Hidden Gauntlet Of The Pirate King - Elder Scrolls Detective

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Credit: Matt Daniels - Executive Producer & Editor

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to The Elder Scrolls Detective Series!

Be sure to leave any idea for future TES detective videos in the comments! They can be from any game in The Elder Scrolls universe.

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  • Camelworks

    Be sure to leave your ideas for Elder Scrolls Detective video topics!And if you're looking for those pretty pictures, they can be found here - https://www.instagram.com/camelworks_official/Two things to clear up. 1: The key next to the book opens the chest. 2: I am using a mod that reshapes the scimitars :)

  • Drewston

    That college reunion must’ve been great. “Oi remember the time we summoned that pirate nutcase and Bill got decapitated? Good times!”

  • Matthew Chirino

    This quest makes you talk to the hand.

  • Metastergo

    Hearing a dremora say "booty" just made my year.

  • Anthony Miller

    am I the only one that wished we could obtain this gauntlet for use?

  • Zac Ross

    The Collage of Winterhold should be called Dovahkiin Murder Patrol Spot as 9/10 times there is a dragon attacking...

  • Tyler Wolfguard

    Okay, please enlighten camel, just how many Dictionaries and Thesauri have you ingested throughout your years.

  • degoodwin77

    Psssh whatever. Gold is easy. Teaching a arrogant dremora fear and humility that he'll remember the day the dragonborn kicked his ass... forever... priceless.

  • Geralt of Rivia

    I think that the midden is full of dark magic and the colege was built there I also think that one of the archmages killed the students becouse he was worshiping the daedra

  • mSquared

    ‘’tis the season! Let’s explore a dark, damp and skeleton ridden dungeon. Perfect gift for that Mage in your life. :D

  • Funnybizness

    Finally! 6 years later I get to know wtf that Gauntlet was for lol

  • SilerofWorlds

    You know, it's things like this that make me love the Elder Scrolls. You're just exploring a random cavern or dungeon, and you stumble across something completely and utterly unique. It immediately grasps your attention, and you can't help but look at the area in a whole new light, searching for the story behind it. And you might never figure it out. You reluctantly leave, vowing to return some day, with whatever you need to unlock the secrets, but unless you're lucky, or particularly observant, you may never find it. The best part? Nothing special led you there. No quest, no dialogue, just honest exploration. If there is one thing I want in TES6, it's secrets like these.

  • Dr. Rockso

    Thanos is going to want his gauntlet back

  • Bildnis DS

    All I can think of is Captain Jack Sparrow as a Daedra and shouting about his bottle of sand on a deadly Dremora pirate ship

  • Swolaire of Swagstora

    i feel like camel just spends hours on end reading a thesaurus what with all the alliteration and synonyms

  • Sacho Man Mandy Ravage

    I was always interested in this, I just needed a hand in understanding it

  • Hugo Stiglitz

    Every time I came across it, it just had a raised middle finger.

