TES 5: Skyrim - Weekly Mods #3 (Tytanis, ENB, KenMOD Collection and more)

All Mods were downloadebale at: http://skyrimnexus.com/downloads/
If you cant find the download of one of the mods post a comment
Recommened Mods without Footge:
Longer sprinting: http://skyrimnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=167
Longer Shadow Warrior: http://skyrimnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=1593
Silent healing spells equipped: http://skyrimnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=691
The Mystery of the Artifacts of Sithis: http://skyrimnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=5596
Call a horse spell: http://skyrimnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=5958

Recommend Bug fixes:
Weapon speed fix
Keening Enchantment Fix
Morokei Mask Enchantment Fix
Talos Shrine Fix
Ebony Blade Fixed
Helmet Slot Stacking Fix
A Nightingale Blade Fix
Easy follower bow fix in console

God Class:
A God had appeared into the realm, some 1000 years ago. You, a lone wander, looking for adventure, stumbled upon his weakend form. Foolishly attacking him, you were beaten soudly, but as the Unamed God left you in a pool of your own blood, you struck his back with lighting, his one weakness. He died soon thereafter, and you stole his power, living in the shadows until the world needed you.

1.Copy the file to your Skyrim base folder (look for TESV.exe)
2.Launch the game
3.As soon as you are able to press the tilde key (~)
4.Type in: bat God

It litterly makes you a God, meaning you regenerate Mana, Health and Stamina at an insane rate. You can also carry prettymuch anything, x300.

Simply go into the Skyrim base folder and delete "God.txt"

Credit for the original idea goes to the the Demigod class, which you can find at the end of the page.
Credit for everything else is for me.

Demigod Class: http://skyrimnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=2110

Shadow Creatures:

Alduin gave elemental powers to his best dragon warriors, so now they control most of the hostile creatures and animals of skyrim, while he controls the undead.

Swamp/Forest creatures and animals have green eyes (Swamp Dragon)

Ice/Snow creatures and animals have blue eyes (Frost Dragon)

Earth creatures and animals have orange eyes (Earth Dragon)

Undead creatures have red eyes (Alduin)


Not compatible with textures that change:

- Alduin
- Bears
- Chaurus
- Draugrs
- Frostbitespiders
- Giants
- Horkers
- Icewraiths
- Mammoths
- Sabrecats
- Skeevers
- Skeletons
- Slaughterfishs
- Trolls
- Wolfs

The glow in the draugrs and skeleton's eyes continues to be blue (Evil Draugr Retex and Darker looking Skeletons by AwkwardAvenger fixes that).

Recomended Mods:

Organic Elemental Dragons by icesagex4:


Evil Draugr Retex by AwkwardAvenger:


Darker looking Skeletons by AwkwardAvenger:


I wouldn't know what files to change if it weren't for:
Sparkles - Lush Creatures Texture Pack:
I moded her files with permission, be sure to see all of her wonderful mods!

Extra Tags:
Nightingale mod berserk dragonslayer thief finishing moves evil draugr skyrimnexus mod community epic novice robe with ornaments and chainmails ice of skyrim slaughterfish v2 before after weredragon nexus draugr overhaul mehrunes razor retexture colours wereskunk sword blade ninja eise platte armor oblivion morrowind beatiful girl lightning look like no mask face and hair egyptian elven armor sword texture male female the secret of dwemer ice and snow hd HD elk equals target practice accented nightingale bow armor skull plate dragonbone dragon crafted silver mail
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