Skyrim Dragonborn: The Ebony Warrior Quest Tutorial (DLC)

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  • Thallanar Rabidtooth

    It's funny how the Ebony Warrior claims he has done EVERYTHING... Oh, has he? Has he restored the Thieves Guild to its former glory? He has stopped Mercer Frey and returned the Skeleton Key, becoming a Nightingale in the process? Has he saved the College of Winterhold from Ancano? Has he defeated the mighty Empire army in Skyrim, claiming Ulfric Stormcloak as High King? Has he a beautiful mane like a Khajiit? No. No he has not. Loki, the most powerful Dragonborn Khajiit Archer has done EVERYTHING!

  • Simson616

    How much coffee do I need to drink in order to speak that fast?

  • Jason Genova

    "And then uhh"

  • Náfikos

    can you not talk when the ebony warrior is talking? it is super confusing

  • TCC Viper

    I've literally done every quest besides this

  • David Ratto

    Why do pople still think the levek cap is 81, Im level 105 and still rising without glitches 100% legit.

  • TheADHDGamer15 '

    ok but how do i start the damn quest? lol

  • Salty Fish

    Take his helmet off and look at his face

  • CottonyDock 9

    The developers didn't put any dialogue in for him. Anyone that says they have got the dialogue are lying I've been through the game files myself and I found no dialogue

  • NordicEagleVids

    I fus ro dah'd him off cliff then he got right back up with half HP remaining and took out his bow. BOOM 10 paralyze on me and i saw my character slowly rolled down the Hill untill i reached him where me turned me into a meatloaf with his sword in 3 hits. 500 HP with caped armor rating on legendary.

  • Collin Anderson

    I got the dialogue. Geeeeeeeeet dunked on!

  • JessaWolf

    Um what level to fight this guy? Like what level is required to fight him?

  • Riley Conrad

    I'm going to use windshear

  • Noah and jojo #gaming4ever

    just wanting everyone to know you : A.cant beat skyrim , B.cant do every quest in the game the side quests never end , and C. the ebony warrior cant either. (now if you reply saying yes you can cause ive done it i want you to also know this quit trying to act cool)



  • shotgun inc

    He came to me at lvl 20 i just shouted him off the cliff and i took his stuff

  • LPPrince

    I beat him using a combination of the shouts Dragon Aspect, Fire Breath, and Unrelenting Force(Fus Ro DAHAHAHAHA off the mountain) along with the Mora's Boon power(once a day instantly refills your health, mana, and stamina). Awesome fight. I want more Level 81 battles in future DLCs.

  • The Brilliant And Amazing Gamer


  • Lovelyboney

    anyone ever try using Mehrunes razor with 15x sneak damage?

  • Lovelyboney

    Quest is called "The Ebony Warrior" lol :P

  • Lovelyboney

    lol hes not really a challenge if you make a Paladin type with a shield like Spellbreaker and a butt load of health potions unless your a healer then use slow time thum and heal up blessing of Talos is nice with this, one big thing is when you do fight him stay away from the cliff side cant stress that enough seeing as ppl always get thrown off by unrelenting force. a High lv. stamina draining enchants are incredibly useful as well, slows him down immeasurably. Hope that helps.

  • Lovelyboney

    i know you can on PC you can program him to be your follower, but you can just get a redguard follower throw armor on him and bam ;p your own ebony warrior just no shouts

  • Lovelyboney

    ya i was kinda shocked after killing alot of dark elves was expecting him to be a dark elf. love skyrim always leaves ya guessing

  • Lovelyboney

    hes a imperial but with much darker skin sporting a goat-stache

  • Lovelyboney

    gl hes a royal cunt on master so gl sorry misread your comment haha was kinda drunk on my own power, for ppl that have sneak damage with daggers then it helps a good way to start off specially if you use a really good poison

  • AJMS 256

    if hes a level 81 character ive got no chance

  • speeddevil4040

    OMG!! this guy was easy as hell for me XD i guess it was because i was using the Vampire Lord

  • Senpai Didn't Notice me

    where do u get that ring?

  • Senpai Didn't Notice me

    and that quest has a name?

  • Senpai Didn't Notice me

    I mean which skaal villager u talking about so i can get his/her ring?