  • guyus yulioos kaisar

    Abecean daedra pirate man yells about maps

  • Brady Ashton

    I have an idea for a potential video! As I was replaying Skyrim for the nth time, I ran across the dungeon Forelhost. This time I decided to go a bit slower and look at things, and there's quite a bit to be found! I didn't see any videos about the story behind it, but what a story it is!A high elf named captain Valmir requests that the player gets the dragon priest mask Rahgot on behalf of the Empire for the war effort. Inside, you can find a journal from the 1st era. Lord Harold, who would later rise to become the High King of Skyrim, was in a struggle with the Snow Elves and happened upon Forelhost--a last bastion for the Dragon Cult. The journal goes on to say their siege of the fortress was ruined by a sudden storm, and they sent word for a "Voice master." This Voice master broke through the walls but subsequently took an arrow in the neck. The journal author then says he will join those in Sovngarde (might this Voice master be a Graybeard or Dragonborn?). They day after they broke through the main gate, the soldiers entered the fortress, but a great many of the Dragon Cultists were already dead. They collapsed the passageway to the refectory (where Rahgot can be found). In doing so, they create a large labyrinth for any invader to navigate through. The cultists poised their own water supply, explaining the lack of poison bottles juxtaposed to the copious bodies which lie lifeless on the floors (an event not entirely dissimilar from Heaven's Gate). The soldiers also drink this, felling scores of them. Ghosts linger to protect the last stronghold for the Dragon Cult. In one room, three burnt bodies can be found. One of them wears the famous "dragonborn helmet." Perhaps this is the Voice master? It's also worth noting that a bow can be found near a body next to him with three arrows on the ground. Nevertheless, as you pick a master lock and traverse a small cave to get near the refectory, you will notice a stunning amount of bodies. Literally piles of bodies stacked on top of one another and one room has ten or more burial urns. I suspect this is the result of the sacrifices the cult made to sustain a barrier that would last for "decades" or more, as said in the journal. The library is has all of its books burned save for three (that I saw): Legions of the Dead, The Light & the Dark, and The Path of Transcendence. I read each of these and only saw tenuous connections at best. You defeat Rahgot, and move outside. Here, you can learn one of the three parts to Storm Call--fitting that (arguably) the best shout be at the last fortress for the Cult. This is undoubtedly connected to the sudden storm which stalled the army's siege. You jump down and find that captain Valmir is now dressed as a stormcloak officer! He will turn aggressive. On his body is a note stating that the mask should be retrieved and brought to Labyrinthian. This message is from the Thalmor. This means that the Thalmor both know that a dragon priest mask is there and the dragon priest masks are collected at Labyrinthian to reveal the "macho" mask. Fascinating weaving of stories is done at this location! Definitely something worth looking into!

  • GNixxle

    You sound like your trying use use extra words to extend an essay

  • Micheala Poppell

    you've got 401K subscribers, i think you're set up for retirement man

  • Kirijo Cafe

    Yar har fiddle dee dee you are a Dremora (I'm sorry)

  • Roy Kay

    The gauntlet IS the One Piece!#TheoryConfirmed

  • theNobleTaco

    Could you do a video on the dead body found in a closet in the Hall of Attainment in WinterholdOr speculate on who keeps sending Dark Brotherhood assassins after the Dragonborn

  • Alexander Fiege

    Could it be that the failed summoning of Valehk Sain caused the collapse that damaged winterhold ?

  • Zach Nightingale

    I'd love to see Velehk Sain have a staple part in an Elder Scrolls game set in Hammerfell... perhaps as an anti-hero character.

  • Devin Lupei

    I did not know there was a dremora pirate! That is so cool.Though, what does he use the gold for? Pretty much everyone will give him anything he wants because he's a dremora.

  • Velociraptor Jedi

    I wish that gauntlet was equipable



  • Samuel Mwangi

    It would be cool to know if there are any other Daedric Generals with unique names, backstories, or appearances.

  • BlueRaven

    What’s his devil fruit power?

  • Pinkerton00

    I don't think Velehk can just come to Mundus at will...as with most daedra, it certainly appears that he has to be summoned. In ESO, Molag Bal is able to summon him via the same means as his creation of the dark anchors. In Skyrim, he was obviously summoned by the four students that were killed in the attempt. If you kill him, he can come back but only if he is summoned. It's obviously a better moral decision to kill him so as to stop his bloody pirating for at least a while.

  • David Elliott

    how many Skyrim players actually read all the books in Skyrim? not me

  • retardation nation

    herro I am here all hail Shrek the overlord

  • Matt J

    I love your videos so much.

  • ReaperofSouls42

    There will eventually be a way to actually kill a Daedra permanently one day.

  • Ziggy Stardust

    I got the map from him and killed him

  • MGM

    I wouldn't say killing him is pointless. You remove a huge threat, and banish him for years. That makes people that much more safe while he is gone. The real pointless thing would be to release him and take the treasure. All you get is a bunch of randomized loot that you had too much of anyway, and you made all of Skyrim that much more dangerous.

  • Evade Hype

    wait so thanos is on skyrim ???

  • Gray Wheeler

    LOVED THIS! Found the gauntlet while exploring during the questline for the College of Winterhold. I assumed it was part of something or a reference but I thought it may have been a nod to something I didn't get. Very exciting to realize how many layers go into this game! I look forward to more mysteries being unraveled by you!

