Skyrim: Secret Ghost Sword Location (Guide Ansilvund)

How to get the Ghost Blade in Skyrim, Walkthrough

Pale Blade Location:

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  • ChrisDolanPk

    Thanks for this ESO and congrats on 140k u deserve it well done 

  • Quintin Sarren

    I'm so pissed. I lost my blade when trying to put it on a plaque on a wall and it just disappeared into nothing.

  • nerf master mren

    my sneking is so good i got a snk atack

  • Melissa Valeza

    The Draugr Deathlord you killed at 7:36 had an Ebony One-Handed Sword.

  • Scorpio117

    I accidentally did this quest because I was actually just looking for a werewolf totem. I was like who dafuq are those ghost couples at the end lol.

  • John Wang

    Actually there are hints in that the code is engraved along the base behind the table, it's just hard to see.

  • Bruce Wayne

    I found this looking for the forge master's fingers

  • Chris Crissey

    16:55 wtf? you are 100% stealth and he dodged ?!

  • Angelo Rubio

    I have the ghost blade it's wired

  • The Darkness

    There's a Boss Chest on the top of the tower. to get to it you need to use whirlwind sprint on mountain next to it.

  • Neo Emmons

    Will this guy ever run out of things to talk about in skyrim!?

  • SF_ Gaming

    This was so helpful for me since I'm only level 18

  • Ben Fastlabend

    ESO you are the best skyrim youtuber

  • Nightbot

    dude there are hints in the spider webs behind the table the book was on

  • Henry Baker

    When are you doing your lestplays again?

  • Chris Crissey

    Cool video. At work I cant look at most gaming sites but I became curious about something. I am on a PS3. Not a PC. Do ALL dungeons scale? Like if I walked into this dungeon at level 5, would it be appropriately scaled to me? I started thinking about how awesome it would be to get like the Dawnbreaker or this, the ghostblade at level 5.

  • Thomas LaFrance

    You aren't that bad at lock picking :)

  • Sam Altayb

    Hello ESO, i wanna ask u why i got the ghostblase with 20 damage only not 52 like!! ?

  • Trond Makonese

    Thank you for all you teach us!

  • Braden Miller

    is this the elders scrolls 5

  • Sodium Chloride

    its pronoucned fee-or-ee, not froadgai lol

  • J Box

    Skaven ? Warhammer is leaking again.

  • II MiiCrO II

    5:04 there's not a chest up here hahahahaha

  • Max09craft !!!!!!

    What bow is he using? And how do I get it

  • Friedrich

    Wait what?I got it from a random cave near dawnstar


    How do you get that bow

  • J Kent

    lmao "watch out for all these pressure plates" 5 mins later, steps on pressure plate "whoa all these damn axes"

  • Gareth Beale

    I found answers behind the table in the wall there are the stones

  • Russell Westhaver

    Awesome video as always thanks ESO

  • BodyBuilder.EXE. BEAST

    Hey dude what bow are you using in this video because it's totally destroying the enemies in the mine

  • mikal jimenez

    As soon as I got the ghost blade I sold it

  • Aaron Wayne

    duda if you would of looked behind the table in the room with the book of fjori and holgeir there is a whale and then look behind more rocks it shows the code with out reading the book

  • Skyrim Fan

    what kind of bow are you using?

  • FuriousFNAFgaming

    Do Resto loop tutorial!! Like if you agree!Read More

  • Domino Minion

    I just kill her before she raises the undead

  • Keegan Riggan

    What bow is he using someone please tell me I'm kinda new to skyrim and want to be an archer

  • James Wood

    Why is the damage 52? Level scaling or a specific mod?

  • LongJohnGaming

    wait I picked up a sword like that off a skeleton from a theives guild quest I think

  • Super Slime

    I found out that puzzle by trial and error it took forever

  • Unicell 115

    there are a ton of weapons like that in a cave or something

  • RedWall Venm

    thanks for all of the tips and info for skyrim and others games you are very helpful

  • thecrazygamer 34

    ok I just want to know one thing why iron arrows

  • Xsniper BOSS

    i killed her when she was talking

  • Timothy Ching

    "But at higher levels but at higher levels" eso 2015

  • Gavin Diamond

    Lol the ghostblade put me through hell to find it I'm low level so the mage's were a pain in the ass

  • Sabyn Whittall

    what bow is he using?

  • Munkeeman

    I found this sword completely by accident before I watched this video while I was out looking for Words of Power XD

  • The Undead Reaper

    How to zoom in while shooting?

  • PopcornSlinger1416

    fjori is the girl, sorry ocd

  • Peter JFS

    You know what's weird? outside of that cave there is a tower. On the second floor there is a chest but there's no legit way to get up there. (I tcl"ed there because I was curious)

  • Lucas Diedrichs

    umm he's frekin lvl 153 WHAT!?

  • That one guy without a profile pic

    I've found another location to find multiple ghost swords, but I forgot what it was.

  • A King

    the j's are pronounced like h's

  • FunGamer 82

    You're really good with a bow and arrow :-)

  • The Pope

    At 10:02 you can see 2 of the hints on the wall behind the table.

  • Cerkies 4lyf

    "Carry weight: 420" lol

  • Nuke Commander

    its a Adventure Épic!!

  • sn737

    I only had 8 damage when I got it why how did you get 52

  • Andrew Beaudet

    can't keep dieing sadddddd

  • Devin West

    ESO make a video of how to get the staff of chain lightning

  • Paxton Hayes

    "Fjori is the man"plays scene man says "Fjori my love" continues to call the Fjori a man hahah XD

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