Ichigo's Zangetsu Sword (Bleach) - MAN AT ARMS

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Every other Monday, master swordsmith Tony Swatton forges your favorite weapons from video games, movies, and television. This week, he tackles Ichigo's Zangetsu sword.

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NOTE: Tony Swatton and Man At Arms have no connection to or involvement with the Bleach franchise.

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Series Created & Directed by Andy Signore

Line Producer: Adam Hiner
Producer: Blake Babson
Executive Producer: Mitch Rotter
Production Manager: Phil Rogers
Story Producer: Bradley Maurer

Director Of Photography -- Matt Irwin - http://matt.irwincine.com

Edited by Christopher Otwell

Master Blacksmith- Tony Swatton
Assistant Blacksmith- Alicia Minette, Bryan Forrest
Machinist- William the Elder
Office Manager- Elizabeth McCullough

Sword & The Stone: http://www.swordandstone.com/

Stunt Coordinator- Christopher Bradley
Stunt Performers- Bryan Forrest, Christopher Bradley, Marnie Liesel

Production Designer- Christopher Bradley
Assistant Production Designer- Marnie Liesel

Special Thanks- Karen Cope, Lisa Kim, Kristina Moore

Cameras used: Canon C300, Red (Slo-mo) and GoPro
  • Nova

    well it is not 100% true to the original but still cool

  • Daniel Davies

    Am I the only one who thinks Ichigo's sword is a big, glorified, (but still cool) butcher knife?

  • BeastBoyGaming

    They need to make zabimaru in shikai form!!!!!!!!!!

  • Seirra Moon

    since bleach just ended i say make ichigos BANKAI!

  • PsychoCartoon

    Now the only question is where can I buy that XD

  • Chris Eccles

    I've gotta see Rukia's white katana now. You guys make beautiful swords with amazing attention to detail!

  • TornadoCreator

    Seriously guys, why do you insist on cutting watermelon, weak plant-life, glass jars, and the occasional water bottle? ...it's not impressive if a standard machete can do it with ease. Why not show us an actual stress test? Show us this thing going through ballistics gel, a pig carcass, some rolled cutting mats, wooden dowel, or anything that would offer some real resistance. It'd be nice to see if these swords could actually cut something that my kitchen knifes can't cut with ease.

  • Prodgaming

    make ichigos bankai zanpakuto please

  • Yellow Cookie

    Krul's death metal sword from vainglory

  • Jude “Rean” Mathis

    It would be cool to see Rin Okumura's Katana sword from Blue Exorcist.


    You could just buy one off of amazon

  • John Vang

    Do his BanKai Version

  • dr cox scrubs

    pls make the new bankaitensa zangetsu

  • colton moore

    Absolutely beautiful.

  • HupfDole87

    make madarames Bankai!! or zarakis shikai!!

  • Claudio Tapia

    ummm its Tensa!!! Zangestu!!

  • Abner Gilberth

    Our men were just like Anime congratulations for the beautiful work ... How about doing the swords of Zaraki Kenpachi?

  • Nanders 69

    Can You Make: Asuma Sarutobi's Chakra Blades, Hidan's Scythe, Sasuke Uchiha's Chokuto Sword, Minato Namikaze's Custom Kunai, Or Madara Uchiha's Fan, All From Naruto, Or Gohan's Sword When He Was Training With Piccolo In The Saiyan Saga, In Dragon Ball Z

  • Khang Vo

    They should have made Tensa Zangetsu

  • KingKiavash

    What is that opening song?!?!?!

  • Irfan Kuma

    make ichigo bankai form sword

  • MrNeferil

    looks good, yet about as sharp as a broomstick xD

  • Caleb Lindstead

    lchigo zangatsu sword cool and awesome 

  • PandaBoiPaul

    Make ichigos bankai version

  • Syimir Azim

    make skamadoji from owari no seraph

  • Kaneki Ken

    Soul Eater (Soul Scythe Form)

  • Aleksey Dubovoy

    ban Kai tenza zangetsu

  • John Patrick Rosel

    can you create ichigo bankai sword

  • Were Wolf

    The cursed sacred sword of one piece

  • Alvaro Esteban Salinas (SuperSilverTheHedgehog)

    Saizou Kirigakure from Brave 10

  • Frosch

    What about Masanune from Final Fantasy?

  • nandaraghava kumar

    hey make a sword from naruto or naruto shippuden

  • Zando Nago

    please make akame's sword murasame from akame ga kill

  • Elvin Kong

    I would love to see more swords from Bleach. Maybe Ichigo's two Bankai swords from the end of the manga?

  • Joypilz

    akame sword pls from akame ga kill

  • Devon Palmer

    Is would be kool if they made the Bankai Sword

  • Dang Huy

    i want his bankai!!! can you make this ??

  • jose carlos

    mote a espada do meriodas

  • Drax Shiroko

    you think someone could handle the real thing?

  • Andy Hernandez

    Make Ichigo's black katana plzz xD

  • Melvin Reynolds

    is it possible for me to buy some of the things that yall make?

  • aaron camanong

    yasuo sword from league of legends

  • Ramazan saytmanu mozhno ubit'

    make Kusanagi from the anime naruto

  • Flint

    tfw they shaped it wrong

  • Axeyoun Emblem

    you made the handle wrong and the sword should have been bigger than that.

  • Alex Venegas

    damn i was hoping for Tensa Zangetsu... oh well

  • RoboNox Animations

    Man at arms, please do zabuzas sword from naruto

  • Cholo Banquiao

    make the bankai sword pls.pls.pls.

  • Fire Fist

    Would you make Makas Seth from Soul Eater

  • AleXanDraPR369

    I like that they gives the same love to every fandom. Keep up the good work, do you guys sell your creations??

  • juzo suzuya

    as una kinke de tokiyo ghoul

  • Chris Yan

    Make Ichigo's Zangetsu bankai sword! (Black blade one)

  • Yo im Tired

    just say it with me, BANKAI

  • The_Reaper_ Of _Souls

    Should make uraharas sword

  • Lorelly Ebiya

    ichigo's sword at bonki

  • Quan Nguyen

    sekki sword from noragami please

  • Max Rosales

    one sword from elsword!! please!!

  • mely syprè

    Kanda sword from d.gray Man ! 😆

  • Emily Hewitt

    Also just input why don't you make erza's fairy armour from fairy tail

  • kory mokaram

    Now make tensa zangetsu

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