  • Eagle In the Sky

    "About to play skyrim""CamelWorks new video notifications"Never Clicked fast before!

  • Anonymous

    It's videos like this that make me go back to playing Skyrim

  • Ben Hale

    Velehk Sain vs Haknir Death-Brand. Opinion on who is the more badass pirate?

  • Logan Byrd

    Arch Mage Sedoth could easily refer to an arch mage from another college/institution, since it's referred to as a "visit." That doesn't add any clarity or help nail down a timeline, though, so it's not much help.

  • VladimirCR

    Hey, Camel. How about doing a video or series of videos on all of the Dwemer Mechanisms in the ruins. Like in Mzinchaleft, for example. I believe you need the Lexicon for it, but I've always wanted to see all of them and what secrets they hide and it sounds like it'd be right up your alley.Kindest Regards, VladimirCR

  • Nikola Ivanovic

    "merciless, cruel pirates"as opposed to reasonable, compassionate pirates

  • Jakob Dale

    Why do i feel like everytime i do a quest or something a dragon just appears like "Hello there, it would be a shame if someone would try to kil you"

  • Empedocles449

    Oh my god you are so long-winded YOUARESOLONGWINDED It's hurting my brain!!!Your videos are interesting, but you could say the exact same amount in a tenth as many words.

  • from the 46

    I deadass love the depth and effort you put in your videos I can tell it's Def not easy. Keep making these fire vids

  • Legendary Scare King101

    Can you take the gauntlet

  • Connor LaLone

    Why I haven't played this game in like 4 months?

  • Zurin Arctus

    I killed him and it really felt good, at least it gave him a headache!

  • Hardstyle Dom91

    Camel camel camel what.... Camel camel camel what...Camel what. Camel what. Camel camel camel what...

  • Logos Man

    Oh....a new Camel video! Time to dust off my trusty dictionary...

  • alexander moe

    Hi camel works, I love your videos and I love how you and fugdemuppet combined your channels to make awesome builds. Keep up the amazing work camel

  • Etain Hughes-Baird

    Please tell us about the coke-blowing flying snow whales that live in the mountains, Camelworks.

  • Big Papa

    This guys similes are weird as hell.

  • Sand the Spice Salesman

    Great work Camel, I love the ES detective series.

  • TheWinkingSkeever

    My theory is that one of the students was in fact a pirate himself and happened to be in possession of the artefact, upon hearing about how the collage was a hotspot of magical energy and divines be damned, as good a mage as he was he could not summon his one true lord and hero. So with his silver tongue and pirate charm he was able to talk a few students to help him. They were unfortunately caught by an official at the collage and were executed before the ceremony could be completed. So he wrote up a false report to cover his tracks.

  • Creepy Nuke

    Finally I found a video on the gauntlet

  • BlackOutRhino

    I found that ship and statue when finishing a quest. When I found the statue I was suspicious that it didn’t have a marker on the map. The ship I explored for three minutes searching for loot and only found some potions and was pis### :3

  • Gellart Wigglewallop

    Do a Morrowind episode!

  • roguecrt

    In the video I noticed two glowing orbs in the hands of the statue in the courtyard of the college. Are those part of some quest? Have I just never noticed them there before or is it part of a mod? The white one looks like one of the eyes of the falmer...

  • goagăl minus

    I took both his soul and his treasure.

  • Harry

    I think you would make a great author camel! You are very creative and are wonderfully literate.

  • D i a m o n d e li 钻石

    finally been waiting for this ♥♥

  • Little Rosie Boy

    Found the hand.Watched this video.I'm all set.

  • The Optimist

    But if you defeat him, you can raise him as a Dead Thrall, which is cool.

  • Bianca

    Played as a thieving khajitt assassin, I came across the gauntlet while "exploring" the college.Upon summoning the the dremora, he was glad to part with the chest to a fellow thief. nNo unique dialog to factions f the dark brotherhood, companions or race to my knowledge. The thieves guild was joined after the incident but may give the dremora something to say about it?

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