilest thing you could do is kill a chicken....Wrong game.

  • Simon The Geek

    Fun note about Bullet and Billy: If you kill Bullet on the spot, you won't have to worry about his friends showing up at Billy's parents' house.

  • David B

    Bethesda's version of most evil: "give me that necklace if you want your cat back."Obsidian's version of most evil: "I ate your cat, kid, and now I'm going to sacrifice you to a deathclaw.""

  • Klordz

    shoutout to the guy who reacted to Mama Murphy's death with "I'd kill for a drink"

  • William O'Brien

    I killed everyone in vault 83 because they were trying to kill me for taking freakin food! Also went on a killing spree in diamond city

  • Hengist CZ

    Or you can kill the cat before it runs away from vault from stealth and then put it on her desk at school. But it is more of a prank then evil thing to do.

  • Dylan Yarbray

    Oh man, watching you extort Erin broke my heart.

  • An Insane Moose

    You forgot the evil decision that im pretty sure everyone has chosen at some pointGoing into a major settlement, drawing a weapon of choice, and opening fire

  • ReZaHydra

    M U R D E R E D T O D E A T HHey Nate.

  • Snow Frostborne

    Tapping foreheadMarcy can’t blame me if she’s already dead

  • Twice19

    That damn “Here Kitty Kitty” quest. First time doing it, I was sure it couldn’t be that simple. I was edging round that damn lake Gauss Rifle out expecting that any second a Mirelurk Queen or a Mutie Bohemouth was gonna tear me a new one. Slowly, slowly, back to the Vault.....ok, don’t let you guard down....why is that guy watching me?Theres the kid. Last chance, whats going on?TensionTensionTensionQuest complete. Really? That was it!?

  • TehTJ

    Fallout 3: You can either nuke a cityFallout 4: You can rob a kid if you get her cat

  • Bas van Heumen

    I may have chosen an evil deed. I talked with that Bullet Gunner, when asked if he's for sale, I said for the right price. Then, I asked the guy for more money. I did that multiple times, until the option was gone. Then, the kid was sold. I got a good amount of Caps too. But I am no evildoer, maybe I was just a opportunist, or just someone to try and survive in the wasteland. Once he was sold, and started to walk away, I took out my gun, and shot Bullet. It was a headshot. Then, I talked with Billy, who was upset. I understood why. I brought him home anyway. He was happy, his parents were, I was happy, and the shootout at the house never happened.

  • Viper the Red

    The most evil thing you can do is buy creation club stuff

  • Rob Jordan

    re: austin and the cure.you can say you're going to give the cure to austin, and then quickly before the dialogue option finishes, turn away to disengage the chat menu, pull up the pipboy, drop the cure on the floor, and turn back to finish the dialogue. they'll magically have a cure since you said you'd give it to them, and cure austin with it, and then after the quest is complete you can simply pick the cure you dropped off the ground and cure yourself with it. i recommend quick-saving before you engage in dialogue with the doctor because it's a bit tricky to get the timing right, but i'd done it on multiple playthroughs now, it totally works.

  • XxMr CleanxX

    Did you know you can sell billy, and nearby later you can find bullet and billy again, and kill bullet and continue the quest with billy, getting the caps as well, though billy will kind of hate you for selling him for the rest of the game.

  • Johnny Wolverine

    I mean, im pretty cynical dude myself but-Extorting materialistic rewards from a 12 year old crosses the line.

  • Taylor Donelson

    To this day I still have the Mole rat disease lol

  • Hyphenated Games

    Did anyone else hear a Discord notification at 2:38 or was that just me?

  • Mileena Kahn

    I always thought that robot was named Curie after Marie Curie because they’re both scientists. Not the whole “being a doctor” thing. I feel dumb.

  • kahrnivor

    As you can only have one disease at a time if you're playing on survival the mole rat disease makes you immune to all other diseases you may contract. Not bad for only 10 hp lost. Or at least I've never contracted a second disease.

  • TheCludo

    you have torn my heart when you took all the kids belongings for Ashes

  • larry the loser

    i may or may not have done all these choices by mistake

  • Joshna Frank

    Ghouls have to eat and drink in canon. RIP this whole idea

  • Charles Donz

    After you sell billy kill bullet bring billy back to his parents and kill Billy’s parents in front of him and then kill billy too

  • Sir Blumpkin

    Fallout 4 is far better than 76. I wish they just kept adding DLC because Bethesda did the right thing with the DLC correcting the mistakes of the base game. It's no new Vegas but the added content makes fallout 4 a decent game. Bethesda can make a decent fallout game, but I feel they're just too lazy. It only takes a deep story with meaningful choices and new Vegas delivered that. I don't think Bethesda have the passion for fallout to make a ground-breaking game, so they should either license the game to a developer that wants to make s great fallout game or sell the right's of the franchise.

