Ichigo's Zangetsu Sword (Bleach) - MAN AT ARMS

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Every other Monday, master swordsmith Tony Swatton forges your favorite weapons from video games, movies, and television. This week, he tackles Ichigo's Zangetsu sword.

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NOTE: Tony Swatton and Man At Arms have no connection to or involvement with the Bleach franchise.

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Series Created & Directed by Andy Signore

Line Producer: Adam Hiner
Producer: Blake Babson
Executive Producer: Mitch Rotter
Production Manager: Phil Rogers
Story Producer: Bradley Maurer

Director Of Photography -- Matt Irwin - http://matt.irwincine.com

Edited by Christopher Otwell

Master Blacksmith- Tony Swatton
Assistant Blacksmith- Alicia Minette, Bryan Forrest
Machinist- William the Elder
Office Manager- Elizabeth McCullough

Sword & The Stone: http://www.swordandstone.com/

Stunt Coordinator- Christopher Bradley
Stunt Performers- Bryan Forrest, Christopher Bradley, Marnie Liesel

Production Designer- Christopher Bradley
Assistant Production Designer- Marnie Liesel

Special Thanks- Karen Cope, Lisa Kim, Kristina Moore

Cameras used: Canon C300, Red (Slo-mo) and GoPro
  • Daniel Davies

    Am I the only one who thinks Ichigo's sword is a big, glorified, (but still cool) butcher knife?


    zabuza word from naruto

  • Moises Lugardo

    now, you have to do BANKAI!!! Tensa Zangetsu is next

  • Nick Hayward

    can you buy these from.them?

  • Benjamin Li

    Yes thank u finally an ichigo sword

  • Sweet Pants

    did u guys get it the joke in this video he cuts the bleach XD

  • Ches M

    The hidden dagger in assasins creed

  • Hayden Frost

    Dude I want to see them make his Bankai

  • Evan Hosea

    Oh god no, why the dubbed voice!

  • Edmund Chan

    Do Attack on Titan swords or Rin Okumura's sword

  • Phavion Bruins

    thank you this was my dream since I I'm crying thank you😊😊😊😊😎😢😮💭

  • Belias Drak

    do they sell these blades?

  • Nate Branch

    does he make them for people to buy or are they personal project because if so I'd buy one

  • datguyuknow5454

    William Dunbar's cleaver from Code Lyoko

  • Cometyo

    Plz do Zabuza's sword from Naruto

  • Sherman Devon

    make umm the reapers death sciyth (I forgot how to spell it sry

  • luis ruiz

    zabimaru, wabisuke, kusanagi, zabuza's sword, seshomaru's swords.

  • Ichigo Kurosaki

    you should do the zangetsu BANKAI next

  • stairfish 99

    gilthunder's sword from seven deadly sins

  • 8-bit Mexican

    next sasukes sword or ninja weapons or the demon windmill shuriken

  • Ezequiel de Souza Santos

    Forjed Kusanagi's Sasuke Uchiha please.

  • The girl unnamed

    Crescent rose from rwby!!?!?

  • Doomer Flame

    I had the sword use that to chop pigs at the slaughter house

  • Katy Cross

    Would really like to see Renji Abarai's Zabimaru!

  • Hussain Ali

    Blade of Olympus from God of war

  • Bu Reh

    Can you make zoro swords in one piece

  • Max Poirier

    i would like to see zabuza' sword !!!

  • Sean Milligan

    the sword from the Slayer albums

  • Bubba Chuck

    sasuke's Kusanagi sword

  • Jade Gray

    they did not do this sword justice

  • Kimsann Taing

    Do bleach captain 10 sword

  • Lorenzo Davis

    Green Ranger dragon dagger

  • Theresa Guy

    can you make the second form of sode no shirayuki (rukia kuchki's zanpakto)

  • David Sanchez

    meta knights sword or Excalibur from sao

  • DR Paquette

    Wow now that is a cool piece. I wonder if they sell any of these after making them?

  • Matheus Oliveira

    faz a espada de kenpachi zaraki Bleach

  • Dathan Mrla

    Can you make the sword in heavenly sword

  • michelle junatas

    optimus prime sword pls build it im a fan of it

  • Miguel Dias

    We need more bleach Swords Cmon bleach fans back me up

  • Diamond Emerald

    Show realistic resistance for once man!

  • Septic Roy

    Do renjis Shikia Sakimaru Please Bleach

  • Valeria Perez

    In real time how long did it take to make that! ?

  • fronocha 3224

    why was he calling it the bleach sword instead of Zangetsu

  • Austin Lumongsod

    plss make Erza's Purgatory Sword...

  • hasan as'ari

    RAVELT, TCM rave master sword 10th please

  • Malik Rogers

    I agree with jack you should make a banki

  • Toshiaki Shimofusa

    Spear of beast (from Ushio to tora)s,movie yet?

  • Nanny Bahria

    can you make icigo's dad sword or katana

  • woo paw


  • Richard Lopez

    Please make scorpion's quani!

  • thiago dantas

    Zangetsu is ease. kkkk Zabimaruh is hard.chalenger

  • brylle Deocampo

    im a big fan and i wish that you well make tier harribel's sword from bleach plz

  • Nicholas Spillett

    Kanshou and Bakuya from fate stay night

  • Indestructible Warrior

    noitrra weapon from bleach

  • Beau Guerrier

    am i the only one who finds itself triggered by this non-stylish sword ? so basic. i hate the design. my opinion . dont get mad

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