Can You Use Foil as Body Armor???

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"Club Diver" by Kevin MacLeod from
Outro music by MDK,
  • DemolitionRanch

    What's good Demolitia!!! Where you watching from today???

  • Justin Y.

    But can you use body armor as foil?

  • Vengfulcloud66 Gaming

    My local gun shop plays you on the tv

  • fakecubed

    Just imagining Matt, at the grocery store, buying nothing but two watermelons and 12 rolls of aluminum foil.

  • Ol' Gory

    Y'know a pocket Bible actually saved my great grandfather in WWII, bullet hit the Bible and not his bare flesh

  • SatanSupimpa

    Hammer this foil until it become a solid block of metal, then shoot it again.

  • BadBoyMorales

    It needs to be tight. If its loose like ur doing it. The bullet is just going thru each individual paper foil. But if u would if put it super tight u would stopped it

  • Rohacks3716

    This dude will definitely survive a zombie apocalypse if it happens bc he has tons of tons of deadly guns

  • ThE_JaGgEd_ EdGe


  • TLK 27

    I swear I'm not racist, but he looks like a friggin kkk knight in with all that foil on his head lolEdit: for God's sake I was making a joke ppl chillie you're willies

  • Riley Smith

    I bet he looked like a lunatic at HEB with nothing but tinfoil and watermelons

  • JAN Papier

    So maybe take looooots of those and use hydraulic press to form it. Greatings from Poland

  • iDon'tKnowWhatMyNameShouldBe

    2:38 "hoo man, this is how matt died" Not by bullets, but by falling off a table while wrapping foil around a watermelon

  • Nicht Wichtig

    Thats a really ineffient design. Because when you spin e.g 8 rolls around the bullet will only hit 2 rolls

  • Let's be Honest Official

    Looks like your plan was foiled

  • view of time

    i hope you recycled that...

  • mettisha

    D I would say to my kids: that guy over there... he’s one of those crazy preppers that thinks the government is using a watermelon as a listening device.

  • Bill Flint

    Have you done a vid where you use different forms of cloth in replace of Kevlar to like cotton, polyester, Gore-Tex, nylon, etc. in trying to stop a bullet?

  • David Black

    Tin foil was never going to stop a bullet... But I watched someone try for 12 minutes!

  • Foxy and Lucy

    I had never had much interest in firearms and such BUT, You actually make it interesting enough for a woman turning 40 from Canada who has never shot any gun (not even B.B, Pellet, or paintball guns). to watch, be interested and entertained for the duration of your video, every time you post a new one. The opening skits are always funny. They are never rude, crude or offensive in any way. You take the time to come up with these skit ideas, act them out and edit them to be perfect. Well great job. I can honestly say that I have always found a smile on my face and often a chuckle while watching them. I hope you continue with the fun openings and the easy going demeanor you have throughout. You seem to know very well what you are talking about and you articulate that knowledge clearly and concisely. I will continue watching this and your other two channels. Thanks for creating excellent, wholesome content that encourages others to work hard to better themselves. It is not so common to find that kind of entertainment, but so fantastic when you do. Im sure it is your great values and morals that have captured your audience and given you quite the following of subscribers .

  • Dr.Genius

    Some one is saving on a slomo camera and sound effects

  • Tommy Busch

    A bb could go through that

  • Aaron Willams2003

    Little bit of B and definitely C

  • ORyan Gardner

    But it’s loosely wrapped but if it was tighter then it should work better


    Deine Videos werden nie langweilig


    I would go for B on that one...

  • SeanWick

    Who else is excited for what DemolitionRanch has planned for JULY 4th!!!!Will it involve explosions???

  • Christian Loustaunau

    He should shot it with the 50 bmg

  • Social Failure

    Lol next time try compressing it

  • Grant Fox

    Damn I was going to make an aluminum joke, but someone beat me to it....foiled again.

  • MattV2099: Guns & Food

    Dude, bro. You should buy a pallet full of that tin foil. Go big.

  • jake alexander

    Dumbest video ever i would never trust tin foil no matter how much is covering me

  • Riley Sellars

    a well regulated demolitia

  • AGoodQudsi

    is it just me or was watching him wrap the foil satisfying af

  • Boxxer 335

    How much for 20 shirts

  • Justin Y.

    It looks like you were foiled once again!

  • Darkdally

    I should know better than to comment before I've seen the whole video, but I bet you would do better with paper. If I'm wrong then so be it, but I don't see any amount of foil stopping anything.

  • Dr.Genius

    Some one lost his slomo camera XD

  • T0X1C_SP3CTR3

    Put tha tinfoil in hydraulic compressor

  • Nature Artist 8012

    Now surround your own chest in ten boxes of foil then have your kids shoot at you with Nerf guns

  • Stoner Kid

    You looked like a kkk guy with that mask on

  • joshua gillette

    I cringed when he spit out the tin foil must not have fillings lmao

  • Aqua Me

    Why dont u get a 20 mm vulcan

  • Jojojapper

    You need to compress it

  • Good Content | Tech

    7:12 I laughed so hard that I coughed

  • Danimal 86

    But will it stop a .50?

  • SwxftyKota

    He looked like a kkk person hahaahha wtf

  • CARDONA pAH Phailcla

    It needs to be way more tight then that bro more compact to be stacked not overlapped

  • Hawkins Corp.

    Really press it till it's a solid layer

  • Stardestroyer Capitain

    Maaaaan, These sound effects

  • Stardestroyer Capitain

    Hello from Brazil. Yes.

  • auzzy vdb

    Hydrolic press enough foil you will make a solid aluminum plate

  • SuicideNeil

    You can use cling film and paper as body armour- it just isn't practical as you need A LOT of it. Need more explosions, put the demo back in demolition ranch...

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