Skyrim: Top 5 Heroes Nobody Paid Any Attention to in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

Skyrim is a land that many heroes have called home, from Jurgen Windcaller to the Dragonborn yourself, the world we visit in The Elder Scrolls 5 has produced a number courageous and world changing individuals. However, with such a long list of lionhearted characters, many of the good doers in Skyrim’s tundras are overshadowed and forgotten. So today in an effort to recognize their deeds, we’ll be taking a look at five heroes nobody paid any attention to in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.
  • Lord Shaxx of the Vlka Fenryka

    The best unsung hero is Lydia, for having to put up with us for past many years of Skyrim.


    No one ever gives enough credit to Alduin. Now hear me out if it wasn't for him the dragonborn would of been killed. Truly the hero that skyrim needed but didn't deserve.

  • Elsa Pietsch

    OYFU--... wait a second.mURDERED tO DEAAAATHHH(I'm sorry I've been late every time Nate)

  • Jesse James

    I actually think Mjoll The Lioness is Skyrim's greatest hero. Her town was raided and burned to the ground. Her brother was murdered in front of her. She learned hunting skills from her father and fighting skills from her mother. She didn't become a bandit herself, never commit a crime, and has a clean record. Her life is defined by adventuring and protecting the weak and vulnerable. She is young, has a strong moral code, skilled, has not a single bad bone in her body. Greed doesn't infect her. Wealth means little. She cannot be blackmailed or bribed, is completely fearless, and is a physical powerhouse. She is practically the Captain America of Skyrim. She is the number one hero in Skyrim, in my opinion.

  • Daniel Stormlord

    If you put Habd's remains into the beacon of the lighthouse you'll get a unique buff. Somewhat like a thank you from the afterlife.

  • John Herrera

    "take up his axe" swings Warhammer

  • Anatoliy Shpalin

    Not all heroes wear capes. In fact none of them do, because vanilla game has no "Modders will fix it"

  • Gundabad Goblin

    If Sheogorath is the Hero of Kvatch, who in the main questline of Oblivion joins the Blades as a member, doesn't that make Sheogorath one of the last surviving Blades too?

  • T H O T S L A Y I N G S U C C

    The dragonborn, master of the thievesguild, the dark brotherhood, head of winterhold college, a true heroguard "citizen"

  • Honest M'aiq

    I'm Dragonborn. Saved Tamriel from a dragon crisis , Thane of all holds , guild master of all guilds , champion of all Daedra known to men.Yet I still get freakin' arrested for hitting a chicken by mistake.

  • Conor Finn

    This is a stark reminder that it truly do be like that sometimes

  • David B

    Another thing about Foltheim the secret Blade: if you go into the Nightgate Inn dressed up as a Thalmor, he becomes automatically hostile and attacks the player.

  • Kryptev

    I have always thought it was funny that EVERYTHING in Skyrim is affected by one person: The Dragonborn. Literally the entirety of Skyrim rests on the shoulders of the Dragonborn and his choices

  • Faye Bartley Jones

    all of these heroes were murdered to death

  • Gensolink

    Hard's tale has to be one of the most tragic tale in moder day skyrim he tried to fought a cave full of falmer and chaurus like, can you imagine how terrifying it must be to fight those monsters espescially the chaurus ? He even closed the door leaving him with no escape in case things go wrong to make sure the falmers wouldnt be free. That takes some balls of steel to do that espescially since I'm pretty sure Hard was just a normal dude.

  • JOJOJOtype55

    Lydia for carrying every single piece of dwarven garbage I gave her

  • Lucien

    Nate say ooga booga already

  • Benjamin Dewey

    I specifically made fan art of Balimund because he died trying to defend Riften when a dragon landed on mistveil keep and started torching the place. He grabbed a sword and ran back to the mausoleum area where the fight had moved and I saw him get murdered to death by the dragon. When it was over the whole town came and lined up to see the carnage but it looked like they were paying respect to a fallen hero. I love these games so much.

  • amazedsatsuma

    Forget "Mortal" "Finite" "Temporary"....Dragonrend 3 words should be "Murdered to Death"

  • Robomerc

    it make sense that there would be high elves that disagree with thalmor, but I'm guessing there in the minority. you know if you think about it if you roleplay as a high elf you can technically give yourself the back story that you're the hero of every crisis major the Elder Scrolls timeline from Arena or Daggerfall. though I've only done the math for Daggerfall to skyrim ( during Daggerfall age 30, Morrowind age 52, Oblivion age 58, skyrim age 264) by my math a high elf protagonist would be in there late 200s early 300 by the time of skyrim.

  • A Tree

    The guards in whiterun after they take an arrow to the knee are the real heroes

  • LegendDeur

    Never been so early and I want to be noticed but I don't know what to say,so I'll just say "Murdered to Death" and hope the likes start pouring in.

  • Psychointraining

    Message of the video? You get murdered to death as the hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

  • alexander williams

    Nate the most unsung hero, at least he wasn't murdered to death.

