SKYRIM SPECIAL EDITION Gameplay Walkthrough Part 2 - WHITERUN (SKYRIM Remastered)

Skyrim Special Edition Walkthrough Part 1 - Skyrim Special Edition Gameplay Part 1 - Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition Intro 1440p Xbox One Gameplay with Commentary & Impressions Throughout
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Winner of more than 200 Game of the Year Awards, Skyrim Special Edition brings the epic fantasy to life in stunning detail. The Special Edition includes the critically acclaimed game and add-ons with all-new features like remastered art and effects, volumetric god rays, dynamic depth of field, screen-space reflections, and more. Skyrim Special Edition also brings the full power of PC mods to consoles. New quests, environments, characters, dialogue, armor, weapons and more – with Mods, there are no limits to what you can experience.
  • Angel Of Misericordia

    put away your weapons when talking to characters. otherwise they won't trust as easy.

  • Matt Harrington

    Graphics don't look extremely better but a much deserved touch up, the add ons and mods are what make the special edition special.

  • Hippy5py

    I'm going to get this soon (hopefully). Its my favorite game and it got remastered :D

  • iron man dies

    I really like this series Scott, keep up the good work with the videos!

  • iThundur

    I was playing Skyrim when I heard 0:40Scared me.pls nerf.question?Nevermind

  • Shay Forrester

    Add in a graphic mod. It's bugging me how it doesn't look like a 2016 game

  • AllAroundGamer

    yo a graphic mod is a good idea it would make the game look ALOT better

  • Dave Mackie

    GameRiot...your commentary is fun @ times.On my 3rd playtrough & different character. Seems to get sweeter each time. Skyrim s` 5 years old & still great

  • Xempair

    13:42 zeus are u there?.....

  • SKY DX

    be a imperial for General Tulius!!!!! :)

  • Cyrille Mathieu

    you're doing great, keep up the good work, we want more, can you make this a whole playthrough?

  • itzriley

    im watching this in 2019 and im playing on switch this is a good video keep the good work in videos that u already released LOL:/

  • JayTasteLess

    THis IS Great DAmn Cant wait until part 3

  • Jamie Melbourne

    Can you make it a series Scott and maybe show some of the mods as well

  • ThatOneHuman GTA & More

    The original version of skyrim can still look better than this with a good pc and some performance mods

  • Anthony Rivera

    Love the vids bro. I enjoy watching you play skyrim!

  • Isaac Prins

    I love you GameRiot keep it up with the great Skyrim Remastered videos your doing great keep it going!

  • Dave Bodybuilding/weightlifting

    More more more!!And do the Imperial or stormcloak quest lines

  • Sebbediah

    Can't wait to play this myself!PS: Keep the vids coming big-boi.

  • Saiikoiee Miyamoto

    Never was the type of gamer to be intrigued by this however this game will be my next.

  • Brandon Brammann

    You were supposed to go with the stormcloak because of the imperials attacking and captured you

  • Joel Brown

    you should definitely make a series for this. I enjoyed watching your series on project cars!!

  • Penni Darrah

    i cant wait till im adult so i can get X box and skyrim and not play it on my friends house everytime i visit

  • ZeroFighter22

    can't wait for your part 3

  • Jon Snow

    Do a full playthrough plz

  • Alexander Martone

    Well you kinda just killed some stormlok soldiers last time so yeah you probably shouldn’t join them

  • CurryMunchr

    Stormcloakstormcloak because the imperials were going to cut of your head for no reason

  • WolfGamingZ3D

    The city’s gates are closed due to dragons but how does that help keep dragons out?

  • luke mcrossan

    please do the full main story quest

  • Hurrency

    I bought this game a few years ago and my old laptop wasn't strong enough to run it. I finally ordered a new Tower that will easily run it, so I'm here to learn how to play it. And I know nothing about Mods and such. Looks like I have a lot of homework to do, lol.

  • Boba74

    plz do a full series of this masterpiece

  • MC Borris

    Oh mate, your impression of a manly man voice sounds like Rowan Atkinson. Had me in stitches. Keep up the good work, Id like to see you play the game being a d1ck to the other characters. Look after number 1 first and foremost. Also, your overcooking your cabbage if it's soggy!!

  • whocolate

    you gotta boil it wiith some meat... its so good

  • elijah 06

    there are three games wisphered among the shadows, if anyone where to say these words, the entire planet would flock to that location. These words are: UNDERTALE, Skyrim, Fortnite

  • Kill Zor

    There's no way you dont have a million subs,i though you a million by now :l

  • Cody Dickson

    you should join the imperial new sub keep up the great work

  • Preme Davis

    Be a storm cloack btw nice vids

  • Livyer Arellano

    Please do the whole Game! I love watching you play 😍

  • Jouseph Sierra

    I want the game, and red dead hype

  • Lurkz18

    Yea. I would love to see more of this game. And especially the mods too

  • Jordon Mackey

    game roit i like your walkthroughs keep up the good work we need some more of skyrim

  • The Man

    I remember playing Arena! that was so long ago!!! I love all these games in the series

  • Rob D

    You should still be a imperial

  • Jacob Chapman

    You should start including mods.

  • ben davies

    Please do a 100% play through

  • Trill_RJ

    play in 3rd person next time

  • Jacob Jones

    ya you should have a million subscribers best YouTuber ever

  • Sam Crow

    I'm so upset that I couldn't get the game again..😢😪

  • Nathan Harris

    This is bringing back so many memories of when I played Skyrim

  • 333plus333

    To be honst, I really don't see a big difference in graphics.

  • Eve Mixon

    Like watching you play & I think I have orig pc version..which won't be as nice with graphics but that's ok 😊

  • Logan York

    thanks for making this a series love skyrim

  • TechNickGames

    You should join the Dark Brotherhood if you feel up to it eventually lol.

  • B TIC

    Please upload more sky rim I love it

  • LuminousLion

    Do the Dlc questline to where you are a werewolf or vampire

  • MrRhythmicDancer1

    Would you mind putting your sword and shield away when exploring and talking to people? 👍🏼

  • chris kamen

    AHAha "I'm level 1. I have no talents."

  • András Kovács

    2:51 The guy name is a Hungarian word what it means:Wolf. :)

  • Dame

    Do Mods thats would be nice

  • XDLilHerboXD XD

    stormcloack be a stormcloack

  • Darkwing_Dann

    how do you play with other players on the ps4, is that possible?

  • Fanindra Senapoti

    Where can I get this game

  • Blue Vortex

    Where's part 3 PART 3 THREE

  • PaganPrincess

    Stormcloaks!!!!! <3

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