Ichigo's Zangetsu Sword (Bleach) - MAN AT ARMS

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Every other Monday, master swordsmith Tony Swatton forges your favorite weapons from video games, movies, and television. This week, he tackles Ichigo's Zangetsu sword.

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NOTE: Tony Swatton and Man At Arms have no connection to or involvement with the Bleach franchise.

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Series Created & Directed by Andy Signore

Line Producer: Adam Hiner
Producer: Blake Babson
Executive Producer: Mitch Rotter
Production Manager: Phil Rogers
Story Producer: Bradley Maurer

Director Of Photography -- Matt Irwin - http://matt.irwincine.com

Edited by Christopher Otwell

Master Blacksmith- Tony Swatton
Assistant Blacksmith- Alicia Minette, Bryan Forrest
Machinist- William the Elder
Office Manager- Elizabeth McCullough

Sword & The Stone: http://www.swordandstone.com/

Stunt Coordinator- Christopher Bradley
Stunt Performers- Bryan Forrest, Christopher Bradley, Marnie Liesel

Production Designer- Christopher Bradley
Assistant Production Designer- Marnie Liesel

Special Thanks- Karen Cope, Lisa Kim, Kristina Moore

Cameras used: Canon C300, Red (Slo-mo) and GoPro
  • Clorox Bleach

    Fuckin' bastard, you sliced me in half

  • Zeke Talavera

    Roronoa zoro's swords from one piece

  • Lavandia Ghoul

    I wish to see the Scythe from Hidan

  • Juan Ramos

    Hey guys!!! Berserk!!!! Gutz's sword.= challenge!!!!!

  • TheGhostBuster31

    Me like would love to see banki

  • x Ty

    I guess when there's an apocalypse I know who to go to

  • Jacob Horton

    how much to buy that sword


    4:10 what music please?

  • norasmamuhammad faizol anuar bin othman

    I hope if zombie apocalypse happen, I am stuck at your place...

  • John Gabriel Pagsanghan

    "Shout... my name is...""ZANGETSU!!"

  • Cobra X

    please do the bankai version

  • Jordan Henry

    Should make zoros cursed sword I think kitetsu is the name

  • Alfredo Chavez

    do dianes sacred gear in 7 deadly sins plsPls! Pls?!

  • Arafat Abadin

    Plz Make Tensa Zangetsu, Or The "Bankai"

  • Will Duck

    kunai knives, shurikins or zabuzas sword from naruto!!

  • lout gate

    Que genial like like like like

  • Felipe Soares

    Kenpachi Zaraki's Zanpakuto. Do Anime (Bleach).

  • Austin Jacobson

    make the banki version of ichigo's sword

  • kuuhaku doido

    Agora só falta a tensa zangetsu

  • miles johnson

    dude should make guts massive blade

  • Christian Francis Pineda


  • Daniel Rigg

    I want to see rukia's sword bring made

  • scaven - scαvεη

    basara's sword from "the testament of sister new devil"

  • Joshua Vazquez

    what about Tensa Zangetsu

  • Ash J Devils King

    you did know that the blade on the sword was curved like a cresent moon right

  • Amol Thombare

    Baahubali Sword (From The Epic Bollywood Movie Baahubali)...

  • Dakota vaughan

    have they done the bankai version?

  • tanmay kodia

    hey guys make the seven ninja sowrdsman s swords

  • Joevon Williams

    do you sell these swords I would love ichigo's full bringer sword

  • GamerGuy Fun

    you should make Kenpachi's zampakuto from bleach xD

  • OogieBoogieBabadook92

    sub and like invredible

  • Larry Seuga

    Make Kenpachi's Sword!!

  • Free Life

    I would give my house to get that sword

  • Herbert Taylor

    ivy sword from soul caliber

  • Elton espada

    nice keep on making stuff like this

  • Amit Kumawat

    dragon slayer from berserk(its guts sword) to damn big sword

  • mr/ben popo\pope

    yamato. devil may. cry

  • Natanael Lazaro

    zabuzas one of the seven swordsman from naruto

  • moka lee

    my otaku level is so high right now man !!!!!!!!!😮😍😣😣 WAHHHHHHHHH I LOVE IT

  • Ivory Williams

    kisames sword from shippuden

  • JustJustin

    Shinoa's Scythe from Seraph of The End.

  • GG12

    espada number five's sword from bleach

  • LordBungeekrum

    why no bleach music for cutting stuff with the finished product? Probably copyright eh?

  • Yuxuan Tan

    damn son those buff sword

  • John Ng

    Any backers on bleach swords, ryuumon hozukimaru (ikkaku bankai) and raiku (kageroza shikai)? They'd be disgustingly awesome if these guys made em

  • Pietrek Militarny Globtrotuar

    Please make Urahara Kisuke Benihime.

  • All Might

    Lol when he cut bleach

  • Duskears

    Alright, now let's see Renji's elastic sword.

  • Khanh Cao Huu

    can you guys make his bankai

  • Otaku hunter

    byakuya kuchki's bankai senbonzakura😂😂😀

  • Martin Ren

    Plz do the bankai version

  • Bibaswan Sarkar

    clash of clan weapons pls

  • Lance Henriksen

    please do "GOD OF WAR BLADE OF OLYMPUS":D its huge

  • Fractus Bot

    Arlong Sword from One Piece!

  • NeXt The NeY

    cuanto costaria mandarla ha hacer ...gracias .....

  • RaFiKi Boii

    Zoro's white meito from one piece

  • Calvin Nguyen

    Why did you break his hollow mask 😂

  • deanz guitarz

    TERRA BLADE from terraria game

  • avinashshivakumar70

    make Inuyasha's Tessaiga (InuYasha)

  • Sup guys

    Make the bankai sword of echigo

  • Black Wolf

    The zangetsu is much heavier than the one you did, besides being more imposing, without demeaning your work Post really looked very similar, I will leave my Like most missed the number one song, I used Google Translator :)

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