  • A Tree

    The most forgotten hero is my first skyrim save on the ps3 ahhh the good times

  • Lupine Soldier

    MURDERED TO DEATHphrase[Definition]•> to end one's life•> to kill someone•> to commit a homicide/murder[Antonym phrase]} to give life} to save one's life} to protect one from murder<(past tense)>Murdered to death<(pre tense)>Murder to death<(present tense)>Murdered to death - murder to death - murdering to death[Synonym words]^ kill^ murder^ end<examples>°He was sadly murdered to death°He had been murdered to death°I shall murder them to deathI hope you like this, it took me about 5 minutes to make

  • Pyrnicious

    I don’t think they’ll call me a hero when they find out I joined a cannibal cult to get a Daedra artifact.

  • Carys Elizabeth

    One of the best channels ever and it's really cool that you still do videos of skyrim. PS make more videos on quests please♥️

  • Christopher Marshall

    I just uninstalled this game and now your videos are making me install it for the 5th time (everytime I think I'm done with the game I see a Nate video and reinstall it again ) . Stuck in this endless cycle of life and death .

  • sasa haluzan

    1:2310:08 That is all i am going to say

  • Ultimate Gamer

    Most of these people murdered enemy's to death

  • David Catts

    If you approach Fultheim in dressed fully in Thalmor Justiciar attire, he'll turn hostile and try to murder you to death.

  • Liam Cuneo

    What about the vigilant of standar in markarth who you have to kill for molag bal

  • Maks Skrzyński

    0:21 #UnderratedJoey #JusticeForJoey #PraiseJoey #LoveJoey Edit: Our Lord Nate noticed me.

  • Køltira Memeweaver

    You haven't mentioned M'aiq. He's doing Talos's work

  • Lorenzo Hayes

    Grelod and the orphanage; what she's doing for those kids is restoring my faith in humanity!!

  • TheSarcasmSquid

    Bolar was also a fallen Blade, who made his last stand in a cave somewhere in Whiterun (I can't really remember his name), whose blade you can find in the game, alongside a note detailing his end.

  • Remyga Tereščenko

    I love your skyrim videos been subscribed for a long time keep it up 😁😁

  • Phuzzzy

    Who ever murders nazeem to death is a hero in my eyes

  • saurav shrestha

    I am playing my first khajit character

  • StrangeTripNH

    Hey, Nate. Tony, here. And your brain is a massive world of hundreds, possibly thousands of Skyrim tidbits. Thank you for the content!

  • Waffle Bot

    Pin me hard, daddy Nate....

  • Innuendo

    Hey nate, not sure if you've covered this.In the house that you jump into in Helgen during Alduin's attack, you can obtain bottles of "Mead with Juniper Berries" ;)Just found this out yesterday

  • Jan Krajnc

    Nate I dont get notifications can you try to do something about it ) :

  • Ginger Kubicz

    Some of these stories make me sad they need a bat signal for the dovah so that less people would die.

  • Rory Donaldson

    I drop any previous YouTube video for some good old 'Murdered to death'

  • Mhadra

    Fun Fact: you can get an insane amount of Chaurus eggs from the Frostflow caves. With the double ingedient perk, over 400.

  • Elliott Barth

    Drinking game: take a shot each time theepicnate pronounces a name differently than what you were expecting 2:39

  • Celavi retard

    Skyrim: top 5 tree textures noone noticed in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

  • Hunter Otte

    Its funny you mention Niranye going against her homelands government. There are actually some high elves that hate the thalmor, they are such douches their own race hates them! XD

  • čivava krátkosrstá

    1:41 That's a hammer.... or am i not just getting some deeper meaning of that sentence? (if that's the case, pls don't murder me to death)

  • Dávid Palcsó

    I'm confused. Is Skyrim a small game?

  • Norwegian Gopnik

    The trolls that murdered to death Trollsbane are the true heroes for killing him- random Argonian in Windhelm

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  • Not the Bs!

    What about Valdar? The Nord adventurer who stumbled upon Hevnoraak's tomb and dedicated his live and unlife to prevent the most cruel of the dragon priests to ressurect himself and continue his reign of terror.

  • Matt Eagle

    -points for uploading during JREAlthough, I now see that I got my notification an hour late

  • DieZockerwurst

    OYFU... wait wrong channel, i meant MURDERED TO DEATH!

  • Evan Walker

    Nate, if you are reading the comments do a ten things I want to see added in Skyrim. I even have one. Able to create a small village as a reward for ending the civil war questline. And more joinable factions.

  • Alex Sim

    I don’t know if this would be possible because it’s a mod but you should do a video on 10 tiny details from enderal

  • ChasmaHyena

    The trolls are just trying to survive.

  • Olgierd Boratyński

    The greatest hero in Elder Scrolls was of course Uncle Sweetshare from Morrowind. I mean, the guy poisoned the people with moon sugar to make them happy, and he's parody of Santa Claus!


    bRo, i WaNt a ''5 ThInGs YoU pRoBaBlY dIdn'T kNoW yOu cLoUd Do wItH kEtTLeS iN sKyRiM'' vIdEo. ThX

  • TheHufflepuffer

    What about Noster Eagle-Eye!! The begger in solitude! He fought in the Great War!

  • AnnicellaMe

    Hello Nate. :)The skyrim conversion 'Enderal' will be released on Steam soon, will you do videos for that too? There are soo many easter eggs in that conversion! It would be perfect for you :)greetings :)

  • Retroambassador

    Fultheim will also become hostile if your wearing thalmor robes

  • Richie Boyy

    I think you already mentioned fultheim in the hidden detail series.

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