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== LYRICS ==
By the nine, it's been five long years since I've come here
so I think I'm perfectly entitled to cry one tear
and now I want beer
And I need a mead and thanks to this bucket we don't have to buy one here
I've just baked up a fresh batch of sweetrolls, would you like one dear?
I should head back to my Hearthfire before the Dawnguard start lecturing
but my belly's full and inventory's empty so we'd better get adventuring
Pick up a weapon
then pick a direction
then pick a dungeon that we're entering
no fast travel, just treasuring every texture that's rendering
Reliving our memories and carving out some new ones
With newer and shinier hardware you can do whatever you want
Is it just me or have mods made this world change in odd ways
My frosty droplets of snot are thawed under the God rays
they drip in the mountain water, glistening
trickling sounds are sort of twinkling
Rippling out I'm sure if you're listening
your hair's on end and your pores are tingling
My legacy, odyssey, elegy, prophecy's better than ever
You're probably getting euphoric and wobbly
In bed in pyjamas
but it feels like ebony armor
It's Godly
I am the Dragonborn and thus I'm dragging you back to my birthplace
I've got unfinished business, I never did the main quest in the first place
So many side missions, civil wars, guilds and factions
How can I ever 100% a game that filled with distractions
refractions and reflections
weapon sets and plant collections
never ending
Harry... uh, Harry.

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RAPS: Dan Bull
ANIMATION: Harry Partridge (
LIVE FOOTAGE: Nick and Liz Henderson: (
REMIX: Oxygen Beats: (

DISCLAIMER: This video was made on behalf of Bethesda as an advertisement for the video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition.
  • maxmoefoePokemon

    Feels like its been so long since I've seen Harry's incredible animation style

  • I ᒪIᐯᕮ ᑌᑎᗪᕮᖇ YOᑌᖇ ᗷᕮᗪ

    I wish skyrim was co-op, it would be so much fun, maybe TOO much fun.

  • cammameil

    The DovaKids are probably getting driver's licenses by now...

  • A O

    This video reminded me that I still haven't done the main quest.

  • blackmat fourlife

    harry's alive ???? whutttt, wait that means starbarians wil be next up right ? right guys ??

  • Brennen Yu

    "I never did the main questline anyways." Me in a nutshell

  • TheGreywyn

    No reference to badass horns. 2/10

  • Stonestream Dubs


  • Ori

    "I never did the main quest in the first place" pretty much everyone tbh XD

  • Aentrus

    Now if only they'd add co-op :/

  • Desty

    Awesome song. I was just wondering, could you maybe release the background music by itself?

  • Rooty Tooty

    I laughed. I farted. I fell silent. And then I laughed some more.

  • Game Watcher

    I wonder how they react when a new elder scrolls 6 comes out

  • luckymouse1988

    Lyrics and graphics aside, comparing songs, this one is just utter crap compared to the first video.

  • Archie Rose

    1:24 Guy on the right's got an arrow in the knee!

  • kinrob1

    I keep going back and forth between videos because I love the original theme but this remix is awesome too!

  • roy kelly

    so this is what Partridge has been doing...

  • Oronor

    am i the only one who noticed that there is a difference between dans and harrys editions beats?

  • VinylLeaf

    New game? Uh technically nah.

  • CultureCrash

    Now this was an insane surprise.

  • Miles

    Holy shit this made me realize how much this games needs full on Bethasda developed multiplayer

  • kasier shadow

    as soon as i saw the title and colab my eyes watered this is amazing

  • Just Some Guy

    Arrow to the knee at 1:24GG Dan

  • PsychoGamer2100

    So does this mean that since I didn't get a boner playing Skyrim I'm not a true fan?

  • Sir Goop

    What's with the falling body at 1:41

  • Robin Lefebvre

    Let harry have his erection i mean it's been 5 years he can shed a tear ;)

  • Afrogeddon

    I think it's kinda fishy not to disclaim the sponsorship in the start of the Video and only at the very bottom of the description. But as im saying that im really enjoying the Song^^

  • HighSlayer Ralton

    Yeah, but why use a Steam controller?

