Skyrim Dawnguard: Walkthrough - Part 1 Dawnguard

Part 1 of my Skyrim Dawnguard Walkthrough, introducing you to Dawnguard, and the first quest.

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  • Franklin Quesada Tames

    how does the dlc perform on the ps3 and is it worth buying?

  • MrProGamingTech

    i was lucky i got the legendary edition of skyrim and the hd texture pack on steam for only £4.99

  • xxX-dA _BeSt-Xxz

    need lvl 10 to start I think

  • BigNugGamers

    Jordan I've played Skyrim over 22 times now and every time I watched your videos.... if you're trying to figure out what you should do for your next let's play series try Red Dead Redemption by rockstar it's free roam, it's like old western gta haha.

  • Adrian Rocha

    Are you gonna be a vampire?

  • hawkins65779

    I made a new char and lvled till I was able to start naturally and they ate all hostile to me

  • Laura Jeffrey

    thanks dude i was going mental trying to get it too work i thought the install hadn't worked properly psn was going to get a very angry e mail if i get stuck your the guy im going too for help

  • I almost tried

    Well...I've already watched Orcidea's walkthrough, but he didn't finish..

  • IAmLegend10762

    no matter how many guards I talk to they just won't give me the quest. any suggestions? or is there quests you have to do before they give you the dawnguard quest? or is there a required lvl?

  • ShadowofFlames

    I have dawngaurd I have a vampire account but if I make a new character it dosent work

  • Bruce Wayne : The Batman

    And YES its possible so don't say it isnt

  • Bruce Wayne : The Batman

    My skyrim is modded on the Xbox anyways so I don't feel bad.

  • Ragnar Valdre

    Continue the dawnguard story line and you will get a chance to become a vampire lord

  • James Hopkins

    If you start the dawnguard quest how do you become a vampire lord. Please respond

  • aaron williams

    Hay I'm playin right now nd he tried to kill me sooooo what do I do?

  • Some random dude

    I feel so bad for you console players...Dawnguard for me on the PC is far superior after a few mods installed. I am so spoiled....

  • Helen Cunningham

    guys iv downloaded it so how do i play it do i play skyrim get a person save thn go to menu and press downloadable content oh and do u have to be online to play downloadable contebt

  • AssassinXMod

    Anyone have dawnguard on ps3? Pls lend me your account and I promise you will get a mod for resident evil 6

  • OTC Studios

    Plus your wearing heavy armor lol

  • OTC Studios

    Yep lightly armor light on your feet that's totally dawnguard

  • Dathien

    yay your gameplay is for ps3 that means dawnguard came out for ps3! yahooo.Sorry i became exited

  • jdog taylor

    i was once a vampire i hated it it sucks being a vampire

  • OTC Studios

    You found our fortress, you saved my daughter, but what is that you seek, our power?

  • OTC Studios

    All hail the vampires, we shall rise

  • Azreal Godspeal

    If you get attacked by the dawnguard members, you are probably a vampire. To get rid of vampirism ask the inn keepers for rumors. They will tell you about this guy named falion. All you need is a filled black soul gem, and he can cure you of vampirism

  • Hunni Attila


  • Brian Nguyen

    To all who are struggling to level 10: well, heres tips. Go to the dawn guard secret chest and disenchant or sell everything (keep what you need). Another is go up to the "A Blade In The Dark" main questline. Still not there? Go do up to Alduins wall.

  • terr arch

    DAMMIT! imma level 5 T-T. I just got skyrim..

  • memphis lee

    everyone at dawngaurd is trying to kill me what so i do someone help meplz

  • Matthew Duncan

    PS3, all information, and awesome accent? i'm gonna like this walkthough.

  • Roomet A. Saar

    I love your vids man, they've helped me a ton.

  • Siddude3999

    did you have much freezes? do you have all 3 dlc packs?

  • Andrew Voutsinas

    I do, lag Is manageable but freezes pisses me off

  • Siddude3999

    Jordan James did you encounter much freeze or lag playing Dawnguard or Dragonborn?

  • Nathan Tracz

    Does anyone find Dawnguard DLC abit boring ? There's no excitement in it :-( accept for the vampire lord perk that's cool :-). DragonBorn DLC way better. I think :-)

  • TheJordanJames

    Thank you so much man! Glad you appreciate it.

  • TheJordanJames

    I guess i will have to! haha.

  • TheJordanJames

    Hmm, that seems very odd. The only thing people can recommend in a situation like this is reload an Autosave.

  • EpicAsianIsEpic

    yea man i subbed so it would be great if you subbed too:D

  • mMJTx

    Laughed so much "Look at is antelope"

  • batmankills100

    love you for doing this.

  • zemorph42

    There was one vampire that never attacked me. She showed up as an enemy but kept running away and hiding. What's up with that?

  • DaShinyZangoose

    When I go into the cave it freezes on me :( also I started a new character then truer again it didn't work help?

  • venrus12312

    hey jordanjames u plannin to play elder scrolls online wen it comes out

  • Lewis Patrick

    Can not wait for the next part !!!!

  • NoSKopeHD

    PSN want take my Credit card so i have to wait tell Friday... FML

  • dudeofwar3


  • MrDj246

    i did the moth guy quest and every time i come he trys to attack me and gunmar kills him and it wont let me finish the quest what should i do

  • Eamon Quinn

    I love JordanJames videos.

  • Wendal Weed Wizzard TartTV

    i'm downloading it right now

  • Darksparta128

    You moron it's on the floor

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