Skyrim: The most powerful enemy!

The most powerful enemy in Skyrim :D Enjoy!

  • samuel lyons

    could you kill him with a wabbajack?

  • RAJAT KANTI Bhattacharjee

    O.o skyrim is my first RPG. on level 21. :'( just learning and having extreme fun. But after seeing this guy i have to invest more time need to  reach level 85. :) will take quite a long i guess. But really skyrims made me a RPG fan will always be thankfull to bethesda and skyrim. :)

  • Slave Bag

    I doubt i will ever get to level 81

  • Raubtier MLG-420-

    try to kill him on the legendary difficulty level

  • Rafid abid Khan

    easiest way to win the fight........GOD MODE!

  • Random Ninja

    I killed this guy by pickpocketing his armor XDlvl 100 legendary pickpocketing BRU

  • D94t2

    Your lisp is unbearable

  • Ridley

    "most powerful enemy" more like the "enemy that presents no challenge on legendary difficulty" if you want a challenge, fight karstaag.

  • Matthew Clifton

    Correct me if im wrong but this guy reminds alot of Sauron from Lord of the Rings XD

  • Johanna Bonana

    I think Karstaag is more powerful

  • Equinox

    "like fus ro dah, if you shout him off the cliff, he will survive the fall.."no..this....this can't be..

  • Bruno Vitt

    the ebony warrior gets very weak when you use the marked for death shout

  • Grendel Wolf

    Easiest way to kill him is in Werewolf form. Just keep knocking him down and pummel the crap out of him.

  • Just Jason

    rofl i killed this guy without even triggering the quest. I thought he was just one those typical walking traveling NPC like rich people or guards with prisoner.

  • Ilari

    Thanks Youtube, now I gotta search for the comments again and cant just click "show comment".

  • SockCucker

    Bruh. Just use the windshear. -_-

  • That Guy

    the ebony warrior is the most fearsome enemy in all of skyrim.unless you use marked for death. then he tips like a cow.

  • Joshua Estis

    Im level 83 and i waited for him in whiterun for 2 hours in real life time and he never showed up

  • Raymond Alcantara

    What about General Falx Cauirus? That guy instakilled me with his warhammer before I had a chance...

  • Nikola Pejic

    I just backstabed this guy with my dragonbone dagger, 500dmg * 15, one shot.

  • Apprentice J

    Hey ass faces face this guy on legendary no glitches just skill no resto glitch he will literally f u up in a matter of seconds

  • kenny x

    i think the most powerful enemy is Alduin

  • Joe M. Salazar

    Dude that npc tore me a new asswhole....

  • Nick Redmond

    He is the 2nd most powerful enemy. The most powerful is in the Dragonborn dlc as well. When you go to Solthiem there is a giant skull, n if you find it you'll soon find a giant throne. Place it there and a King Frost Giant. He is stronger than the ebony warrior

  • Rudi Sulistiyanto

    1. Press the console command2. Click at the Ebony warrior3. Type "kill"it's much easier :3

  • WarpResurge - Comeback?

    The ebony warrior also has dragon shouts. D:

  • Natsuki

    Im like.... Level 174, and I still had trouble killing that idiot. With a sword dealing 77 damage. And (yes I had A mod that did not affect anything, just adds a pistol dealing 33-55 damage) pistol. And if I takes me 3-5 minutes to kill him, Hes tough. I can kill a Legandary dragon in only 1-2 minutes at max. I have killed 4 dragons at once in a minute. I'm a little OP.

  • The Knave Crew

    Well, I mean, karstagg is pretty tough. But no one ever fights karstagg, because no one can...

  • bennett burhans

    it's the magic anomaly obviously. It's level scales with you forever. It's level is 1.1 times yours.

  • Gabe Paixao

    Thith ith a very helpful video thankth tho much for the walkthrough. Thith guy ith tho tough I mutht have died theven thouthand theven hundred theventy timeth trying to defeat him. And I thucked trying to find him.

  • Jamal

    How are u throwing spiders

  • jakhari123

    dude do you have a lisp? all I hear is spit in the mic

  • Anthony Bille

    Ebony Warrior wasn't even that hard to kill. Maybe your character just wasn't leveled up properly.