  • Senpai Didn't Notice me

    i just don't understand why he has got so many thumbs up

  • Senpai Didn't Notice me

    Ok don't answer :)

  • Senpai Didn't Notice me

    That guy on the top comment, said that if u have the skaal ring u can have him as a follower, I'm starting to think that's a lie cause there's no video to get him as a follower and that ring is not on skyrim's data

  • Senpai Didn't Notice me

    Talking about the ring...

  • Senpai Didn't Notice me

    and the guy who wrote the top comment is afraid of me and won't answer cause i'll fk him up for that false comment :D

  • Adam Wiley

    The wiki says you have to be at least level 80 for this quest to be activated can anyone confirm? Im 80 and really don't feel like grinding to 81 and he hasn't shown up for me

  • blood117

    His soul will not be going to sovengarde, it will be going right into azura's star and then i will use his soul to enchant my dragonbone greatsword once i unlock the Extra Effect perk.

  • Dipan Ghosh

    This is not a tutorial!

  • thedoubledeus

    i stomped him in like 30 secs with dual blades swords one with a frost enchantment the other with fire both with vampire enchantment as well as a necklace that boosted my onehanded my over damage with all that was 325 i just did power attacks till he died he only hit me once was pretty disappointed really

  • Big Deano Plays

    This guy is clearly a nod to umbra, but obviously they cant add umbra as the sword was destroyed in the "lord of souls" book tht came out before skyrim was released, and yes, it is canon; there are nods to the book in the game like the sleeping tree appearing after a "floating island" passed overhead.

  • Pop3petes Gaming

    wow... Im only level 32 (My last save was messed up because i killed everyone (;

  • Legoless

    hes a redguard dipshit

  • OffhandDelivery

    I tried to access him with an old lv81 character i created before i downloaded any of the dlcs and he never appeared. Then i tried it with a lv81 character i created after downloading dawnguard dlc and he appeared immediately. At the same time as the cultists, in the middle of whiterun. Seems to me to be a glitch with old characters.

  • Bazooka Spyder

    ILY noahj you have the best tuts

  • Jaesung

    Sadly that's not possible, you can only Dead Thrall people that are level 40 or below, the Ebony warrior is level 80-81.

  • Jaesung

    I wanna see him fight Alduin.

  • cameron robinson

    I didnt know you played skyrim noah

  • knell18897

    Skaal is not a dragonborn

  • knell18897

    I told you already, don't listen to me HE IS A FUCKING LIAR

  • knell18897

    Everybody don't listen to this guy he's trolling there is no such thing is ring of skaal he just told you that to make you wasted your time

  • knell18897

    Most of ppl thumb up without thinking if there is already one thumb up in that comment

  • bloodspilla55

    You have to be level 80

  • SiLenTuce808

    Wow.. kinda just skimed through your own video there huh lol

  • knell18897

    What are you talking about ?

  • Sota Steelwing

    i was about to die( it was a kill scene) until a dragon killed him. lucky for me.

  • knell18897

    Then tell me WHAT SKAAL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT there is the whole skaal village

  • knell18897

    yeah he's a loser :)

  • ScTiger

    That guy has done everythin... Cept getting deadric armor

  • Ezential Flabbity

    A Human heart wow he must be a cwazwy pwerson

  • Pepper

    i think you should be able to find a skeleton in solthstheim and that it says its name is fargoth

  • Pink Socks

    it was destroyed in the novels between Oblivion and Skyrim

  • Pink Socks

    yeah, it was actually the main antagonist of those 2 books, which was pretty freaking awesome, but it's sad that now it can't be in the games. Although, like any other daedric artifact, it COULD be reforged by its Prince (in this case, Clavicus Vile). But considering all the trouble it caused for both mortal AND daedra, I doubt would be stupid enough to bring it back

  • dilligaff1979

    i'm 81 and hve been to every main city and all minor cities and no ebony warrior he jst not spawning anywhere

  • baldian3

    Can you do a video about the Werewolf-Bears?

  • rambokills

    before cod bo3 zombies

  • dakota graham

    I hit him with an ice spear spell the first time and he put his weapon away and said I'll let you live this time


    Are there any new spells in the Dragonborn DLC? Nobody has uploaded them nor has anyone uploaded staff enchanting. I'm surprised because that's the content I was most excited about since I play a mage.

  • Lone Wanderer

    Wait, the ebonywarrior is vampire! Damn you COCK BLOCKULA!!!!

  • Lone Wanderer

    You played it on novice kind sir, not legendary.

  • Kyle Moreno

    Dude this motherfucker shouted my ass of the mountain Lmao.

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