Skyrim Dragonborn: The Ebony Warrior Quest Tutorial (DLC)

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  • Simson616

    How much coffee do I need to drink in order to speak that fast?

  • Jason Genova

    "And then uhh"

  • Náfikos

    can you not talk when the ebony warrior is talking? it is super confusing

  • Nakamura

    I've literally done every quest besides this

  • Salty Fish

    Take his helmet off and look at his face

  • CottonyDock 9

    The developers didn't put any dialogue in for him. Anyone that says they have got the dialogue are lying I've been through the game files myself and I found no dialogue

  • NordicEagleVids

    I fus ro dah'd him off cliff then he got right back up with half HP remaining and took out his bow. BOOM 10 paralyze on me and i saw my character slowly rolled down the Hill untill i reached him where me turned me into a meatloaf with his sword in 3 hits. 500 HP with caped armor rating on legendary.

  • Collin Anderson

    I got the dialogue. Geeeeeeeeet dunked on!

  • David Ratto

    Why do pople still think the levek cap is 81, Im level 105 and still rising without glitches 100% legit.

  • Thallanar Rabidtooth

    It's funny how the Ebony Warrior claims he has done EVERYTHING... Oh, has he? Has he restored the Thieves Guild to its former glory? He has stopped Mercer Frey and returned the Skeleton Key, becoming a Nightingale in the process? Has he saved the College of Winterhold from Ancano? Has he defeated the mighty Empire army in Skyrim, claiming Ulfric Stormcloak as High King? Has he a beautiful mane like a Khajiit? No. No he has not. Loki, the most powerful Dragonborn Khajiit Archer has done EVERYTHING!

  • TheADHDGamer15 '

    ok but how do i start the damn quest? lol

  • Noah and jojo #gaming4ever

    just wanting everyone to know you : A.cant beat skyrim , B.cant do every quest in the game the side quests never end , and C. the ebony warrior cant either. (now if you reply saying yes you can cause ive done it i want you to also know this quit trying to act cool)



  • shotgun inc

    He came to me at lvl 20 i just shouted him off the cliff and i took his stuff

  • EffegamenNU

    im lvl 86 and i still didnt see the ebony warrior and i have all 3 dlc

  • Sociopatu'

    you need to be lvl 81?! WTF


    Wow...4 yrs ago when i thought i beat the entire game... (except for quests i could no longer continue due to bugs and glitches) i never new about this

  • Pop3petes Gaming

    wow... Im only level 32 (My last save was messed up because i killed everyone (;

  • Wolven Avalanche

    Level 121... Still can't find him.. Please help

  • Shea Uganda

    It's funny because Noah never does things like this anymore

  • Joe5 PAYNE5

    can you only fight him if you have the DLC

  • XxFresh SkyrimXx

    I hope I'll see him soon because I'm at level

  • rambokills

    before cod bo3 zombies

  • Simon Greenaway

    The cultists at the beginning.

  • Xeno

    bro i have a dragonbone great sword and he takes little damage and i can't defeat him

  • JM117

    Why is everyone saying that you need the dragonborn dlc to fight him? I fought that ebony warrior and I've never bought and dlc on this game ever.

  • TheInRagedGamer

    I found him when I was level 30 then died

  • nurjannah agil rumi

    juggernaut is that you?

  • LololololXDXDFunnyVineCompliation Of 2020

    When did u play skyrim

  • ARX 351

    i go to the last vigil, but when i talk to the ebony warrior no dialogue starts!

  • Madara Uchiha

    Thx I thought it was level 80

  • Ender Boy

    oh come on im level 87 and he still isnt here

  • cameron robinson

    I didnt know you played skyrim noah

  • Red2Blue Fade

    is it only on computer?

  • I CrazyTeddy

    I come and live stream ends

  • Yato

    whos playing in crack version with a free dlcs

  • Malek Crentest

    Why have you forsaken me?!?!

  • Angel Padilla

    Anyone watching in2016

  • Lord_Llama_God

    Looks at cultist in the backroundBruh you have a bad time to find me right now


    Danke I'm level 75 i need to level up 6 times

  • Blue Strike


  • bjorn ulfr

    i kild him whit the last block skill :p just smashd himm of the mointen instant kill on legendery

  • EvilDragon

    is the ebony warrior a DLC pack some plz help me

  • GibberishGoat

    i completed the story line for the dragon born and nothing is happening i went to winter hold waited a day then just summoned 2 dadrea lords then killed everyone

  • Manic Panda

    I'm level 133 he still wont spawn, can anyone help?

  • Mustafa Bile

    Why didn't take hus stuff

  • Evan Stumbo

    When u reach at least lvl 81 the ebony warrior will randomly walk up to u in any of the major cities.

  • Agnito

    I'm level 94 and I haven't found him yet.

  • Xzavier Pringle

    So do I just start the dragon born DLC and then goto windhelm?

  • Subaru Rally

    im lvl 82 and ive not found him yet

  • Jessica Lamb

    im level 563 i played for years and playing on master for three mouths still trying

  • Olivia Smith

    Wat would make fighting him easier is to use fus ro daa and blow him of the mountain

  • Riley Conrad

    I'm going to use windshear

  • Dylan Kinkade

    When I Did This I Did Dragon Aspect To The Full Power Then Fus Ro Dahed HimThen Summon Dragon And He Still Killed Me. So I Turned Into A Were Wolf InfrontOf Him And Then Murdered Him To Death Its Realy Easy

  • Derek Macphail

    Jessica to fight the ebony worrier you half to be level 80 or higher

  • MrFlupsy

    what if i use the console to level up, will it give me the quest?

  • Bradley Woods

    Do you know why you have to be level 81 is there envy other way to do this quest

  • Ezential Flabbity

    A Human heart wow he must be a cwazwy pwerson

  • Moofeen ;D

    did we need the dawnguard dlc 

  • JessaWolf

    Um what level to fight this guy? Like what level is required to fight him?

  • Markrod5588

    No i played killed him on legendary but he was easy because every time he would swing his sword i would move and he would miss. I hit him 10 times with a daidric sword that did 236 damage plus i drank a potion that made my hits stronger. so he didn't even touch me on legendary.

  • omniXenderman

    250+ hours pf gameplay, ogmah infinium, forto resto glitch, training exploits. take ur pick

  • omniXenderman

    if you took the axe on the clavicios vile quest it is not an artifact. you needed the mask. also you need the white azura star not the black

  • Mikey044

    3malkow your jealous that they are getting (most likely) a Std

  • Lone Wanderer

    You played it on novice kind sir, not legendary.

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