Ichigo's Zangetsu Sword (Bleach) - MAN AT ARMS

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Every other Monday, master swordsmith Tony Swatton forges your favorite weapons from video games, movies, and television. This week, he tackles Ichigo's Zangetsu sword.

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NOTE: Tony Swatton and Man At Arms have no connection to or involvement with the Bleach franchise.

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Series Created & Directed by Andy Signore

Line Producer: Adam Hiner
Producer: Blake Babson
Executive Producer: Mitch Rotter
Production Manager: Phil Rogers
Story Producer: Bradley Maurer

Director Of Photography -- Matt Irwin - http://matt.irwincine.com

Edited by Christopher Otwell

Master Blacksmith- Tony Swatton
Assistant Blacksmith- Alicia Minette, Bryan Forrest
Machinist- William the Elder
Office Manager- Elizabeth McCullough

Sword & The Stone: http://www.swordandstone.com/

Stunt Coordinator- Christopher Bradley
Stunt Performers- Bryan Forrest, Christopher Bradley, Marnie Liesel

Production Designer- Christopher Bradley
Assistant Production Designer- Marnie Liesel

Special Thanks- Karen Cope, Lisa Kim, Kristina Moore

Cameras used: Canon C300, Red (Slo-mo) and GoPro
  • D Morgan gaming

    Hey I just subscribed can you make samurai jacks sword

  • Michael Allsopp

    Can you do the Beast claw from BloodBorn?

  • Ιάσονας Διάκος

    i dare you to do thresh's hook

  • Narayana L

    Amazing guys I love u it's damn good zangetsu a cool zanpakuto

  • Pedro Vera Sanchez

    Zabuza's executioner blade

  • SilentGaming

    make Ichigo's bankai from bleach

  • Daisytheexplore RTS

    Bleachs other sowerd when he is a hollow

  • dark games

    Da boosted gear do issei dxd

  • Levin Devin

    who wants to be a shinigami

  • Kai Suzuki

    The sword of Attack on Titan!!!

  • Hunter Tesney

    Do Excalibar from once upon a time

  • Shawlyn Dias

    bleach tensa zangetsu sword

  • King Wrath

    I'd like to purchase one lol

  • kimura ishida kurasaki niduaza

    Can you make Bankai for of ichigos katana

  • Nate Izumi

    pls do a noctis sword the engine blade in final fantasy 15

  • Gamingwithnog

    u earned all of my respect

  • sh.mm47

    Damn I wanna buy it and hang it on my wall so that I can stare at it all day~

  • Janon Lucas

    I was really satisfied with this video

  • Ches M

    The hidden dagger in assasins creed

  • Robert Avila

    you should make a Naruto head band the sand village

  • B Álvarez

    I hope you recicled the glass

  • Hayden Frost

    Dude I want to see them make his Bankai

  • Dana Wood

    How about Blade's Katana?

  • Gillian Ndi

    madaras gunbai from naruto

  • Lorenzo Najarro

    please do his bankai now

  • Hexaengg2017 Enggdept

    can you make a cursed blade zoro kitetsu III

  • Benjamin Li

    Yes thank u finally an ichigo sword

  • DJ Snow

    I think you messed up the title, I think that it should be zanpak-to instead if zangetsu

  • Jm Luciano

    make sasuke sword from naruto

  • Bobbert Bobby

    sorry guys but thats not a sword...thats a giant machete

  • Bryan Fan

    do tensa zangestu from bleach

  • Ichigo Kurosaki

    Could you make Ichigos sword in Banki state?

  • Edmund Chan

    Do Attack on Titan swords or Rin Okumura's sword

  • AnimeszFoDayz

    Ukitake's word from bleach and Urahara's sword from bleach

  • Zombie FreK

    Qrow Branwen's sword from RWBY.

  • Victor Freitas

    gatts's sword from berserk

  • Boat Ack

    But does it shoot reiatsu crescent moonbeams?

  • ryan valerio

    how about alucard sword

  • zCloud

    PLEASE Make Ichigo Bankai Sword !!

  • its otaku

    yota's sword from noragami. I already like lot of your videos!

  • Elizirg Said Palioz Furioso

    Created to the bankai in the sword

  • William elliott

    Hey y'all should make the spear of LU BU from destiny warriors 8

  • Emmanuel Ortiz

    make soul eater evans scythe form from soul eater

  • Zolokiniir

    bleach is my favorite drink

  • Summer Gilreath

    I love bleach so much and I like the sword that you I wish I had one too😃😋

  • angel caudillo


  • L.B. D.R.P.

    I love bleach but hate this sword

  • Yvankurtangel Alfelor

    0DMG on attack on titan

  • Sidney junior

    sword de meliodas nanatsu no taizai

  • Stefanus Mario

    green dragon cresent, guan yu from three kingdom weapon please....

  • Tanner Thompson

    Rose Quartz's sword please

  • عبدالله اسامة

    achilles sowrd from troy plese ??

  • REGALU augock

    Tensa Zanguetsu please

  • Sweet Pants

    did u guys get it the joke in this video he cuts the bleach XD

  • Andrew Johnson

    you should make tensa zangetsu

  • Orsi budahaziorsolya

    Please Hitsugaya's sword!

  • t̲̅Hє̲̅ ST0ya̲̅M

    can you imagine if someone made a functional Zabimaru?

  • Martin Draco

    Do Ichigo Bankai sword

  • Melina Vang

    Maka's death scythe(soul) from soul eater

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