Skyrim Dragonborn: The Ebony Warrior Quest Tutorial (DLC)

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  • CottonyDock 9

    The developers didn't put any dialogue in for him. Anyone that says they have got the dialogue are lying I've been through the game files myself and I found no dialogue

  • nurjannah agil rumi

    juggernaut is that you?

  • Kx Lite

    When did u play skyrim

  • ARX 351

    i go to the last vigil, but when i talk to the ebony warrior no dialogue starts!

  • cameron robinson

    I didnt know you played skyrim noah

  • JonnyBoy117

    is it only on computer?

  • ArchFiend

    whos playing in crack version with a free dlcs

  • Ender Boy

    oh come on im level 87 and he still isnt here

  • Ricks Beard

    Thx I thought it was level 80

  • Náfikos

    can you not talk when the ebony warrior is talking? it is super confusing

  • CBassGaming

    Why have you forsaken me?!?!

  • Angel Padilla

    Anyone watching in2016

  • X Gaming


  • MKX Scorpion

    Danke I'm level 75 i need to level up 6 times

  • I CrazyTeddy

    I come and live stream ends

  • EvilDragon

    is the ebony warrior a DLC pack some plz help me

  • Manic Panda

    I'm level 133 he still wont spawn, can anyone help?

  • bandit play

    i completed the story line for the dragon born and nothing is happening i went to winter hold waited a day then just summoned 2 dadrea lords then killed everyone

  • bjorn ulfr

    i kild him whit the last block skill :p just smashd himm of the mointen instant kill on legendery

  • Lord_Llama_God

    Looks at cultist in the backroundBruh you have a bad time to find me right now

  • Mustafa Bile

    Why didn't take hus stuff

  • Xzavier Pringle

    So do I just start the dragon born DLC and then goto windhelm?

  • Subaru Rally

    im lvl 82 and ive not found him yet

  • Derek Macphail

    Jessica to fight the ebony worrier you half to be level 80 or higher

  • EffegamenNU

    im lvl 86 and i still didnt see the ebony warrior and i have all 3 dlc

  • Simson616

    How much coffee do I need to drink in order to speak that fast?

  • shotgun inc

    He came to me at lvl 20 i just shouted him off the cliff and i took his stuff

  • Riley Conrad

    I'm going to use windshear

  • Evan Stumbo

    When u reach at least lvl 81 the ebony warrior will randomly walk up to u in any of the major cities.

  • Thallanar Rabidtooth

    It's funny how the Ebony Warrior claims he has done EVERYTHING... Oh, has he? Has he restored the Thieves Guild to its former glory? He has stopped Mercer Frey and returned the Skeleton Key, becoming a Nightingale in the process? Has he saved the College of Winterhold from Ancano? Has he defeated the mighty Empire army in Skyrim, claiming Ulfric Stormcloak as High King? Has he a beautiful mane like a Khajiit? No. No he has not. Loki, the most powerful Dragonborn Khajiit Archer has done EVERYTHING!

  • David Ratto

    Why do pople still think the levek cap is 81, Im level 105 and still rising without glitches 100% legit.

  • Olivia Smith

    Wat would make fighting him easier is to use fus ro daa and blow him of the mountain

  • Bradley Woods

    Do you know why you have to be level 81 is there envy other way to do this quest

  • HypnoticSkittle

    I'm level 94 and I haven't found him yet. 

  • Dylan Kinkade

    When I Did This I Did Dragon Aspect To The Full Power Then Fus Ro Dahed HimThen Summon Dragon And He Still Killed Me. So I Turned Into A Were Wolf InfrontOf Him And Then Murdered Him To Death Its Realy Easy

  • MtY Reyzurf (Black)

    did we need the dawnguard dlc 

  • Jessica Lamb

    im level 563 i played for years and playing on master for three mouths still trying

  • Jessica AlphaWolf

    Um what level to fight this guy? Like what level is required to fight him?

  • TheADHDGamer15 '

    ok but how do i start the damn quest? lol

  • Abuyin ibn Djadir

    80 fucking level?! How the fuck am I supposed to reach this level? I don't even have any quests anymore. I've finished Skyrim, Dawnguard and Dragonborn and I'm level 50 ;_;

  • MrFlupsy

    what if i use the console to level up, will it give me the quest?

  • Ezential Flabbity

    A Human heart wow he must be a cwazwy pwerson

  • Markrod5588

    No i played killed him on legendary but he was easy because every time he would swing his sword i would move and he would miss. I hit him 10 times with a daidric sword that did 236 damage plus i drank a potion that made my hits stronger. so he didn't even touch me on legendary. 

  • MB Mark

    whot level i nead bee

  • omniXenderman

    250+ hours pf gameplay, ogmah infinium, forto resto glitch, training exploits. take ur pick

  • omniXenderman

    if you took the axe on the clavicios vile quest it is not an artifact. you needed the mask. also you need the white azura star not the black

  • Mikey044

    3malkow your jealous that they are getting (most likely) a Std

  • Lone Wanderer

    You played it on novice kind sir, not legendary.

  • Lone Wanderer

    Wait, the ebonywarrior is vampire! Damn you COCK BLOCKULA!!!!

  • Sindre Brekken Hoksvold

    i met him at same place as he did.

  • Sebastian Anderson

    I shouted him off the mountain

  • Judcursa Apple

    It's not a glitch

  • SgtCrustacean

    Just in case no one has told you yet, there is no more level cap.

  • 3malkow

    I'm displeased. My brother sleeps above me. I'm pissed because he just became brilliant at attracting the ladies. He went to the Master Attraction web page by Jake Ayres (Search in Google). All he's doing now is banging women. He's always pulling women back and I hear it. It's disgusting and If only he never found that site. My closest friend just signed up and got a blowjob a week later. I'm jealous!


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  • DrCrunchElements

    he said that he said you have to be level 81

  • turtleman2443

    Lies. You can only fight him once your level 81

  • Templar Knight

    I could kill him at lv10 with the most broken sword ever the windshere 3sex stun on every hit

  • Sergio Kendall

    Dude if ur lvl 81 why do you have crapy armor im only lvl 40 and i have Dadric armor and weapons

  • Sega Solaire

    forgot to mention this in the last post. GT: Pocket Lizard

  • Sega Solaire

    i`m level 81 and have yet to find him. and on a totally unrelated subject ,i`m stuck i just got my last deadric artifact and it hasnt given me the achievement, any help on what i should do for both?

  • sohail nadeem

    @berougo yeah yeah we all know that! and dude! you would probably enjoy this online game ==>

  • Ceranko Man

    Im going to try my bend will shout to see if I can make him a companion.

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