Skyrim: Secret Ghost Sword Location (Guide Ansilvund)

How to get the Ghost Blade in Skyrim, Walkthrough

Pale Blade Location:

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  • Chris3run

    Thanks for this ESO and congrats on 140k u deserve it well done

  • Echo

    loses 3 pixels of health"Oh my god I nearly killed myself as well!" xD

  • Andrew Wallace

    Has anyone completed Skyrim 100% legit? I still am surprised people still play this, even more make guides still

  • ShadowTheWolf AJ

    Not to be confused with Drainheart Sword

  • Cord Sham

    ESO + Fallout 4 = awesome.🎉😂😂 👏

  • Neo Emmons

    Will this guy ever run out of things to talk about in skyrim!?

  • Braden Miller

    is this the elders scrolls 5

  • Nicolin Rucker

    you switched their gender

  • Long Johnson

    Fjori is pronounced feeyoree

  • Feradic Jolteon

    I was waiting for you to do a video on this, too little people know about this underdog weapon, it can take lives with the right setup, good video as always though. The longer videos are the best XD

  • Grassbeetle

    can't you get the ghostblade in morokei's part of labyrinthian along with a ghost-bow and ghost-waraxe?

  • Grand Creeper

    Um I think you overlooked one fact that Fjori is female and holgeir is male.

  • Matthew Meech

    Painful listening to the reading.

  • The Undead Reaper

    How to zoom in while shooting?

  • Trailmix gaming

    thank you now I have 4 of the unique one handed weapons

  • Jamie Leigh

    I have Serana with me , she is now wearing the nightingale hood and she looks creepy

  • Iosef Stalinium

    the drainheart blades look the same as the ghostblade

  • Munkee Haruka

    I found this sword completely by accident before I watched this video while I was out looking for Words of Power XD

  • wolfie the assassin

    What if I have no freinds

  • Smiley Gang

    hey thank you it took 2 hours but thanks

  • Smiley Gang

    hey thank you it took 2 hours but thanks


    U dont even show the sword

  • Demon Kitten

    Well one fjori is the girl and the other is the guy so got that wrong.... aaanndd why dont you try to get headshots?

  • Metab

    but at higher levels but at higher levels

  • Patrick Waldeck

    Nice videi eso. Thanks for sharing.

  • Thuy Nguyen

    You said ,"but at higher levels,but at higher levels lol!

  • Aaron Wayne

    duda if you would of looked behind the table in the room with the book of fjori and holgeir there is a whale and then look behind more rocks it shows the code with out reading the book

  • SkySlayer610

    He confused the genders. :T

  • Mr.CamelGaming

    Thank you so much for making skyrim vids there the best

  • Jo Mama

    Maybe fjori is pronounced Fyory

  • Chris Crissey

    16:55 wtf? you are 100% stealth and he dodged ?!

  • Jager is bae

    I accidentally did this quest because I was actually just looking for a werewolf totem. I was like who dafuq are those ghost couples at the end lol.

  • Bruce Wayne

    I found this looking for the forge master's fingers

  • Child Of God

    For some reason the quest never started for me after triggering the trap

  • Reilly 152

    Eh the answer to the pillars are behind the table..

  • Geriatric tallaghtboy1976

    FJORI is pronounced (FI YORI) mate, love the channel, helps me alot

  • Streamz

    That frost guy wasn’t there when I went into that part and I haven’t ran into him yet oh god...

  • EpicSpaceDorito

    Fjori is pronounced as fee-yor-ee isn't it??

  • Golden Legacy

    Which DLC is better, dawnguard or dragonborn?


    I've learned that the skill books are the ones above value 50 😊

  • The Hopscanto 愛

    what type of armor and enchantments do you use to the point where you take no damage from what it seems like

  • Hjalmar Selberg

    please make a tutorial on the quest "unbound"

  • Muhammadh Saamy

    A lot of draugr wields this type looking sword and warhammer and its pretty sick. It was in a crypt... Labyrinthian if I recall correctly :D

  • The Pope

    At 10:02 you can see 2 of the hints on the wall behind the table.

  • 50k3r2

    Crazy! I got my Ghostblade from a different dungeon that has Draugr wielding them like candy.

  • JackMango

    ESO m8, I hear u keep commenting on ds videos, what do u prefer? Skyrim or dark souls?? This is your opinion so I will still love you (in a non-homo way) <3

  • RedWall Venm

    thanks for all of the tips and info for skyrim and others games you are very helpful

  • Luddmeister

    I would say Miraak's sword is probably the greatest looking sword in the game. It's sure is in the top 5 of the best ones aswell.

  • zantanzuken

    i actually have several of these... just... normal version, was walking through a particular dungeon and there were ghosts, so i killed them... and the bodies dropped like normal rag-dolls rather then melting into goo piles.... so i looted em and got a bunch of weapons, one and two handed, bows too... that look exactly like this sword. old Nordic weapons, but ghosty.

  • Peter JFS

    You know what's weird? outside of that cave there is a tower. On the second floor there is a chest but there's no legit way to get up there. (I tcl"ed there because I was curious)

  • Melissa Van Engen

    I'm level 20 and my ghost blade only had 9 damage

  • Ethanzm

    I have a War Axe like this, The Drainblood Battleaxe.

  • Sodium Chloride

    its pronoucned fee-or-ee, not froadgai lol

  • Rose Darwin

    There's a boss chest in the first small castle bit on the second floor(so above the alchemy stuff after killing the conjurer) that was missed. You need to go to a high ledge opposite and use whirlwind sprint. There's usually good loot there.

  • That one guy without a profile pic

    I've found another location to find multiple ghost swords, but I forgot what it was.

  • Entrak Entshuldiga

    Fun fact: Luring enemies into traps presents hillarious results.

  • TheMustacheGamer

    How do you have so much damage on that sword mine has 16 im level 31 btw

  • Sir.Alex

    Technically those models aren't dragon priests, they are lichees. Not sure if it's spelt right.

  • Morgan Bicknell

    Do you play on Pc or Xbox

  • Keenan Smith

    Thanks, this really helps!!!

  • Xander/SMC505

    Behind the table under the webs 10:02

  • Ghost

    I wanted to diplay it in breezehome, but it glitched trough the wall xD

  • Heath Alexander

    Replaying Skyrim with all DLC, my first play was years ago.. it was just main story quest. I didn't know how much there was you can do in Skyrim ,it took me playing 300 plus hours of Fallout 4, same company, same play style. I wanna explore Skyrim now. Can I do this with at level 22? lol


    What is the bow that he use?

  • TriZane 01

    God dammit how long did it take you to get awesome crap?!

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