Can You Use Foil as Body Armor???

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"Club Diver" by Kevin MacLeod from
Outro music by MDK,
  • DemolitionRanch

    What's good Demolitia!!! Where you watching from today???

  • Justin Y.

    But can you use body armor as foil?

  • Vengfulcloud66 Gaming

    My local gun shop plays you on the tv

  • fakecubed

    Just imagining Matt, at the grocery store, buying nothing but two watermelons and 12 rolls of aluminum foil.

  • ThE_JaGgEd_ EdGe


  • BadBoyMorales

    It needs to be tight. If its loose like ur doing it. The bullet is just going thru each individual paper foil. But if u would if put it super tight u would stopped it

  • mettisha

    D I would say to my kids: that guy over there... he’s one of those crazy preppers that thinks the government is using a watermelon as a listening device.

  • Nicht Wichtig

    Thats a really ineffient design. Because when you spin e.g 8 rolls around the bullet will only hit 2 rolls

  • SatanSupimpa

    Hammer this foil until it become a solid block of metal, then shoot it again.

  • iDon'tKnowWhatMyNameShouldBe

    2:38 "hoo man, this is how matt died" Not by bullets, but by falling off a table while wrapping foil around a watermelon

  • Riley Smith

    I bet he looked like a lunatic at HEB with nothing but tinfoil and watermelons

  • Nigg Er

    What about layers of plastic (from gallon jugs and water bottles) since we got so much of that shit going around

  • ORyan Gardner

    But it’s loosely wrapped but if it was tighter then it should work better

  • Rohacks3716

    This dude will definitely survive a zombie apocalypse if it happens bc he has tons of tons of deadly guns

  • Dip Bros. Tv

    You have to make the foil really tight. It would work a whole lot better.

  • Tommy Busch

    A bb could go through that

  • Bill Flint

    Have you done a vid where you use different forms of cloth in replace of Kevlar to like cotton, polyester, Gore-Tex, nylon, etc. in trying to stop a bullet?

  • Aaron Willams2003

    Little bit of B and definitely C

  • David Black

    Tin foil was never going to stop a bullet... But I watched someone try for 12 minutes!


    Deine Videos werden nie langweilig

  • Raye Leverenz

    Slightly used foil ,cheap,prevented

  • Let's be Honest Official

    Looks like your plan was foiled


    I would go for B on that one...

  • Chuck Graves

    You should of compressed the aluminum foil with a hammer

  • Christian Loustaunau

    He should shot it with the 50 bmg

  • kph7779

    You need to try to compact it somehow to make it more dense like two 2ft x 2ft pieces of 3/4in plywood and your truck tire 😎

  • Christiana Weaver

    You always see movies where a badge stops a bullet will you test this please, give a like if you want to see this also thanks

  • Martin Barrera

    You should do a ball of foil.Test it out??

  • dane_going_insane !

    8 boxes equals 464 yards(Yes, I am a math freak)

  • Forest jackson

    Oh Matt... you have been watching too much Alex Jones.I appreciate your content and thank you for for spending your wealth (or perhaps it's all sponsor money) on all the guns I couldn't buy even if I worked overtime and sold my butt hole. Thanks again

  • Jsweizston

    I think the foil being compressed would make a difference, instead of it being just lightly wrapped around.

  • Christian Eggert

    You should try how much flex seal and/or roofers tar

  • Valentin Vassilev

    d. a combination of options a & b

  • Jacob Rojan

    The sound effects made this 10x better

  • Ariz0na Heat

    11:25-11:39 Is that how females experience mood swings?

  • Michael Murphy

    Matt you should have compressed them it would have made it stronger... I think..

  • Thug Taters

    I wonder if you pressed it with a hydraulic press if it would work better.

  • Michael Corman

    D) I wouldn't be hiking through your land without your promition to do so. Im from state college home of the mountain lion PA

  • Laughing at the Blues

    Anybody noticeing the kkk looking mask 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Jimmy Amatore

    Looked down at screen and thought there was a kkk member

  • Snug Breezy

    Definitely come help a brother wrap some foil!!

  • World Wolf

    Will Peanut butter stop a bullet?

  • American Ranch

    C cause I do that every day of my life except without the foil

  • Lukd Lacuaeadta

    Hey matt! Reynold's wrap just e mailed me , and yes u got the job u r now the new reynolds wrap ambassador, Congrats

  • Curtis Richardson

    Haha that "foiled again" comment got me laughing pretty good.

  • Kyle Carter

    I would think you smoked too much METH!!! CRYSTAL METH!!!

  • TrolollXD

    How much flex seal would it take to stop a bullet ????

  • Lorbu

    Where was the. 50 bmg? Missed the foil-explosion!!! 😀

  • Vincent P.

    Answer C for sure lmao, I love your videos theyre so awesome!

  • Timmy Turna

    $60 alil to much for a pair of wooden glasses brothaa

  • AERO_StrafeShot That is my fortnite name

    My heart is telling me no but my body .......... IS TELLING ME YES

  • Milsurp Mike Channel

    Aluminum foil is actually in itself a conspiracy.  See, they started making aluminum foil instead of tin foil because they knew they can read your mind through the aluminum.  #themoreyouknow

  • Adrubio 1

    Shark Tank idea #7365; Foiler 5000

  • dane_going_insane !

    12 boxes = 696 yards(Again, yes I am a math freak)

  • Squid King

    Famous last words: "It would be easier if were standing on this table."

  • Been Pickin

    Should'a used non-stick

  • Dat idiot on the Internet

    Make armor out of flex seal and it’ll stop anything

  • Joshwa Allaire

    Nothing is bullet proof it's bullet resistant you noob

  • Jarod Ramesh

    You should try taking the foil and compress it to make it stronger!!

  • Ronnie Loco

    well you only have 25% of the 700 yards

  • Nick Klomphaar

    Matt you should try furniture because that is what you will use to hide in your house.

  • Ruben Sandström

    B) I would have thought that he had lost his mind but not completely cause I don't see a cucumber and vaseline

  • Michael Cordle

    I paused the video to say I've been subscribed for a long time and now I'm finally leaving a like and why I haven't been leaving likes is beyond me but I'm fixing this mistake XDAnswer BLeading to A

  • Matthew Saxby

    You should try again but compact it

  • jack cooper

    Who is going to walk around with foil on them

  • Foxy and Lucy

    I had never had much interest in firearms and such BUT, You actually make it interesting enough for a woman turning 40 from Canada who has never shot any gun (not even B.B, Pellet, or paintball guns). to watch, be interested and entertained for the duration of your video, every time you post a new one. The opening skits are always funny. They are never rude, crude or offensive in any way. You take the time to come up with these skit ideas, act them out and edit them to be perfect. Well great job. I can honestly say that I have always found a smile on my face and often a chuckle while watching them. I hope you continue with the fun openings and the easy going demeanor you have throughout. You seem to know very well what you are talking about and you articulate that knowledge clearly and concisely. I will continue watching this and your other two channels. Thanks for creating excellent, wholesome content that encourages others to work hard to better themselves. It is not so common to find that kind of entertainment, but so fantastic when you do. Im sure it is your great values and morals that have captured your audience and given you quite the following of subscribers .

  • Jonathan Scrocco

    I would have pressed the foil tightly together... besides that, great video man!!

  • LordGopu

    3:42OMG, the tinfoil shield stopped the bullet from even leaving the chamber!

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