Skyrim Dawnguard: Walkthrough - Part 1 Dawnguard

Part 1 of my Skyrim Dawnguard Walkthrough, introducing you to Dawnguard, and the first quest.

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Part 13 - Touching The Sky -
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  • Franklin Quesada Tames

    how does the dlc perform on the ps3 and is it worth buying?

  • MrProGamingTech

    i was lucky i got the legendary edition of skyrim and the hd texture pack on steam for only £4.99

  • xxX-dA _BeSt-Xxz

    need lvl 10 to start I think

  • Darksparta128

    You moron it's on the floor

  • hawkins65779

    I made a new char and lvled till I was able to start naturally and they ate all hostile to me

  • Adrian Rocha

    Are you gonna be a vampire?

  • Laura Jeffrey

    thanks dude i was going mental trying to get it too work i thought the install hadn't worked properly psn was going to get a very angry e mail if i get stuck your the guy im going too for help

  • BigNugGamers

    Jordan I've played Skyrim over 22 times now and every time I watched your videos.... if you're trying to figure out what you should do for your next let's play series try Red Dead Redemption by rockstar it's free roam, it's like old western gta haha.

  • IAmLegend10762

    no matter how many guards I talk to they just won't give me the quest. any suggestions? or is there quests you have to do before they give you the dawnguard quest? or is there a required lvl?

  • Morgan Aramburu

    Well...I've already watched Orcidea's walkthrough, but he didn't finish..

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