  • Marko Latinovic

    I 1shot him with my Dragonbone Hammer... when I turn on the orc racial ability and a potion that increases 2h dmg I have 3500ish dmg

  • oyun kervani


  • Joseph Knezovicz

    ebony warrior... that's racist

  • Dane Wallace

    as if the glitchy cheaty book was suggested! shame on those who use it

  • Chad

    1:46 the ebony warrior has dragonrend.

  • A Retarded Whale

    Ebony warrior's weaknesses:Marked for death (armor rating decreases 3000 points)Slow time + dagger + sneak 100 perk (two hits will kill him as the last sneak perk allows daggers to do 15x damage)Ebony warrior's derpiness:Paralyze (he falls down on some occasions and bounces everywhere, just like when someone gets frozen with ice form and falls down. I'm not sure if ice form works with this)Pickpocket all of his armorMehrunes' razor (3% instant kill)

  • IT Guy

    What about the wabbajack? I mean it isn't that string but it can not only burn you but electicut you as well

  • Drunk Paladin

    The Ebony Warrior is a how did he managed to go to Sovngarde?

  • Alex P.

    The best part about this video, is the narrators lisp.

  • TheKanonHara

    lol i kiled him wit an iron dagger at lvl 1

  • Erik Lentsch

    Wait, isn't there a weapon that has a chance to instantly kill?

  • Rock5Chalk

    How to Beat: Use Level 3 Dragon Aspect, pull out two Legendary Dragonbone Swords with enchantments of your choosing, put on Super Saiyan 3 Theme, destroy.

  • Shashwat Sharma


  • datrell khalid Khalid

    just throw him from cliff

  • Dovahkiin

    Smike swore a lot more r

  • ballistA

    Every Pussy in here say's they one shot it! There either on the easiest difficulty or using OP weapons from Potions, and armor so there also have like 100000 damage. They also could use a OP mod or something that edits the combat.

  • SerSmartarse

    Killed him in 2 hits with marked for death shout and dragonbane

  • Will Harsch

    you can ride him? do I need the DLC to do that?

  • DratiniRS

    killed him on legendary it took so long lol always had to knock him down with shield running :p

  • Alex Martinez

    That random dead troll LMFAO

  • Kye

    I used the wanber jack on him and he turned into a dragon and killed me ;(

  • MarkedChild

    I bet he's a Redguard underneath that ebony platemail.

  • Ezequiel Vazquez

    Skyrim is a game based on combat tactics. AND this guy, it's not THAT hard.Yeah, it's very strong, but there are a bunch of "tricks" to defeat him the easy way.First of all... having a Daedric or Dragonbone armor would be quite good, and will make the fight pretty easy if you like two-handed weapons like me. So, these are some ways i know of defeating hard enemies:1. Dragon Aspect. Boost your character with this shout. It also boosts other shouts!2. Slow Time!. Specially for those who like blades, your enemy wont hit you, neither block you... and you have lots of time to do power attacks!3. Marked for Death... reduce your oponent stats... really good shout.4. Infuse your weapon with paralization!5. Use a dragon, but not the same way as the video. Just ask the dragon to land near the place, and start the fight. The dragon will fight along too.6. Summon someone! You can summon a daedra from Sanguine's Rose, or use the Call of Valor shout.7. Level up... but don't spend the perk! After leveling up, you get to choose between increasing your life, stamina or magika. Don't do it yet, save it for the fight, because it will restore your whole life, stamina and magika!8. Mehrunes Razor9. The Wabbajack! Said to transform Alduin into a mere chicken...And last, but not least... Everything i have just said, you can do most of it at the same time!Have Fun :)

  • TheLapisLord

    His bow only does frost damage. It never paralyzed me...

  • Daniel Rogamos

    fus roh da him in the top if the mountain done

  • Fatacemcafee

    most powerful enemyme: ends up 3 hitting him on master with fully enchanted/upgraded stahlrim greatsword

  • Ruben Cancino

    Anyone a pro at this game? I'm in need of some advice on a few things. Sad thing is I am lvl 60 and still don't know half of what should be known.. My guess

  • Annoying Suicide Bomber

    When five trolling trolls ambushed me when I was level 5 I nearly shit myself.

  • Paul Snelling

    Can't He Also Parlyze You?

  • Dana Ripley

    Meh. I was level 155 when I hit him one time in unarmed combat andhe went down like a sack of rocks. I didn't know the wait from level 81was gonna be worth it.

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