  • Jon-John Pinckney

    0:54 HOLY CRAP!!! My FIRST PC AT THE AGE OF 2!!! My dad took out the parts and replaced it with better hardware, Kept it till 07'!!! Windows 98 on it and everything! Dan Bull & Harry Partridge you made my day!

  • yoshi lorak

    We don't want Skyrim We want Valenwood!!!

  • Row Blanka

    dan goddamn that was incredible best teamup👍🏿

  • Andrea Acquaviva

    True heroes join the Empire.

  • Nasmr

    SE was a rip off though. 4 or 5 free mods could achieve the same thing it did.

  • Temp

    420k views.. That's alot of blaze..

  • Renegade King

    Dude, that was pretty badass tho

  • Dragonborn

    Thank you for this song, it was beautiful:)

  • T4silly


  • ThisNameIsn'tWorking

    Jack you're a classic megalomaniac......

  • phantomkhajiit

    Can oxygen beats please post that beat? That beat is sick as freak

  • SpaceCreeper11

    Titan fall 2 next please

  • Griffin

    Hey guys I went to the oxygen beats channel to find the remix but I can't seem to find it on his channel anywhere??

  • VoidBG

    u can play eso for free for 4 days on steam for thous that dont know try it out im just downloading it myself

  • ZephrusPrime

    Finally someone who understands how I feel about Skyrim.

  • Lebensgott

    this. song. is. so. epic. XD

  • Major Plothole

    You might do better if.. you know.. you turn the controller on....

  • LGR

    That Hot Wheels PC made this video, haha

  • Spilled Ink

    Are you not wearing a hat with badass horns anymore?

  • MARP00N

    0:24 gets whacked by giant 1:40 falls back down from the heavens

  • Animan 4

    Now you need a new one for 6

  • Logan Thompson-mills

    When he's doing the live action bit and he's spamming the Xbox one controller. No wonder he's spamming it it's not even turned on

  • Domčo Radler

    Hey Dan! Where to buy your music? I want you to get the most money and you don't have Bandcamp. What shall I do? :)

  • Sapa CHOP

    Поганое убожество... Сколько ещё переизданий нас ждёт? Надеюсь беседка ему хотя бы заплатила за эту рекламу.


    i now see this and see co-op in skyrim. just you and a buddy vs the world.

  • CadetRedShirt

    THIS IS SO COOOOOOOOLLLLL :DI love this. Great job, seriously!!

  • AKV REX P24

    iaeeeeee vim aq pelo mussoumanodan humilhou

  • Conny Tanaka

    As this being the first video I've ever seen form this guy, I'd have to say I am not disappointed.

  • Parenthesis & CVRCLE

    I will never get over the whole "Harry. Uh, Harry. Pants. Erection." at the end

  • Lewd Angel

    Anybody know where i can find the remix in the background? Tried looking for it on the OxygenBeats channel but can't find it anywhere

  • Napzie

    I swear I was straight until 1:00

  • Thijs Hamersma

    yeah... slyrim was my fav game... nou its skyrim specual edition

  • Leo Damascus

    Upvote for the Steam Controller. That is a great controller.

  • Tipsy River

    What Skyrim is to a ton of people, AC4 Black Flag is to me. I get excited by everything in it, I love all the characters, I always get distracted and explore the world and do side quests, which is why I've played that game for 200+ hours.But, it's time to move on now. Skyirim will make a good replacement, since I've only played it for 5 hours and then dropped it. It seemed like too much was going on and I couldn't keep track of what I was doing, but I think it's time to listen to the masses and give it another shot.

  • I ᒪIᐯᕮ ᑌᑎᗪᕮᖇ YOᑌᖇ ᗷᕮᗪ

    I'm disappointed that Lydia wasn't in this video.

  • Potato Hell

    anyone see ma'iq at 1:28

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