Skyrim: Secret Ghost Sword Location (Guide Ansilvund)

How to get the Ghost Blade in Skyrim, Walkthrough

Pale Blade Location:

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  • ChrisDolanPk

    Thanks for this ESO and congrats on 140k u deserve it well done

  • Malachi Van Engen

    I'm level 20 and my ghost blade only had 9 damage

  • ShadowTheWolf AJ

    Not to be confused with Drainheart Sword


    Fjori is the female it says it in the book

  • barbara reynolds noonan

    eso plz make a video on how to get a silver sword

  • Savage Raven

    Eso Can you tell me how to get good heavy gear I'm Lvl 31

  • Satan's Loaf

    So, basically the drainheart sword with a unique enchant?

  • Rey Mysterio

    I got it without help.

  • SkySlayer610

    He confused the genders. :T

  • Skull thunder

    who needs a ghost blade when you've got a sectral war axe that reaps enemies' health

  • Trace Carter

    What bow was he using?

  • Skyler Copeland

    I love how he has the two best weapons in the game, the devastating Fork and dreaded Knife I enchant the fork and knife with chaos and luner fire damage


    I've learned that the skill books are the ones above value 50 😊

  • XGunslingerX T

    Or just do Mage guild quest line and you're gonna eventually find it

  • arief abdulrashed

    which bow are you using

  • Clorox bleach

    i like how he upgraded it to "legendary" so we would watch the video

  • Miu Chan

    I loved the video it helped me find the ghost blade I didn't watch it all because I knew what to do but it help me find where it was so Yea!

  • Panda 255013

    eso I killed her in 2 hits with an imperial now and iron arrows

  • Jamie Leigh

    I have Serana with me , she is now wearing the nightingale hood and she looks creepy

  • EMT!

    I accidentally did this quest because I was actually just looking for a werewolf totem. I was like who dafuq are those ghost couples at the end lol.

  • Matthew Meech

    Painful listening to the reading.

  • Four assassins Gaming

    You said ,"but at higher levels,but at higher levels lol!

  • Soulslayer160

    U don't have to read it I did it without even knowing about the book

  • Geriatric tallaghtboy1976

    FJORI is pronounced (FI YORI) mate, love the channel, helps me alot

  • slaven božić

    How did you manage to get such high lvl? I playedthrough 2-3 times through skyrim and max i was able to get was like lvl 79-84... at the point i was not able to find any more dungeons anywhere... monsters in open world were pointless to hunt down. Got bored of darkbrotherhood and thives guild quests and the warriors guild ones, the repetative you have some usefull hints for me, what way am i supposed to use skills? like go into one-handed then archery at some point, sneak... save enchanting alchemy and smithing for later levels?

  • Clorox bleach

    isnt this just a better agaist the other one that you find during the winter hold quest line?

  • Johnny Gaming

    though it said "anisvund"

  • Arjade Gillego

    Its Just An Drainheart Sword

  • nerf master mren

    my sneking is so good i got a snk atack

  • Soulslayer160

    There are hints there behind the table you can see the fish when he reads the book

  • Child Of God

    For some reason the quest never started for me after triggering the trap

  • Melissa Valeza

    The Draugr Deathlord you killed at 7:36 had an Ebony One-Handed Sword.

  • TheReal Gamer1am

    I just got it it said 11 damage

  • Quintin Sarren

    I'm so pissed. I lost my blade when trying to put it on a plaque on a wall and it just disappeared into nothing.

  • Ghost

    I wanted to diplay it in breezehome, but it glitched trough the wall xD

  • John Wang

    Actually there are hints in that the code is engraved along the base behind the table, it's just hard to see.

  • Alex Gavin

    what arrows are you using

  • Rose Darwin

    There's a boss chest in the first small castle bit on the second floor(so above the alchemy stuff after killing the conjurer) that was missed. You need to go to a high ledge opposite and use whirlwind sprint. There's usually good loot there.

  • Hydes

    can't you get the ghostblade in morokei's part of labyrinthian along with a ghost-bow and ghost-waraxe?

  • Bruce Wayne

    I found this looking for the forge master's fingers


    What is the bow that he use?

  • Trenton 2006 gaming


  • Chris Crissey

    16:55 wtf? you are 100% stealth and he dodged ?!

  • The Darkness

    There's a Boss Chest on the top of the tower. to get to it you need to use whirlwind sprint on mountain next to it.

  • Castro and games

    What bow do u use please make a vide

  • Trenton 2006 gaming

    I did all that for a damage 10

  • Angelo Rubio

    I have the ghost blade it's wired

  • xEnVyBeatx Records

    This was so helpful for me since I'm only level 18


    ESO you are the best skyrim youtuber

  • Nightbot

    dude there are hints in the spider webs behind the table the book was on

  • Henry Baker

    When are you doing your lestplays again?

  • Sam Al99

    Hello ESO, i wanna ask u why i got the ghostblase with 20 damage only not 52 like!! ?

  • Trond Makonese

    Thank you for all you teach us!

  • Braden Miller

    is this the elders scrolls 5

  • Chris Crissey

    Cool video. At work I cant look at most gaming sites but I became curious about something. I am on a PS3. Not a PC. Do ALL dungeons scale? Like if I walked into this dungeon at level 5, would it be appropriately scaled to me? I started thinking about how awesome it would be to get like the Dawnbreaker or this, the ghostblade at level 5.

  • J Box

    Skaven ? Warhammer is leaking again.

  • Aaron Wayne

    duda if you would of looked behind the table in the room with the book of fjori and holgeir there is a whale and then look behind more rocks it shows the code with out reading the book

  • Friedrich

    Wait what?I got it from a random cave near dawnstar

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