  • JOJOJOtype55

    As long as those evil decisions resulte in more tiny details i am fine with it

  • BloodWolfGaming92

    And yet, with no actual karma system in Fallout 4, you're choices didn't really have much weight to them. It only makes certain character like you or not.

  • Olivia Williams

    Except... ghoul does need food... and water, that's a major point in Fallout 1 when you cans teal the water chip of the necropolis a vault populated by Ghoul...

  • Alistr2001

    I'm working on my truly evil character my plan is to use the brotherhood to kill the railroad and the institute then use the Minutemen to to destroy the Brotherhood. After that I will use the raiders to enslave the minutemen and then kill all the raiders. These additional evil acts should go well with my character.

  • Captain Enot

    Like just for “Undersized khajiit.

  • swannriggingtech

    Best choice for billy is to sell him for the caps ant then kill bullet there

  • Rundur

    Taking break from being the good guy? I on the other hand am having problems with taking break from being the bad guy


    Man these old games had so much choice!! And even npc”s!! Wow!

  • Ben Baker

    This guy’s voice is terrible.Please never make content again.

  • Patric Nilsson

    Mama Murphy isn't really a evil choice since she offers to help you save your son using her sight. It's not like you're giving her Chems just for the hell of it. It is more of a grey area.

  • ViciousOS

    Then you can kill the damn cat, that's the evil punchline

  • ArcaneSiren

    Most evil thing one can do is murdering people to death

  • Stoic

    Fallout 4 has evil choices? Huh.

  • KittyCannibalism

    I always thought siding with the institute was evil and completing the game with the minutemen was the good choice

  • Lucien

    More evil than the daedra?

  • YaBoiJJ

    Probably the only 5 evil choices on the game tbh

  • Sparks Legends

    You can also kill Ashes too.

  • PJ OJ

    how about killing everyone in the game....everyone!! Crap thing is, you cant kill the kids.i've already done this btw..mwahahahah

  • Strange Decimal

    Aside from mass murder sprees on friendly towns, the most evilest thing you can do in Fallout 4 is blow up the Institute without sounding the evac. It's three children's lives to one Austin. Also, Mama Murphy's death shouldn't even be on this list. Austin is a child that got infected against his will. Mama Murphy is a grown woman that should already know better than to overdose. The most evilest thing you can do in Fallout 4 (all DLC installed) is a tie between joining Nuka World + taking over the Commonwealth with any of the three gangs, VS. Destroy Far Harbor with the Wind Far kill code.

  • Wrathik

    On ps4 you get the disease no matter what. I've cleared the place before without getting hit and was still infected.

  • Crescendo

    In Far Harbor, there’s a sick man named Andre, who you can heal with the medic perk or high intelligence. What you might not know is that you can use the Cabot serum on him too, if you have it.

  • ReiSEN -

    Most evil? Just kill everyone haha

  • The Beginner

    You can also kill bullet after you sell him to skip the firefight and some extra caps

  • Paul the 2 marek Sørensen

    Well I just use my fus ro dah shout on those mole rats. Huh? What? Oh wait this is fallout and not skyrim. Damn it man

  • Doki Doki •

    If you sell billy and kill bullet you can still do the rest of the quest and theres no ambush.

  • trollergamer08 troll

    No u can kill the slaver and goo further with the billy quest lol

  • None of your Business

    Hey, Mama Murphy had it coming. She practically begged me for chems. Wouldn't shut up about it. The quest log also told me to stick it to her. I did what everyone (let's face it, Preston doesn't count: "Another settlement needs..."? Oh, screw you.) expected of me, and now I should be ashamed of myself? Nuh-uh. No can do.Talking of "screw you": I have no idea how it happened, but around that time, Marcy one day wound up dead, stuck in a wall of a Sanctuary house. Honestly, I don't have a clue however that happened. I swear! Very convenient, too. Stopped all the yapping and I was able to loot her and let hang around. Pun intended. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

  • Cool dude Not Jim Pickens

    Evil is pinning me cause I’m late

  • Freddy Plays

    I’m about halfway through a playtheough as we speak, and I feel like I’ve met some of these people, and not actually done their quests. Guess it’s time to back track a little....

  • Ryan Nu

    That voice “don’t sell me to that guy”

  • James Parker

    You can also murder the cat to death.

  • gilles vandvel

    8:44 you can follow them and if you kill bullet then youcan get billy back to his parents

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