(Skyrim)What happens if you give Harkon Auriel's bow!

This is what will happen if you had over the bow at the end of the Dawnguard DLC.

Nock to Tip Master Edition An Archery Overhaul by Foster

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  • Kenazzle

    "What happens when you give him the bow."Apparently some guy talks over everything.

  • 208xx

    So you wanted to show us what would happen if you decided to give up the bow but refuse to shut up so we can hear the actual dialogue when it happens. How does that even make sense?

  • JamJamSlam

    you made a 10 minute video to give us a 10 second answer."In case you were wondering what happens when you give this guy the bow at the end of the quest... (insert clip of dialogue) nothing... nothing happens"boom video over.


    More do and less talk god

  • Aiden Kelly

    I killed him as a werewolf, kinda felt like Van Helsing

  • Give It A Rub

    What a terrible way to demonstrate what happens. This is almost making a video called "What happens if you kill paarthurnax" and then just typing in "kill" in the console command and showing what happens. "Let me show you what happens when i give him Auriel's bow and try and fight him without it, then turn on god mode and use overpowered modded weapons, then proceed to suck at killing him" probably only on adept difficulty too


    oh you know... just speed running on god mode. just a typical monday.

  • JHess Recordings

    This is the most repetitive thing I've ever heard lmao it's like talking to my grandma

  • Hoplasa

    I think you need to turn the music way up, i can almost still hear you talking...

  • Jack Lewis

    Man.. I don't even know what you were saying o.oIt was just a wave of bass that left me wondering what there even was to talk about for 10 minutes for something so simple.

  • Riley Lantz

    In case you wanted to hear me repeat myself for ten minutes.

  • TheLastGoofyGoober

    I saw you pick his nose and tickle his belly button

  • Brandon Keys

    I think he forgot to mention, that giving the bow to Harkon doesn't end it, he'll still try to kill you and you have to use your own weapons. It just makes for a longer fight if you're using a really cheap bow and arrows...

  • Jade Shiota

    Look at the cursor at 1:25 XD

  • PiK

    Hello Cr1TiKaL's brother..

  • Logan Ellis

    oh my god man. Dont talk through dialogue

  • Andrei Morari

    Thanks for the video, I was curious what would happen, but you don't have to explain the ttle in 2 minutes and then narrate the whole DIALOGUE....

  • daemonCaptrix

    And then after you kill Harkon and prevent him from corrupting the bow, you still have the option to use Serana's blood and corrupt the bow yourself and she's just all "Okay sure!" when you ask her for some blood. xD

  • Kled Kleddy

    sorry I missed it in the video. did you give him the bow or not I don't think you said in the video. so yeah I just wanted to ask what happened because I missed the video. and the rest of this comment is going to show that I missed what was in the video, showing that I did not pay attention during the video so I missed what happened to the bow.

  • Bone Mask

    Hey nice vid but I found that the music was a little loud at some points in the video and I could barely hear you but nonetheless you gained a sub 😉

  • Dahveed

    I wish they'd go oldschool and do a Dragon Warrior ending... the screen goes dark and the bad guys win :)Wait a minute, why hasn't anyone modded this yet? :(

  • A Retarded Whale

    For some reason Auriel's bow never worked out for me. I failed three times and got tired of it so I changed to the dawnbreaker and it didn't even take three minutes. Just WHAT?!

  • Rabbid

    Your voice is so smooth, I bet you get all dem ladies

  • LutzDerLurch

    the vid seems to be rather excessive in lenght. The music often is too loud, as well.

  • JF22420

    I've been checking out your content and you deserve way more subscribers than you have now. Keep up the good work! :P

  • Slightly Disgruntled

    I turned into a werewolf and just ragdolled him across the room

  • Andre Vencovsky

    i never use auriels bow, i keep it in a glass case in my house, i only used it in the fight against harkon to stop him from regaining health and then used my own weapons... seriously, you can just make weapons better than any artifact or unique weapon in the game

  • leqesai

    "gained 2694 xp" Uh what? what mod is giving this text?

  • Hatem Elsharidy

    I don't know why I watched this.

  • Noi

    djöfull er vindskjær skrítið nafn

  • Travis Storm

    Carry weight 739/300..I deded 😂

  • ThibautVDP

    you give bow.you fight.you take box back.the end.5 minutes of your life saved

  • Rental 7650

    At least stop talking while harkon is speaking

  • Jordan Wu

    You don't think when you talk right?

  • Mânzoliu

    Long Short Story!If you decide to give Harkon the Auriel's Bow simply he just attack you and you need to slay him.

  • Dämonischer Böser Wal [Demonic Vicious Whale]

    What happens if you leave the room when fighting Harkon

  • Dämonischer Böser Wal [Demonic Vicious Whale]

    What happens if you leave the room while fighting Harkon?

  • jack jonhson

    drop the bow before u say very well and pick it back up again

  • Shawn Cassidy

    "As you can see i'm one shotin skeletons"Damnhe's truly a beast

  • Gorkem Tok

    You are talking too much

  • Serclf s


  • Colin Kelley

    Speed running on god mode? Really? Why even play like that?

  • Anarchius

    What a stupid video. It's cringe worthy

  • WatsonHelmholtz

    "I just wanted to show what would happen"so... nothing. Nothing happened...

  • Carlos Alcaraz

    I know your playing on Pc, but on what exactly it looks so smooth, especially when you turn 😮

  • MrStevenWolfe

    Would have preferred a non-standard game over where he uses the bow to bot out the sun.Or even a permanent world change, like in Dark Souls!

  • Ornn

    why are you still shooting him in the bubble when you know you can damage him

  • JackconReecetV

    I dont want a new elder scrolls game tbh i just want more skyrim dlcs 😂😂

  • May Susan Kubo

    when most of your gear has FortifyArchery and using the Auriel's bow, ofcourse Harkon will plead to get it!

  • Darkfoxa

    What mod is for the Vindskjær bow? probably made by a norwegian like me xD QwQ

  • edshep2 speaking my mind

    that is probably not. useful for 360 skyrim

  • Ours is the fury

    Me: goes with the vampiresMe: Cures the vampirismMe: goes to fort dawnguardDawnguard: AttacksMe: face palm

  • Brandon Wardlaw

    I didn't use the bow when i fought him because he was moving to fast so i just went in with my normal weapons

  • Lamont Ervin

    Yeah kept the bow and I hit Harkon once he lost a little bit of health and then SERANA killed him

  • Adriel Ferdianto

    Harkon didn't know that the Dragonborn was also a time-traveller (Quicksave and quickload) !

  • Misaki Czan

    pro tip get a silver sword or great sword and enchant it to do magicka damage and harkon is like so easy

  • david allan

    The frame rate is really good

  • Plysdyret1

    I did keep the bow and had to use Sainguine's Rose several times during the fight.

  • tachikoma747

    Nock 2 Tip- great archery mod like he said. The Vindskjaer bow and crossbow can be picked up right from the beginning.

  • Nick Naumann

    You seem like the kind of guy who schedules a two hour meeting at work for something that could have been explained in an email. You owe me for the four minutes of my life I spent watching this.

  • metsfanal

    As if the majority of play styles would be using a bow at all...

  • Virsidus

    Music from the background that starts at 5:22?

  • BlowItOutYourAssXIII

    Thanks a ton! I was wondering what would happen but i didn't want to do it myself.

  • Daedric Noodles

    when he says traiter just think of a storm trooper helmet on him

  • Conner Benson

    Thanks for the info, I always kill him haha so I didn't know

  • Devşirme Boy

    hey, after you kill or finish things, you gey exp and it writes in the top left. whats that mod's name?(sorry for my bad engilish. learned from the games you know :D )

  • Profundo Estupidez

    on legend, auriel's bow and sunhallowed arrows don't do shit, better to glitch a sneak and x30 dagger or duel wield daedric/dragon weapons

  • Hunt R

    Damn the game runs smoother on your pc than it did when it came out on xbox 360 lmao im envious

  • SirXope

    What mod is it that makes your HUD all neat-o like that?

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